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Clearly my focus on art is not as... directed as I'd like. I did do a quick Mettaton sketch recently and I feel like I'm already letting my art go. Well, yes and no. I've gotten into some projects which have kept me busy coupled by a surprise social life. And I am not complaining. More is to come... and will.

My ADD riddled art will be finished... one day... the procrastinator in me says, looking on toward tomorrow... but nobody came. ;)
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Hey ^_^ ... does anyone pay attention to these things? GWAH! it's been busy hasn't it? And yet, I feel like I've been very quiet on DA lately. Well, I joined an Undertale group here on DA and I'm trying to whip together a contest entry for it. It's turning out to be a larger project than I anticipated. In addition, I've also gotten back to some writing...

I will be finishing the Mettaton comic too, and I'm thinking of buying myself some fresh inking pens. Oh! Yeah, I finally got an avatar with flesh lol.... Back to a more classic Sara look. Since she's supposed to be my Sonic Avatar, she's also a bit extra short haired since I got a hair cut recently.

I've been playing around with Open Canvas and will also be purchasing an upgrade for it in the near future. It's been a long time since I've updated my art tools, which means a tablet may also be in my future. Expect to see some Temmie Artwork start showing up soon i that regard. I may also do some DIgimon stuff as I have a couple ideas floating around...

and I still owe a friend an Assassins Creed Sonic... Heh ^^;

So yeah, I'm still going with the Undertale stuff, though the hype has died down, this game has definitely been a profound one worth much of the praise leveled at it. For me, it is definitely something special for a number of reasons and I love it pretty much top to bottom, inside and out. There is so much fun to be had, and the texts, subtexts, serious and silly all exist together side by side. So much theory and fan theory...

How many Sans' exist now? People can make whole pages of Sans.. and the shippers can even ship him with himself ¬_¬... Internet, we really need to talk some time. <_< I want to draw an Ink Sans. Ah!

My main Single player venue lately has been Stardew Valley. I recreated Crono from Chrono Trigger and I'm having fun with that. I also got a friend of mine on Steam and will be exposing her to the games too :D MWAHAHAHA

So yeah, that's about it, or at least all I care to discuss at the moment. For everyone who watches me, thank you. For everyone who comments, thank you. I hope you enjoy what you see :)
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Magfest is just a couple days away and I'm really excited ^_^ I'll be getting to see a bunch of my wonderful online friends in real life. Some I'll be meeting again, some for the first time. It should be a blast and this year.  :iconwolfshadow6: , my oldest online friend is going to be coming too!

In other news, I've started an Undertale based tumblr which can be found here.
I'll be uploading some of the art for it here, mostly fontless versions of what'll be on the blog. I have way too much story in my head to go through another 13 page story... no... this one is more... expansive.

Hopefully I'll have one last update tonight!
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Not much to say, it's been a long time. I haven't been here on DA in a long time but I've been... in a rut perhaps?

I've started and stopped so many projects it's not funny. My New Years' resolutions are usually about my weight. This time it's not. I just want to be a better person. I want to be a better Christian. I want to stick to things I start. I have stopped making promises I can't keep or don't think I can, so that was a start. I just need to muscle on and put my money where my mouth is.

It's been a slow process. I have three stories I started this last year, I want to see them finished. I've felt like drawing, I've felt like writing, I've felt like a lot of things... so... I hope I can hold onto those feelings.

Art isn't something that can be forced, no matter what the media. I just hope I can express myself through the things I do this year, in everything. In the friends I keep, the stories I make, the art I draw, and the work I do, both for money and for friends.

Well, that's about it.

Happy 2016!
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So anyhow, I have more time on my hands as of late so I will soon be opening myself for commissions. Soon as I'm done updating my paypal account I'll be good to go.

I also need to work out a price structure. Physical drawings will likely be more expensive due to shipping and handling costs. Will also likely be more for multiple characters. My strengths do lay with anthromorphs, but I also like to keep things tasteful! I'll keep you updated! :)

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Hi? Yes. I still live.
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For a long time, I've had people tell me that I should take commissions. And I will. Not yet, but soon.

Still, before that, I'm going to try to 'whip' myself into shape. So this year I have two main goals...

1) Create and maintain a weekly comic.

2) Upload a new ID once a month.

3) Start taking commissions.

4) Actually get a paid account here.

If I make enough with commissions, I'll be getting a new tablet and art program, maybe even take lessons to put even more tricks up my sleeve.
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Blame :iconsakura-courage-solo:

Anyway, here's how you do this: You pick a band or musical artist, then you answer the questions with titles of his/her/their songs.

I'm a geek. So as an artist, I'm choosing a composer instead of a band or singer.


Pick your artist:
Nobuo Uematsu

Are you a male or female?
Maybe I'm a lion

Describe yourself:
Words Drowned by Fireworks

How do you feel:
Dear to the Heart

Describe where you currently live:
Under the Rotting Pizza

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:

Your favorite form of transportation:
The Airship Blackjack

Your best friend is:
Over the Hill

What's the weather like:

Favorite time of day:
Rest in Peace

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Kids Run Through the City

What is life to you:
Only a Plank Between One and Perdition

Your fear:

What is the best advice you have to give:
Don't be Afraid

Thought for the Day:
Dance with the Balamb-Fish

How I would like to die:
The Winner

My soul's present condition:
Something to Protect

My motto:
Never Look Back

I'd tag people but they'd never look at it lol.
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Well, it's a new year, a new decade in the budding new millennium. As such, it's time to actually give a thoughtful retrospective of things. So, I thought I'd write about something I like/love... Video games. So let's start this off in one word...

Mario. There is, without a doubt, no name more famous in the gaming industry. Sonic, Pac-Man, Link, Samus Aaran, Pitt, Kirby, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, Spyro, Klonoa, Lolo, the Hudson Bee... Video games have many mascots, but a chubby Italian plumber sucked into a Mushroom Kingdom was and has remained on top for nearly 3 decades.

Originally called "Jump Man", poor Mario abused his pet monkey (er...) and he in turn kidnapped Paulene, the only non-princess Mario has ever gone after... in Donkey Kong. I had this game for the Atari 2600 and played the heck out of it. This was my first introduction to him, although it wasn't the only game he was in before his big break in Super Mario Bros. He also starred in Wrecking Crew and Mario Bros (which introduced a palette swapped Luigi).

It's interesting to note that almost every mainstream game Mario's been in has been revolutionary in some way, either turning the gaming industry at large, or the Mushroom Kingdom, on its ear. So I submit for your enjoyment; Super Mario Bros. This quarter stealing arcade game and pop NES title was a masterpiece and remains a prime example of all that is Mario. His only power-ups were super mushrooms, flowers and starman(s? men?) Even then, he revolutionized game play by scrolling from left to right. All of the staple enemies of the series were introduced as well as the Toads and Princess Peach herself, as well as the 'secrets' that each game would be famous for, like the warp pipes... although there will never be another "-1 world". The game has been remade and repackaged for many Nintendo systems as well as being downloadable from some websites and the VirtualConsole. It was a tough game then, romping through 8 worlds, killing a dragon, then doing it all over again with tougher enemies; and it still is.

As many internet geeks already know, what the USA received as Mario Bros. 2 was actually a somewhat re-sprited and refined [haxxed] version of another game called "Doki Doki Panic" for the Famicon disc system [It ran on floppy discs.] in Japan. The game was worked on by Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, which may explain why the whole odd affair fits into the Mario Universe so well. Although the game (known as Mario USA in Japan) is not nearly as hard as the first game, and did little to 'revolutionize' the gaming industry, it did do a lot for Mario and his world itself. Despite not being considered 'canon', as the game is actually a dream, many icons and themes have come from the game and remain staples in the series. Birdo, for example, has appeared in many of Mario's Party and sports games. Another example are shyguys, who appear as prominent enemies in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Don't tell me that you don't see a connection to Mouser with all the mouse based enemies of the Mario Universe either... and let's not forget Pokey.

Most importantly, Mario 2 settled on and solidified the attributes oft he core cast. Mario and his crew now had very definitive and unique looks, with Luigi being taller and thinner, and Peach appearing in her classic pink dress. Mario is the 'average' character in the game, not having anything that particularly stands out while Luigi (who replaced the mom in Doki Doki panic; a portent of things to come?) has far superior jumping abilities but with the downside of being far less controllable. Toad is squat but strong and Peach herself has a float ability that's carried into other games. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, she can float and also pluck veggies like in Mario 2. And I'm not even talking about the cartoons or comics which formed large chunks of their plot and enemy cast based on Mario 2.

The Japanese Mario 2, which was finally released in Mario All-Stars as the Lost Levels, was very much the same as Mario 1, but much harder. The graphics didn't improve in the slightest, but for a few new pieces of scenery. It was almost like "asshole Mario" the original. Luigi again, had superior jumping abilities and I almost think the game is nigh impossible with only the portly plumber. The game lacks a 2 player mode so you have to chose who you want to be. The game did introduce poison mushrooms and warp pipes that can actually take you backwards in levels... this proves to be worthless as to even get the correct ending you must complete not one but 12 worlds without warping. It is freaking hard. Adding insult to injury is the fact that some stages have a wind at your back or front, meaning you have  to time your jumps CAREFULLY. And yes, I've beaten it.

But finally we got the god of Mario games... Super Mario Bros. 3. With all the hype surrounding it, Nintendo HAD to deliver, and they did. They did. Say what you will about how bad "The Wizard" was, we were all watching it for one thing; a sneak peek at Super Mario Bros. 3. We saw where the warp whistle was hidden and my god if we didn't line up in droves to collect it! Yes, this was back in the days when Strategy Guides were actually worth their salt and gave you all the best secrets! The game even included the original "Mario Bros" as a mini-battle game you could engage in against the second player. With a dizzying array of power-ups, the power of flight, multiple secrets and 8 worlds to explore, it was an absolute feast. We got new enemies and some things which haven't been seen since.

