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Revival of M (Colored)

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This crazy idea started over a year ago, when I was able to meet Ian Flynn himself at HeroesCon.  He told me that the recent Shadow Fall arc in the Archie Sonic comics was originally going to have Black Doom and Mephiles the Dark as the antagonists, but Sega scrapped the idea.  However, I was so in love with the idea I couldn't get it out of my head.  I thought to myself, "What if we used this story for Lost Hedgehog Tales?".  I wanted to find a way to make it look convincing, and then it hit me, what better way to bring this idea to life than to combine the talents of a skilled Archie fan and someone who officially works there?  Inspired by the movie poster to the film "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'", a film I thoroughly enjoyed (though I preferred the Japanese title "Revival of 'F'"), I had the legendary :iconglitcher: draw and ink this out, and :iconherms85: himself did the colors.  Seriously, you both did an awesome job, I can't thank you enough.  I hope everyone enjoys this product of my craziness, and I really hope this idea makes it into Lost Hedgehog Tales.

Sketched/Inked by :iconglitcher:

Colored by :iconherms85:

Concept by :iconianpotto:

Inspired by…

Commissioned by me
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Why the heck did SEGA scrap the idea? What was wrong with it?

As amazing as the idea of Sonic Team wanting to bring back Mephiles or Black Doom in the games themselves would be, unfortunately I'm inclined to go with the idea that they just want to forget Sonic '06 and Shadow's game as much as possible, so they shot that idea down to avoid spotlighting them. Then again, Shadow Fall had the Black Arms altogether and was a direct sequel to Shadow the Hedgehog, so I can't really be certain.

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What do you think of Ian’s idea to have Shadow remove his inhibitor rings during the zombot fight in IDW Sonic issue 19 and why did SEGA turn it down, why did they feel it wasn’t within Shadow’s character and why did they want him to be written as an overconfident jerk rival character?

I think Shadow removing his Inhibitor Rings in that instance, like when the Metal Virus started to infect him, would fit within his character. It's akin to the fight against the barrage of Mephiles clones in 06, where he's facing off against a horde and can't afford to hold back to ensure victory is achieved. I feel SEGA turned it down claiming it specifically wasn't in his character, specifically because they want him as the overconfident jerk rival. It's one of those perfect strawman stands to ensure that Shadow isn't liked more than Sonic, because they want to ensure that Sonic is the penultimate protagonist and nobody can challenge him, so they aren't challenged to make other characters playable in the games again. Not a stance I agree with whatsoever, me personally some of my favorite characters aren't even Sonic himself, and it's one of the biggest things I hated specifically about 2010s Sonic. One can hope as things are reshaping behind the scenes again, we can move away from that and begin to spotlight these other characters again.

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Do you know why SEGA is seemingly reluctant to ease up on its restrictions they enforced on the Sonic comics?

Honestly, I do not. My best guess is they're trying to keep things parallel with the games in terms of characterization or some storyline choices, but honestly that's just a best guess, as they were simultaneously free to let Boom do whatever it wants since it was another universe and maintained the tone that they wanted. But as far as I knew all the comics were as well, so who knows? Again, hopefully that will change in the future and the IDW comics can become as unique as Archie's were.

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SEGA needs to loosen up.

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Excellent sonic and Dragon ball Z crossover
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Resurrection M, eh? Would we be seeing Super Sonic God Super Sonic?
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For me, that name would be too much, i'd prefer if the next form would be named "Super Deity Sonic".
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So is Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan and they tried to make that stick for Pete's sake!
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For the love of guardiurge, just when each viewers doesn't even properly analyze and shorten it for something so simple it had to be the case.
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Mephiles: I did not come back from the void, FOR THIS!!!
Shadow: For once in your life, face death with honor, and don't dream of resurrecting again!
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Awesome Sonic the Hedgehog reinterpretation of the Resurrection "F" movie poster.  The line art is very energetic, and the colors and lighting add a ton of power to the scene.
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Love the idea and the art....................CONGRATULATIONS
Would've been better than Sonic Boom.
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Which had nothing to do with it, as that is parallel to another.
Why Sega? Whyyy? That would've been a GREAAAAT story, really... :(
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