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Commission: Tails in MLP Style (My Take)



Edit: HOLY CRAP, THIS ARTWORK’S POPULARITY IS SKYROCKETING PRETTY QUICKLY! I might as well try my hand at drawing Sonic, Knuckles, and Silver, etc. all in my own personal takes, coming at 50 favorites. Can this artwork hit 50 favorites? Let’s hit it!

Damn boi, only 2 people actually tried doing this? What the hell man?!

To add to the really small stockpile of versions, I tried my hand at making my own version.

(Also Tails is flying in this render, like, fr)

Go check these folks out (they made the first Tails MLP-Style renders!):
Sonic might not be around all the time, but Tails, SEGA’s beloved double-tailed flying fox, is always there to lend a hand whenever he can! Tails is truly gaining the courage he needs.

I might do requests, but please, in all manners of respect, don’t rush me!

(Also SEGA if you’re reading this you screwed up Tails’ personality big time in Sonic Forces, like, you really hit rock-bottom and decided to just go ahead and throw away his potential in Forces)
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Can you make Tails Doll in MLP Style Please?