It was the first appearance of the Koopalings, but it also had one odd power-up "Kuribo's shoe" (Goomba's shoe) that appeared in only one stage; world 5-3 (and the fact I remembered that without looking it up is testament to what an impact it has.) It was a fun little item you could use to get across electrified chomp chomps and walk on spiked enemies with no trouble. I often played the game just to go through that screen. Ahh... fun times.

With the next new console though, could the plumber keep it up? He did that and more. Super Mario World was every bit as grand as Super Mario 3, with a new host of tricks and secrets to pull off. The trip from 8-bit to 16-bit didn't phase the plumber in the slightest. He was happy to don a cape and go flying, flash fry his enemies with the classic fireflower, or ride around on his new pal Yoshi who would become an invaluable friend as well as 'power-up.' This world's maps were less blocky, more fluid, and followed curved paths as well as giving us alternate exits to some screens for yet more secret fun. We had a blast... and so did Yoshi.

Yoshi stole Mario's thunder enough that Super Mario World 2 is also better known by its' sub-header "Yoshi's Island". Giving credence to the US Mario 2, Yoshi brings a lot of shyguys to the mix. Although this one, again, didn't revolutionize things, it also had a very unique look and feel like Mario 2 as well as enemies that have yet to be seen since. (Good riddance to those monkeys! :P)

The crayon-like look and feel of the world perfectly fits the baby-theme mixed in. As everyone knows, babies come from the stork. And it seems that Baby Bowser's friends apparently like to mess up the Stork's delivery route for shits n' giggles. So, Yoshi and his friends help the most annoying sound effect in gaming history through 6 unique lands to reunite the Bros and spank Baby Bowser's butt.

Now, as the age of 2-D seemed to be drawing to a close, the N64 emerged, proudly proclaiming that 32 bit could kiss its pixeled rear. So, Mario made the jump to 3D and did it flawlessly. I admit I kind of missed out on the initial thunder of this class act, as I didn't own an N64 until my cousin Joe forked his over. We mostly played Mario Kart 64, which was awesome in its own right. Still, Mario 64 gave us more to love the plumber fore. In addition to new power-ups, we had a new castle to roam and explore in a new, non-linear manner. You also had new things or missions to do and Mario could pull out more stops than ever before. The ground pound and wall jumping became a part of his trick bag. Visually, you could make him do all kinds of things, climbing and jumping off of poles, walking at a snail's pace, jogging... running... Nintendo really does like to put their all into their games and show off what they can do with their systems. It really was a fun experience that can still be had through the Virtual Console and its DS cousin (which has even more to offer). Again, this was ground breaking and a lot of the conventions of Mario 64 can be seen in just about any 3D platformer worth its' salt, from Spyro to Crash.

But with every new console comes a new Mario game. Although the Cube is often panned for not having a great library past the Nintendo make, and seeming to rely on the past, it did have its shining points. The N64 was Nintendo seeking to bring family and friends closer together with its four controller ports and the beginning of Mario's Party days, but the cube followed up and cleaned up. I say that everything that's wrong with the cube revolves around all the extra attachments for it, much the way the X-box suffered as well from needing extra gadgets or gizmos to function or allow better game play. Still, this didn't deter us from seeing fun games like Chibi-Robo or Pikmin debut on it. But what about the plumber?

I actually think Nintendo likes showing off what their new consoles can do with their new games. SMW gave us background and foreground movement previously never acheived. Mario64 also gave us our first look at the plumber without the hat. Super Mario Sunshine, I sometimes think, was made for the water. The watery effects in the game are absolutely superb!

Although some people didn't like having a sump pump strapped to their back, or the fact that Luigi got to Ghost bust on the system before Mario, Super mario Sunshine is a solid title that delivers solid fun. Yoshi returns in it and each stage has multiple missions, and since you only need to collect a certain number of shine sprites to go to the ending, you can bypass at least some missions you think might be too challenging. I really had a fun time with it, and could really get lost in the beautiful environments presented on Isle Delphino.

I have to address a point now, before I go on, that Mario also had many games for the hand held systems. Game Boy saw the beginnings of the Mario Land series which was essentially more side scrolling goodness, in Sarahsaland. Eventually this branched off into the Warioland series and eventually the games Mario made for the hand-held were the beginnings of the Mario and Luigi series which was in the RPG genre. And I'm also skipping over Mario RPG and the Paper Marios in this review for the most part. The reason I need to address it though is for the reason that Mario started out in 2-D platforms and then seemed to vanish from them.

Mario made a triumphant return to 2D with New Super Mario Bros. DS. This game acted much like Mario 1, and no flying items were to be seen. In their place, we're giving a Koopa suit, supershroom and minishroom. Mario's staple ground pound and wall jumping were plucked from his 3D escapades and bundled with pretty, advanced graphics on the DS. The game play is fun, but fairly easy, and left people wanting more on the big screen.

So, we enter the Wii. Super Paper Mario, while it held an RPG-like storyline to it, diverged far off the beaten path of the PM series in giving us essentially, a platform game with RPG elements. Not to say that this isn't fun, or that the style of the Paper Mario series isn't fun... but the whole thing could've been done as a straight up Paper Mario game. To be honest, it's a little disappointing coming into it either as a classic Mario fan or a Paper Mario fan. The scenes are long and drawn out, and the platforming isn't nearly as rewarding as it should be. If this was the best they could do, I'd be sorry for the franchise. In spite of this, it's still a good game, just not up to plumbing code standards.

So we then get to enter Super Mario Galaxy. And what a blast! I know that SMS really did wonders for rounding out the sprites, but Galaxy refined it to new heights. The game is absolutely gorgeous! The gravity and physics is fun to work through and the challenges are challenging. Again, this game is a bit non-linear like SMS. There are new powers to play with and the game is quite fun... but too easy for my taste. Like SMS, this game is absolutely gorgeous and chalk full of atmosphere. It's clever and has its own enemies and identity mixed with your favorite classic baddies. But has it perfected the plumber?

So now... after all's said and done, we finally get "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" and I have to give my opinion on it. I had to wait til Christmas to get it. I'm up to world 6 but could go to 8 via warp cannon. Is it everything the hype made out? Is it as fun?

It's made of pure win and awesome. I don't know that I can begin to do it justice, but I'll try. Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings are your villains, and it's like you've been transported through a warp hole in time and space back... back... to the good ol' 2D days of yesteryear with cleaned up shiny new graphics of today.

A whole new series of 8 worlds lays before you, only you can take it on with up to 3 other people. This game combines everything that was good about the previous games and gives up its own new twists. Of course the wii's motion sensitivity comes into play, but in no way is it distracting. There are new power-ups (the propeller, ice flower and penguin suit), as well as returning favorites like Yoshi, the mini mushroom and fireflower. Like the earliest Mario games, you can't really 'fly' per se, so you can't just shoot up to the heavens like cape or raccoon mario, but the propeller has its own advantages and still lets you travel the upper reaches of the screen. Even vines make a comeback in this one... and there are even wind challenges in the desert level, to keep you on your toes. Bullet bills abound, and there are multiple endings to certain stages. Ghost houses, mushroom houses, 3 Star coins on each level, plenty of 1-Up exploits... The game is a feast for Mario lovers who missed the old 2-D days and couldn't be satisfied with Super Paper Mario.

Now, the game is not as difficult as I'd heard (so far), but I have lost more than one life on some of the stages. Still, I am an oldschool gamer with finely honed 'jump' and 'search' instincts so if this was your first introduction, it would be handing me my ass. But even if you are good with the game, Nintendo gave us an easter egg; Mario loses his hat upon obtaining 99 lives. It really is a wonderful play, a love letter, to all of Mario's fans from Nintendo.

I don't know what the future holds. Mario's kept his post for the longest time, and I'd hate to think that after this we'll never see another good Mario game. The market right now is so saturated with FPS and fighter games that I get the idea that the more 'advanced' systems have forgotten how to sit back and have fun. That's why I've always liked Nintendo. And even the easier Mario games are just fun to pop in when I just want to relax.

Maybe that's the difference between Mario and Sonic. The plumber's always having fun, and Sonic's always trying to chase it down. While I still love Sonic, there's been a certain, comforting consistency to the lasagna loving meatball known as Mario. And personally, if I did get into a sports game, I would prefer to have cartoon characters like Mario and Sonic running around in it. I know I'm chunky, and I feel more comfortable watching them, than people with 4% body fat running around the screen reminding me why I don't like sports.

So, from 1984-2010 I've been a gaming addict. Let's see where that addiction leads us shall we? Ikkimasu!
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I promise I'll get philosophical when I have a day off. In the meantime, enjoy a stupid quiz by Kagura of FA

1.) What is the name of your fursona?

Sara T. Hedgehog

Where did the name of your Fursona come from?

(Please be as convoluted as possible. LOL)

In 1991 I wanted to make a Sonic based fan character. Since she was essentially a female Sonic, I wanted horribly to avoid being so uncreative as to name her "Sonia" "Sonya" "Sonio" or any "Son" name. Still, I wanted it to be an S name to play off the Sonic motif and came up eventually with Sarah. For some reason, I dropped the H.

3 | What species is your fursona and why did you choose that species?

Hedgehog, because she was based on Sonic. Seriously. Imagine Sonic with blond bangs and badda boom.

4 | What color is your fursona and why? Hair/fur/eyes/etc.

Sky blue (because I love sky blue and like to distinguish myself from Sonic, yet remain plausible in his world) with peach muzzle and underbelly as well as arms. Brown eyes and caramel brown bangs.

5 | What is your fursona's personality and how does this compare to your RL personality?

Friendly, Game and Japan obsessed girl who's a little shy at first but talkative afterward. She tends to consider herself pretty plain. She is my fursona for a reason, and more and more of her persona has become like me irl.

6 | What is one item your fursona owns that is significant to you in RL?

Odnetnin SD... I mean, Nintendo DS. Wait. Actually, at one time she had a purple vest that looked like Sally Acorn's. The funny thing is, I actually did own a vest like that, purple and all. :3

7 | What is one thing you think you would say to your fursona if you could meet?

"DDR: Mario Mix?"

8 | What is one thing your fursona would say to you if you could meet?

