Touch Support for Manga Studio 5.0.3 and ArtDock

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I've been hunting for the ideal art software that suit my needs for so long (And if you know me, I am very picky about work environment). And now I've finally found a setup that truly pleases me. For those that have been hunting for art software for their tablet PC like me, I absolutely recommend Manga Studio 5. With the release of 5.0.3, it added key features that were missing in other alternatives: touch-friendly interface and touch support.

Interface Change

To be honest, I've actually tried this application before. I wasn't too impressed with it mainly because the interface was not very appealing and because the small buttons made it pretty hard to use on full HD resolution. However, I did like the brush system and customization. So I still kept an eye on it.

The old Interface on full HD resolution

With version 5.0.3, it introduces the option to make the interface much more touch friendly by making buttons bigger. As a bonus, it also provides a frame color change. You can even adjust how much white or black you want!

The much more touch-friendly interface (on full HD). Also, I love dark interfaces

To enable it, simply go under File > Preference... [Interface].

The full set of new interface options

Advanced Touch Support

In this new touch interface, you can actually pan, rotate and zoom the canvas by using two fingers or more. However, be careful, as using only one finger will make you draw on it. The application actually has a menu that may be overlooked by many; You can actually decide if you want the canvas to respond to touch or not.

At last, what I was waiting for!

This menu, however, may not be visible to everyone. The reason is that it's only available if you switch the Tablet mode from Wintab to Tablet PC. This can be done under File > Preference... [Tablet Tab]. The only problem I've come across is that the pointer freezes for a bit before it follows the pen when you do strokes. While it doesn't have any impact on the line render, it's still pretty annoying. Maybe I need to update my Wacom drivers to the latest version.

No Keyboard? No problem! ArtDock Saves the Day

I used to think that you absolutely needed a keyboard to work effectively. I never really like the concept of using a toolbar to have access to modifiers keys and space bar. Then I found out about ArtDock by Konartist3D, an Auto Hotkey script. Now I've used a few of those, but this one is particularly amazing! Not your regular toolbar at all. First, it's made for touch. Meaning that you can use your finger to push the buttons on the dock and still use the pen to draw at the same time. Usually such manipulation is not possible since touch is usually disabled as soon as the digitizer detects the pen, a form of palm rejection method. Second, it's made for touch! Meaning that if you move your pen or mouse over it, it disappears and lets you interact with what is under, which is awesome since you don't really lose any screen space to have it on. 

How I'm using the a customized dock on Manga Studio 5

So here I'm using it to hide the tool, since I rarely need to see them. When I actually need to change tools, I would hover over the dock with my pen so it dissapears.

And away it goes~

ArtDock with Manga Studio 5

That particular template is not available by default through Konartist3D's zip though. I've provided patching instructions at

Hoping this helps a lot of people in my situation~

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TwilightMistressAshHobbyist General Artist
so, about the cursor thing when it stops for a sec? it just leaves the end of my line blunt. is there any way to fix this?
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sonicolasHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd love to help, but I'll need a bit of context.
Is it a pen misbehaviour? If it is, then providing a screenshot of the problem would help.
TwilightMistressAsh's avatar
TwilightMistressAshHobbyist General Artist
im not really sure if it's the pen or the driver or what, but nothing i try seems to work. this is what ends up happening  Help? by TwilightMistressAsh  the line starts fine, but instead of tapering off, it just kinda stops?
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LadyEmeraldAFalconStudent Writer
So... I use a touch screen and I have Manga 5... it wont let me draw while touching the screen it only moves the blasted canvas.... how do I change this?
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sonicolasHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, it seems that images got removed from the blog entry.
On the top bar, you'll see a [group of 4 squares] icon and a [pointing finger] icon right to the right of it. Togging that button will enable touch painting.
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ondecamoStudent Traditional Artist
BROS I was having a problem with this and I should just let you all know that for the settings to take effect you have to quit out of manga studios and start it back up again. :)
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SimplEagleHobbyist General Artist
Hello! Very intuitive. I have a question. I have an AIO (all in one) ASUS pt2001-04, and I cant seem to find the Advanced Touch Support, also, when I attempt to draw on the canvas (using my finger on the touch screen) i can (with 2 fingers) zoom in, tilt the canvas, and (with 1 finger) pan the canvas, but I CANNOT draw anything. Is there any way to fix this? Thank you. :)
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sonicolasHobbyist Digital Artist
To enable the advanced touch support, you may need to change the tablet service from Wintab to Tablet PC (or vice-versa).
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DarkbrineWithGamingStudent Digital Artist
I still use the 5.0.0. version.
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whiskiiiHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!!!
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chemb0tProfessional General Artist
Very informative intro here, Nick. I definitely should give this and your patch a try some time soon. =] How does it handle in terms of vectoring? Do you find yourself undoing a lot of stray strokes with both touch and pen enabled at the same time? I usually end up disabling touch when I use the artdock. 
sonicolas's avatar
sonicolasHobbyist Digital Artist
MS5 has a pretty sophisticated vector editing system. I never really tried it though. You can learn more in this video. I don't thing that it does the vector contour (filling) style though. But I may be wrong.
As for accidental strokes, there is actually an option to have the canvas only respond to pen to completely avoid that.
Of course, when enabling both, I'll find myself occasionally drawing unwanted lines, but not too much. In the Lucario picture, I think I only drew less than two dozens of them in its lifetime. Then again, this is most likely because I'm used to not lift my pen too high when working, so that touch rejection is always on lol.
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