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Rorschach Stamp

Well, since I'm going through some random Watchmen craz I decided to make this. I'm actually surprised no one has made one like it before lol.

Anyway, this is Rorschach, my favorite character. :B

Enjoy People!
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He's awesome, great personality and appearance
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what do i think of this?.....hurm.
<3 it really. :D
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Rorschach inspired me big time.
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You can't get wrong with Rorschach. You're liable to get hurt otherwise. :p
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People say I say "Hurm" too often. To them I say, "Hurm"

Love it!
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"HURM" forever!

...and err, yeah. Rorschach too. :XD:
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Huzzah, rorshach! ^ ^ Bravo, nice stamp. :XD:
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LOL...Thanks! xD
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No problem. ^ ^
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Stamp is amusing. Hurm.
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YYEEEESSS. that's all i have to say about that. now i don't have to make one. Hurm. seems to be a bit of a catch phrase for him eh?
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Lol..Yes, Hurm does seem to be a bit of a catch phrase for him
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Awesome! Rorschach is so badass =D Definetly gonna use this:thumbsup:
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I love Rorschach. Hes so amazing.
Im pretty sure that its a double r in Hurrm.
*runs to check comic*

Ive seen the movie twice and read the book.
I saw from some other coments that you havnt read it yet and OMG GO READ IT RIGHT NOW YOU SILLY PERSON
Honestly. And seeing the movie after youve read it makes it 100x more enjoyable, everything makes a lot more sense, srsly.

sorry for long comment. haha. if i had a sub id use this 7 times, no joke.
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I've seen the movie twice too lol..And I finally got the book (I was dying over it xD), I've even started reading it a second time. IT'S AMESOME.

No Problem with the long comment either..It's funner to respond to then things like, "cool.." lol
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So awesome!
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