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Donkey Kong's Games

Here is our beloved Donkey Kong surrounded by the Games that he himself is the star of. DK country 2 and 3 are not here because he was just a damsel in distress in those titles. Notice he is sitting on "Donkey Kong Jr." and "Donkey Kong Jr." Math, instead of the original "Donkey Kong". This is because Donkey Kong Jr. grew up and became our current Donkey Kong. So this character's first appearance was actually Donkey Kong Jr.
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Actually, Donkey Kong Jr. is the FATHER of the current-day Donkey Kong, so what you said is inaccurate.
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My favorite DK game is Donkey Kong Country Returns,tied with DK64
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my favourite is dk64 ^^
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My favourite game: ALL Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong 64.
Great picture !
My favourite Nintendo Character !
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Great Picture. And my favourite Game is "Donkey Kong Land"; and yours?
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A great pic! I think, my favourite game of here is "Donkey Kong Country". And yours?
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ahh my favorite nintendo character....
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Ah, our strongest hero in videogame history and legend. He's been in more games than you can throw an orange at!
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Mario's a worse offender in that regard, considering that's he been everywhere.
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