"Bring it."

9 | How has your fursona changed over the years?

Oh god, lots of ways. Originally she was just Sonic with blond bangs. Literally. She wore a pink sweater, had a scarf (because things trailing you is kewl), Nikes and blue-jeans. And she was the same color blue as Sonic. Eventually I changed her a BIT, and she had blue eyes for a while, then I went through this whole Native-American thing when Pocahontas came about so she started wearing like a very heavy patterned outfit with a bandanna. Then I went through a Sailor moon/Captain planet phase where she had element based sisters and she became a virtual barbie doll for me to play with. I can't even tell you how many colors she went through in those days! And then there was my vampire-obsessed days when I was watching Forever Knight and a lot of paranormal TV shows, so Sara became a vampire/mercenary and she was sky blue at that point but she had LONG quills that went past her tush...

So then FINALLY I nailed (more or less) her looks by giving her my brown eyes, offset brown bangs, teal shoes with steel tips and a purple vest, which was her defining appearance for quite a while around the time of Sonic Adventure 1.

Currently, her clothes still change and she's wears my clothes, but I kind of like my "Totally 80's Hedgehog" which was based on several Barbies I used to own. *blink* Yeah.

10 | How long have you had this fursona?

Since 1991

Extra | What gender is your fursona?


Extra | What is the origin of your fursona?

Too much Sonic the Hedgehog?

Now GO my furre minions! Tell me of your fursonas! *cackle* FLY MY MAGIC BUTT MONKEYS! FLY! ....................... *Mental note, lay off the khaluah.*
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Not X-mas.
Not Happy Holidays.
Not Winter Holiday.
Not Kwanza.
Not Chanukkah (although I do respect the holiday)


I promise you I won't be offended by the word Christ or Christmas. Stop being so scared to say it. Shout it with pride if you celebrate it! Why not? I can't tell you how offended I am at constantly being wished a 'happy holiday' or seeing Christmas abbreviated as x-mas. Seriously.

This holy-day is not an American day. It's not a Catholic day. It's not a protestant day. I do understand Christian concerns about the roots of a lot of the traditions around Christmas and do account for the fact that there are Christians who do not celebrate Christmas.

For me, it's a celebration birth of our Lord and Savior. If he was or wasn't born on that day exactly does not concern me. Christ was born. He had a birthday. When exactly that was? I don't know, but Christianity at large has chosen December 25th as the day to celebrate it so I say GOD BLESS IT. It's also the one time of the year where people seem to generally at least take interest in Christ and Christianity. Many people who don't usually go to Church even decide to attend this one day a year. It's also a time, even in a bad economy, where people are more willing to donate to those in need with material things and their own invested time.

So in the words of Tiny Tim, God Bless us, every one!

and Merry Christmas to you all!
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Made by :iconsakura-courage-solo: Here's what you do: You pick two of your OCs and have them both answer each presented question, then you tag whoever you want. Ready? Go!

For this quiz, I'll use my characters Sara the Hedgehog (My Avatar)and Dirk the Echidna. So let's see what we get.

Question #1: "What is your profession?"
Sara: Technically housewife and mother according to my mun's fanfiction, but actually I'm an aspiring veterinarian.
Dirk: Former Dark Legionnaire, currently a mercenary for hire.

Question #2: "What's your general outlook on life?"
Sara: Well, I prefer to be optimistic.
Dirk: It's terribly unfair and cruel. It hates me and the feeling's mutual.

Question #3: "What's your favourite movie?"
Sara: Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal. It's so... moving.
Dirk: Titanic. *blinks* What? Everyone dies.

Question #4: "What's your favourite video game?"
Dirk: Anything in the Vampire Hunter series.

Question #5: "What are some of your fave pastimes?"
Sara: Video games, Anime, Manga.
Dirk: I play cards with Tek some times.

Question #6: "Got a crush?"
Sara: Umm, no, I don't crush easily, but I do like... Shadow... well he likes me.
Dirk: No.

Question #7: "Favourite drink?"
Sara: Dr. Pepper
Dirk: Mt. Dew

Question #8: "Favourite candy?"
Sara: POCKY! :D
Dirk: ... I don't eat a lot of sweets.

Question #9: "Are you part of a religion?"
Sara: I'm a believer in the High One. That'd be my creator's insert for the God of Christianity in the Mobian universe.
Dirk: ...No... *shifts uncomfortably* I don't like the Ancient Walkers, and I don't hear about the High One on Angel Island really... 'sides.. nobody's really been there for me.

Question #10: "Do you have any special abilities?"
Sara: I can read maps really well and I can dash like a cheetah... And by that I mean 60 MPH for 30 seconds, tops. Whew.. I don't know how Sonic does it.
Dirk: I have metal implants in my right arm and both legs as well as some cybernetics giving me more acute control of my nervous system which in turn gives me enhanced reflexes. I also have this annoying AI Tek built for me.

Question #11: "Do you have any enemies?"
Sara: Not really. I don't tend to stand out too much.
Dirk: Anyone in the Brotherhood hates my guts, and since I'm a traitor to the Dark Legion... eyep them too.

Question #12: "Any allies?"
Sara: Well of course, my cousin's Sonic so about all his allies.
Dirk: Not anymore.

Question #13: "Do you drink and/or smoke?"
Sara: ...I tried Sake once.
Dirk: Beer, sometimes. Long Island Iced Tea. Screwdrivers.

Question #14: "Do you have any dreams for your future?"
Sara: I want to be a stay at home mom with two kids.
Dirk: I want to find my sister and live a normal life.

Question #15: "What do you think of the others' responses to the prior questions?"
Sara: Wow, he's depressive...
Dirk: I wish I had it so good.

Tag someone to do this if you like!
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Well, I'm at a bit of a loss.

As few of you may know, I'm a fanfiction writer. My stuff can be found . I like doing my own spins and twists on concepts or just tidying up the Sonicverse to my specifications.

Now, my Avatar Sara is pretty well loved in my art and has been around the block here. She's had several families, but her most vivid incarnation is from what I call the "Shadow in Love" saga. I thought I'd put a nail in its coffin quite some time ago, but I keep spinning stories about it. I've tried to make her reflective of me, but not be a Mary-Su or too much of a Self-insert. I could clean up the fics in spots and admit they're not perfect, but I like them. So do the people on FFnet apparently.

The problem...

I have an idea for a fic that takes place years after Flirting Shadows (the fanfic that started the madness!)


I also wrote a pro ShadAmy story entitled "Angel Wings." I've had several people request that I make a sequel. This would definitely qualify and I already have two versions of the first chapter for such an event. It would, however, drastically change things in upcoming chapters.

So what do you guys think? Should I stick to my initial whim and milk SiL for one more hoorah, or should I buckle to peer pressure and follow up Angel Wings?

(I would appreciate if you're going to comment, to at least take a look at chapter 1 of Flirting Shadows and Angel Wings to see what the tone is. I do support Shad/Amy but at the same time, I think OCs need a chance.)
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So, I just got done watching "Dragonball: Evolution." First of all, I'd like to point out that I am not a severe DB otaku. I more or less like DBZ, and could take or leave DragonBall itself alone. That said, I think trunks is sexy and I still to this day have no idea how Goku got laid and had kids. My head hurts just thinking about it.

Now, my friend Chris introduced me to the Japanese version of Dragonball Z and subsequently DragonBall. While he enjoys shuffling around to the fight scenes, I did insist he show me things in a mostly linear order so I know who these people are and why I should care about them. So, I'm pretty familiar with the overall story of Dragon Ball/Z/GT. Although it may be a 'kid's cartoon' to Japanese audiences, the original Dragonball has the raunchiest sense of humor compared to the later series. It's also a comedy at heart, with action thrown in. The overblown fight scenes and exaggerated facial expressions really sell this point and make it marketable to a younger target audience. While most Anime contains certain characteristics which include a healthy or unhealthy sense of humor, I must bring this up because DragonBall Evolution claims to be an adaptation of DragonBall, to bring it to a new audience.

Honestly, if DBE was my first taste of DragonBall, I would have left it in the dust. Where do I begin with the inaccuracies?

Goku - Goku is an alien, a Saiyajin (Saiyan) who was sent to wipe out the human race to prepare the planet to be sold to some alien overlords who probably destroyed their planet. While the purpose isn't essentially known in the DB series itself, Goku has a tail (missing in DBE) that allows him to transform into Ozaru (giant monkey form) when he looks at A full moon (not a solar eclypse). His personality can be summed up in two words - laid back. Something DBE Goku is anything but. To expand on this, he's exceedingly naive in the anime, since he was raised in seclusion by his adoptive grandfather Gohan who he later names his son after. In fact, Bulma was the first woman he'd ever seen.

Truthfully, if I were writing a DB live action adaptation, I too would have killed Gohan off (though he was already dead by the start of the manga/anime) as a motivation for Goku to follow Bulma on her quest for the Dragon Balls.

There are a couple moments in the movie where Goku acts like he would in the anime/manga. For example, Chichi is fighting a clone of herself and the clone asks Goku for help. He instantly goes to her aid only to find out he knocked out the wrong one. But the moment is ruined by the fact that Goku, especially early in the manga, would never hurt/touch a female out of respect drilled into him by his grandfather. Similarly, Mai (Who is a servant of Lord Pilaf's in the Manga) hits Goku square in the jaw and he doesn't flinch, but the moment is ruined by Goku retaliating and hitting her just after that.

Bulma actually does have a gun in the beginning of the anime and does use it on Goku... actually, she shoots him, sends him flying back, and then is terrified when the "kid" gets up like nothing happened. She then convinces Goku to be her bodyguard. In the movie, she shoots AT but doesn't hit Goku and he easily is convinced to join her because of shoddy plot devices.

Now, Chichi is actually a martial artist, so that part is correct. But Goku and chichi were fairly young at the beginning of DragonBall, and in my opinion, should have been played by younger actors. They could have grown up in the sequel, because they do grow up in the Manga.

