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Requested by :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:

I at first asked myself if it was possible to be lazy while animating.
I soon learned that the answer is "yes." XD


5/19/13- Changed the file size as requested. :D

5/18/13- I'm a flippin' genius... I didn't like how the aura turned out, like I expected, but I managed to take the finished GIF and crop out the white a little... Eh, it works.

I dunno what made me not feel motivated to do this one. I mean, I flippin' love Klonoa, and I love animating him. What's even more cool about this project is that I had to make Klonoa albino. Albino. And yet, when I got to this project, I didn't seem as... "inspired" or even motivated to do anything really big and special. Which I have to apologize to Dashie for. TT~TT Good news about that is he wasn't really expecting something really big-- in fact, something like this was all he was expecting... But still.

I really hope this didn't turn out too bad... If it did turn out terrible, then I'm afraid I'm unable to do anything... I accidentally forgot to save the finished file before I created a preview image... Bah! *flips table* Gotta hate it when ya do that.
But if the aura around 'im really does look bad, then I might as well go through the painful process again-- making in between frames and another aura-- and satisfy my perfectionist side.

So anyway, I tried my best, but I still felt like I failed. Though it is very fluid... That's the only thing I'm really proud of here. And yet... It was never supposed to be this fluid! Sorry, I'm sounding negative, but I can't help it. ^^; Hope ya'all like this more than I do.


Klonoa belongs to Namco and Klonoa Works
Super Klonoa's design belongs to :iconsuper-rainbow-dash:
The art belongs to me, :iconsonicsketch:. If you'd like to use this in any way, please contact me first!
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Hey, it's me. Still kinda glad you're still devwatching me after all the rants and pointless drama I caused on my own. Well, as I've said recently, I promise you will not see anything like that from me again. >_>

Um, now, I wouldn't be asking you if I still had this in my Favorites, but unfortunately, September's drama had caused me to manually wipe everything Klonoa-related. Wish I could store them like my Gallery so that I can easily unstore them again in case of an event like that again, really. So here I ask:

With your permission, may I please upload this gif onto my gallery? If no, then I understand. ^_^;;