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Switched Hats



'Twas foretold that this would happen someday.
Heheh, Legend of the Guardians reference. *slap*


:bulletred: 9/4/13- After seeing some things that bugged me, I tweaked this ever so slightly. Now Klonoa's background compliments Applejack's better, and drop shadows where added to both.

Heheh, yep, this project is the one I was tellin' ya'all 'bout earlier. Been workin' on it every time I can for weeks now, and I finally managed to get it done. :meow:

Inspired by nothing but my own lil' fetishes and likings. Y'see, I love both Applejack and Klonoa. They're both unique characters in many ways, including their bonds with their hats. At one point a few months ago, I was thinking 'bout Klo and Applejack and their similar addiction to their hats when a thought struck me: What would the two look like if they switched hats? I knew I had to wait to get to the idea, but because it nagged at me so much at one point I had to doodle out the idea at least. I rolled with it after seeing the results. Eventually I came out with this. Eeeyup. XD

I really need to work on doin' smaller descriptions. Derp. Now that I got this thing off my chest, it's time to try and finish off the remainder of my commissions before the end of September. ^w^ Wish me luck!


Applejack belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust
Klonoa belongs to Namco and Klonoa Works
The art belongs to me, :iconsonicsketch:. If you'd like to use this in any way, please contact me first!
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