Master Roshi - With all due respect, you are not an effing Airbender. I'm demanding retribution to go to Nickelodeon's pocket. And while you're ripping off animes I suppose now's as good a time as any to mention that one of the opening lines in the movie (by grandpa Gohan) is "The first rule is, there are no rules." Dude, this is not Ranma 1/2 and Goku is not a student of the Anything Goes Martial Art school.

But back to Roshi. He is an old bearded man who doesn't look much like a fighter and has an extreme perverted streak in him. While the perverted streak is mentioned and offers a couple tidbits of humor in the movie, it's nothing compared to what he's capable of in the manga. The movie gives us a clean shaved Chow Yun Fat. while he doesn't exactly look the part of an ancient master, he does have one of the more animated performances and gives about the only chuckles you'll get out of this movie.

Still, when he trained Goku in the manga, he taught him the Kamehameha (which is named after a Hawaiian king, but broken down into Japanese, Kame means turtle and ha is wave. So Turtle Wave is the root of the Kamehameha). Roshi was simply dumbfounded that Goku was able to learn and master it "So quickly" when it took him "years and years" to perfect. He called it an "Airbending" technique and the damned thing can not only LIGHT FIRES but it can HEAL people in the movie... What the hell... Were they out of Senzu beans?

Last I knew, according to every time I've seen a Kamehameha used in the Manga/Cartoon... Something has blown up, someone has died, been seriously injured, or laughed because it tickled they were so dang powerful it didn't hurt them.

Yamcha also appears in the movie and is treated with equal disrespect. He and Bulma both have similar situations. Both of them are opportunists who are exceedingly nervous around the opposite sex. Because of this, their great wish for the dragon balls is to be more confident around said opposite sex. I don't mind actually, that they made him blond. One problem with a lot of Akira's Dragon Ball characters is the black hair makes them somewhat indistinguishable from each other, so excuse me if I actually don't mind that for a minute. And I haven't even really gotten to reviewing the movie yet... lol... But anyway... In the Movie, Goku is the girl shy one and is fantasizing about chichi in class (........) and Yamcha has absolutely no problem being an opportunist and comes off as an asshole. Even with a totally forced romance with him and Bulma, my interest isn't up and his pants won't be coming down.

Several sidekick staples also got thrown to the dogs in this movie. There is a complete absense of Krillin, Puar and Oolong. I suppose I can kind of understand because 2/3 of them would have to be CG, but Krillin is practically a brother to Goku even long after he becomes the weakest link second only to Chichi, and that's provided she doesn't have a frying pan in hand. But I suppose they didn't want to explain a bald noseless teen with tattooed dots on his head. I suppose that means Tien and Choutzu won't be appearing any time soon either. They should just thank Kami they didn't have their characters assassinated.

Now onto "Lord Piccolo" aka. Piccolo Daimyo - This is the big fish and the first part of the movie to stink big time. I'm not going to criticize his appearance too harshly because he is green and he is old, this is true. "But what about Piccolo in DBZ? He's young and sexy even if he is assexual!" Well, for those who never saw DB, Piccolo Daimyo/Piccolo-san is actually concentrated evil that Kami decided to remove from his body physically.

Piccolo-Daimyo did get sealed with the Mafuba, so they got that right, but he wasn't imprisoned no two thousand years. He was also a villain toward the END of the DB run. When Goku defeated him, and left a gaping hole in his chest, he somehow managed to spit out an egg which would eventually hatch into the badass Piccolo that everybody loves and is currently keeping the idiots in hell in line. <3 I'll skip the gaping plothole of how he was able to regurgitate an egg out his mouth like a yoshi when his midsection was destroyed as I really don't want to get into Namekian reproductive methods.

The first time we see Lord Piccolo act in DBEvolution, he's wearing a cloak and acts like a Sith Lord (Star Wars junkies, I give you permission to sue over this one too) and though they'll say it's ki, he "used the force" to kill Gohan. Way to be original guys...

Also, since he is asexual, it makes absolutely no sense that Mai (one of Pilaf's minions) would be so "devoted" to him. If she's looking to get laid, she is going to  be sorely disappointed. And seriously, anyone watching DragonBall/Z/GT will realize that the only characters with hormones are the second generation of Saiyans (Trunks/Gohan etc) who'd even WANT to get laid. All that's on their mind is fighting for world domination or the sake of the planet, depending on your alliance.

Well, now that most of the character assassinations and plagiarisms are taken care of, let's get down to the story itself....

It begins with Goku being trained by his grandfather. That's not bad, and there's an expected martial arts sequence shown. Skipping ahead a little, Goku wants to get a girl, specifically Chichi, who he has the hots for. He heads to school on a bike, and not a sexy one really. Goku's bike is run over by some bullies and all he can do is exchange words with them. Wow. Just what I think of when I think of Dragon Ball.

Well, actually, Goku would have been a little surprised. I  could see him saying "HEY! That's my bike!" the guys laughing and saying "not any more it isn'T!" and then Goku simply flips their car over with one hand,possibly one finger, grabs his bike out and bends it back into shape with his bare hands. Seriously. AND THEY HARASS HIM AGAIN LATER!

Skipping ahead, Gohan dies and Goku has to defend the four star dragon ball because Lord Piccolo is back.... Okay, you expect me to buy that he was sealed by the mafuba, but you don't give me any indication of how he actually broke out. I suppose it's not real big, but, they went to the trouble to create a prop that's supposed to be the vessel that holds Piccolo captive. If we at least saw Mai touch the vessel in some remote location, that would be something... but no...

Piccolo's seen above the clouds (I guess?) and throws some energy down toward Earth (Again, I'm gessing, the edit is very ambiguous on this point) and then Mai's threatening some Asian lady in a village I'm assuming Piccolo's minions are attacking in order to get another dragon ball. The dialogue (what little of it there is) is of no purpose and the woman is presumably killed by Mai and we didn't even see if they had a dragon ball. Which makes that scene entirely pointless because Piccolo killing Gohan is the only death he causes first hand that makes any plot related sense.

Goku gets to redeem his sissyness and does bring those bullies to their knees in a Hollywood mandated action scene that destroys a car. Whoop-de-dee.

After he senses Grandpa is dead (on his birthday no less, how terribly cliché), he retrieves the 4star dragon ball and then we meet Bulma. I already mentioned some deviations with her. At least they did give her one strand of color in her hair to throw the fans a bone, but it's more or less an insult to our intelligence. Her motive for being a bitch is that the "Prometheus orb" (which is what she knows the dragon balls as) was stolen from her father's laboratory and several guards were killed. I guess this isn't a job for the police. Well, Goku convinces her that she needs his help because someone else is after the balls. Umm... way to reverse things. After stealing a transformer and their sound effect (Okay, the capsule expansion was kinda cool) the two finally start their adventure.

They meet Master Roshi, blah blah, Goku and Roshi fight, blah blah... Roshi tries teaching Goku "airbending" ki technique Kamehameha (which should technically be water element if anything.) I noticed that when Roshi uses the kamehameha, it's read. It also LIGHTS FIRES and HEALS people (yellow). And Goku can't do it right away.... Expected psychological crap inserted here.

Chichi motivates Goku with the promise of close physical proximity. At the end of the scene, Goku uses his ki to blow OUT the candles in the room, which is probably the first smart thing the movie's done if not for the fact I'm deducting 10 points for the fire starting with an air technique and implied sexual situation.

Goku, Roshi and Bulma eventually fall into a pit and Roshi recaps just what we already knew about the movie after Yamcha offers to get them out. (Were they so cheap they couldn't have at least hooked a real cat up to a harness and levetated him nearby? You could photoshop the strings away....... Puar where are you??). This is another plothole, as Goku should have Nimbus at this point (the cloud that only lets the pure of heart on, though after he's lusted after Chichi the way he did maybe Nimbus wouldn't want him) and even if he didn't, he could JUMP out. Hey, white saiyans can jump.

I can't say much about Piccolo using his blood to create his genetic minions rather than asexual egg production... basically they have a fight scene at a volcano. Suspend your disbelief once again as Goku uses the dead bodies of Piccolo Daimyo's followers as a bridge across said Lava. This stroke of genius is actually something Goku could come up with, as long as you accept him not getting burnt to a crisp by the molten lava to begin with.

Eventually Piccolo manages to snag all the balls, but needs to go to a special place to summon Shenlon ... which is retarded. And they have to do a ceremony. And it gives Goku and buddies enough time to steal more Transformers material and make off with one of the balls. Umm yeah.

So then the plot device steps in, and there is a blood moon (?) solar eclipse. THAT changes Goku into his Ozaru form despite his not having a tail. Okay, the special effect on that's fine... but Goku's too small. His Ozaru form is supposed to be King Kong on steroids, and... we don't get that. He kills Master Roshi (YAY! Mercy kill!) before coming to his senses because of his faith in himself... Umm... if you really want to defeat an Ozaru monkey, cut off his tail or destroy the moon. Oh yeah, and apparently Piccolo has control over Goku in his Ozaru form, telling him he's just a vessel and that he came by meteor to earth and on his eighteenth birthday this would happen to him.

Umm.... okay... uh... Oh, where do I begin with this plothole? Okay I know I skipped this but apparently Piccolo AND Ozaru attacked Earth and nearly wiped everything out. After Piccolo was defeated, Ozaru disappeared. Now, it's clearly stated Goku is 18 years old. Also that he came to earth riding on a comet... I'd ask how, but frankly the movie still hasn't explained how a wind technique can make fire. Was there another Saiyan that came to earth with Piccolo when he originally came to earth? And how is defeating Piccolo going to just... remove Ozaru from the equation? Ozaru would have had to have been imprisoned as well or died somehow. You just... You don't stop a Saiyan, bred for battle, by imprisoning his master, which Piccolo seems to be. And that would mean that more than one person on earth is part saiyan blood if the guy just decided to live peacefully with Humans, I don't get it. And if Goku arrived on a comet rather than in a spaceship, I'm sorry, but even Goku cannot breathe in space. Frieza taunted him about that one when Namek was going up in smoke in DBZ. And yet, Goku just happened to arrive on earth and turn into your monkey bitch? I don't think so Piccolo......

