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Well, this group has been around for a bit now. So I'm wondering if any of the members would like to design a new icon for the group instead of :iconsonictracks:.

I would much rather have an icon that is actual art in some form, instead of a game image but I but I put this one together quickly at the beginning so the group would actually have an icon.

So is there a member out there who would like to design a new icon for the group?
rooteh Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's some nice icon~

It fits the name!

Uhm.... If I find some time, I could make one. If you don't have a better idea, I'd take the current icon and draw Sonic that way =)
Kurokari Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2010  Student General Artist
I would but seeing as I haven't even been able to make an icon for my own group I doubt I would be able to make one for this group.... ^^;
buddy1913 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
i would like to by it would come out all wrong. i just cant make images like that ya know? i will give my Friends at a shout. there are some realy great artists there. (and yes i know its a gaming comunity) send you a note if i find anyone willing to give it a go.
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Submitted on
February 2, 2010