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Sonic Mania: Sonic and The Phantom Ruby KingSonic the Hedgehog and Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik have been arch enemies for a long time as far back as anybody could remember, the wicked doctor has tried to conquer the universe and the world many times only for Sonic to defeat him. Sometime ago, Robotnik invaded the peaceful South Island, capturing many animals. But in the end, Sonic defeated him and saved the island. Not long after, Sonic made friends with Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Squirrel before being captured by a vengeful Doctor Robotnik and taken to Eggman Fortress on an unknown island, Thankfully, they managed to escape. Traveling to the mysterious Flicky Island, Sonic ended up facing Robotnik again as he tried to use the mystic Chaos Emeralds and a mysterious power to control and dominate the Flickies and the world, Sonic would thwart this scheme like always. Pursuing an even more persistent Robotnik to Westside Island, Sonic met Miles Tails Prower and they became friends. Together, they trashed the Eggman’s plans involving his battle station known as the Death Egg. Sometime after the events on Westside Island, Sonic was dragged into a time-space adventure where he teamed up with his apparent future self to defeat the Time Eater which was controlled by Robotnik and his future self. Saving the day again, Sonic returned to his own time and visited Never Lake, where he thwarted Robotnik’s scheme to control Little Planet, defeated the latest Sonic robot known as Metal Sonic and saved the lovely Amy Rose. Days afterwards, Sonic and Tails would visit the legendary Floating Island where they’d discover that Robotnik was rebuilding the crashed Death Egg and had tricked Knuckles the Echidna into believing Sonic was trying to steal the Master Emerald. After a short battle, Knuckles realized that he’d been duped and teamed up with Sonic to stop Robotnik just as the Death Egg launched once again. Making their way on board the evil space station, Sonic and Tails fought Doctor Robotnik once again and trashed the Death Egg, retrieved the Master Emerald and saved Knuckles’ home island, restoring its place in the sky. Sometime after the incident on the Floating Island, Sonic and Tails would aid Knuckles and his new friends in Team Chaotix as they investigated the mysterious Carnival Island which would turn out to be another Robotnik scheme. After thwarting Robotnik’s schemes once more, Sonic ended up having to deal with another Chaos Emerald crisis which proved to be very hard when Nack the Weasel got involved and the doctor tricked Knuckles again. Sonic would get some much-needed rest after beating Robotnik again, but would at one point be troubled by nightmares of the doctor stealing and replacing his sneakers with slow-mo shoes. The next time Sonic would encounter Doctor Robotnik, the mad doctor had rebuilt the Death Egg and was organizing a fighting tournament in space with the Chaos Emeralds as the main prize. Participating in the tournament, the hedgehog and his friends would confront Robotnik once again and defeat him while destroying the Death Egg II. With the madman currently out of the picture, Sonic can finally rest again, for now...*** He sat underneath the tree, kicking back and listening nature while slightly resting his eyes. Next to the blue hedgehog, his companion with two tails sat with him, enjoying the scenery. It had been a month since their last encounter with Doctor “Eggman” Robotnik and the madman had not made a move since, Sonic and Tails could rest easy. However, things would be changing soon. Recently, Sonic had been exposed to a bit of lethal radioactivity when some scientists ran some tests on him. While he’d survived, he would soon be changing from a potbellied, black eyed hedgehog to a slim, a green-eyed hedgehog. Sonic had seen the future, what he would turn into. Change didn’t matter much, it was best to keep moving, without worry or regret, run fast and free as the wind until it was time to slow down a bit and find some companionship. A warm breeze was upon him and Tails, the sky clear and blue. The weather was great and the sun was shining bright on the world, a group of Flicky birds chirped amongst themselves as they made their nest in a nearby tree. Next to the speedy blue Mobian hedgehog and his adopted two tailed brother, a Ricky scuttled by and met up with another Ricky. The animals were living happily, not bothered by a thing in the world. But then... “SONIC!” Somebody shouted in a panic, “SOOOOONIIIIIIIC!” Sonic opened his eyes and stood up, completely surprised. Even Tails was taken off guard, they knew that voice, it belonged to... “Is that Robotnik?” Tails asked, spotting someone. It sure was: Fat with a bushy mustache, small legs and stubby arms, wearing black pants, white gloves, a red shirt, yellow cape and blue glasses, Robotnik ran up to the duo, looking terrified. “Whaddaya want, Eggman?” Sonic demanded, getting into a defensive stance, “Ya better not be up to no good again.” “This is really urgent, you gotta help me, I need your help.” Robotnik said with terror, catching his breath, “We’re all in danger, the whole world’s in danger. He’s here... He’s come to take over the world.” “Who’s come to take over the world? Who’s he?” Tails asked. “THE PHANTOM RUBY