All that said, it boils down to a decisive KAMEHAMEHA from Goku, as well it should. But before he launches the signature move on the Namekian's ass, Piccolo berates him for his physical human failures. Umm... didn't you just get done telling us he's an alien?

My  brain hurts. So finally, because Roshi's dead (I hear Krillin rejoicing somewhere that it wasn't him...) Goku decides to summon Shenlon to restore him... Finally some good-- Dude. that's a featherless Falcor from NeverEnding Story. Is there a movie you WON'T rip off? And oh...oh no, no gravely voice explaining your wish is my command. Goku just unnecessarily uses a long-winded summon to  bring the Dragon out, and then he just breaths on Roshi and goes off.

So, everything's resolved, but Goku goes back to Chichi and they end the whole thing on a spar...
...OR DO THEY? After the credits roll, if you bothered to stay, we see an anticlimactic scene of Mai nursing Piccolo, who's eyes fly open in one of the biggest most overused pieces of cinematic expression. Seriously, I could have felt more surprised at Space Mutiny doing it or a soap opera. Uhg...

I hope the sequel gets canned, I really do. Rotten Tomatos and the Golden Raspberries need to reward this one in spades. It is an absolute travesty. The character mutiliaations are almost as bad as what 4Kids did to One Piece.  Another thing is that the whole movie just takes itself way too seriously. And unlike some people, I really don't blame the actors. It's not their portrayals that are bad, it's the original producer's vision and execution.

IF it had been done right, the best thing would have been to use Lord Pilaf as an introductory villain, which is what he was. Nothing too serious, and end it on one of the Tenkaichi tournaments which litter the DB universe.

In my vision, Lord Pilaf is played by Verne Troyer aka. Mini me. He is not a fighter and a good source of comedy. He's constantly passing gas and blaming someone else then talking about manners. He's a little brat and you'd love to see him get put in his place.

As a lead in for Bulma, yes you could say that her father sent her after the Dragon Balls. I'll even buy that she invented the Dragon Radar, but deep in her heart she'd still want them so she could be more confident around men. I won't give her a gun though, though she may know basic martial arts for self defense purposes. She can also use her travels as some sort of project that will get her college credits. But I would start with her arriving in a rustic little Asian town and asking if anyone's seen any of the dragon balls (even though she has the radar). Someone would mention Master Gohan, the legendary martial artist, having one... but he hasn't been seen in town for quite a while.

In this version, Goku is homeschooled by Master Roshi, though he may have been fudging some of the paperwork, so Goku's much more adept with fighting than his ABCs. This puts him in a better mental frame for the movie already. I would have Goku played by a young-mid teenager also, and no not essentially Asian. He's an alien for crying out loud. Gohan's tried to keep him mostly secluded from society mainly because of his unbelievable strength and his Ozaru form, which is part of the town's local legends.

Upon Bulma's arrival to Gohan's estate (if you can call it that), Pilaf's minions (Okay, they can be lead by Mai) attack and try to take Gohan's dragonball by force. While Gohan and Goku are trying to fight off the badguys, Bulma gets caught in the crossfire. Gohan saves her life but at the expense of his own. With his dying breaths he sends him to look for Master Roshi.

I'm not really ripping off DBE, it's just one of the few points of the movie that's actually logical.

Goku naturally wants the Dragonball back as its his only memento of his Grandfather, and Bulma and him become allies. On their way out of the village, I suppose Krillin could make his first appearance. I'm not sure what angle to give him, but probably one of Goku's only friends if they both lived there.

I don't have too many details worked out past this point, but there would be a lot of back and forth where dragon balls get acquired and lost, which has the potential for a lot of comedy. I could even see Goku getting hit by a truck and not flinching. There's just so much potential!

I would mention the Tenkaichi tournament also in the early part of the movie, and that Gohan had won the championship several times in his younger days. This would give Goku motivation to improve and give us something to come back to later on. I'd also use it as a potential lead-in to Tao Pai Pai, who's a mercenary in the series.

Lord Pilaf is by no means a terribly frightening or threatening force, but he's throughout the entire series. He could be a source of comedy through a trilogy as bigger, badder enemies come out to play, vying for the Dragon Balls.

In the second movie, The Red Ribbon Army and its Androids would be the primary Antagonists, and I'd finally round things out with Piccolo Daimyo in the Third movie. These are the major story arcs in the DB series.

The fans and the general moviegoing public deserve better than this. I watched Forbidden Kingdom and loved it. It was a good martial arts film with good production, locations and action. The CG was well done (And I can't complain about the CG in DBE, it's one of the few good things, though expected these days) but the characters themselves were interesting. Forbidden Kingdom was another twist on "Journey to the West", which is at the core of Dragon Ball. The story has been told and retold many times, and you can make your own twists on it, honest! But this movie is so uninspired, so full of forced dialogue and relationships, so full of plot holes....

Forbidden Kingdom, used the Monkey King's Staff and had multiple people carrying it. It's supposed to be so heavy only the monkey King can handle it. Forgiving that as part of the story, especially to people who don't know it, you can still follow the movie and the characters logically through their paces. It is a completely respectful homage to the legend. The Jackie Chan and Jet Li fight was amazingly well correographed (and much more interesting than the hacked together fights in DBE) and even the fights with the two woman costars and Michal Angarano as the supposed protagonist were engaging. I do say supposed because we all know Jet and Jackie stole the show. But Michael did a wonderful job, and I am type casting him in a new category I call "Supporting Hero." Sadly, I seem to see him in movies where much bigger actors are in the limelight, even if he's supposed to be the main character. Maybe his part doesn't punch you, but he's a solid cast member.

DBE lacked good characterization even for what it did. I'm sorry I've run on so long, but I just have so much to say. Goku has been turned into a whiny angsty teenager which has become nothing more than standard Hollywood fare. You can tell when a movie is well loved by the people in it because you see genuine acting, and can even forgive some of the screwups because you know it'll be classic some day. I think that about the Tale of Despereaux. I was so glad to see an honest to God Fairy tale come back to the screen. It was believable and lovingly crafter. DBE... It... just looks like a cheap and failed attempt to cash in on Akira Toriyama's wonderful work.

I know Toriyama said he knew about, approved of, and liked it. But then again, even the people who pitched Batman Forever initially favored their work too. Maybe his attitude will shift on things, but from all the harsh criticisms I've seen, I somehow don't think the fans are quite ready to forgive this travesty.

I do have the antidote though -…
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So, yeah, I watch and am I big fan of the Nostalgia Critic. Of course, as a page stalker when I get interested in new things, I tend to obsess... so I kept going back daily and looking at the updates. And well, I start watching the Nostalgia Chick (Who's growing on me). I take a look at the Aussie Guy (who doesn't grow on me) and other things on the site, some I like, some I don't. While I enjoy Ask That Guy, it gets really psychotic, vulgar and blasphemous at times which is why it's probably near the bottom of my favs on that site (though AskThatGuy 33 was awesome... April Fool's hahahahahaha). I also like the Bum Reviews, though of course the main reason I visit is the Critic.

Still, Read Right to Left is amusing, and DBZ Abbridged is hilarious. Even so, I've come to appreciate and regard Linkara as one of the best contributors to the site beside Doug himself and Lindsey, the chick.

Lewis L. aka Linkara does a spot called "Atop the Fourth Wall" where bad comics burn. From the high and Mighty X-Men to the relatively unknown and defunct comics like Sultry-Teenage Super-Foxes (Why couldn't it be just "Vixens" and leave it at that I, don't know), if they're bad, he'll tear them apart.

What makes a good comic vs. a bad comic? Continuity, character development, believability (Yes, I know we're talking about groups of people who usually run around in spandex underwear) as well as the plot devices. Bad Artwork can also distract from a good comic like good art work can't polish a shitty bad comic.

Linkara does a fine job of reaming bad comics a new one, and has made his own distinguishing marks that give him a style similar to, but not blatantly taken from the Critic or AVGN. In a way, it's harder to review written material verbally, as you have to provide your own voices or inflected tones in order to bring a point across. I absolutely loved the part of his review on Amazons Attack where he quoted Batman saying "Bees, my God." Like he said "WHAT kind of emotion is he trying to convey?" and finally settling on apathy, he gives such a bored, dry reading I had to laugh. A combination of visual and audio cues with a good sense of humor make Lewis Lovehaug, aka. Linkara, worthy of a bit of praise.

Well, I had a chance to converse with him in E-Mail a bit and he said I was free to post his answers here so, here you have it..

Me: How long have you been reading comics regularly?
Linkara: Oh, about eight years now.

Me: What was your first comic? (if you remember)
Linkara: Amazing Spider-Man #351, where Spidey teams up with Nova against the Tri-Sentinel.  It's the earliest comic I remember reading.

Me: What is of course, your favorite comic?
Linkara: The Titans, by far, though Blue Beetle is a close second.

(At this point I should have asked... "Blue Who?" But maybe I'll find out later. Hey, I'm not a pro journalist so cut me some slack ;) )

Me: Who is your favorite super hero and why?
Linkara: Danny Chase.  He was a 14 year-old telekinetic who didn't take crap from anyone and sacrificed his life to save the world... and he doesn't even get a freaking statue.  -_-

(And now I know I need to read more comics... I had to look at wiki to find out who he meant.)

Me: Who is your favorite Super heroine and why?
Linkara: Power Girl.  She's brash, she's tough, and she's powerful.

(Power Wh- Oh spammit, I think I'll just go Ebay buy a bulk stack of misc comics or something so I sound more intelligent later.)

Me: Who's your favorite villain and why?
Linkara: Eh, don't really have a favorite villain.

Me: What got you into reviewing comics like you do, either in written format or the visual Nostalgia Critic AVGN style?
Linkara: I was inspired to do them after reading sites like The Agony booth and Jabootu's movie reviews, then made the jump to video after I did the "Ask That Guy" contest.

Me: Is there a character, be it a super hero, sidekick or supporting cast member who you think is under appreciated?
Linkara: Danny Chase

Me: Are there comic characters or personalities that you just totally can not stand?
Linkara: No one immediately springs to mind.

