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Anime Kisses

Because there's no good references out there dammit.

Also totally inconspicuous spiderman homage

Please don't use these as bases, since I don't really support throwing features on top of a bald anime drawing. Not because I'm concerned with "copying," but because you don't learn that way. I do, however, suggest that you try and recreate the poses freehand if you want to get the hang of it!
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Thank you so much for this! I used it here:

Alli and Xeke'a 2nd Anniversary!
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This is going to be helpful! Thank you!

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im gonna delete your account, then you

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the middle one looks like sauske and naruto's second kiss
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8th one looks like youre parents

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i like the accidental kiss reminds me of when naruto and sasuke kissed by mistake or was it on purpose XD
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Request #1 by djuna98 Used it as inspiration for the pose.
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lowkey looks like me and boo

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The one in the middle reminds me of Naruto and sasuke, lol
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Copied *-* I've sin it all over internet. Be more original
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Pretty Good! :3
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lol the one in the middle :?
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