KING!” Sonic raised an eyebrow, “Phantom Ruby what? Is that something you invented?” “I didn’t make the Phantom Ruby, Sonic!” The mad doctor explained, “It was the Phantom Ruby King? Th-th-the Phantom Ruby is a gemstone of untold great power unlike the Chaos Emeralds, it can make realistic illusions and grant dark wishes.” “Who’s the Phantom Ruby KING and what’s going on?” Tails questioned. “Apparently, he’s a trans-dimensional being from another world. H-H-He just appeared in my lab right through a dimensional phantom portal, I tried to fight him but I couldn’t. Now he’s controlling my robots and is out to take over the world.” “And you need our help stopping him so me and Tails can keep resting and you can get back to cooking up whatever evil world domination schemes you were cooking up when this Phantom Ruby King guy appeared?” Sonic remarked. “E-E-Exactly, th-th-the enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?” “So much for a relaxing time off from hero stuff.” The hedgehog groaned and gestured to Tails and Robotnik, C’mon then, let’s go find this Phantom Ruby King and get rid of him. Looks like a Sonic and Tails-Eggman team up is in progress.” “Technically it’s a ROBOTNIK, Sonic and Tails team up.” Robotnik corrected with a slight growl before shrugging, “But ‘Sonic and Tails-Eggman team up’ works fine, besides, I think I’m starting to embrace the ‘Eggman’ name anyway. “On a related note regarding ‘The Phantom Ruby King’, he’s been active in a couple areas and just set up a Phantom Castle. A-A-Allow me to give you a map that is definitely not bugged or trapped by me.” The doctor pulled out a large rolled up piece of paper which he gave to Sonic and the speedster unrolled it, revealing the paper to be a map. Sonic and Tails examined it, looking at the charted-out path to the Phantom Ruby King’s Lair. “Ok, doc.” The blue hedgehog said, giving the map back to Robotnik, “Since you know where to go, I guess you’ll be our guide while Tails and I go on in front of ya or are you gonna lead us to the castle?” “Well, er, technically...” Robotnik stammered, scratching his head and handing Sonic back the map, “I gave you the map, so you lead the way while you examine it. Well, enough dilly-dallying, WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? LET’S GO ALREADY!” Sonic stretched his legs and prepared himself before taking off running at high speed as Tails spun his rotor tails, taking to the air and following his adoptive big bro with their arch enemy behind them as they headed off on another adventure...*** Crystal Mountain Zone, the first area on the map, was a sight to take in, especially when it almost looked bizarre. There wasn’t much grass and trees, nothing but crystal pillars and smooth, gray blue terrain. Despite the oddity of the place, Sonic, Tails and Robotnik decided to not worry and make their way through. They began ascending the mountains, looking out for boulders or any other obstacles that got in their way. The only challenges that appeared were a few purple-red Burrow-Bot Badniks that popped out of the ground and targeted Robotnik, the doctor would’ve been toast had Sonic not trashed them, freeing some Flickies in the process. The sky above became cloudy and dark purple lightning bolts rained down, shaking the mountain tops and providing a challenge, which Sonic seemed to enjoy due to always being up for a challenge. However, the only one not up for the challenge was Tails, he screamed in terror whenever lightning exploded. Robotnik broke out laughing, but it wasn’t a laugh of delight, it was a laugh of pure nervousness. Knowing they couldn’t stop, Sonic and his adventure companions kept up the hike and stayed on guard for any hazards or enemies. Then, one of their first big enemies appeared...-Mini Boss: Dingus Fly Trap Phantom- A loud cackle filled the air and a bright purple light shone until it faded and, just feet away from Sonic, Tails and Robotnik, a gigantic Venus fly trap looking monster surrounded by a purple aura appeared. “RAAAAAAAAAAAAHR GARARARARARAHR BLUAARRRYAAAAAGH!” The monster roared and Robotnik let out a scream, the monster was hideous and had bulging black eyes, gray tentacles and sharp teeth. Sonic fist bumped Tails; the bros were ready to fight. The Dingus Fly Trap Phantom bellowed again, launching the first attack, sending out its tentacles to try and nab the duo so it could eat them along with Robotnik. Noticing the attack coming, the hedgehog and the fox jumped out of the way and Robotnik found a place to hide behind a rock as dust sprayed everywhere. The giant plant phantom monster howled, snarling and gnashing its teeth. Sonic and Tails got back up, prepared to launch a counterattack. Locking hands, they curled up and spun into a blue, white, red and yellow ball, charging up a Duo Spin Dash Attack, before they flung themselves right at the plant monster’s head. WHAM! Both Sonic and Tails struck the Dingus Fly Trap Phantom in the head and then attacked the root stalk of it, the creature bellowed in pain and fell as blood spurted out onto the ground. Standing back, Sonic, Tails and Robotnik watched as the monstrous being vanished into nothingness, the way was clear for them to proceed and so they went higher up the mountain, reaching the highest of peaks. The thunder and lightning had settled down, there were no more enemies... for now. Just when it looked like Sonic, Tails and their nemesis would make it out of the area without any more craziness... BOOM! BOOM! “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” Lightning flashed again, more thunder rumbled and even louder cackling filled the air. Sonic readied himself, knowing that another enemy was on the way, it looked as if it was time for another battle...