(Maybe I should have asked him that after the SultrySuperFoxVixenWhateverWhores review)

Me: If you were a super hero, what would your super power be?
Linkara: Telekinesis.  =3  It's versatile!

And there you have it. Other topics discussed also involved some more personal questions about religion and politics. I'm very much on the same page with him, though the answers were a bit longer than the basic query above. In a nutshell, he's a Christian with a healthy respect for women and a good grasp of government and how the world works. I look forward to speaking with him again in the future.

Thanks very much Lewis Lovhaug for answering my questions and allowing me to post this online. <3
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So, I went to see "The Tale of Despereaux" recently. I don't know what I expected, but I hadn't been expecting much from the previews. It was one of those -shrug your shoulders, I should probably rent it- kind of things. I'm so very glad I was wrong. Now I get to criticize American Animation.

About the time Madagascar 1 came out I realized "It's either fractured fairy tales or animals in/out of their natural habitat..."

Shrek, Happily Never After, Hoodwinked, I'll even throw Monsters Inc. in there as being backward Fairy Tales. Don't get me wrong, Shrek was a stunning piece of eye candy and the first we'd seen outside of Disney that was worth something. I love the movie and his outlandish behavior was a treat. The fractured fairy tales spoof was a riot... and then everyone was doing it. We got used to Shrek and his world and expect his antics no matter what CGI we're going to see.

Madagascar and other movies like it are simply telling the same story- Big City animal thrown into the Country or vice versa.

Essentially, American CG movies are comedies only distinguished by the writings and voice acting of the comedian playing the favored role. Aladdin was the first animated movie (which did use CG to assist it I might add) I remember hearing tons of punchlines and comedy coming from a big blue Genie voiced by Robin Williams. Beauty and the Beast had plenty of comedy, but didn't rely on it. By the time Herculease came out- we were doomed. Now they did come out with more serious films like the Hunchback, but CG movies especially have had a tendency to lean on voice talents like Mike Meiyers and Eddie Murphy.

Around the time Shrek released, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was also released; and flopped. It's little wonder why... It was mediocre Sci-Fi, it was too human, and to the gamers, it may as well have been Super Mario Bros. All over again. Where was the magic? The Chocobo? The Summons? It had nothing identifying it with its gamer core but a few names, like Cid. Right now, I'm singling this film out because it's a Japanese Production. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children was a beautifully rich treat that is still breathtaking, but it's also Japanese in origin so it's stricken from the core of what I'm talking about which is American Animation.

So are there any American Computer Generated films that treat us to fantasy without making us split our sides 80 times a minute? Yes. The Polar Express. The problem with that was that it was supposedly a Christmas Movie. It was slow paced, mostly depressing, and failed to satisfy. The fact Tom Hanks was in it never really crossed my mind. Froma  technical stance it was great, but FFVII;AC was released after that and it blows it away. (Seriously, are the Japanese the only people who understand animation doesn't have to be intended for 5 year olds?)

Until now, that was the only CG based movie I could think of that didn't make me laugh out loud over its humor. Until I watched the Tale of Despereaux.

The movie is based on a book, which I've now heard in audiobook form. Right from the beginning, the story is handled like a fairy tale with "Once Upon a Time" and a great narrative by Sigourney Weaver (SP?). Then, it completely, utterly failed to have Roscuro (A rat and one of the characters in the story) to fall out of the netting he was sleeping on or tumble fancifully down the stairs with expected "ow... ow ow ow"s all the way down. No, he kept his footing and spoke to a human you quickly assume is his friend and you realize something... They're not trying to make you laugh... they're actually trying to tell you a story!

When was the last time someone told you a story without trying to make milk fly out of your nose? The closest I can think to describe how this movie felt is to go back in time to The Land Before Time (The original, not The Land Before Time: The Musical, which it's become), or All Dogs go to Heaven or An American Tale.

I think the Land Before Time is probably the best analogy; it had no big musical numbers for starters, neither does Despereaux. The story is about a long-necked dinosaur who finds himself without friends and family, with a mother who sacrifices everything (even her life) in order for him to live. He must amble his way through things and face a million unknown dangers in hopes of finding a Happy Ending that he's not even sure exists. The story grabs you, pulls you along by the musical score, and drives the emotions into you like a Dodge truck. It does have humorous things in it, like Spike's voracious appetite or the line "I smell... I smell... Ducky!" but they were not the focus of the film.

From a story perspective they're night and day. After all, we're talking about a mouse who is short (even by mouse standards) who was born with ridiculously huge ears and his eyes open. Despereaux Tillington is a breath of fresh air. He's brave and honest, and while some contend that he hasn't got enough character flaws to make him interesting I disagree. His belief that things should be a certain way, and his inability to be a normal mouse (being cowardly and timid) get him into trouble on the one hand, and also makes it even more heartbreaking when his trust and honor are taken advantage of.

It's a knight in shining armor story, the kind we haven't seen since Prince Charming rode off to find his Sleeping Beauty... and it's charming! But it's not all flowers and roses. The kingdom is not supremely blissful, in fact, it's gloomy... and that makes it more real. Despereaux doesn't live in the world of Fairy Godmothers where everybody lives Happily Ever After (even if that's what he wants). He lives in a world where a series of hurts have led to a King outlawing such a thing as -soup-, and has had the profound side effect of making Princess Pea sad and lonely, and it's her that Despereaux wishes to help.

You have your quintessential elements like the Knight, the King, the Princess, the Dungeon and for a mouse movie you have the mice and the rats. It has all the charm of a fairy tale even if you don't see spells circling the air. And I haven't even mentioned the supporting characters like Hovice, the Threadmaster, who seems to be the only mouse at first who supports Despereaux's oddities. And most importantly, you have a Happily Ever After.

I'll grant that the book is darker and has more depth in places, but the fact is, the movie can stand on its own. If it had a PG rating, rather than G, the Rat world (which is already dark and filled with bones and skulls) would have been even darker. They did take a number of generous liberties with the story but without taking the heart out of it.

But never fear, if you really want the comedy and something a little more eye catching to the kiddies, they did add in an extra character I'll call the "Soup Genie", since I don't remember his name.He's a sort of genie made of fruit and veggies, and his magic power is bickering with the castle Cook. He doesn't exist in the book, and readers of it will know that the Cook should be a woman.

In conclusion, The Tale of Despereaux was satisfying. Its low-key comedy is something that will continue elicit smiles long after Donkey's saying "I'm makin' Waffles!" is making you sympathize with Shrek in kicking him out of your home. Its graphic styling will make you feel like you've picked up the most marvelous book. Its voice acting is the best I have ever heard in an animated film, period. (I honestly had no idea they got such an upscale star-lined cast for it. The truth is, their voices work for the characters, not the other way around.) The narrative is enough to keep you in the know, and not overpower the story. The characters themselves are endearing and you would gladly invite any of them over for tea (except maybe Mig and Gregory...). It's the kind of movie that is not a big block buster, not an 'instant success' because it quite honestly isn't Disney. The Tale of Despereaux, like Despereaux himself, is unpologetically himself. It's that honest-to-God storytelling that I have missed for a very long time, and even if I don't think it's the best movie I've ever seen... it's worth watching and catching your eye years later and watching again. It, like the Land Before Time, is a movie you can enjoy as a kid, but come back to and appreciate as an adult.
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'Twas the day after Christmas
And all through my room,
I was hoping that nothing soon would go "boom"

The stockings were laying all strewn on the floor
While cookies were eaten and still there was more!

And I on my PC,
And Dad's new Laptop
Had just come to crash from the sugar high rush.

When what to my wondering iPod do hear,
But the Naruto OST right in my ear!

Away to TeamArtail Firefox went with a flash,
DSLed through the web (which I hoped wouldn't  crash)

The blue-colored skin on my screen seemed to glow,
As I remembered the picture started not long ago.

So I finished it up,
Hope it came out all right,
Meri Kurisumasu to all, and to all a good night!

Okay, now that that's out of my system...!

This year's just flown by hasn't it? I feel like I'm getting lazier with my drawings on the one hand, but on the other I have to say that my writing's been great. As I mentioned in my previous journal, I've started writing a Naruto fanfiction. Don't think I've given up the hog though. I still have plenty of ideas for him. I'm kind of waiting for :iconhylianreploid: to recover from a funk before I do anymore writing that way I think. Eventually it'll crash though, and my drawing muse might return. I don't know. Look, I still have my HALLOWEEN ID up. So much for the Christmas ornament idea I had.

Well, I did get an iPod for Christmas so, my next ID will probably reflect that (and be replacing the Halloween ID shortly I'm sure.)

Last time I also gave a review on Unleashed. At this point I've played the whole game, and while it was enjoyable, and I love it... I have a feeling there is so much more on the 360/PS3 version.

From a gameplay perspective I find a number of the Wiimote/Nunchuck control intuitive and engaging. From that aspect it is a glorious game that uses the capabilities of the wii very well.

From a story perspective, there are things that feel disjointed and incomplete. Lots of potentials I began griping about to my friend Tim has made me realize just how different the two games are.

I will henceforth refer to the Wii/PS2 version just as the Wii version, and the 360/PS3 version will be called the PS360.

In technical terms, the Wii version starts at an advantage for Sonic in the sense that he (in the day stages) has all his skills which he needs to earn in the PS360 version. Inversely, the PS360 version gives Were-Sonic button combos from the beginning and he has to earn those by leveling up in the wii version.

Sonic's new set of skills like side-dash (which is a cool move), Slide and Stomp attack are also required more often in the PS360 version, making it more complex and challenging.

The PS360 version also offers you a chance to interact more with the people in town who are more like NPCs in an RPG to the Wii version. You also get to form a closer bond with Chip by buying him food in the PS360 version which also gets you other goodies. This is all in addition to the superior graphics.

Were the Wii people ripped off?

Yes and no.

