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Welcome to the ultimate group about anything related to Sonic and his games. Share your art, ideas and news here!

1. Please submit your art to the right folder (and NOT the featured folder). Thanks!
2. Fancharacters and drawings with mature content are allowed, just put them in the right folder.
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4. Be kind to each other, world peace and stuff.

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happy sos by JulianIvoRobotnik
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Male alicorn adopt :CLOSED: by Umbral-Calamity
Villainlord in love by JulianIvoRobotnik
Ask the Deadly Six gijinka Version, Zeena pg 19 by knockoutandsonic
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Elias and Antoine family by dragonpriness
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Sonic Boom
:CLOSED: Melanistic fox adopt by Umbral-Calamity
Sticks rocks! by MrNintMan
Sonic Boom -Wolfie T. Werewoof vs DB PlatypusGrassy Plains,Unknown Island …____________________________________________________________________________ We find Wolfie the Werewoof out and about, listening to music on his Ipod, thinking about his next video until he bumps into a familiar green platypus and lets out a shriek, its DB Platypus from Sonic Boom the TV show.]Wolfie: Oh no![DB Platypus smirks!]DB Platypus: Whats up?Wolfie: Crap, not you from Sonic Boom, BD Platypus.DB Platypus: Yes, its me, you're very rude.[Platypus blows his whistle and Wolfie gets mad.]Wolfie: Ok, thats it. You asked for a beat down, punk!Platypus: Oh rly? (blows whistle again) BRING IT ON! RPG style fight beginsWolfie Werewoof vs DB Platypus Wolfie HP; 1900 %DB Platypus HP; 120 %Wolfie deploys Boom Amy and Sticks as well as a blaster!What will Team Wolfie do?Attack, Run, Heal?Wolfie Team chooses attackWhat attacks?Hammer, Blaster, Boomerang or Insult?Team Wolf chooses Hammer attack.Platypus blows whistle, but it does nothing.Boom Amy, the one using hammer, charges Platypus and bashes/bonks him in the head.Platypus; OOOF!Platypus HP goes down to 80%.For next attack, Wolfie chooses a Blaster-Boomerang combo.Sticks tosses boomerang at Platypus, bonking him.Platypus health goes down to 75%, Wolfie fires big blaster.Wolfie: Eat this, motherf--ker.Platypus gets fried and HP goes down to 15%Platypus: NOOOOOOOOOO!Final attack, what will Wolfie choose?Super hammer? Bomb drop?Team Wolfie chooses super hammer and bomb.Boom Amy smacks DB Platypus and drops health down to 5%, bomb falls out of the sky and explodes upon hitting DB Platypus.DB Platypus HP drops to 0%, Platypus goes down.Victory for Team Wolfie, who gains multiple experience points...End RPG battle [DB Platypus is steaming with fury over his defeat as Wolfie smiles, satisfied that he did what looked like the impossible.]DB: NO WAY, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. I’M OUTTA HERE![Platypus runs away only to end up in a trash can that falls on his head. Wolfie, who is watching, laughs at sight of this.]Wolfie: Now this was very, very funny![Wolfie continues on his way, listening to music on his Ipod and thinking about Youtube videos while DB Platypus walks around blindly with the trash can over his head and he declares his hatred of Wolfie the Werewoof.]The End
Sonic Boom: Underwater Eggman Battle AftermathSonic Boom I Can Sea Sonic’s Fear from Here Epilogue aka Swimming Lessons with Amy & Sticks STORY START!-Flashback- “Well, Sonic? Do you feel better now that you’ve conquered your fear of water?” Kid genius Miles Tails Prower asked, as he and the others gathered near his workshop with Sonic to rest after a successful mission. Sonic was shaken, experiencing PTSD flashbacks of when those Crab Bots snipped his Scuba Gear’s oxygen line. “Are you kidding me?” He yelled, “That experience heightened my fear of the ocean, swimming is still a problem for me. I never wanna be near water again after all of that.” Amy and Sticks looked at each other, the other thinking the same thing, Sonic needed more help...