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Digimon adoptable: Evolution Line A (open) by SonicLover1523 Digimon adoptable: Evolution Line A (open) by SonicLover1523
Price is 40 points for the whole line (we can discuss price in private if you're interested)

Here is some information on the digimon themselves

Fresh: Pommemon
Attack: Bubbles
A small Digimon that ressembles an apple.

In-training: Seedmon
Attack: Bubbles
A digimon who has a pretty bad temperament, even though it is small.

Rookie: Gremmon
Attack: Seed Bomb (Throw a batch of seeds who explode)
An evil digimon who likes to prank people constantly. It loves to cause harm and be hated.

Champion: MetalMushroomon
Attacks: Lazer Strike (Shoots two dangerous lazers from its eyes)
             Metal Claw (Scratches with its metal claw)
This digimon likes to fight. It doesn't keep track of the situation around it during battle, causing mayhem and destruction.

Ultimate: Tornadomon
Attacks: Spin Round (Spins around and drags others towards it)
             Wind Blast (Blasts an opponent away with wind)
All it cares about is destroying everything. Once it goes on a rampage, it is nearly impossible to calm down.

Mega: Browmon
Attacks: Brow Squash (Squishes an opponent with its multiple eyebrows that makeup its body)
             Brow Ball (Turns into an hardened ball of eyebrows and rolls itself towards the enemy)
The hatred it had in its past stage is now more contained. It doesn't have an actual body out of its many eyebrows and two arms.
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July 3, 2016
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