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Unbound: Logres by SonicUnbound Unbound: Logres by SonicUnbound

Logres is the oldest nation on Earth Second, founded two thousand years ago by the legendary King and ex-slave, Uther the Hedgehog. In the ancient fortress age Logres was the dominant power in the world, kept superior by his tradition of training dragons as part of an overpowering air force.
In recent years, the country has been ruled by a parliament called the Round Table Council, which has governed since the fall of the royal house. The council has voted to remain neutral in the war between the Federation and the Empire, despite repeated attempts by both sides to ally with them.

Major Settlements:

Tol’Mace - The capital city, standing proudly on a large platueu overlooking a sheltered bay. It was here that a large exodus of slaves from the ruins of the Djinn civilisation came and setteled first, led by the legendary Uther. Tol'Mace stands protected even in mordern times by towering walls and large cliffs were dragons have often launched from in defense of the capital. At the centre of the city

Spagonia - The city of Spagonia sits on the Isle of Drake, surrounded by fertile land which is intensely farmed. It has been a centre of alchemic learning for hundreds of years, much technological advancement in the fortress age was made in their many universities. The greatest school of thought is the Spagonian University and centre for enlightened thought.

Apotos - Apotos was build as a secondary defensive city along the coast in order to protect cargo ships from Umbra pirates. It was here that a great deal of breeding for the dragon airforce was done, species of dragon blended in order to produce new types of strengths and abilities in order to keep the nation the superior military power. Today, this city has a proud tradition of a dragon garrison force, unequalled except by the Tol'mace force itself.

Chun-Nan - Chun-Nan was built as an afterthought, a garrison town to help protect the masive great wall that stretched across Logres western border. This wall, called the Tien Lung wall, was built to keep out the territorial aggressive Orcs of Vanaheim. The city bred dragons that, while not as strong as the southern varieties, were a great deal more intelligent and graceful. These 'Lung' Dragons are today an accepted part of Logres society. The great wall itself stood for thousands of years before being destroyed during Ragnarok.

Morg-ana - The town was once a prosperous fishing village until about a hundred and fifty years ago and ships once came from all over the country to make port there. Then the fishing industry dried up and the town fell into disrepair and decadence. The area then came until the control of Count Marsh and his family have governed the town ever since and had the Marsh Refinery built as raw materials could be shipped there from the Molten Mines not far to the west.
The population is average in size and archly conservative, so much so that they are distrustful of 'outsiders'. Most people in the area speak in low tones of a religious order there, introduced by Count Marsh himself, the Esoteric Order of Argus.

Hill Top - A rural town on the island of Drake, built within the last hundred years along the trading route that went overland across the island to the crystal caverns where Rutilium is mined.

Fafnir Glade – The Glade is an idyllic country village, nestled on the edge of the Green Hill forest. The settlement does well from fishing in the nearby Bog of Lot, as well as harvesting strange ingredients and medicines only to be found in the swamp.

Avalon-Tor - The city on this secluded island is one massive temple, devoted to the Logres deity Light Gaia. At the centre of the city stands a huge tree, representing this strange nearly unknown god and at the base of this tree is a large strong dais, upon which the Black Knight is impaled; 300 years ago with the legendary sword Caliburn. His inanimate body has not decomposed once in the centuries since that time and the story goes that when the sword is eventually removed by the return of the king, the knight will arise.

- (for more details on the Black Knight, keep an eye out for the upcoming new comic... Eyokir: Fratricide.)-



For centuries, the people of Logres have lived in a symbiotic society with the many species of Dragon that reside in the country. It was this harnessed strength that allowed the kingdom of Logres to rule most of the eastern continent in the Fortress Age.
Hundreads of years ago, Dragons were viewed only as mounts little better than horses and it took many generations and battles for dragonish civil rights before the current norm was established. Dragons now can be found all over the land and in many roles, from simple pets, to merchants selling wares and to the larger species that fight in the air force.
Many dragons died during the fallout caused by Ragnarok and a giant conversation effort was headed to preserve their bloodlines.


Pets: Drake, Toxotes, Sannligr, Tonn

Small: Beachcomber, Highlander, Forgers, Lung-Fong, Lung-Lau Gou

Medium: Lung-Yu, Lung-Bing, Stryker, Skopes, Polaris,

Large: Lung-Haung Tzu, Lung-Sing,
TheFabHawk Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2009
O.o a map^^

I've found out that there is many names frome Norse/norrønt(Scandinavian mythology)
like ragnarok and Jotunheim
Taleea Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2009  Professional General Artist
ah, highland-like, I see :nod:
Well done :D
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