Some things (like collecting hidden items) are easier to come by in the Wii version. In fact, a lot of things are easier on the Wii version. Even my worst runs garnished a C ranking at the end of the stage. Depending on the player this can impact the enjoyment factor or even the ability to play it period.

In a way you could think of it as the "easy" version of the game. Also, even though the same areas of the game are visited in both, the stage layouts are totally different so it's like playing two different games which generally follow the same storyline.

On a plus side, after screaming through some of the harder stages you'll actually  be GLAD to play as the Were-hog just to give your eyeballs and nerves a rest. You also have missions to complete which means you can milk the Sonic stages out a bit longer.

On the negative side, you are missing 2 whole stages in the Wii version. As well, Were-Sonic gets way too much face time. Even with the missions, you'll be cursing at the moon and howling in pain with Were-Sonic when he falls down a patented bottomless pit™. (Were-Sonic's American death-scream make me cringe...)

I do have to wonder though, if they couldn't have included the missing stages or stretched things out? The wii has a lot of storage capabilities as I pull up my copy of Smash Brothers Brawl. In this case though, I have to wonder if it wasn't the development of the game for the PS2 that held things back in this case. I don't know the specs between the two, so I'm just speculating.

The PS360 version I would call "Sonic Unleashed; Complete" or the Director's cut.

It also has its pros and cons though. I believe it's a tougher game in the over all, which I personally am looking forward to sinking my teeth into. But this difficulty could be a pro or con depending once again, on your perspective.

From video footage alone I can tell that Were-Sonic looks far more intimidating with his host of claw-attacks. Since it was also made by a different development team things just took a total different direction in a number of ways. You can actually tell what kind of item you're getting in-stage when you find a video tape or a picture frame as opposed to just "you got an item" in the wii version.

You also get Japanese voicing options on the PS360. While the 4Krap actors are somewhat decent, I just can't get it out of my head that Were-Sonic is Jet the Hawk (English voicing). The Lip synch is done decently though. Most of the time Were-Sonic dies, I am completely begging for Nihongo seiyu. My friend Tim confirms that Sonic's voice is deeper and more fitting as a Werehog in Japanese. (His death-cry is also more tolerable, not that I enjoy letting my hedgie die.)

The biggest bonus of all though is the balance of the game. Sonic has a lot more day-time romps in the PS360 version than the Wii version. Despite an unhealthy desire to have Were-Sonic's babies, I'd much rather be with Amy enjoying True Blue au' naturale. (Did I just say that? :O)

My conclusion: Both games are good, but the PS360 is probably better. Eventually I will borrow my friend's PS3 to test this theory out. Also a note to SEGA: DEVELOP THE CHARACTERS YOU ALREADY HAVE! Chip may be a cute oneshot to the cast (and the first one I can tolerate since Tikal showed up), but don't we have enough characters in play? Sega, please... you can keep Sonic in the limelight he deserves, you can make him interact with others and OCs, but why WHY won't you use some of your oldies who need fleshing out? Where the heck is Fang/Nack for example!?

-Don't get me started on Chronicles
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Well, I have some quiet time since my cats aren't fighting... I say as Trina begins whining... and :iconfrwl: and :iconhylianreploid: are quiet and my buddy Tim is at work and, okay Chris is talking to me in an IM.

I sent him my Naruto fanfic, Iruka's child… *cough* Shameless plug here.

And now Dad wants to do evening prayers. I still haven't eaten my sub sandwich from two days ago... *eyes it longingly*

Okay, I'm good. Anyhow... the point I was trying to make is about Sonic Unleashed. This is it... what I've been waiting for. A true 3D Sonic where the focus is back where it belongs; on True Blue.

S-story? You want me to comment on the story? *blink*

Actually this is a little inventive. I guess Eggman figured that Sonic would gather the emeralds anyway and used them; while Sonic was still trying to harness their power. Since there's little wording in the opening cinema, this has to be taken in context. Possibly feedback from the laser - wow, Eggman's never used Sonic to personally power his weapons before - the emeralds are corrupted and Sonic is as well, thus his "werehog" form.

Granted, he shouldn't have survived the fall back to earth... (I will accept that Sonic can breathe in a void while in Super Form. Then again, he may still have some of the emerald's powers as he fell back to earth as a werehog... but still... the fall SHOULD Have killed him. Heck, the reentry into the atmosphere should have toasted him) And the Luffy-like arm stretching thing is...

Is Sonic Team a fan of One Piece? I think they are. First Sonic Rush Adventure has pirates and high seas adventures, now Sonic is stretching limbs like Luffy.

Let me make this abundantly clear; I have always played Sonic games - FOR THE GAME PLAY - I enjoy a good story as the next person, but it doesn't have to make sense as long as I get enough loops to run through and enemy skulls/tin plates to bash.

Mario Bros. is another good example, and Kirby. Plot? Next to nothing. When they try having a plot? It's usually more comedic than anything.

Sonic is... more serious. He has a voice and doesn't suffer from SHS (Silent Hero Syndrome) since he escalated to the 3D realm (Mercifully forgetting the existence of Sonic 3D-Bust.) Eggman, as of late, seems to have an MO of 'well, since bigger robots didn't work, let's try to control this centuries-old-creature' who then breaks free of his will and then has to beg Sonic to help set things right. I haven't finished Sonic Unleashed, but I'm pretty sure it's a safe bet the Gaia monster is going to turn on him.

Shadow gave us our dose of serious. He's definitely the kind of guy you don't want to have pointing a pistol at your face, because if he says he will shoot - he will. His game was dark and twisted, and offered some of the good things about Sonic, speed and all... but with the drama of weapons and vehicles. I love the Emo, but meh, the Alien thing has been DONE TO DEATH... *cry*

Sonic Adventure was good, but I never really liked the "Adventure field" and the Chao drove me nuts. (I had the DC version to begin with, and a VMU... *impolite swears at Chao inserted here* so I know nuts. CR2032 Batteries suck.) It was nice to pick a character and go; until you reached Big and then you were like 'wtf?' Sonic Bass Fishing anyone? I also didn't like Gamma's game play, though his particular story ruled.

Sonic Adventure 2 kept the multiple-scenarios but streamlined things a bit. There was no "Adventure field" to slow up lag time, which was a major bonus. You had Hero or Dark storylines to play with, and that meant Eggman was now a playable character. The drawback was being forced to play as one character and then another to advance the storyline. I'd almost rather play one character through beginning to end. I don't remember how many stages Sonic or any of the others had honestly, and some like Amy had fairly short scenarios in Sonic Adventure, but the way SA2 played out, it drew to attention the fact Sonic and Shadow only got 3 "classic" stages each. Then poor Tails got screwed by being tethered to the cockpit of his Transformers plane. What I would not give for an eject button on that thing when faced with quicksand. It also introduced us to our lovable Emo, Shadow the pussy- er...Hedgehog. And no BIG! (except in the backdrop of stages; DC version)

So then we come to Sonic Heroes. All right. This is actually pretty cool. So again, SEGA likes multiple-scenarios. They've been that way since Sonic 2 at least. Didn't grab all the emeralds in the game? Eggman or one of his robots has an ominous picture at the end... so ya think you beat em huh? Ha ha ha ha. Well, Sega is actually on a roll in Sonic Heroes I think. It gave us Teams to chose from and 'upgrades' for our heroes' strengths. This time, you didn't have to cut things down, everyone got to play almost all the same stages, and you were now divvied up into types - Speed, Power and Flying, which has translated to a couple other related Sonic games like Sonic Chronicles and the Riders games. Being able to switch between 3 playables all at the same time doesn't really complicate things as much as it might seem, and it keeps the game play the way I like it - fast. It's really exhilarating to me. Different group configurations will net you more or less items and take you to different parts of the stages, so you could go different ways if you wanted. It also hailed the return of The Chaotix (from the 32X). They have new designs, but very pronounced personalities! Mighty is still yet to be seen. ...There was a story to Sonic Heroes, right? *blink* ... Oh right, I like having fun and focusing on the game play. The primary differences in the teams really  boiled down to difficulty, with "Team Rose" having the easiest time, while "Team Chaotix" gave you the interesting task of playing detective and finding your objectives rather than simply running to the goal.

...How did this become a long winded review of the 3D Sonicverse? Oh well. Back to the point of Unleashed; It's good clean fun. Sonic's 3D staples like Homing attack have now been well established and are in full swing in this title. Sometimes the stages run on a more traditional 2D plane, while offering the pretty 3D graphics along with it, somewhat like Klonoa - which is an awesome classic which is being remade for the Wii and we need to write Namco en masse so we see it here in the states! - meaning that the gameplay simply rules. It also pulled a boost trick from the Sonic Rush games which allows him to speed up and be temporarily immune as he blasts through the stage. It doesn't act on a tension gage, but it does have a gage. As a new trick, Sonic can now sidestep quickly. Simply put, the Day stages are everything I want/hope for in a 3D Sonic game, and he gets more than 3 of them! HECK YEAH!

"Oh, but I heard there were only 7/9 stages?" Yeah, but another thing that's come with Sonic through the years; Missions. NiGHTS; Journey of dreams did what I hoped it wouldn't... it gave the two protagonists only 3 unique stages to themselves, but offered 5 missions to each stage which not only varied the gameplay but also lengthened things beyond what I imagined. I'm not saying every stage has 5 missions, but Sonic Unleashed also has missions, which adds its own challenges and extends the experience.

But now, what about Luffy's bastard child Weresonic?

He's not really too slow, and has his own set of skills. As usual, Sonic takes a curse and turns it into a bonus. Similar to Sonikku to Himitsu no Ringu, Sonic gains experience during the stages. He's rewarded with new abilities that mercifully don't have to be divvied up between rings but work automatically. It's not actually a bad change of pace. I enjoy some of the street brawler type games like Double Dragon where you find yourself suddenly surrounded by monsters and need to fend them off before you can advance. Same for this one. Nothing complicated, and who doesn't like ravaging the scenery or chucking enemies into each other? It also means that you actually have 14/18 stages to play around on, for even more time spent doing something other than homework!