“STEP TWO!” Soar the Eagle shouted as he dashed into the area with a glass of water, unaware of the not-so epic underwater confrontation between Sonic and Eggman. Before somebody could stop him, Soar thrust the glass and splashed Sonic in the face with water, unhappy, the blue hedgehog angrily growled at Soar. “Uh,” the Life Coach stammered, “Is this a bad time to ask for my check?” Sonic lunged at the eagle, knocking him down and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. “You bet it is a bad time, bird boy!” The blue hedgehog growled, “ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU JUST SPLASHED ME IN THE FACE WITH WATER AFTER I WENT THROUGH A HORRIFYING EXPERIENCE, UNDERWATER COMBAT! This is why I prefer being on land and taking on Eggman in land-based battles.”Ok, Tails rolled his eyes, “Not a good idea to ask Sonic a question about water when under stress...” -Eggman’s Island- “Orbot! Cubot! You better have survived the lair-destroying tsunami! Or I will be super ticked.” Eggman yelled, after regaining enough strength to walk again following his humiliating setback, he’d ascended the hill to the ruins of his villainous lair where his robotic minions were waiting for him. Rubble shifted as a dazed Orbot and a groaning Cubot got free of the ruins and approached their master. “We’re right here, boss.” Orbot said groggily, not liking that he had been conked on the head by falling rubble. “Yeah, I hope the village helps rebuild.” Cubot wheezed, sparking a bit, “We need maintenance real bad.” “I’ll give you maintenance!” Eggman shouted, kicking a Moto Bug and shooting a Bee Bot with a laser bolt from his wrist controller. “After the lair is rebuilt! Then after that’s done! I’M GOING TO MAKE THAT BLASTED RODENT AND THOSE DO GOODERS PAY FOR THAT HUMILIATING DEFEAT. I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE. I’M GONNA STRIKE BACK AT THAT HEDGEHOG, TWICE AS HARD! I WILL KEEP TRYING! WHEN I BEAT THAT RODENT. THE VILLAGE IS MINE TO CONQUER!” -End Flashback-Present, Eggman’s (rebuilt) Lair In the days after being defeated during his water-themed scheme, Eggman was still fuming, even when he got his breakfast. “Grrr,” The doctor growled, “Why do my plans get foiled in the end by that aggravating blue rodent? I will achieve my vision, I will, I will! But what should I do, hmmm? Wait a second, I GOT IT!” An idea popped into his head, leading the mad doctor to decide upon spying on Sonic in order to get a villainous idea. “Time to deploy the Spy Bots again.” The crazy old mad doctor grinned. “HA HA HA HA HA!” His cackling delight was ruined when Orbot and Cubot joined in, “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” “Cut it out, buffoon bots.” Eggman snapped, “I’m in no mood for your laughter...” “Sorry boss.-Meanwhile-Bygone Island, Meh Burger “Y’know, Tails.” Knuckles sighed as he took a bite into his burger, “I just wish Sonic was here to eat with us. I enjoy chatting with him often about whatever we wanna talk about.” Tails nodded, “At least you and I can talk about something, of course, it's not a good idea to eat before you swim or that can cause some bad effects on your body you know.” Knuckles finished chewing before taking a drink and replied, “I know, but it's still not the same when Sonic, Amy and Sticks are absent from all of this.” Tails face palmed, “I’m sure they’ll join us soon for a bite to eat here at Meh Burger.”“Good point, Tails. There are some things in life that are more important than other things like, for example, eating a meal. You gotta put some things before other things! For Sonic, fighting Eggman and heroics as well as (now) swim lessons has to come before thinking about meals and R&R!” “Knuckles! You talked like a fortune cookie! I think you might be smarter than you seem to be.”“Me am?”“Uh, yes you are.”Both failed to notice one of Eggman’s spy robots in the area, recording the whole chat... ――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― “Hmm…” Eggman mused, “So Sonic’s taking swim lessons, eh? I ponder how that’s playing out. Lemme check some info gathered from another spy robot.” Clicking away at his supercomputer, the desired info coming in from a second Spy Bot appeared on screen quickly. Eggman read it all in one minute and his villainous smile widened, “Ah, I see. So that spiky pink hedgehog is gonna instruct Sonic, eh? How romantic. Lets see, what else? Oh, Sticks is helping! I do not see anything suspicious coming up other than some sort of three-way triangle consisting of Sonic, Amy and Sticks with Sonic getting Amy and Sticks. Least it's not Sonic and Sticks x Amy.”Orbot was in the midst of serving Eggman some tea when he overheard, “Doctor Eggman, sir. Did I just detect some strange innuendo. Sonic’s girls are not gay. That would be disgusting, Sonic making out with two girls who are going at each other. What have you been reading?” Eggman let out a scream and put his computer into hibernation, “WHAT? WHERE DID YOU GET THAT CRAZY IDEA FROM? I DON’T READ INTO SEXUAL STUFF!” Cubot had been sweeping outside when he heard Eggman yelling in defense and came inside. “What's the problem, boss?” He asked. “Nothing! Nothing!” Eggman defended, “Orbot accused me of looking at something questionable.” “Would you like me to look at your internet history, sir?” Orbot asked.Eggman freaked again, “WHAT? