Top 3 Youtube legends that have died, leaving many devistated.

3. Edd Gould (The Founder of Eddsworld, died from Leukemia. Died at 23.)
2. kitty0706 (Creator of Team Fabulous 2, died from Leukemia. Died at 21.)
1. 0nyxheart (The Creator of Sanic, died from thickening heart muscles. Died at 18-20.)

Such short...but amazing lives. Poor bastards.

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Since 0nyxheart grew to hate Sanic, he'd be rolling in his grave from Sanic's appearances in Forces and the Movie

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How did you find this?

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How do we know 0nyxheart died? I believe you, and I miss him, but I cannot find any sources for this.
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This is his official Twitter.

Notice how nothing has been posted since December 2015.

And if that doesn't convince you, try googling how to draw Sanic. You will not find the original upload, instead you will most likely come across this reupload, which credits 0nyxheart, with the 3 letters, "RIP" preceeding it.…

He's dead, Jim.
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Found this post while looking up info about the creator of the Sanic meme and that video was posted in 2012. The original upload no longer exists because 0nyxheart deleted the video and their YouTube channel at one point. No one really knows what happened to them, and any of the info claiming they died is actually about a different guy named Ben Breedlove.

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I found those, but not anything about thickening heart muscles. That's what I was mainly asking about.
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Well, the cause of death is unknown, but it's safe to assume that due to his relatively young age it was either a respiratory or circulatory related death.
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I see. Thanks for the info.
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The worst part about 0nyxheart is that he died on Christmas. What kind of gift is a heart disease to death, God?
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