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Playing with balloons and latex

God to be like this what a dream!!! :hug:
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Jun 4, 2008, 12:06:05 PM
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remixedcat's avatar
lol nice love the pants
SonicSophie83's avatar
Yeah I loved them not sure where they disappeared to...
what do you use to for the belly?
SonicSophie83's avatar
This one was a fun one to build... I used some latex super-sized balloons and a body suit... It took a while to build but I enjoyed the effect... I inserted a couple of small balloons filled with water inside the two super-sized ones. I then filled them with a product more commonly known as ballistic gel. they're meant to blow up to 5ft so this size they are really durable. the gel has a similar consistency to flesh so a realistic feel. Once I warm up the gel warms and feels even more realistic. the balloons inside start to move independently catching by surprise (a bit more realistic). I then used a belly belt and fitness suit to hold it in place. unfortunately the supplier I used for my stuff has gone out of business so now hunting for a new one... If you know of any let us know... Hope this helps...
Nice dress up there :)
SonicSophie83's avatar
Hey thanks again that's really a nice feeling to know my efforts are valued so thank you for you're kind words... ;-)
sprk-77's avatar
umm just asking but what gender are you?
SonicSophie83's avatar
Well now there's a question... I'm male as anything and completely straight as hard as it may seem considering my fantasies and so on... but it's true I'm totally straight just jealous of women i suppose, the ability to create life inside is just so unfair for men... but hey thats life...
sprk-77's avatar
yeah but think about this what if god was a woman.
SonicSophie83's avatar
i truely believe she is... How else could someone or something create such beautiful specimens as women... well that's my impression lol ;-)
sprk-77's avatar
yeah but there one more thing if god is a woman then that must mean the devil is a man.
SonicSophie83's avatar
good point... i like your path of thinking... that would explain a few things... after all when you think about it no man could have come up with such a confusing base for the start of humanity i for one wouldn't have the patients for it plus women are the creators of life...
sprk-77's avatar
yeah that so true.
sprk-77's avatar
i like the way you think.
SonicSophie83's avatar
thank you... I've spent many hours contemplating it... especially in religious studies... there i spent many hours arguing the point with my teacher... He used to be a secretary for the vatican and the pope... prob not the best person to argue over the sex of god lol... But most of the time he sent me out the class... probably because i kept questioning and finidng faults lol...
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I know exactly what you mean.
SonicSophie83's avatar
If only it were reality... But maybe one day it will be possible... here's hoping ;-)
yorkiejokiegg's avatar
Well, I hope for you. I suppose for you it's more of a dream or fantasy but for me.... I hope it is just eventual. But i will keep hoping for you!
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thank you very much
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