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!*” ―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― “Ugh. What's taking the girls so long to get their swimsuits on and get over here?” Sonic said, feeling bored. In the past 15 minutes, the blue hedgehog had been standing there next to the Olympic-sized swimming pool in the swim area of the Rec Club building, wearing nothing but his gloves and a red speedo swimsuit with a white stripe, he’d taken his sports tape off so it would not get wet and ruined in the water. Why Amy or Sticks gave him a speedo was beyond the blue boy himself, maybe Amy thought Sonic would look really good? He looked at his wrist, inspecting an invisible watch, then looked at the ticking clock on the wall above the wooden seats. Nobody else was occupying the building, so if things got intimate between Sonic and the girls, nobody would care. “I’m waitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!” The blue blur called, tapping his blue feet impatiently. “Wait a minute!” A look of surprise crossed the blue hedgehog’s face, eyes widening with surprise. “I’ve never done that before. Where did I pick that one up from?” Sonic shrugged, “Ah, it's probably nothin’. Somethin’ new that came up, I should do the whole ‘I’m waiting’ thing more often when somebody’s bein’ a slo mo. SloMo? Where did… aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I’m babbling to myself!” Sonic did some jumping jacks and a bit of stretching, accompanied by push ups and touching his toes so he would appear as a strong and capable swimmer once swim lessons with Amy and Sticks were under way.“Sonic!”Oh, there they are.Sonic ceased exercising and stood up straight, keeping himself from gaping, drooling or nosebleeding as he took in the sight of Amy and Sticks wearing swimsuits and looking good, Sticks was wearing a purple one-piece and Amy was clad in some kind of leaf-made g-string with her hand upon her hip. ”I see you were doing a bit of stretching exercises.” Amy winked, “Most people do that before swimming and/or taking the big plunge dive into the water for a swim. Anyway, how do we look right now?” Sonic grinned, “Uh, you and Sticks look... nice, very nice Ames.” “I kinda made this bikini for Amy and told her to try it on.” Sticks said, explaining Amy’s leaf bikini with a small giggle and a red blush on her face, “So, uh, what do you think?” Sonic scratched the back of his head, his smile widening, “You girls look nice, very nice. Not complainin’ about your choice of swimwear one bit, I have no objections whatsoever. Nope, none at all.” Amy giggled with a blush on her face bigger than Sonic’s blush, “That’s good to know you’re not objecting to anything, so you all set?” Sonic nodded, “I’m always ready, Ames. After all, I wanna get this done and over with so we can grab a bite to eat and maybe go to a nice romantic movie together. I’m thinking about us and our relationship!”“Aw, how sweet of you to think about you and me, Sonic.” Amy sighed dreamily. Sticks was smirking, “So, Sonic and Amy have a thing for each other, I knew something smells fishy!”As the girls walked up towards the pool, Sonic facepalmed, “Yes, Sticks, I love Amy. If you wanna get in on the romance for a bit, I’m up for a SonAmySticks triangle.”Amy rolled her eyes, “At least it saves the headache of somebody like my Sonikku trying to cheat on me for Sticks, even if she is my BFF/good friend.” Sticks glared at her, “HEY!”Putting aside any possible bickering, the girls sat down on the edge of the pool and kicked their feet in the water, checking the temperature to see if it was perfect, before having Sonic sit down between them so he could kick his feet in the water. Amy smiled at the blue hedgehog, Sonic smiled back nervously and Sticks smiled at the two hedgehogs, Sonic winked at Sticks, his whole body starting to shiver just from nervousness. Sonic and Amy held hands, unaware that an Eggman spy robot was watching them and they would have company soon. “Sonic," The pink hedgehog said calmly and soothingly, "I think you’ll be fine, we know you will. Just think about the good times we’ve had and you’ll be perfectly fine. You know I love you, right?” “About time we get to the part where we admit that we love each other, Ames.” Sonic laughed, “Ha!” “Can we get in the pool and go swimming please?” Sticks cut in. “We can’t spend all day kicking our feet in the water and talking, doin’ absolutely nothin’.” Amy nodded and jumped to her feet, “Shall we take the