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Name:  Lizzie Hoshi

Nickname:  Star, Liz

Species:  Hedgecat

Sex:  Female

DOB:  December 16, 1994

Age:  23

Relationship Status:  Single (Active)

Sexual Orientation:  Homosexual (Lesbian)

Interested in:  Girls

Like (s):  Exercise, shopping at the mall, keep the house clean, being an athletic and an actress, quicksand, girls, being friends with them, swimming, beach

Dislike (s):  Perverts, pain of darkness, hurting her friends, stabbing, bullies, boys are in bad intension

Fear (s):  Poison Ivy, Bad guys.

Friends:  Queen Silvia, Chloe the Cat, Amy Rose, Jackie, Tiara, Melody.

Gem:  Crimson Pearl (gusty wind)

Wispon:  Yellow Drill

Type:  Speed

Theme Song:  Womanizer (Brittney Spears)

Quotes:  "Don't be like Salamander, be the best proper you can be!"  "If you're in quicksand, sink deeper!"  "Sexy for me to lift your spirit!"

Backstory:  Lizzie Hoshi lived with her mother named Milam in the house away from Mobius. She can run fast, swim at the pool, train hard, and stay home cleaning. Since she was 8, she discovered a mysterious gem from the meteor crashed away from her house. This gem is called "Crimson Pearl". After she got back home, a sexy women came out of nowhere and killed her mother. An unknown sexy women send Metal Sonic to take Lizzie, but the Crimson Pearl shines her power with the ability to blow Metal Sonic to the wall and smash a wall to pieces and she ran away. Lizzie cried to her mother and stayed for the rest of her life. Three days later, she carried Milam in the tombstone and buried underground with a signature. She packed all her stuff and leave the house with no family members. Lizzie replied, "I guess there's nowhere place to go, so I'm going to stay in the streets." Ten years later, she graduate Mobius High School with earning athletics and planning other things. She'll be with her roommate named Laia at her apartment building. Laia wasn't active for five years, but she stayed for a long time in order to pay off her bills and get everything organized. Now, she watch videos about girls in quicksand, so she can go for it. She also being sexy to go out with girls, but not too much. She use Crismon Pearl just in case if something bad happens. (Sonic Forces) Lizzie found a Wispon Drill weapon to make her go fast along with the yellow wisp. After that, she got kidnapped by robots, but Sonic beat up badniks to save Lizzie's life. She join Sonic to help him win battles alongside with his friends.
This is William, and this is my bio pick for Lizzie. It's still under construction when it comes to the characters that I planned out.

Lizzie Hoshi (C):  :iconsonicus1000: SonicUS1000

For those of you, who know or don't know about some characters that are belong to someone else.

Queen Silvia & Chloe (C):  :iconqueensilvia95: QueenSilvia95

Amy Rose & Tiara Boobwski (C):  :iconsegaplz: :iconsonicteamplz:

Jackie (C):  :iconjack-hedgehog: Jack-Hedgehog

Melody (C):  :iconxmy-little-melodyx: XMy-Little-MelodyX

Hope you'll enjoy my literature paper, but it's still in progress. But please be respectful to the character's prospective. And most importantly, never troll around to mock in section.
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amyrosefan17 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2017
whats her character model
SonicUS1000 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I don't know. What model do you mean?
amyrosefan17 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017
what the character looks like in person
SonicUS1000 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, I don't know, I haven't about it for a long time.
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