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TM2 Stadium for TMF V1.2 by Sonikkudrawings TM2 Stadium for TMF V1.2 by Sonikkudrawings
200th deviation!!

This is a skinpack for Trackmania Forever that makes the Stadium environment look like on the TM2 version.
:D (Big Grin)

This uses both original textures from TM2 and remade with image edition programs.
The idea is to give a TM2 feel-like for those who still play TMF (due it´s still far more played than any other TM2 environments, even after the release of the free demos).

Why did I do this?

In my case, my PC doesn´t runs TM2, and I really liked the Stadium V3 look after 5 years of playing, that´s why I started this, I know I´m not the only one out there.


This .zip file contains a mod that most of the modified diffuse files; and modified GameData files that complete the TM2 looking for the Stadium environment, also adds TM2 music to the playlist.
Remember that, except the mod, the rest of the modifications only work on your computer. If playing online, other players won´t see changes (only the default skin, or the one they have on their game files).

Where each file must be copied:

TM2 Stadium for TMF: C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\TrackMania\Skins\Stadium\Mod       (if the "Mod" folder doesn´t exists, create it)

Rememeber, it IS posibble to make these files replace the GameData default ones, and make the aspect "permanent", but be sure to make a backup of the original files first.

GameData files:
(Those replace the original game files, so you must first BACKUP them)
Must be placed on:
C(or a different hard disk where the game was installed):\Program Files\TmUnitedForever (If TMUF) \GameData

Touching GameData files may be dangerous if you don´t know what are you doing. Use this as your own risk!

:new: V1.2

:bulletblue:TM2 signs! (as .dds files)
  The "Skin" folder must be placed on:

:bulletblue:Fixed inflatable textures, added the rest of the color variations.

This is a In-race skin pack ONLY. Menu and interface (apart from the 3, 2, 1, Go!) modifications are planned, but I need help with that.

After testing, everything works for me, don´t hesitate on telling me if it doesn´t!

Used TM2 files and textures by Nadeo, Focus and Ubisoft.

Any questions, help, or ideas, comment here!

Hope you like it!
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March 2, 2014
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