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Abc Meme (soniclover562 version)

These are the characters/objects i chose for this abc meme

A: Arale (Favorite Android)
B: Bello
C: Charge Beam
D: Dracula
E: Edward Elric
F: Fire
G: Goomo
H: Hank Hill
I: Ignaize (for those confused, from Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright)
J: Jolteon
K: Krillin
L: Lazarus
M: Mina
O: Ongo
P: Phoenix Wright
Q: Quote
R: Rita
S: Sonic
T: Taokaka
U: Ultimate Chimera
V: Vegeta
W: Wailord
X: Xerneas
Y: Yamcha
Z: Zero
Extra G/K: Goku/Kakarot
Extra N and L: Ness and Lucas
Extra P (x2), E, L, and S: Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, Loula, and Sleepy Bird
Extra A: Android 17 (Second favorite Android)

Blank: ABC Meme
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Arale - Bello - Charge Beam - Dracula - Edward Elric - Fire - Goomo - Hank Hill - Ignaize - Joltreon - Krillin (Doing a Solar Flare) - Lazarus - Mina - N - Ongo - Phoenix Wright - Quote - Rita - Sonic - Taokaka - Chimera - Vegeta - Wailord - Xerneas - Yamcha - Zero - Goku - Ness & Lucas

now GIMME COOKIECookie Monster HA HA HA 
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Yep. ^^ Did you know in the Manga and in the Remake of Dr. Slump, there are some panels and scenes where Arale actually farts? xD
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They're probably very smelly~
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Hehe, just sticking our noses into her butt as she rips a lot of stinky ones on our faces~
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O_O that would be wonderful~
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Arale > Android 18
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