-Boss Battle: Lightning King- A whooshing sound accompanied the rumble of thunder, crack of lightning and villainous cackles, more thunder and lightning exploded and he appeared, a cloaked figure with menacing eyes and a crown, holding a staff with a lightning symbol. “I AM THE LIGHTNING KING!” The Lightning King proclaimed, “I AM THE PHANTOM RUBY KING’S MOST LOYAL SERVANT, I CONTROL THE LIGHTNING, I RULE THE SKIES AND CONTROL THE THUNDERCLOUDS! “WHEN MY LORD RULES OVER THE LANDS, I WILL RULE OVER THE SKIES, CONTROLLING EVERYTHING ABOVE AS HE RULES BELLOW AND RAINING THUNDER AND LIGHTING ON THOSE WHO DARE DEFY US ALL!” “Heh heh!” Robotnik chuckled nervously, holding up a hand, “Uh, Mr. Lightning King? You don’t happen to be what I think you happen to be, are you? Could you possibly be the Phantom Ruby King’s version of... Zeus and Jupiter?” “WHO IS THIS ZEUS AND JUPITER? I KNOW NOTHING OF THOSE LIGHTNING DEITY PRETENDERS, I AM THE ONE AND ONLY AND THERE SHALL BE NO OTHER BUT ME AND THE PHANTOM RUBY KING! THOU SHALT NOT MOCK US!” “Ok,” Sonic remarked, “This guy is really serious like all the other foes we’ve faced. Tails, time to get down to business, you know the drill.” The Lightning King raised his staff, which glowed with purple energy and sent out dark purple lightning bolts into the sky, and bellowed, “PREPARE YOURSELF, MORTALS, FOR YOU SHALL BE ULTIMATELY DEFEATED!” A trembling Robotnik dove into a pile of rocks to hide, wishing Sonic and Tails good luck. The heroic duo faced their foe, ready for battle as the Lightning King pointed his staff and spoke an incantation in a mysterious language. Sonic narrowly leaped out of the way as lightning bolts rained down on the area, Tails, despite being scared, managed to avoid a few lightning bolts before bad luck befell him and he got zapped by a lightning bolt to the foot. “AH HA HA HA HA HA!” The Lightning King cackled, thrilled to see the orphaned fox get hurt, “YOU FOOLISH OF FOOLS, DOST THEE BELIEVE YOU STOOD A CHANCE AGAINST THE LIGHTNING KING, THOU SHALL FALL! The villainous deviant pointed his lightning staff at Tails, the tip of the weapon glowing with power as its owner prepared to take down the stunned fox. Sonic knew he had to do something... and fast, fast was his figurative middle name! Just as the Lightning King was about to strike the two tailed fox, the blue hedgehog attacked with a spin attack and hit the towering foe in the gut before whacking the lighting casting deviant in the face even harder. “DOH!” The maniac bellowed, he glared at Sonic, “YOU DARE OPPOSE THE LIGHTNING KING AND HIS BROTHER! YOU WILL FALL!” Before he could even attempt to strike the hedgehog, Sonic attacked and decimated his lightning rod. The magic staff was smashed to pieces, most of it exploding. Apparently, it was connected to the Lightning King’s life force because, soon as the lightning staff was destroyed, the entity howled in pain and faded into nothingness. As he faded away, the Lightning King wailed, “MY LIEGE, I HAVE FAILED YOU!” Sonic stood, striking a victory pose as Tails recovered and Robotnik emerged from hiding. The two tailed fox and the blue hedgehog fist bumped before Sonic and Robotnik, half reluctantly, high fived. “Now that our lightning wielding nemesis is gone,” The blue hedgehog said with a snarky smile, “Let’s get off this mountain top before something happens, assuming there are any more enemies around here about to attack us.” “I agree!” Robotnik said nervously, “Let’s get out of here.” And with that, the trio headed down the mountain, soon leaving Crystal Mountain behind and moving on to the next area on the map on the way to the Phantom Ruby King’s castle...*** The Haunted Ruins Zone was quite the foreboding, spooky and chilling place in the world, especially when it was the ruins of a once lively medieval city now covered in mist with ghosts roaming around. What made things more chilling was that the place emitted a sense of dread, although the only one feeling dread was Robotnik. Sonic was fine, yet Tails seemed to be spooked while acting as if he was not afraid of anything. Swallowing up any nervousness, the trio made their way through the ruins, watching out for traps and making sure that nothing bad happened to each other. Few ghosts attacked, some looking very familiar, some were not. However, despite their caution, it did not save Sonic, Tails and Robotnik from getting ambushed. As they got deeper into the Haunted Ruins, someone got the drop and took them by surprise, starting with Robotnik, who fell over. Tails got martial arts kicked in the knees, making him lose balance and then Sonic nearly received a spiked fist to the face. Wait a second, spiked fist? The blue hedgehog got out of the way with his reflexes in time and saw who was attacking. Wearing white boxing gloves and red, green and gray Nike shoes, looking tough as leather and packing a serious look on his face, Knuckles the Echidna, the last echidna and guardian of the Master Emerald, was here.Mini