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You heard it, folks!  After all this time, the first main Archie Sonic Online issue is finally available to the public!  I'll let everyone's hard work speak for itself this time, so stop reading this journal and check it out!…
We were young and naive, and we starved for affection
So we went out with each other, with little direction.
At first it was fine, simple as it was
Time just went on, as time often does.
First days, then weeks, then months, then years
Our love growing stronger despite all our fears.
But love is risky, as there's a fine line
Between loving a person and wanting them mine.
I was so convinced, the desire clouded my eyes
Rather than a person, I saw you a prize.
I wanted you, needed you, earned you, deserved you
Never considering how you felt or if you wanted me too.
After a while, you felt you were tied
To being with me, stuck on one side.
You wanted to be free, but not without me
We could still remain friends, simple as can be.
In theory, at least, it would all be fine
If I wasn't convinced that you were still mine.
I wanted your romance, or nothing at all
And with that our relationship did fall.
I tossed you away, as I did believe
That you were of no further use to me.
I'd wasted my time, made it all end
To the girl who had considered me her best friend.
But I couldn't give up, I wasn't yet sated
I wanted you back, the girl I now hated.
I tried again, through a manipulative art
To try and worm my way back into your heart.
You saw through it all, and turned me away
But I was too determined to have my way.
I exploded at you, made your heart shatter
With horrible words, it just didn't matter.
I had nothing to lose, my conscious was clear
You were gone and would never again come near.
I thought it was over, that I could move on
But deep down in my heart I knew I was wrong.
My foolish pride had cost me this all
Between this girl and I, I made an impenetrable wall.
It took me this long, but through the desire-filled haze
I've finally seen the error of my ways.
I'm the man you'd have wanted, as a cruel twist of fate
At this point, it's too little too late.
Never again will you give me the time of day
Not that I could blame you anyway.
I now live with this mark, and I can tell
That I have passed it on to you as well.
We both must live with this dark stain
For our whole lives, this curse of disdain.
If we could talk, once more without dismiss
I'd apologize for making things come to this.
It's all over now, I know it to be true
And though I chose it myself... I still miss you.
Sorry for the long wait, but it's time for another round of Mobius Legends!  Here you go:….  This'll be my last contribution to Mobius Legends, as my second and final test story, Regrets, is in this issue.  But there are still two more issues of Mobius Legends to look forward to, with test stories from many other talented writers and artists!  And with each issue of test stories, we inch ever closer to the beginning of the main series in Sonic the Hedgehog Online #248!  We hope you stick with us until then, but for now, enjoy!
Hey guys, just something I wanted to bring to your attention real quick.  For any Archie Sonic fans out there, you may be interested to know that Tracy Yardley, Adam Bryce Thomas, and Matt Herms have all made their own pages on Patreon.  In case you don't know, Patreon is a website where you can choose to donate a certain amount of money to a creator monthly in exchange for whatever they put out on their page.  The more you donate, the greater the reward.  But you're free to edit or delete your pledge at any time, so there's no need to make any real commitment if you're strapped for cash.  If you feel like you would be willing to donate some money to these talented artists to make their lives easier and increase the quality of their work, please check out the links below.  I'd also like to bring attention to a personal friend of mine, :iconcrimda:.  She has her own page to support her new comic, Cosmic Chain.  She's also working on a big Archie Sonic animation project, so please give her stuff a look and donate if you can.

Tracy Yardley:

Adam Bryce Thomas:

Matt Herms:

