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Pearl-A birthday gift by Sonicteers Pearl-A birthday gift :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 2 8 Hex's Profile by Sonicteers Hex's Profile :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 1 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood meme. by Sonicteers Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood meme. :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 3 5 Ava, the demonic angel by Sonicteers Ava, the demonic angel :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 4 1 Creeper Jockey!? by Sonicteers Creeper Jockey!? :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 1 Waddohr referance sheet (Closed Species!) by Sonicteers Waddohr referance sheet (Closed Species!) :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 0
Rp start up!
You have a few options here, Some are pokemon, Some are Sonic, and there's one Noragami. Take your pick and we can begin!
1.Pokemon-You are a mad scientist and got denied to become a Pokemon trainer. Infuriated by this, you saved up Money for a master ball, then picked me as a test subject. You create a formula to turn me into the Pokemon of your choosing, so you may start being a pokemon trainer with me as your starter.
2.Pokemon- Being the last pokemon of your kind, you search for someone to take care of you, but not harm you. You see me in the forest taking care of an injured Eevee
3.Sonic-Your searching for food because you live on a planet that can barely support life. As you are exploring, you see a blue hedgehog laying on the ground, severely injured.
4.Sonic-You are looking for a legendary hero, the one that many had claimed to be fake. There is a blue hedgehog and a red guinea pig laying next to each other, the blue one reeks of evil, he has been possessed. The other is the he
:iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 162
Insane asylum Meme, OC remix.
1. Do not read ahead!
2: Link back, please!
3: Have fun!
4. I feel bad for #2....
5. You can not remove the number of characters!
Pick 5 characters to participate:
[2] arrives at [1]'s house. [2] Asks to move in with [1] without explanation, what is [1]'s reaction?
[2] thanked (or begged) [1] for moving in, then goes inside to unpack. What did [2] bring with him/her?
[3] Knocks on the door and [2] answers. What is [3]'s reaction to [2] answering the door?
they were running out of food, so [2] offers to go to the store. Does anyone complain? IF so, what do they say?
Right before [2] Leaves, [1] asks why they moved in. [2] can't tell, so what does [2] say as an excuse?
[2] leaves rather quickly, and [3] starts getting suspicious, what does [3] propose as the cause of [2] moving in? how does [1] react to this?  
One week later, [2] still hasn't come back. Who, if anyone, is worried?
Two more weeks later, [4] and [5] rush in. How do they come into the house?
:iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 1 10
Cross and swear, Chapter three
“Excuse me?” I asked. “You want my blood.”
“Yes, you don’t mind, do you?” Asked the guitarist.
“OK, I think you've had a little too much beer.” I said. The guitarist simply grinned. In an instant he was gone, and right behind me. I froze up, I wasn't able to move, I couldn't think clearly.
“Foolish girl,  Didn't your momma ever teach you better?” He said. His voice hissed like a snake, Increasing the fear factor.
“Mom…” I mumbled.
“What was that?” He asked in a mocking tone. Then, something in me snapped. I kicked him in the chest, sending him flying, and making him hit the wooden wall. The drummer boy stared at me, then looked back at the other, then back to me, an expression of pure shock on his face. I quickly fled up the stairs, snatched my rosary and a wooden spear, then raced downstairs. I displayed no fear, no sorrow, no mercy. I walked up to the guitarist, my rosary in hand. He
:iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 0
Enchanted amulet adopt 2 Auction adopt CLOSED by Sonicteers Enchanted amulet adopt 2 Auction adopt CLOSED :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 5 7
Cross and swear, Chapter two
I woke up to find my head laying on my desk, my quill still in hand. I have had that dream for all my life, and I still wonder, what could it mean? I rose my head from the wood, and looked at what I had written. I was writing a letter to my nephew, I haven’t seen him in a long time. He didn't like it in the forest, he said it was scary at night. I dipped my quill back into the ink, and continued writing the letter. I had calculated that he would get this on his birthday, so I put some money in with the letter. As I began to seal the envelope, there was a knock at my door.
“Odd, I’m not expecting anyone.” I told myself. I debated in my head whether to ignore it, or to open it. The knocking had an odd sound and rhythm. It sounded like a bongo drum, in a soothing beat. I decided to open the door. I walked over to the door, and cracked it open just enough so I could see who’s there. It looked like a small band. There was a bongo drum and acoustic guitar player
:iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 1 0
 Commissions are open!
The following options are available:
available option-how much it cost(in points)-
Sketch-10 points-
Lineart-20 points-
flat colors-30 points-
shading-40 points-
Outfit-40 points-
Lineartless-40 points-
-short story-50 points-
For the art and outfit, It dose NOT need to be within the Sonic universe! It can be link, Kirby, adventure time, winx club, ect. Any art you'd like, i'll do it! For the story, I'd prefer it to be within the Sonic universe or in the human one, since that's the best areas I can write in.
:iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 0
Cross and swear, Chapter one
It was a blur.
Everything happened so fast. I was in my home, writing my poem for the winter poetry contest, then here I am, watching the towering trees pass by, running for my life.  
I ran.
I didn’t know what I was running from, But I didn’t stop to look. I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest, being careful to dodge the trees flying past me. I could see a light in the distance, and someone was calling for me, telling me to run. I picked up the pace. The thick snow made my bare feet cold, falling numb. I couldn’t tell where I was stepping anymore, I just needed to go.
I fell.
A cold figure tackled me to the ground. I could tell it wasn’t an animal, It was human….was it? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t plan on finding out. I’m not dying, not when I’m so close to safety.
I fought back.
I pushed the figure off of me, and charge straight into it. I pinned it against the bark of a tree, he cried from pain as I stuck Sharp piec
:iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 0
Rose's profile by Sonicteers Rose's profile :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 0 0 Enchanted amulets adopt by Sonicteers Enchanted amulets adopt :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 3 23
Mature content
I die hard redo :iconsonicteers:Sonicteers 1 3


