[Art Process] Samoyede Showdown
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Published: May 13, 2018

This time, we'll be looking at the evolution of Samoyede Showdown, featuring the Red Savarin and Béluga Damiens from Solatorobo.

Samoyede Showdown by sonicolas
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Laying Down the Idea

1 by sonicolas

For this image, I've started to thumbnail various ideas. I liked them all equally, so it was pretty hard to choose. In the end, I went with the fight scene. Unfortunately, it was also the most complicated one.

Visualising the End Result

2 by sonicolas

I've enlarged the chosen piece and filled in the main blocks. Red's pose has changed a bit because I wanted to show more of his cool sword.

4 by sonicolas

Unsatisfied with the background, I changed it to match like Samoyede's forest. It was much more fitting this way too, since a boss battle between these two happened in there.

Endless Refining Time

11 by sonicolas

And thus, detailing starts. Adjustments were made on the way like the angle of Beluga's right revolver. Also, Dahak's pose has completely changed. It's much more dramatic this way.

21 by sonicolas

A second render pass has been done on the image as a whole. This was also a good time to add effects like the bloom.

Finishing Touches

Samoyede Showdown by sonicolas

Fog, fireflies, embers, more bloom finishes this picture.

Bonus: PC Wallpaper Version

Samoyede Showdown - Wallpaper Version by sonicolas

All in One!

As always, here is the fun gif animation that summarizes this whole process.

Process by sonicolas

If you're interested in the (suuuper slow) progress, I tend to host a stream at Picarto and Twitch.
もし私の(めっちゃゆっくりの)絵進展に関心がある、時々Picarto とTwitchでストリーミングします。

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