Boss: Knuckles the Echidna “What’s up, Knucklehead?” Sonic asked casually, “Long time no see.” Knuckles growled and attempted to punch the hedgehog again, Sonic blocked his fist and kicked him, knocking the red echidna over. “Ok, Knuckles. What’s going on?” Sonic demanded, “Why are you attacking me, Tails and Robotnik for? We’re not bad guys, well Robotnik is, but me and Tails aren’t the bad guys. There must be a mistake, are you brainwashed?” “Don’t try to play coy with me, Sonic!” Knuckles snapped, “I know you’re in cahoots with Robotnik and are working together to take over the world, Tails is in on the act and you guys have been partners from the start.” “What are you talking about?” Tails asked, having gotten back up. “SHUT UP!” Knuckles shouted, “The King told me everything!” “He what?” Robotnik yelled with outrage.-Flashback- He stood atop the Master Emerald, standing guard and looking out over the area. The island was safe, nothing was happening, no faces of evil attempting to even try to invade the island and steal the emerald again. Just then, Knuckles heard a noise and turned around to see a robed figure with a crown on his head emerging from a portal with a staff in hand, a strange gemstone sat on top of the staff, glowing with energy. “Who are you?” Knuckles demanded, “You better not be a trouble maker! The last time somebody visited my island, they brought nothing but trouble! State your business or get off my island right now!” “I am King Sapphire.” The mysterious man replied, “I am a kind and benevolent man here to change the world. In fact, I was hoping you’d help me. You see, I have a task for you as part of assisting me in saving the world from villainous deviants.” “What is it?” The red echidna asked. “Well, you do know a Sonic the Hedgehog and a Doctor Robotnik, do you not? They are allies and Sonic is assisting the doctor in a scheme to take over the world.” “SONIC IS EVIL AND IS IN LEAGUE WITH ROBOTNIK?!” Knuckles was outraged, he punched his hand into his fist, “Thanks, man. I’ll be happy to help.” “Thank you, sir. I’ll guard the Master Emerald while you deal with them. Oh and by the way, I think they have the seven gemstones known as the Chaos Emeralds.”-End Flashback- “Really?” Sonic remarked, “Are you serious, do you really think I would assist Eggman in trying to take over the world? I don’t have a single bad bone in my body, you stupid Knucklehead. Looks like you got tricked... again!” “That was the Phantom Ruby King you were talking too!” Robotnik exclaimed, he knew what Knuckles was talking about when he described ‘King Sapphire’, “It’s almost like me, he must be planning something with the Master Emerald.” Knuckles’ eyes widened with shock, “What? How is that...?” He began to think, scratching his chin. Then he looked at Sonic, Tails and Robotnik, thought about his meeting with ‘King Sapphire” and then, he exploded with rage. “PHANTOM RUBY KING!” The echidna shouted and began stomping off, shaking his fist and spouting several swear words at the top of his lungs. Knuckles shrieked with rage over the fact he’d just been tricked again by an enemy. “KNUX WAIT!” Sonic yelled. He, Tails and Robotnik chased after Knuckles, worried about his safety. “Knuckles, calm down!” The blue hedgehog begged, catching up with Knuckles, “Don’t go flying off the handle, it won’t help you!” Knuckles turned around, face stricken with panic, “B-B-But what if the Phantom Ruby King stole the Master Emerald and my island fell into the ocean, what if he smashed it to pieces or something and it woke up a giant monster inside?” “Who art thou intruders?” A ghostly voice bellowed.-Boss Battle: Ghost Knight- Wind blew and lights swirled as something took shape, in seconds, a ghostly knight with a broadsword had appeared, surrounded by a purple aura and with gleaming yellow eyes. “I AM THE GHOST KNIGHT!” The Ghost Knight proclaimed, “ON BEHALF OF THE PHANTOM RUBY KING, I SHALL SMITE THEE AND ENSURE MY LIEGE’S VICTORY OVER THIS WORLD! PREPARE YOURSELVES FOR BATTLE, KNAVES!” The Ghost Knight flew in to attack, Robotnik ducked inside the ruins of a house and Sonic, Tails and Knuckles teamed up to fight their foe. The three dodged as the enemy came at them, swinging his sword and attempting to dice them all. Finding a sword that lay upon the ground nearby, Sonic picked it up before tossing two more swords to Tails and Knuckles. With the trio equipped, they attacked the Ghost Knight, wielding their swords and fighting back. “IF IT’S A JOUST THEE WANT,” The Ghost Knight proclaimed, “THEN THOU HAVE MET YOUR MATCH, I WILL SMITE THEE AND SEND THOU SOULS TO THE DARK NETHERWORLD WHERE THEE SHALL FACE ETERNAL DARKNESS!” Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and the ghostly sword wielder did battle, three on one, going all out with their sword abilities. Sonic had never used a real sword before, but he knew what to do. It wasn’t like using a gun, but it seemed interesting. The four combatants fought fiercely, the good guys were desperate for victory and the bad guy was eager to take them down. All the while, from his hiding place, Robotnik watched on and found himself rooting for Team Sonic. But what else was the mad doctor going to do? He couldn’t just root for the Phantom Ruby King and his minions. Only HE, Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik, could bring about Sonic’s demise and conquer the world. The battle was tough, the Ghost Knight seemed to be a seasoned warrior. However, Sonic was tougher than ever. In the end, he, Tails and Knuckles managed to bring down their foe. The Ghost Knight fell, eyes closing. “Nice work, hedgehog, nice work!” Robotnik complimented, coming out of his hiding place and shaking Sonic’s hand. “Thanks, doc!” The hedgehog said sheepishly, he gave Tails and Knux a thumbs up, “You two, guys!” “Let’s get outta these ruins.” Tails said with a shiver, “This place is giving me the creeps and who knows if there might be more enemies hangin’ around here, waitin’ to attack anytime.” Nodding in agreement, the three heroes and their temporary ally found the way leading out of the Haunted Ruins, leaving it behind and entering safe territory until they found themselves in a place they never expected to explore... Fiery Mountain was almost nothing compared to Lava Reef on Knuckles’ home island, it wasn’t even underground either. The whole place was full of lava, black ground, fire pits and huge volcanos that erupted every few minutes. A few fire enemies came out from time to time, attempting to attack the four of them. A robotic lava dragon with purple eyes emerged from a lava pool and tried to blast Robotnik, slightly scorching his cape, but Sonic and Tails took care of it. From time to time, a volcano would explode and send ash and rocks into the air. The volcanic rocks came crashing down around the four, missing them narrowly. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed in the soot covered clouds above. “Wow, this place screams extremely dangerous.” Sonic quipped. “Yes, it does.” Robotnik remarked. “This is why Lava Reef is my least favorite place on my island.” Knuckles said. “RAAAAAAAAHHHHRR!” Somebody roared, “WHO DARES INTRUDE IN THE DOMAIN OF THE MIGHTY PHANTOM MAGMA, SUB-RULER OF ALL MAGMA, MASTER OF MOLTEN EARTH AND SECOND IN COMMAND TO THE GREAT LAVA DRAGON?!” As Sonic and his team set foot at the top of a gigantic mountainside that had a large volcanic crater, the lava rippled and splashed, sending molten drips in every direction. Then, a gigantic orange blob emerged... Surrounded by a purple aura, shaped like a volcano, with red eyes and a toothless mouth, the creature focused on the combat ready Sonic, Tails and Knuckles and the cowering Robotnik.-Mini Boss: Phantom Magma- “I AM PHANTOM MAGMA!” Phantom Magma boomed, “I AM THE ONE WHO SHALL BRING ABOUT YOUR PAINFULLY, FIERY DEMISE ON BEHALF OF MY CREATOR THE PHANTOM RUBY KING AND MY MASTER THE LAVA DRAGON! PREPARE, FOOLS!” Phantom Magma took a deep breath and opened his mouth wide, burping out fireballs at the four. Robotnik ducked and the Sonic trio dodged, Sonic and Tails looked at each other, unsure of what to do. Knuckles scratched his chin, trying to formulate a strategy on how to beat Phantom Magma before he could do anything else. The lava entity roared demonically and demonic beings made of lava emerged. At that point, the red echidna brawler figured out a strategy and began punching the lava demons into the lava before taking to the air and glided towards Phantom Magma, fists raised and ready to take him down. As Sonic, Tails and Robotnik watched, Knuckles glide punched a hole right through Phantom Magma’s head right between the eyes, Phantom Magma screamed in pain and fell back into the volcanic abyss, the battle was over just like that... A triumphant Knuckles returned to solid ground and punched the air victoriously before Sonic and Tails hugged him, Robotnik was scratching his head and smiling sheepishly, impressed by the echidna’s tactic. Just before they could keep moving forward, the ground rumbled and the lava rippled again, leading the adventurers to believe Phantom Magma was returning. Loud roaring echoed out of the crater and a gigantic dragon snake with red scaly skin, pale dorsal plates and stubby clawed arms emerged, glaring at Sonic, Tails and Knuckles with red eyes as Robotnik hid behind a rock. The heroes faced the gigantic monster, noticing the aura of the Phantom Ruby King’s power surrounding the beast. The Lava Dragon roared again, sticking its tongue out and hissing like a monstrous snake.-Boss Battle: Lava Dragon- Eyes blazing, its dorsal fins glowing, the dragon lunged and attempted to bite the trio as Sonic, Tails and Knuckles jumped aside. Before the beast’s head could retreat, Sonic and Knuckles attacked, punching and spin dashing. Both heroes struck the creature in the face, Knuckles went for the eyes while Sonic attacked between the eyes and homing attacked the chin. The Lava Dragon let out a pained screech and retreated, shaking its head and growling. Full of fury, the beast unhinged its jaw and fired a huge ray of fire at the heroes, who narrowly evaded it and Robotnik managed to avoid it too. The Lava Dragon reared in, ready to attack again, only to get punched away by Knuckles. Sonic joined up with Tails, the fox taking to the air as the hedgehog grasped his hands and they flew over the lava and above the dragon. Tails tossed Sonic and the speedy blue hedgehog curled up, flying at the beast with his strength. The hedgehog hit the Lava Dragon in the head, hard enough to daze it. Had Tails not been there to catch the speedster, Sonic would’ve fallen into the lava. Thankfully, he made it to safety via his best buddy. Knuckles took flight, gliding towards the Lava Dragon and pummeled the daylights out of the giant monster with Sonic joining in without falling into the molten magma below and meeting a fiery end. As Robotnik watched, the trio kept up the pressure until the Lava Dragon let out one more roar and its eyes closed. The beast vanished beneath the lava, finally defeated as it faded away for good. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles high fived and shared another group with Robotnik joining in, making the group hug a bit awkward, yet Sonic didn’t care. Besides, he liked warm hugs and at least Robotnik was on their side, for now. The mountain rumbled and a huge bridge emerged from the lava, paving the way for the four to cross over the crater and find their way out of Fiery Mountain, finally safe from the hazards of this crazy place... Leaving the volcano behind, the four not-so unlikely heroes found themselves in what appeared to be Eggman territory as they approached more ruins, spotting the symbol of Robotnik’s Empire on a fallen sign post. In fact, the ruins seemed to be that of an old Robotnik base. The terrified look on the doctor’s face confirmed Sonic’s suspicions at once. “My poor Egg Station base.” Robotnik moaned, “Destroyed by the Phantom Ruby King.” “You can always build a new base, doc.” Sonic quipped with annoyance, “Jeeze, you’re so attached to your own bases and your creations. At least I didn’t smash this one, just be thankful for that, ok?” Robotnik nodded, slightly rolling his eyes, knowing that it was the Phantom Ruby King’s work and not Sonic. If it had been Sonic who trashed the base, the doctor would be throwing one of his tantrums. The quartet made their way through the wreckage, being very careful not to trip on any robot parts or rubble, watching out for burning flames. A pile of rubble shifted, fallen rocks and broken concrete creaking and cracking. Hearing this, the gang stopped moving, listening as something groaned robotically, imitating a zombie. Suddenly, the pile of rubble burst aside and a damaged EggRobo emerged.-Mini Boss: Zombie EggRobo- “One of my EggRobos!” Robotnik wailed, “The Phantom Ruby King must’ve turned it into a robot zombie. Oh no, why did this have to happen?” The doctor dropped to his knees, wailing with sorrow. The Zombie EggRobo moved towards Sonic, Tails and Knuckles; half of an arm was missing. Its right eye looked damaged, its left leg seemed to be broken. The top of the robot’s head was also broken open, revealing its robotic brain. Even more so, its torso had apparently been smashed open, revealing its rusted and broken robotic heart that resonated with energy. Funny how it wasn’t powered by animals, Robotnik’s tech must’ve gotten more advanced. Deciding the robot was a joke more so than a threat, Sonic came forward and spin dashed the Zombie EggRobo, trashing it in seconds. What remained of the mechanical Badnik fell apart, shutting down... for good. Robotnik stopped cowering and came over to see his creation. “My Poor EggRobo.” He moaned, “May you rest in peace in pieces for Sonic has put you out of your misery.” An even larger pile of rubble exploded, attracting Sonic’s attention and Robotnik yelped in alarm as a huge Robotnik robot emerged with rockets where legs were and with handless arms. “MY GHOST EGG ROBOT!” The doctor cried. “One of your experimental creations?” Tails asked. “Y-Y-Yes!” Robotnik said, a tear pouring down its cheek.” “Looks like its smashing time again!” Knuckled remarked.-Boss Battle: Ghost Egg Robot- The mechanical beast raised its arms, cannons pointed at the Sonic trio and focused on them instead of Robotnik. The robot had decided it would deal with its own creator later, Sonic came first and then Robotnik. In fact, its programming had been dictated by the Phantom Ruby King itself. After the Egg Station was destroyed, the robot had been hiding in the rubble when the Phantom Ruby King had found it and gave it its new programming, Ready to follow orders, the Ghost Egg Robot fired on Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, energy bolts shooting out of its arm cannons. The trio ducked behind a pile of rubble to avoid the attacks, quickly formulating a strategy. Sonic jumped out of his hiding place and evaded the laser shots, racing around the Ghost Egg Robot before attacking it in the back and knocked it down. The robot fell to the ground, damaged from the attack. Knuckles approached the fallen robot before punching it in the face just before the Ghost Egg Robot could recover, his spiked fist completely smashing its head. The robot defeated powered down, deactivated and out of commission. “Another one of my own creations taken over by the Phantom Ruby King defeated and ruined.” Robotnik shrugged, “Ah well, suppose it’s best to start over when the enemy’s beaten. Onward, the castle is ahead...!” In the valley beyond the Egg Station Ruins, the humongous towering structure known as Phantom Palace lay ahead, surrounded by a shadowy aura apparently and its front door guarded by two imposing figures in metallic armor. “Phantom Guards.” Robotnik assumed, “No matter. Heh heh, Sonic can trash ‘em, right?” Sonic answered the doctor’s question by racing on ahead and bashed up the guards with a homing attack, taking them down. Robotnik, Tails and Knuckles caught up with the hedgehog as the guards vanished and the doors creaked open, making way