It's that time again, everyone!  Thanks to the efforts of everyone over at Archie Sonic Online, our second issue is finally released!  You can read it right here:….  Truth be told, I'm even more excited about this issue being released than the first one.  Why?  Because the second story in this issue, A Maiden's Heart, was written by yours truly.  It's also the story that we used for the cover of this issue, which I already uploaded before.  Everyone else did a fantastic job as well, and I dare say this issue might surpass the first one!  And as for the main comic series that really will continue the preboot universe, keep reading until the end to find out who our new head writer is, as well as our plans for the first issues of Sonic the Hedgehog Online and Sonic Universe Online!
At last, the time has come!  For those of you who don't know, there is an online forum known as Archie Sonic Online (which you can see here:…), a community dedicated to creating a fan-continuation of the Archie Sonic comics before the 2013 reboot.  We've had many wonderful talented people join the team, and I myself am lucky enough to be one of the writers.  After many months of planning, writing, drawing and waiting, we have finally released our first issue.  However, don't get the wrong idea; this issue is not the beginning of continuing the old universe.  That will come later, in Sonic the Hedgehog Online.  Mobius Legends, on the other hand, is a collection of non-canon test stories written by all kinds of different people, in order to give them a feel for comic writing when it's time to do the real thing.  Each issue contains three test stories apiece, and in them, anything can happen.  They can be completely unrelated to the main comic, or a fun little story that could reasonably weave itself into the comic's official continuity.  Either way, they're all a hoot, so don't let the fact that they're non-canon turn you off.  For those of you interested, you can read the first issue right here:  As a personal note, at the end of the issue you'll see a teaser for the next issue: 

9UWdC21 by SonicWindAttack

This is a page from a story written by yours truly, and I'm very excited to have it in the second issue.  I can't put into words how gratifying it's been working with all of these amazing people.  And I can't wait for all of you to see it.  But for now, please enjoy our first issue!
As some of you may have seen, :iconcrimda: is working on a Sonic fangame currently titled "Project Origins".  I tried to help gather people who can help with the production of the game, without much success.  This is an easy problem to determine, however: a game needs promotion to be successful.  To that end, now she's trying to commission artists who can make promotional artwork for the game, and I figured I'd help her out with that.  For anyone who's interested in making some promotional artwork, the requirements can be seen right here: Screenshot 2016-05-03-02-16-46 by SonicWindAttack
If you believe you fit these qualifications, or you know someone who might, let her know and hopefully you can work something out.  This project has the potential to become something huge, and I really hope it does.  But we'll need your help to make that happen.
Recently, I came into contact with someone who is trying to create her very own Sonic fangame, which is currently titled "Project Origins".  Obviously, this is no easy task, and the project is currently on hiatus, so I offered to help her.  It's going to be based off of the universe in the Archie comics, with the main playable characters being Sonic and Sally.  You can check out what she has so far right here:  Right now we need to gather some more volunteers for the nitty and gritty, which is Unity programming in c#, sprite artists (cleanup, coloring, animating), UI, effects, 2D animators for cutscenes, and eventually composing the soundtrack.  If you are interested in this project and are capable of any of these things, or you know someone who is, then please contact her on her website:, and hopefully we can work something out for you to join the team.  You can also see her DA page, here:  And funds could always help, so you can also help by donating to her Patreon:  At the very least, it would help to spread the word about this project so we can get some more support for it.  This is something I really want to see come to fruition, and any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.  So thanks for hearing me out, and let's keep our fingers crossed.…

This article just came out today.  A bit of a long read, but definitely worth it if you're a Sonic fan.  I completely agree with everything the author said.  The Sonic series has so much untapped potential, and there's no better time to bring it out than the franchise's 25th anniversary.  We need something truly ambitious, something with passion, energy and investment.  This "play it safe" mindset is more toxic than anything that has ever threatened the series in the past, and the people behind the games should realize that by now.  I couldn't hope to put my thoughts into words as good as the person behind this article, so I'm just gonna urge everyone who is a Sonic fan to give it a read.  It might end up changing your perspective on Sonic entirely.
:iconveggiemadness:, the same person who designed the Sonic fankids I have on my page, is now holding the other designs she's made up for auction.  To return the favor for everything she did for me, I'm helping her advertise this auction.  You can get all the details here: <da:thumb id="600023012"/>
I can assure you that you won't find better designed fankids anywhere else, and if your particular pairing isn't there, she might open commissions later and design the kid of whatever pairing you like.  I urge you to go over there and take a look, and help support this amazing artist.
As some of you may know, my father passed away on Monday, March 7th 2016.  He had a massive heart attack, and there was simply nothing the doctors could do to save him.  Everyone's calling me a hero for giving him a chance at all by getting him to the hospital, but I didn't care about any of that.  All I wanted was for my dad to be okay.  I wasn't ready to lose him... and yet he's gone.  Some of you came to my page and offered your condolences.  I don't want to sound like a broken record and just reply "Thank you" to every single message, so I figured I would just thank you all here.  Most of you don't even know me, yet you took time out of your day to try and comfort me.  So sincerely, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I probably won't be very active for the next few days or so, because I have a lot of business to take care of in the wake of my dad's death, as well as just having time to grieve.  Hopefully you all can understand.  And once again, thank you all for everything.
For those of you who read the Archie Sonic comics, a lot of you are probably familiar with Sonic Comic Origins, a series that focuses on the backstories of certain characters.  I heard that which characters are decided on starring in them depends on demand from fan mail, and I believe I know the characters that deserve it the most right now: Cassia and Clove the Pronghorn.20151214 190249 by SonicWindAttack

