[Art Process] Desert Mercenary Jackal, Infinite
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Published: November 10, 2018

This time, we'll be looking at the evolution of Desert Mercenary Jackal, Infinite, featuring the Infinite the Jackal from Sonic Forces.

Desert Mercenary Jackal, Infinite by sonicolas
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Laying Down the Idea

Desert Mercenary Jackal, Infinite [Design] by sonicolas

This little project started as a Halloween costume design. Before working on an illustration, a character sheet was made. I wanted Infinite to look a bit like Anubis and Set from the Egyptian mythology. A description of his design can be found on the character sheet's gallery entry description. 

Visualising the End Result

3 by sonicolas

I wanted to make sure that all key elements of his design are visible such as his heterochromia, his talisman, his sword, and his power. So I chose this pose.

Endless Refining Time

 6 by sonicolas

Up to here, some more details have been added to the initial design. For example, the ankh tied to the earring, the rings on the sash, the toe rings, the bracelet carvings, and so on.

7 by sonicolas

And finally, the effects and background have been added. I wanted to this to look like something you'd see when receiving a unit from those gacha games, ahha. 5 star unit get!

Finishing Touches

Desert Mercenary Jackal, Infinite by sonicolas

Some final adjustments have been added. Until now I haven't notice now his hair was too exaggerated.

Bonus: Animation

All in One!

As always, here is the fun gif animation that summarizes this whole process.

Process by sonicolas

If you're interested in the (suuuper slow) progress, I tend to host a stream at Picarto and Twitch.
もし私の(めっちゃゆっくりの)絵進展に関心がある、時々Picarto とTwitchでストリーミングします。

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So epic fan art! Awesome job! X3