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As you know i've been making multiple batches of fnaf ocs ^v^

I'll be making a Batch #5 of the normal batches, and 1-2 more 'special batches', one of which is a children batch much like the first one (but different parents).

If you're short on points I also accept trading characters its all good ^v^. I can also hold an adoptable for you for a certain amount of time, though I generally won't hold them for more than a week.

I may make other adoptables/other series, if you want you can request a serie.

The current adopts are still for sale:

See clearance! All for 3 points ^^
FNAF Adopts compilation -- SALE! Cheaper than ever by SonicLover1523


On the subject of requests, I'm taking art requests. Just comment here ask me to draw something ^v^
It can be anything you want.
oh my god

this series is great!!!
i love all of the characters timy wanda cosmo poof all of them!!!!

even sparky!!!!

im makking my own fcs of them! and i just posted one!

check ehm out!!!

love you all Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love 
sorry everyone i havent been on in a while its been kinda busy but it settled down and now im back to making art :)
ill be posting a lot more a lot often

love u all!!!!!!

heres something i finished today:…
Hi im new here anyone else loves sonic i do
i wil post pics of my chars if anyone wanna rp im free and up 2 it