Designed by :iconkureejiilea: and :iconevanstanley:, these two are a pair of Egg Bosses (and sisters) that first appeared overseeing a mining operation in Sonic #263, and even then it was apparent how much these two care about each other.  Cassia mentions feeling better than she had before due to her cybernetics, but Clove still wishes for her to be careful.  They were supposed to mine for a Chaos Emerald in the area, but after realizing the Freedom Fighters beat them to it they are reassigned to guard a Gaia Temple, which unknowingly to them houses another emerald.  The Freedom Fighters inevitably come again in search of it, and Clove confronts Sally while Cassia ends up in a brawl with Bunnie over the Chaos Emerald.  Clove twists Sally's arm and forces her to leave the temple alone, while also correctly deducing that the temple they are guarding is actually a decoy for the real one.  However, Cassia ends up injuring her leg during her fight with Bunnie, and ultimately reveals she got her cybernetics from Eggman because of a debilitating disease.  Compared to her, Bunnie got a pretty good deal with her cybernetics.  Reinforcements end up appearing to help Cassia, but Bunnie manages to get away with the emerald anyway, though neither she nor Sally feel entirely satisfied with their mission.  Clove appears to aid her sister, and Cassia suddenly falls ill, prompting the former to contact Eggman, saying that that shouldn't be happening anymore.  The doctor then reveals he was lying about the cybernetics curing Cassia's condition, as they only keep her from getting worse.  She still requires regular treatments, or else she will die.  And the only way she'll continue to get them is if they both serve him for the rest of their lives.  Heartbroken, Clove goes to comfort her sister without telling her the bad news, but is even more horrified when she mentions wanting to break away from the Egg Army once her treatments are done.

Wow.  It's been a while since the comic entered a dark area like that... and I absolutely love it!  It's been so long since we've seen such emotional investment, coming from the villains no less.  It would be an absolute crime to not be able to learn more about these two.  Although we'll surely see more of them in the future, their past is just as important.  What was their childhood like?  How did Cassia get sick, and what's her disease?  How did they become desperate enough to turn to Eggman of all people?  This is the kind of stuff that would be perfect for a Sonic Comic Origins story.  For those of you who agree with me, I urge you to send an email to, telling them how you'd like an origin story featuring these two.  And for those of you who haven't seen these two in action but want to, you can find them in issues 263, 277, 278 and 279.  We can make a difference, if we try hard enough, so let's make sure these inseparable sisters get the attention they deserve.
For those of you who are friends and fans of :iconsonar15:, her character Sonar the Long-Eared Hedgehog is now featured on merchandise courtesy of :iconawesomeblossompossum:!  Check it out here and buy something if you're interested:…

