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Ayano's Traumatic Christmas Chapter 7
The morning came quickly, dim sunshine could be seen from the frosted window and a few of the neighbors light chatter could be heard as they shoveled their driveways. Cars drove by too, their wheels sloshing against the snow road.
Ayano didn't want to get out of bed, she felt strangely warm and comfortable. She didn't want to start her day yet but indulge in a lazy morning until it was early afternoon. But she knew if she did that she wouldn't have time to eat breakfast nor tidy up the house by time her martial arts friends arrived.
As Ayano tried to get out of bed she found that she couldn't. Alarmed now Ayano's eyes widen as she quickly glanced around only to find herself nestled in the Martial Arts Leaders muscular arms. It took her a few seconds to process this as silence fell over her. Then like a switch she was filled with wrath.
"Budo Masuta what the hell are you doing in my room!?" Ayano yelled as she pushed the boy off of her bed in a flustered state. What if she was in
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 8 1
Ayano's Traumatic Christmas Chapter 6: Memory
"Hey, Aishi-chan, do you wanna go out with me?" Taro Yamada says as his sweet voice automatically put Ayano in a daze. The two of them were in the now empty classroom, class had ended a couple of minutes ago and Taro had suddenly proposed this question to her.
Did he just ask her what she thought he asked her? Ayano's heart was already pounding against her chest but just hearing those words made it pound almost erratically. She couldn't believe this was happening, she had to pinch herself to convince herself this wasn't a dream. When she did she let out a soft ouch! making Taro chuckle at her adorableness.
"Well?" He asks while scratching the back of his head, waiting for her answer.  
"Y-Yes!!" Ayano quickly says almost yelling it out causing her face to immediately flush afterward. Why was she such a stammering mess? She pouted adorably as Taro chuckled again at her.
"I'm glad, you're really cute." Taro compliments her.
"T-Thank you! You're cute too! A-And beautiful, so b
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 7 0
Riku and Ayano Doodle by Sonikkufreak Riku and Ayano Doodle :iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 36 3 More Ayando Doodles! by Sonikkufreak More Ayando Doodles! :iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 60 6
Ayano's Traumatic Christmas Chapter 5
Ayano waved goodbye as Budo trudge through the snow and out of her driveway leaving her alone in her empty house. Outside was already dark leaving the stars and the street lamps as the only source of light.
As soon as he was out of sight Ayano went into the kitchen and washed the cups they have used. She anxiously thought about the Christmas party that would be at her house tomorrow. Her mother was always a secretive person in general so having strangers at her house could cause her to be frantic. Ayano's next thought was to call her mother to have an 'OK' on the party, but that would lose the surprise factor of it.  As she put the last cup on the drying rack her eyes gazed over at her living room.
"Maybe I can move some 'stuff'...just for safe measure." Ayano murmurs to herself as she wiped her hands dry.
Ayano walked over to the living room and began to grab the duct tape hidden in the plant, the case of her mother's favorite knife collection under the table, a voice recorder be
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 8 2
Ayano's Traumatic Christmas Chapter 4
Riku drove his shiny white Saikou down the snowy streets. Ayano sat in the front seat staring at the snowy scenery they passed. The snow fall was gentle and blankets of white surrounded them.
"So what did you want to talk about?"Riku asks as he briefly glances over at Ayano.
"I never thanked you for the Christmas gift you gave me this morning."Ayano replies. "Its really beautiful and it looks didn't have to give me something like this but thank you.."
"Its no problem, when I saw it I knew it would look great on you." Riku says. "I just had to get it for you."
"It just makes me feel bad that I have nothing to give back." Ayano murmurs feeling slightly guilty, it was custom that both parties exchange gifts, right?
"You don't have to feel bad, its a Christmas present I don't expect anything in return." Riku says and briefly pats her head with his free hand.
"Thanks Soma-kun..."Ayano murmurs and slightly fidgets in her seat.
"Was that all, Aishi-san?" Riku asks as he slows
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 7 1
Ayano's Traumatic Christmas Chapter 3
Ayano sat there frozen as the Martial Arts Leader kissed her. His lips were warm and soft while hers was cold and motionless. He held her hand tightly as if she would suddenly disappear from him if he were to let go. Ayano never once did break her gaze from him.
Slowly, Budo wrapped his arms around Ayano's shoulders bringing her closer and deepening the kiss.  
"Nn..." Ayano immediately felt the warmth of his body engulf her as well as his muscular arms around her. She was trapped in the arms of the Martial Arts Leader and made no attempt to escape him.
It wasn't too long until Budo slowly pulled away, it was an almost hesitant gesture. He looked at Ayano and notice tears rolling down her face.
"Ah, Ayano I'm sorry I shouldn't have done that!" Budo says loosening his arms around her but Ayano shook her head.
"N-No...I'm just....." Ayano murmurs while wiping the hot tears from her face. She couldn't help but break into a small smile. "Happy."
Budo looked at her stunned while Ayano
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 11 2
Ayano's Traumatic Christmas Chapter 2
"Alright class, don't forget to study for the test when you come back from your Christmas break." The Economics teacher announces as the students were packing up to leave the class. It was the last class of the day, club activities would be starting soon.
Ayano swiftly organized her notes and slid them into her folder before she felt a hand on her shoulder. Ayano paused and turned around expecting it to Budo but to her surprise it was no other than a orange haired girl with cute tattered ribbons in her hair. She looked at her with bags under her sunset colored eyes.
"A-Aishi-chan...please tell me...have you seen Taro!?" Osana says almost desperately, it was quite unsettling then her usual tsundere behavior. She always carried snide remarks with her and such a flustered face that you could tell she never meant them. Now, the girl in front of her looked like a total mess. Her hair was down and disheveled and it looked like she hadn't slept last night.
"No." Ayano murmured turning back to
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 6 0
Ayano's Traumatic Christmas Chapter 1
It all started on a cold Christmas Eve morning at Akademi High. The streets were frosted over with ice and snow and the sky overhead was light grey. Little snow flakes danced around in the cold air of December and gracefully melted into whatever it landed on.
The students at Akademi High seem to be in a jolly mood for Christmas which would be tomorrow on a Saturday. Students gossiped on what they were going to do on their Christmas and the variety platters of food that would be on the table. While others exchanged gifts with each other from good friends to bashful lovers.
Ayano Aishi stood silently on the pathway to the High School, she briefly observed the many students walking past her then stared straight at the school entrance, hoping to see someone in particular.
"Oh...silly me...such a force of habit." Ayano murmurs as she catches herself in the act. White puffs of clouds escape from her pink lips and she averted her eyes. A small present, the size of her palm laid neatly in her
:iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 10 1
Winter Celeste by Sonikkufreak Winter Celeste :iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 17 5 Milk and Cookies by Sonikkufreak Milk and Cookies :iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 20 2 Sweets and Toys by Sonikkufreak Sweets and Toys :iconsonikkufreak:Sonikkufreak 17 2



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Hi guys, you probably notice that I haven't been active for a while now and I apologize for that. :( (Sad) 

I'm struggling with anxiety issues for the last few months and I am healing and becoming a stronger and better person.
I WILL be back, stronger and happier. Please wait for me..

For anyone struggling with anxiety PLEASE tell a person you love/trust and get help. You do not have to suffer alone in silence. You matter. :)  



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