dive into the pool and begin teaching our boy friend how to swim?” Sticks stood and nodded, Sonic got to his feet, shaking with nervousness, “Maybe we could wait a bit longer.” Amy and Sticks giggled, “Oh, Sonic. Don’t be cowardly, be brave! CANNONBALL!”With amazing grace and agility, the girls leaped into the air, did a flip and cannonballed down into the pool with a splash. Well, Sticks was the one doing the acrobatic somersault in midair, Amy did a ballerina twirl before going into the front flip cannonball. Sonic, swallowing his fear, decided to take the plunge and get it over with. “Geronimo!” He cried, taking a big leap and tucked in his legs, cannonball style, before landing in the pool just as Amy and Sticks surfaced. “D’oh crud!” Sonic exclaimed, thrashing his arms and kicking his legs like nuts, fear once more taking over him. “HELP!” He yelled, “HELP!” Stifling fits of laughter, Amy and Sticks held Sonic by the arms. “Take it easy, sweetie.” Amy told him, “Relax, that is an important part of swimming. Relax, or you’ll drown, got it?”Sonic nodded and swimming lessons carried on, Amy led Sonic around the pool, holding him by the hands as she guided him. Sticks swam next to Sonic just in case Amy needed her help, if Sonic suddenly sank, Sticks would be the one diving in after him to help Amy bring blue boy to the surface. “Doing great, Sonic!” Amy complimented, “Now how about we swim on our backs!” Rotating Sonic’s body posture, Amy and Sticks lay Sonic down on his back in the water, his arms and legs close together. Sonic looked at his surroundings, calmly letting a tiny bit of water enter his ears, on his left was Sticks (holding him by the arm and head) and on his right was Amy. The girls were smiling at Sonic, encouraging him onward. “Well, Sonic?” Amy asked, “Tell us how you’re feelin’ right now, you scared?” In the past three minutes since he got in the water and the girls had started helping him, Sonic was starting to feel less scared and feel more comfortable. “How am I feeling?” Sonic laughed, changing from a lying down position to a standing upward position (without help from the girls, “I feel fine, you girls just helped me get over my fear of the water and fully learn to swim.” “YEAH!” Amy and Sticks exclaimed happily, high fiving each other while trying to avoid accidently hitting Sonic, “BEST DAY EVER! YEEHAW!” Sonic smiled with happiness and triumph, “Yeah, all it took was three minutes in the pool, now that is fast, yeah baby yeah.” Amy was taking the blue hedgehog’s right hand and Sticks took his left, “So Sonic, shall we move on from swim lessons to just an afternoon of swimming?” Sonic smooched his pink love on the cheek and licked Sticks’ lips, “Sure, Ames. That would be fun, I could do with a three-way romantic swim between me and two attractive girls.” Amy glared at Sticks, “Then maybe girl number two leaves before intimacy between handsome boy and Gal No. 1?” Sticks laughed, “Guess it wouldn’t hurt, I should respect just SonAmy more often.” KA BOOOOOOOOOOM! Before the trio could have some fun, the wall at the far end of the room exploded, glass flew everywhere as a pack of Buzz Bombers, Skorp Bots and laser gun-wielding Moto Bugs entered the building, accompanied by Eggman in his Egg Mobile. “HO HO HO HO HO HO HO!” Eggman chortled, looking down menacingly at the group, “What have we here, Sonic having a seemingly romantic day in the pool with Amy and letting Sticks in on the fun, I’ve seen everything.” Sonic growled as he climbed out of the water, taking Amy by the hand to help her out while Sticks helped herself out of the pool, “What do you want, Eggface? This is hardly the time or place for an attack.” Eggman yelled, “WHAT DO I WANT? What I want is to MAKE YOU SUFFER FOR THAT DEFEAT THE OTHER DAY, MY LAIR GOT DAMAGED THANKS TO YOU RUINING MY WAVE MAKER MACHINE.”“Oh, I’m so sorry!” Amy exclaimed, putting a towel and robe on over her swimsuit and grabbing her hammer, “We didn’t mean to ruin your lair, it was an accident. We just wanted to save the village, regardless of any property damage to you. Why can’t you just leave us alone, didn’t you already attack this week?” Eggman slammed his fists on the Egg Mobile’s control console, “HOW MANY TIMES I ATTACK IN THE PAST WEEK DOES NOT MATTER, I WANT MY REVENGE!” Sonic crossed his arms, “How is your vengeance gonna play out, Egg Breath? We beat you hundreds of times, so basically, your vengeance is not gonna work in the end.” Eggman growled, “Number one, ITS DOCTOR EGGMAN! Number two, LIKE I’M GOING TO TELL YOU THAT I’M GOING TO HAVE MY ROBOTS BEAT YOU UP BEFORE I DUMP YOU INTO THE WATER AND THEN POUR IN LAVA THAT WILL BURN YOU UP!”Sticks grabbed her boomerang, “Oh, Ok. Well guess what Eggface...” “EGG-MAN!”