for them to enter the tall and spooky hallways of the castle leading to where the enemy waited. Soon as they entered the palace, the doors closed behind them, sealing themselves shut. Purple torches lined the walls and paintings of towering evil figures stood, seemingly alive as the figures looked down on the intruders. A familiar noise echoed through the hall, somebody taunting the four, mostly Sonic. The hedgehog gasped in shock, he recognized the nose as his own spin dash and the voice sounded like... a demonic version of him. POOF! Before they could go further, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik were greeted by an unexpected familiar face. It was... Sonic? No, it couldn’t be. This Sonic had red eyes, dark fur and a purple aura surrounding him. “I AM PHANTOM SONIC!” Phantom Sonic said, “WELCOME!”-Mini Boss: Phantom Sonic- “Look at that.” The real Sonic quipped, “We got a faker. Looks like I have to take you down. Let’s do it to it!” As Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik stood back. Sonic approached his Phantom Ruby-created double, ready to fight. Phantom Sonic launched the first attack, spin dashing at the real Sonic, which caused him to have flashbacks of his fights with Silver Sonic and Metal Sonic. Knowing what to do, Sonic lunged and punched his double into the wall. The dark clone recovered and attacked again, pinning Sonic to the ground and attempting to strangle him. Thankfully, Knuckles intervened and together, Sonic and the echidna began beating down on Phantom Sonic. In seconds, Phantom Sonic was defeated and the evil duplicate faded away. Before anyone could rejoice, a villainous cackling filled the air and the hall began to shift, a dark void of energy surrounded the adventurers. When the darkness faded, they found themselves standing in a huge throne room and, waiting for them near his throne, the Phantom Ruby King stood: Cloaked, with red eyes, elf ears, a crown on his head and a staff with a purple gemstone in hand. Taking a good look at the gemstone, Sonic quickly figured that this was the Phantom Ruby. Robotnik trembled, Tails seemed to be a bit scared. The only one not scared was Knuckles, who was shaking with anger. “YOU!” The echidna shouted, “YOU TRICKED ME! YOU SAID SONIC AND ROBOTNIK WERE EVIL PARTNERS WHEN IT WAS YOU WHO WERE EVIL, WAIT UNTIL I SMASH YOUR FACE! WHERE’S THE MASTER EMERALD?!” The Phantom Ruby King smirked, eyes flashing, “Your Master Emerald is unharmed, I have decided not to touch it until after I have ultimately done away with you, the fat fool, the two tailed boy and the blue hedgehog.” “So, you’re the Phantom Ruby King?” Sonic remarked, “Why do you want to rule our world, where do you even come from in the first place AND what’s the point of coming here to conquer everything here?” “After I conquered my world, I relished in my victory until I became bored and traveled the universe using my precious Phantom Ruby.” The evil villain replied, “I conquered other worlds and then I came across yours. “Looking at this world, it seems suitable enough to subjugate and rule over. It’s a lot more fun to rule here than in my dimension, I did not come here to be stopped by a hedgehog. Enough talk, its time for our battle.” “I’m gonna whoop your butt!” The blue hedgehog remarked.-Boss Battle: Phantom Ruby King- The Phantom Ruby King flicked his staff and Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik were engulfed in a shadowy force field, cut off from Sonic even though Robotnik hadn’t been of much help during the entire adventure. Sonic prepared himself, knowing this guy was not going to be an easy pushover. The Phantom Ruby King hovered off the ground and flew at the hedgehog, who evaded swiftly before smacking the guy with a homing attack. Much to the hedgehog’s surprise, the Phantom Ruby King was slightly unfazed. Regardless, the blue blur had to defeat this villain. The evil King waved his staff and dark clones similar to Phantom Sonic appeared, surrounding Sonic. “HA HA HA HA HA HA!” The Phantom Ruby King cackled, “You think you stand a chance, Sonic, you fool? CLONES, TEAR HIM APART, DESTROY THE HEDGEHOG AND RIP HIM TO SHREADS!” Obediently, the Dark Sonics attacked, attempting to take down Sonic. The hedgehog knew he couldn’t lose, he spin dashed himself free and knocked down several clones before launching a series of homing attacks against the rest. With the dark doppelgangers taken care of, the blue blur launched another attack on the Phantom Ruby King, who had a spell up his sleeve. Just before Sonic could hit him, the staff waved and the area around them changed once again... Experiencing a brief loss of consciousness, the hedgehog regained his senses was surprised to find himself in a bizarrely familiar dimension full of strange, swirling colors and shapes. He knew what this place was, it was the Special Zone. Sonic spotted the Phantom Ruby King close by, watching him. “Didn’t expect to end up here?” The would-be overlord asked tauntingly, gripping his staff even tighter, “This will be where your spirit will reside for eternity after I defeat you.” ‘Not unless I find some Chaos Emeralds.’ Sonic thought, knowing that the Special Zone was where he could find the seven gemstones. After all, they were useful. Concentrating hard, Sonic started spin dashing around the dimension and began searching for the Emeralds. “What are you doing?” The Phantom Ruby King mused as he watched, “Where are you going?” Turning a corner in the strange dimensional maze, Sonic managed to find what he was looking for: All seven emeralds tucked inside a box made of cubes, just waiting for him. The hedgehog heard a noise that told him the Phantom Ruby King was nearby, he had to do something fast. Concentrating even harder, Sonic made a mad dash for the emeralds, breaking through the box and grabbed them in his arms. With the emeralds in his grasp, the speedster made a wish and the gemstones glowed as brighter than the Phantom Ruby’s glowing. Soon, a light enveloped him and Sonic transformed into Super Sonic. The cube surrounding him exploded and there was the Phantom Ruby King, shocked at the sight of what he saw. “Perhaps two can play this game,” The villain chuckled, “BEHOLD MY TRUE POWER!” Super Sonic prepared himself as the Phantom Ruby King waved his Phantom Ruby staff, a bright purple light enveloped the entire area and the staff’s wielder, hardly affecting Sonic...-FINAL BOSS: SUPER INFINITE PHANTOM RUBY KING In seconds, Sonic found himself somewhere else with the Phantom Ruby King. He was no longer in the Special Zone, but in a completely different dimensional, surrounded by purple matter and strange swirling colors. Sonic noticed his foe had changed... The mask that had been part of the Ruby King’s cloak, covering his mouth, was gone and his whole outfit had changed, it was entirely purple instead of dark red and now complete with a dark purple evil cape. As for the staff, it was orange with a small hilt area and the tip of it was swirling. The Phantom Ruby appeared to be unchanged, its owners’ eyes were red with less pupils, his hair was orange and his crown had changed shape. “SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!” Super Infinite Ruby Ruler aka Super Phantom Ruby King proclaimed, “I AM THE BRINGER OF YOUR DEMISE, THE RULER OF ALL DIMENSIONS, YOU STAND NO CHANCE AGAINST MY PHANTOM RUBY! “PREPARE FOR YOUR FINAL END, MAY OUR BATTLE BE LONG REMEMBERED AS THE BATTLE THAT SAW SONIC’S DESTRUCTION AND PAVED THE WAY FOR MY UNOPPOSED RULE! IF YOU HAVE ANY LAST WORDS, SPEAK THEM NOW!” “Yeah!” Super Sonic remarked, “Prepare for a super big Super Sonic butt-kicking delivered by Super Sonic, you big loser! You’re goin’ down big time.” The Phantom Ruby King twirled his staff and held out his hand, smiling coldly as he wriggled his fingers in a sort of ‘bring it’ gesture. Sonic was ready to bring it, ready to save the day once again. Both foes faced each other down, the power of their gemstones gleaming with more power than ever, not even noticing that the interaction of the Emeralds and the Ruby was about to produce something unexpectedly unstable. With no more words to say, Super Sonic flew at the Super Phantom Ruby Ruler, ready to beat him down. The ruby wielding overlord shot out lightning from his staff, attempting to blast the golden hedgehog. Sonic swerved around, avoiding the Phantom Lightning Bolts, and smacked the Phantom Ruby King in the nose, staggering him. Due to the power of the emeralds, the Phantom Ruby started flashing dangerously. Ignoring the ruby, Sonic and his foe kept duking it out with the hedgehog landing more hits on the dark king. The Phantom Ruby King attacked viciously, scoring only one hit off Sonic before getting whacked in the face again. By this point, thanks to the emeralds, Sonic was beating the Phantom Ruby King. However, part of him could sense that the Phantom Ruby and the Chaos Emeralds’ powers combined were starting to cause both gemstones to act funny. In fact, he could sense something similar to this, but on a different scale, happening from across time and space. What was happening? Shaking off the strange feeling, the hedgehog kept attacking the Phantom Ruby King and hitting away at him. Sonic started to attack his staff, keeping up the pressure until the staff shattered and the Super Infinite Ruby Ruler screamed. The Phantom Ruby King began to fade into nothingness, defeated and with no more words to say. Just then, Sonic felt the Chaos Emeralds leave him and saw the Phantom Ruby floating nearby, shaking violently and glowing with power. All seven emeralds surrounded the gemstone, Sonic was concerned about whatever was going to happen next. But before he could move, a massive wormhole opened up within the void, thanks to what was happening. “WHOAAAAAAAAA!” The hedgehog exclaimed. The next thing he knew, he’d been sucked in and was soon traveling away from his dimension to another world entirely, unaware of what awaited him on the other side. Meanwhile, back in his dimension and in a completely different area, Robotnik watched as the Phantom Ruby suddenly appeared in his hands. Examining it, an evil smile crossed his face as a new plan began forming in his mind...The End! (To Be Continued from Classic Sonic’s POV in Sonic the Hedgehog: Shadow Egg Empire)...

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Hello and Welcome to the SoniComical-Club! This club was created for the intention of poking fun at the Sonic The Hedgehog Franchise. This includes all those Sonic characters, pairings, or anything you find that you can find something funny about, not to mention any slapstick humor that happens to star our little blue blur!

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