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-Zhang Ziyi Vexel-

Layers - 345
Hours - about 26 I think?

Download it to see it properly!

Corrrrr, this took AGES!

I think it's my best vexel yet :D! I remembered to use a big good quality photo this time as well :aww:

I watched House of Flying Daggers on ITV2 3 nights ago (I LOVE that film :D!)and Zhang Ziyi stars in it, so I decided to do a vexel of her, cuz shes awesome :D + I've been doing it over the last 3 days ever since :XD:

So yeah, this is what came out =P

I really like how this turned out, this is the most layers/hours I've put into a vexel yet. :XD:

Hope you like ittttt :D!!

I'll be doing another one very soon :)

If you wanna see what the original picture looked like the links here : [link]

Artwork © Me, DO NOT steal it!!!! Or I will come find you ;P
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Gorgeous, I love it! ^_^
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Simply gorgeous!!! Stunning! :)
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Pardon me but can you explain to me what a Vexel is? I would really appreciate it. I'm fairly new with all this. Thank you. :)
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A vexel is basically a picture that is built up of loadsss of different layers :)
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Thank you so very much for your answer. :hug:
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No problem :D! They are very time consuming to create haha.
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Absolutely beautiful. :)
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You're most welcome. :)
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you made it shade well. but im wondering why you are leaving the original photo behind?
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I always do my vexels over the original photo so i can see the shades, and I only left the bit around the outide of her hair because I couldnt get it looking right :P
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i cant wait to fave, this is beautiful
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Thank you, it means a lot :D!! :glomp:
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sure sonic yeahh
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Z-o-m-g. :O Beautiful...just beautiful.
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Thank you :glomp:! And yeahh, she is O.o!!
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WOW that is so good! Nice job!
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