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When submitting a deviation please remember to put it in the correct folder.

Featured - This folder is where we show the (in theory) weekly featured deviation in the group.
Only group staff can submit stuff into featured

Game Characters - The pictures in this folder are for characters that have originated from the games. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and all other SEGA characters go here.
Comic Characters - This is the folder for characters that originated from the Archie or the Fleetway comics. Characters like Laura-Le, Julie-Su, and Geoffery Saint John go here. Comics of characters in other categories do NOT go here
Cartoon Characters - Folder for characters originating from the four Sonic Cartoon series Sonic SATAM, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, and Sonic X. Characters like Sally, Scratch, Sonia, and Cosmo go here.
Fan Characters - For characters YOU made up. Characters that are not part of any official franchise.
Mixed - For pictures that fall into multiple categories. (Like have Game and Fan Characters)
Other - If it doesn't fall into the above categories, like level art, it goes here.

If a character has appeared in multiple categories place them in the folder of their original appearance. Exceptions however may include distinct styles such as Sonic drawn from Sonic Underground.
Please remember to ask if you don't know which folder to submit to. And make sure your deviation follows The Rules.
I'm thinking of having a contest here at Sonic Tracks.

What do you guys think... should we have a contest?

And if we do what would the theme be?

And would you want to enter the contest or be a judge/prize giver?
With kind allowance from :iconadreos: , I will be submitting info on the contest I am holding currently, since I haven't gotten any entries for it. There are some cool prizes to be won (subs and art requests, etc), and fun to be possibly had, so if your interested, read on!

Q: What’s the Contests theme?

A: For this contest, your goal is to draw at least 2 of the 4 characters I’m going to reveal in a moment. What they can be doing can be totally up to you! Simple poses, having an adventure, picking their noses…whatever you like! You can even use different mediums. It can be a drawing, a comic, or even an animation!

So who are the 4 characters you get to pick from? Why any of these 4 of course!

Yay for reused pictures! Haha. *coughs* Anyway, you get to pick at least 2 of those four in the picture =) But you can also draw 3 of them, or even all 4 if you want =D

Q: How long is this contest going to run for?

A: The contest begins IMMEDIATELY, and will run until October 15th 2010. However, I might extend the deadline if enough people ask for it.

Q: Are there any rules to follow?

A: I do have some rules/guidelines that must be followed, or else your submission might be declined. And they are:

-Only 1 submission per person.
-If you decide to pick only 2 characters, it MUST be one male and one female.
-No yaoi/yuri pictures.
-No blatant sex pictures or anything that’s not allowed on DeviantArt. Suggestive pictures or partial nudity though is allowed. Just nothing TOO extreme okay? ;)
-They MUST be in character! The only exception to this is if your picture is more on the humor side, in which case, it is okay to make them somewhat out of character.
-You must be a member of Deviantart to join.
-You may include as many of your own fan characters as you want. However, the main focus of the picture must be around any of the 4 you picked.
-You must submit your piece to your own DA gallery, so you can link it to me. I will be displaying the entries as I get them.

Q: What are the Prizes?

A: I’m glad you asked!

1st PLACE = A 3-month Premium DA Subscription, an Art Request from me, AND a fan character of their choosing gets to cameo in the upcoming comic/animated series, ‘The Project’!

2nd PLACE = A 1-month Premium DA Subscription, and an Art Request from me.

3rd PLACE = 200 :points: and an Art Request from me.

I've decided also that there will be a consolation prize as well. So even if you submit an entry, but don't ultimately win, you'll still get something! But what? It's a mystery...:evillaugh: But I will say that the more submissions that are entered, the better this prize will be. So spread the word!

Q: How is this contest going to be judged?

A: Myself and GlideAirheart15 will be judging the entries. The good thing about this contest is that we won’t necessarily be looking for the most well-drawn piece. Rather, we will be looking at the content, and how creative the artist was in making their submission =)

Q: What can I do to better my chances of winning?

A: Remember, we’re judging the entries based on creativity, but also on how in-character you can portray the characters (unless it’s humor-based. See above rules). For example, if we see a picture of Glide and Misty making out, that won’t score a lot of points in our eyes, because Glide and Misty aren’t a couple (if by some chance you can get this pairing to work though, props to you :XD: ).

I know what you might be thinking though. “But I don’t know those characters that well!” That’s quite alright =) If you feel that you don’t know the character enough to do a good drawing of them, search through my and GlideAirheart15’s gallery! I have quite a few pictures of Starlight and Misty in my gallery that has information on them (plus a few of Glide and Zex), and for the boys, GlideAirheart15 ‘s gallery is where you need to search. Between the two galleries, you should find plenty of information on any of the 4 to make a cool drawing =D

But for those who are lazy...

Starlight -
Misty -
Glide -
Zex -

And that’s it! Hopefully it’s not too difficult to understand, and with any luck, I’ll draw up some quick ref sheets for the four ^^; If you still have questions, feel free to ask via note or comment in here! And if you do decide to join, good luck! But most of all, HAVE FUN!

Thanks for all who read this, and thank you more if you enter. Hope you all have a good day. =)
To all members interested.

The annual Sonic Armature Gaming Expo hosted by Sonic Fan Games HQ will be running August 8 - 14

For those who don't know

SAGE is an online gaming convention held at

People submit fan games, art, and there are interviews with people from Sonic's development team, like old voice actors.

Its a great place for the Sonic fans to get together online and really have some fun. The chat is usually busy and funny.
I am going to be very busy in life with a new job shortly. And as such I will not be as able to run the group as effectively by myself.

So I am going to be asking for two people to step up as co-administrators for :iconsonictracks:.

What are the perks and duties of being in the contributor class?
  1. Auto-approved deviations
  2. Auto-approved blogs
  3. Auto-approved favorites
  4. Can help choose the weekly featured deviation
  5. Approve (or deny) deviations submitted to the club.
  6. Talk in the back room on plans for the club
  7. Invite members to the group
  8. Can send out affiliate invitations to other groups (the request only goes through after my approval)
  9. Other various stuff to help the group as needed

If you want to join the admin ranks as a contributor send a note to the group stating you would like to join up and why.

A few notes
- Non-subscribers to deviantART can only admin 3 groups
- Subscribers to deviantART can admin 10 groups
- When you admin a group it appears in the browsing bar on your profile page
- Abuse of power will result in a ban from the group
- You may not apply for this if you are helping admin my other group :iconfanatasycritter: which is getting the same treatment

I will be deciding in one week

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