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I'm a writer. I like ponies. I am too scared to show much social info, and I clearly don't know how to write a bio. XD

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Tom and Jerry the Movie (because of how bad it is), The adventures of Milo and Otis, Pooh's Grand adventure, Mickey Donald and Goofy the Three Musketeers.
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MlP FiM, LPS, Sonic Underground, Sonic Boom, Sonic SATAM. Adventures of Sonic the Hegehog.
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Debbie Deb, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Justin Timberlake
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The Bunnicula Series, Bartleby of the Big Bad Bayou, A Wrinkle in Time, Frindle, Socks.
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Madeline'l'engle, Beverly Cleary, Beatrix Potter, James Howe
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Animal Crossing Wild World, Mariokart, Mariokart 7, Sonic Generations, Sonic Advance 3, the Mario and Sonic Olympic series, Nintendogs, Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back
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Pencil and paper, drawing apps, (for now).
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Researching horror movies, drawing of course, writing stories, playing with my figurines.
So after seeing a lot of fanart with the supposed parents of the HTF characters, I decided to write down my own interpretations. So here they are. Cuddles has a mom and a dad who love him very much. His dad is a business worker, and a bit of a daredevil. His dream is to explore the world, and do dangerous stunts, which is where Cuddles gets his adventurous side from. His mom is a stay at home mother who likes to cook, bake, and garden. She prefers to keep her feet on the ground, and her head out of the clouds. Giggles has a mom and dad who love her very dearly. Her dad is a business worker who works at the same place as Cuddles' dad. He enjoys his job, and loves his family. Her mom is a stay at home mom who loves to cook, bake, and garden, just like Cuddles' mom. She also likes to knit, and loves trying out all her new fashion items on her daughter. Toothy has a mom and dad who love him greatly. His dad is a huge nerd who loves to work with computers. Sometimes he works in an
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After recently getting back into the HTF fandom, I started thinking what it would be like if the characters went on an epic journey with real danger and consequences. I thought about how it would be perfect for a movie, so here we are. This is just a loose summary of plot points that could be explored, and I would love to "hear" your thoughts! The story: Cuddles wakes up one morning and sings a song with his friends, right before the town is struck by a meteor. He wakes up again, thinking he had a nightmare. As the day goes by, he notices Flaky looking up at the sky nervously and starts to wonder if she had the same dream as him. Then there's a flood, and after dying, he wakes up again. This time, he sees Flaky acting paranoid around water. After a couple more instances, Cuddles starts to put it together in his head that these are more than just dreams, and confronts her. Flaky somehow knows about all their past lives, and she's shocked that Cuddles is becoming aware of it. She says
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Writing this on the 4th of July, a week before my birthday. Having a tough time this year with health problems, but doing the most I can. Just drew this, my mom's birthday picture, even though her birthday is in June. Just an update, if I owe anybody art, I assure you, I'm not forgetting. I'm just working through some stuff. But I am looking forward to my birthday, though my presents are coming late. XD Crazy year. Hope y'all are doing okay.
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Hello!! It's me again. I see you've friend! You like to RP? 😃

I'm new to it, but it's fun, yes. :03

Oh!! I really love doing it! ^w^

I saw you did it a few times with the person I'm doing it with. You guys are friends? :03

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Thank you for the fav ! <3

No problem, Thank you as well! :03