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The Pony Chronicles v 1.3

!!!!!!!!v1.4 HAS BEEN RELEASED:!!!!!!!!!!!
DEVIANTART -> [link]
NEWGROUNDS -> [link]

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for constant, up-to-date information, and other goodies as well!

Watch the credits for some awesome music!

- A new class-based system has been added so that you can choose to have your Dashie as either a fighter, a tank or an all-rounder. Each class has its own risks and rewards plus bonus stats per level.

This is an engine test, designed so that you can get an idea of how the final game will run. You can, therefore, tell me what you want to see and what you want gone from the next version!

~My Little Dashie belongs to ROBcakeran53~

Game Made For The Brony Game Chooser:

I was playing a bit of Pokemon LeafGreen before and had recently read the My Little Dashie fanfic.

Now, my mind must have been in a mood to combine because I came across the idea of a virtual Dashie. At first it was going to be just a pet, but then I started to introduce battles, and soon, it was like Pokemon Meets Ponies.

In this game, you own a virtual Rainbow Dash. You can make moral choices that decide whether or not she will like you, you can chat to her, and you can fight with her.

To fight is simple. AP is your attacking currency. You get three attacks, each with a seperate consumption of AP. You rebuild AP by defending, but you opponent will attack you. Simply put, conserve your AP wisely.

Have fun, and comment on how it can be improved! I'm off to catch up with a bit of Skyrim
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Awsome game you got there!
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what's that button [???] ?
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Choose the character?
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This is a suggestion.
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Spam, you will be banned
Roxyluvcupcakes's avatar
Shaht up ur getting banned :T
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its fake man, they always are
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LOL I did Luna but failed so funny .-.
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rainbow dash just called me daddy i`m a girl  sonicmon
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My little dashiiieee
TchinySparkleMuffins's avatar
<font><font>so cool</font></font>:happybounce: La la la la 
SolarFlare-Kage's avatar
It's pretty good, all in all, but i think that there's too much of a gap in between levels. 
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cute rainbow dash calls the players mummy =^.^=
perriwing's avatar
This is amazing. Period. Amazing.
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Oooooooh emotes :3
lilkitty0828's avatar
... Why is Pete from Warehouse 13 called some other dude??? Who's a friend of the owner of RAINBOWDASH???
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Plus he is the owner of Twilight sparkles :B
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