“Whatever, we’re gonna pound you and then light your butt on fire!” Amy shrieked, “WHAT? Sticks, we don’t do that, why do you want to do something like that?”Sonic rolled his eyes, “Personally, while I’d love to see something really terrible happen to Eggman, I don’t think setting him on fire would be such a good idea.” Eggman cackled, “Oh, Sonic. How generous of you to suggest that lighting my rear end on my fire is the wrong idea… ESPECIALLY WHEN THAT JUST MAKES ME MAD! Minions, ATTAAAAAAACK!” The results were just as you’d expect whenever we get to Eggman’s line of “ROBOTS ATTACK” The Moto Bugs attacked Sonic, but he just spin dashed them all to bits and pieces, even kicking one into Eggman’s Egg Mobile. The Bee Bots? Sticks wiped them out with her boomerang skills, she threw it, the object arced through the air as it smashed through the bots and came right back to her. Amy? She smashed the ever living heck out of the Skorp Bots, even assisting Sonic in taking out some Moto Bugs. When the robot smashing was said and done, Sonic and Amy combined forces to do a super whack attack to the Eggman in his Egg Mobile, sending it spinning through the air a bit! Once the pod stopped spinning and Eggman regained control, he shook his fist angrily at his enemies. “CURSE YOU, SONIC!” The Doctor yelled, “I’LL BE BACK NEXT WEEK. WITH A NEW SCHEME and NEW ROBOTS, EVEN A GIANT ONE, A HUGE ROBOT THAT WILL FINALLY BE YOUR MATCH! "After that, I RULE THE VILLAGE and, after building my theme park, THE WORLD BEYOND! You know, maybe the whole underwater scheme was a bad idea. But still, JUST WAIT UNTIL I’M BACK! You beat me this time again, rodent.” With that, Eggman retreated back to his lair fuming angrily, leaving Sonic confused at what the doctor had been trying to say, “We beat him every time!” Amy rolled her eyes and looked at the mess. Robot parts littered the ground, a few bee bot wings floated in the pool and glass bits lay everywhere along with rubble. “It doesn’t matter, today’s a good day.” She said, “How about we go get something to eat at Meh Burger with the others and come back here for a little Team Sonic pool party?” Sonic grinned, “Lunch is on me, Ames. What about you, Sticks?” Sticks rolled her eyes and crossed her arms, “I’m gonna go swimming at the lake by myself and hunt for hidden underwater alien hideouts and lost civilizations.” Sticks walked off, “See you later, y’all!” Sonic and Amy, who were about to share a kiss, waved, “Bye for now Sticks!” -Later- The pool party had been the best idea ever, the gang not only worked on clean up duty, but had created a couple water rafts using broken robot parts and made a makeshift diving board too and a beach chair. As Tails lounged on his makeshift pool raft bed, Knuckles laughed like an idiot as he used a doggy paddle (made from bee bot wings), splashing in the water. Carefree life right now was very good, it had been a great day and a good idea to do a pool party as that was something a hero or a villain hadn’t done before in all their lives.Sonic, wearing blue swim shorts, and Amy, wearing a red string bikini, kicked their feet in the water as they sat down at the edge of the pool, holding hands. With nobody paying attention, Sonic leaned in and the two hedgehogs shared a romantic kiss. This was the best day in Sonic’s life and nobody would forget it, the gang was happy Sonic no longer feared water and Eggman had learned his lesson again, at least until he launched another attack...THE END
Stamps, Icons, Animations, Buttons
[Animation] Secret Santa Kataru 1-01 by Electrisa
Custom icon commission - SassyMelvin by PurpleFoxKinz
Custom icon commission // ArtisticBoom by PurpleFoxKinz
Fanart - The Wisps by Mrgametv1994
Have a Yacker    [+VID!] by MarkProductions
The Wisps by Moondarkspirit
Wisps stickers by Crystal-Ribbon
Environments and levels
Comm: Green Hill Zone RPG Background by sergeant16bit
Sanctuary 6-03 by Electrisa
Abandoned Death Egg by JulianIvoRobotnik
Sonic Sunshine_Environment Concepts by SSJSophia
The Deadly Six 7th Anniversary Graphic by KoreeluStromboli
Sonic Legends logo...? by TheMagyar
...:Logo Sadira:... by DL-95
Sonic head by JamoART
Joe Dalton Angry with Sonic by CCB-18
2014 Christmas Winter New Year Event
UAGS: Biolizard Poster by SAJ-Man
just another sonic drawing by ZlynxDigital
Hi, is anyone still actively using this group?
I'm considering removing it, as it hasn't been active in years and I've moved on to other places. Just checking!

- Mark
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