Blue Eyes Whte Drgn Duel Armor by slifertheskydragon Blue Eyes Whte Drgn Duel Armor :iconslifertheskydragon:slifertheskydragon 1,544 204 Gender Bender ! by Cakeklis Gender Bender ! :iconcakeklis:Cakeklis 426 99 Bedtime Story by ChiuuChiuu Bedtime Story :iconchiuuchiuu:ChiuuChiuu 216 34 Dark Sonic (colored) by Myly14 Dark Sonic (colored) :iconmyly14:Myly14 1,347 122 Markiplier Vs Fnaf by DeathRage22 Markiplier Vs Fnaf :icondeathrage22:DeathRage22 159 76 Marionette by Yuki-Takimura Marionette :iconyuki-takimura:Yuki-Takimura 33 18 Dark Sonic by SonikkuFan94 Dark Sonic :iconsonikkufan94:SonikkuFan94 117 44 Follow the Dark Sympthony by HuskyLeafStudios Follow the Dark Sympthony :iconhuskyleafstudios:HuskyLeafStudios 45 18 Shingeki no Harinezumi by irregular2012 Shingeki no Harinezumi :iconirregular2012:irregular2012 472 61 Dreamer by Andreanable Dreamer :iconandreanable:Andreanable 546 45 DSKK by Souyuu221 DSKK :iconsouyuu221:Souyuu221 190 42 Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor poster by billpyle Doctor Who - The Ninth Doctor poster :iconbillpyle:billpyle 179 4 Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood by Lightning-Duchess Sonic: The Dark Brotherhood :iconlightning-duchess:Lightning-Duchess 1,137 393 Majora's Mask by aoki6311 Majora's Mask :iconaoki6311:aoki6311 2,012 66 AFTER PARTY by Raito-Sarudoi AFTER PARTY :iconraito-sarudoi:Raito-Sarudoi 1,335 185 Collaboration - Light vs Dark by Tri-Jean Collaboration - Light vs Dark :icontri-jean:Tri-Jean 761 43



Vision: This is scary. The blood dripping on the chest and hands look amazing, and you can see that evil gleam in his eyes Originality:...


Some small GIFS or animations(example ccoming soon!)
Some Icons for you! (examples coming soon)
A simple sketch. 
Lineart for you to color. 
Flat color
Flat colors. You do the shading or leave it the way it is
Adding shading! (for the example , it be better to look at the right side)
A outfit to clothes your character 
Lineartless art. (I promise the lines wont be as shaky as the ones in the examples)



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I would love to try a role-play with my Yugioh Character, "Hex." The basic Idea behind her is that She's a Half "beast" (Duel monster monster) half Human. She eventually ended up in the Spirit world, but was unhappy since for some reason most of the spirits seemed scared of her. Hex spent the next few years alone in that world, depressed. Then she met a Pharaoh named Atem, who seemed to not be scared at all. They would hang out, but Hex was stiill sad and wished to go back to Earth. At that moment In a city called "Lumar" which lies in Egypt (But was wiped from the map after the city was claimed to be "Dark and Evil.") They would hold a special ritual when a baby makes it out of the mother, but without a soul. They used the body of this baby to give a Random spirit who is unhappy in the spirit world may have a second chance at life. This ritual was held, and the doorway chose Hex. She ended up in the body of a fourteen year old with silver hair and dark skin.

The actual story of the role play starts here. Before Hex walked through that door, she was stopped by Atem, and he asked for a favor. He asked for her to Send a message to a boy named Yuugi muto. The pharaoh said "You'll know it's him, because he's the only one on Earth with the same hair as me." With a nod, Hex walked through the door and went into that body. She searched all over the world for that boy. Now, on the Fourth anniversary of Atem going to the spirit world, Joey, Tristan, And Tea are on a Train riding to the air port to meet up with Yuugi. Suddenly the bus stops, and a passenger walks on board. She has silver hair (Imagine Bakura's hair but in a neat and normal braid) and Tan skin. She wore a white, slightly torn up shirt and brown pants with Brown boots. She wore Golden earrings (Like Atem's.) and A brown choker with a single blueish greenish Jewel embedded in it. She also had a Single golden Bracelet on her right arm. She walks over and Sits next to Joey, a sad but kind of distant look, like she's thinking of a sad memory.


:iconslifertheskydragon: :iconchamanthehedgehog: :iconeggmanhater: :iconscar191817: :iconsonikkufan94: :iconzaxssouven: :iconvoltaradragoness:


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