COM - Sonar by AwesomeBlossomPossum
Since Lost Hedgehog Tales is nearly upon us, the thought crossed my mind that turning these ideas into a fan comic may prove quite an endeavor.  We'll be taking on the full brunt of the Archieverse, both good and bad.  Because of that, I decided to make this:  As obvious as it may be, the "CC" is meant to stand for "Constructive Criticism".  This will be a group that focuses on pointing out valid complaints with Archie Sonic, as well as how to improve on them.  This is NOT a hate group, we're not gonna talk about how this comic is the ultimate stain on the Sonic franchise or how Ian Flynn is a despicable human being who deserves to die in a fire.  If you truly feel that way and have legitimate reasons for doing so, fine.  But this is not the place to discuss it.  This group will be welcome to both Archie fans and those who don't particularly like the comics but are willing to discuss it in a civilized manner.  With their input, we can hopefully come up with ways to ensure that the same mistakes are not made in Lost Hedgehog Tales.  Ian Flynn himself said that writers can only improve by taking hits, so let's nip the problem in the bud and get off to a great start with this project.
Hello again, everyone.  I haven't made a journal in a while, because I haven't thought of much to talk about.  But now I think I have something important to say.  I recently made a new friend here, :iconhoitytoityfox:.  He's new to DA, but I can assure you he's talented.  And I want to help him find his place here as much as I can, so I implore you all to give his page a visit.  Watch him too, if you like what you see.  And he's taking commissions right now as well, so ask for one if you want, or recommend him to a friend who might.  I don't really have much else to say, just please help give this great guy the attention he deserves. 
Yeah, I was wondering if anybody would like to use this adoptable character I won a while ago: 
Spring the Cat by SonicWindAttack
I originally bought her for a particular person to use, but that didn't end up working out.  And now, I have no idea what to do with her.  So if anyone would like to use this character for their own stories or whatever, that's fine by me.  I'm not re-selling the character, I'm just giving anyone who wants to use her the permission to do so.  Her working name was Spring the Cat, but you can change it if you want.  Just let me know if you want to use her, and I'll decide on whether you can or not.  Thanks for listening, and I hope someone can put her to good use.

Edit: Sorry, but this character is no longer available.  She will now be used by :icongenisay:.
A few days ago, I had a very interesting conversation with my girlfriend :iconsonar15:.  As it turns out, she was feeling rather depressed that her recent deviations haven't gotten more attention.  And why?  Because rather than notice perfectly fine Sonic fan characters like her Sonar the Hedgehog, people always place all of their focus on the bad OCs out there.  Really, there's nothing wrong with wanting to make an original character, as long as it's just that: original.  But people spend so much time harping on the most unoriginal, bland, Mary-Sueish OCs that the people who actually have good ones never get their chance to shine.  Sure, there are people like :iconemeraldmaree: who've become very popular with their OCs, but what about the underdogs?  That's what inspired my girlfriend to draw this picture:…
Our goal is to get every "Sonic Underdog" out there a place in the spotlight, and that's what this meme is for.  For everyone who's interested, what you need to do is simple: draw a picture of the OC(s) you want to be recognized, write the words "Sonic Underdogs" above them, and upload it to DeviantArt.  Then spread the word through any means, whether it's here on DA, Facebook, Twitter or whatever.  You can participate even if you don't have an OC, by helping to advocate the OCs you want to receive more attention.  Please, help us end this age ruled by the terribad terrors of the Sonic fandom and replace it with praise for honest effort and creativity.  Let's make this meme a success, fellow Sonic fans!
TAGGED BY :icondrawloverlala:

You must post these rules.  Answer the 10 questions from the person who tagged you and make your own 10 questions for the people you tag.  Choose from 5 to ten of your friends to tag and put their icons in the journal.

1- What's the Chaos Theory?…

2- What's the square root of 2?

3- What scares you the most?
The thought of losing my girlfriend.  Love you babe! :heart:

4- What do you know about Rockman?Megaman 
That Mega Man is a cooler name. :P

What's your Soul eater favourite meister?
I don't watch Soul Eater, so I have no opinion...

6- Would you like to be......Weapon or Meister? 
Ummm... Meister, I think...?

7- What kind of ridiculous power can you imagine? XD
That's a very broad question... maybe someday Ken Penders will get the power of common sense! :rofl: 

8- If you could travel through time... what would you do?
Tell my past self to take drawing lessons.  

9- I
f you could work at a videogame company... which one would you choose?
Sonic Team.

10- And finally, what game(s) would you create?
Sonic Adventure 3.

My questions:

1- What's your favorite holiday?
2- Who's your favorite artist?
3- What's your favorite issue of the Archie Sonic comics?
4- Which version of Mega Man is your favorite?
5- Is Sonic Boom the worst thing ever?
6- Xbox One or PS4?
7- What are you most proud of?
8- Should Ian Flynn write for the main Sonic games?
9- Are kids becoming too spoiled these days?
10- If you could make a lasting impact on the world, what would it be?

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The title pretty much says it all... I'm just wondering if anyone's willing to draw whatever crazy ideas I have in my head.  For anyone interested, let me know and I'll send you a note so we can figure things out from there.