For those of you with the Wii version, the game allows you to use the Wiimote/Nunchuck setup or a Cube or Classic controller. I'm using the Nunchuck setup personally. The analog is sensitive, and the commands are not bad. Sega keeps the buttons simple, which is as it should be. The way the wiimote is involved is intuitive and I have no trouble adapting to it. The only control problems I have really are with Were-Sonic. I'm not sure if I just have bad coordination (likely) or if it's a controller problem or what, but there are times I want to do a certain combo move and it doesn't seem to want to respond. Honestly, this can happen in any game with chaining commands, and as long as the enemy still goes down, does it really matter if I did a 2 combo then a 5 instead of a 7 hit combo?

As for the story, it's not bad. Not great but not bad. But for the game itself? If you've been waiting for some fun, monster/robot bashing one on one time with True Blue, then by all means pick it up ^_^
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So, Election day is coming up fast. I gotta say, Obama looks clean cut and is a very smooth talker. But that's where any flattery for the snake oil salesman ends. I really recommend that people look at the issues and make informed decisions. One of the worst traits that humans possess is being crowd followers...

I used to be one. I gladly would have voted for Clinton, had I been old enough to vote at the time, because he "looked good and cared about the environment." I didn't know the content of his character. As a matter of record, a lot of his policies and actions or inactions allowed for the setup of what is now known to Americans as 9/11. Yes people, Nine Eleven.

I love this country and the freedom I have here, but as I grow older, I see things choking and stagnating it. It swings around Political correctness and double standards.

-Racial superiority is wrong and unbiblical as well. We are all "One Blood", all human. Answers in Genisis has a book on the subject as a matter of fact, a book by the same name. May I remind people that it was White men here in America who put an end to slavery in America, and have fought for and with them for Equal rights. Not superior rights, for equality. All souls are valuable to the Lord

-Ideological equality is not something that is possible. The idea that all ideas are equally valid is madness. We have beliefs and ideals because we, key word... believe them. Some things are just yes or no, and you can't believe both at the same time any more than you can look two directions at once.

-Biased Media posing as being unbiased. TV, Movies, but News papers and News Broadcasts in particular seem extra critical of trivial matters rather than important ones. I remember when they were saying certainly that John Kerry would be president; before the polls were closed from one end of the country to the other. Now they're in the tank for Obama. Biased much? Yes.

I know who I'm going to vote for, and it's not because he represents all my values, because he doesn't. I'm afraid he won't do as good a job as I want, but I know in my heart he is a better man than a slick talking snake oil salesmen. Oh, by the way, we have a lawn sign for the candidate that we won't put up because my mom is afraid we'd get lynched or something because of it. Dad and I are concerned about potential vandalism. We've had American flags stolen, and seen people with bashed bumpers last big election cycle when people put up Bush stickers on their cars.

There's always going to be people will ill intentions no matter what, and there's been wrong done on both sides of the political fence... but please people... get educated. Look past face value and find out about the issues.

I offer this link -…

I also offer this bit of economics. It has to do with Obama and McCain's tax plans. Repeatedly, Obama has mentioned the magic number of tax cuts for people making $250,000 a year or less. He says that "most small businesses" make $250 or less. That simply is not true. He is also for increasing taxes on people who make more than that. As McCain has mentioned,  businesses here in America face a 35% tax already which is higher than other places that only charge 11%... Is it any wonder that jobs want to go elsewhere?

-Reducing taxes on people making $250 or less a year will, in the short run, give people like me a hefty refund. It looks really good on paper. But I don't pay anyone's salary. But if 4 of me were working for a company making $250k a year, we'd be sucking up a lot of that money (nobody's said if that figure was gross or net btw)

-A simple Mom and Pop type electronic stores make 7 Million a year and aren't considered "Big Business".

I work for an actual "Big Business". We're encouraged to check our hours constantly to make sure we aren't staying overtime. Just 5 extra minutes for everyone in the store for a week would cost $3000 extra to the company.

We get rewarded for our time and efforts every now and then with a bonus on our check... except Uncle Sam took $250 of my $480 bonus because the Bonus put me into a higher tax bracket than I normally would have had on my check. I should've been paid around $80 more the following check for holiday pay and honestly, it was approximately $100 less than the check I got for my bonus. I got penalized for having a higher income, even though it wasn't a sustainable, regular income. How is this fair? (note; rhetorical question. It isn't)

I understand that if you make more, you should pay more, but why such a radical jump? If I make too much money (gross), suddenly my (net) pay is chopped down? I'm sorry... that doesn't exactly encourage me to go out and make more money. That means, maybe I should make less money so I keep more of what I earn?

McCain's tax plan gives tax breaks to businesses who, keyword, EMPLOY THE MASSES. And yes, they 'reward' companies that send jobs overseas. They reward them so the jobs they have here, stay here. So that, if they lower them enough, building a factory in China or Seoul suddenly won't seem as profitable as setting up shop in good ol' hometown USA.

People don't understand what's good for them sometimes, like a kid doesn't understand that mom and dad are right about eating your veggies or bundling up when it's cold.

Please don't buy into the propaganda... People, you are not slaves, this is not the Civil War. This is not the Civil Rights Movement... You're not Slaves, You're Not Victims. Stop acting like you need handouts to stand on your own two feet. The government will only wipe your ass if you wade through hours of paper, and they won't do it gently either. Our rights are in danger because we let people get elected who keep taking them, and when things get bad they point fingers at the people who tried to stop it and say "Elect us, and we will help you poor, you tired souls!" Well, I'm sick of it.

I want a slice of the American pie, but instead of Socialist, Communist pie that gives everyone a tiny slice of a shrinking, unsustainable pie... I want a small slice of the biggest dang pie America can make; the Capitalist way! Some people get a bigger slice, so what? Here in America, even the small slices come with running water and Cable TV.

In my eyes, the Democrat party throws us fish and when the fish run out, they want us to go back for more. The money for these fish comes from somewhere and its our own pockets. Our own Taxes.

The Republican party proposes more tax cuts and encourages us to learn how to Fish. Less taxes means I can spend more to help grow businesses, and if I do well enough, I might just own my own... My own house, my own business, who knows? I can do, I will do. This is the American way... We have a mobile system here..

The rich can become poor, the poor can become rich. The middle class can rise or fall... But wherever civilizations are wealthy, even the poor do well.

Do I need to start on Joe the Plumber?

Toledo is a very liberal town in Ohio, and is not very small business friendly. I know this first hand, as my dad used to own one. (He was actually under 250K a year, but he was self employed; a business of One employee, and never made near 250k. He was never able to afford insurance either, but that's another topic.) Just north of us in Michigan, they were, as of a couple years ago, rated in the top 10 cities for being small business friendly. The result? More small businesses and more income. Around here, there's a lot more chain stores (which are loathed by the same people said to be for the small businesses and against big business.)

What really benefits "The Little Guy"?

-Lower taxes for their employers means more little guys can be employed.

-Lower minimum wage means they have a higher Payroll limit. Oh yes, minimum wage hurts The "Little Guy". First off, people were never meant to live on minimum wage. Second, most of the people who would be in min wage jobs would be in what are generally called "Starter jobs". Like, say, flipping burgers for a summer to help finance your first car?

But if someone is required to pay as much for a starting nobody as someone who's much more qualified then...

-Lighten up and let us drill domestically for oil and other natural resources. The technology we have already makes getting at those resources far more precise and surgical, for all you nature lovers out there. Also, the technology for "going green" may be here or in refinement and coming, but the benefits can't be -forced-. Already we see an increase in the price of corn and meat because of ethenol. (ethinol?) Requiring it in our oil supply means that more corn is being utilized for that rather than feeding people and livestock, so -naturally- the price goes up. So what about solar, wind, biodeisal and others? Fine, but when they become more refined and the costs and benefits become more apparent then they will become more desirable and become naturally incorporated into homes and businesses.

You need to understand supply and demand, the driving force of all business. When Government interferes and tries to artificially control it, things go bad.

-Artificial Control: Back in the 70s, the government artificially stagnated the price of oil. This kept the demand high, but the supply low; the result? Long long lines at the pump.

-Free Market: In the 80s's Ronald Reagen privatized the US postal service. (Feel free to groan here about it, but they always seem to deliver plenty of SPAM and get my bills through. Ha.. ha... *cough*) It was at a deficit (negative income, in debt) before that, and though the price of the postage stamp seems to have gotten out of hand, the Postal service actually makes a profit now. (shock surprise)

Look... Sadaam Hussein had a nice smile, so did Hitler. You can easily find pictures of their happy smiling mugs; and look at their dress uniforms; Military's finest. Those are dictators. They smile, tell people what they want to hear, and stab them in the back.

The Manchurian Candidate is here, folks, and he smiles just as wide. Don't fall for a smile with venomous policies, I beg and implore you. If you can't find it in yourself to vote for McCain, at least don't vote for Obama. Wolf in sheep's clothing.

This is how I feel, and I'm holding back, but I needed at least one good political tirade before the election.

While I do expect flames, please keep things civil.


While I still have rights,

I pledge allegiance
To the flag
Of the United States of America,
And to the Republic
For which it stands,
One Nation,
Under God,
With Liberty
And Justice
For All.

-I'm proud to be an American,
where at least I know I'm free,
and I won't forget the men who died
and gave that right to me,
And I'll gladly stand up...
Next to you and defend her still today
'Cause there aint no doubt I love this land
God Bless the USA.
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Well. Not much to say and everything at the same time eh? I'm hoping to go to Otakon this year, but that may not happen. I was hoping to meet Nick there :iconfrwl:, my long-time internet boyfriend. Well, he didn't know if he could go to begin with though, but all is not lost! We're waiting until July to make a final decision. That includes :iconhylianreploid: who I  consider my sister :3

I work at Wal-Mart as a cake decorator and graduation hasn't driven me bonkers (yet) so that's good. Umm... I have a lot going for me though. Oh yeah, I upgraded my computer so now it loves everything but Vista. It says if I ever put Vista on it, it's going to self-destruct and take years of hard work with it.

Umm.. yeah, I'm not good at writing journals. *blink* See you all next time?