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Star The Hedgehog by SonicLink1000 Star The Hedgehog :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 6 2 Star The Hedgehog by SonicLink1000 Star The Hedgehog :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 2 0 Tuanilna in GS by SonicLink1000 Tuanilna in GS :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 2 0 Shadow The Hedgehog by SonicLink1000 Shadow The Hedgehog :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 0 0 Sonic The Hedgehog by SonicLink1000 Sonic The Hedgehog :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 0 0 my's Ventus(my second Attributie) by SonicLink1000 my's Ventus(my second Attributie) :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 1 0 White The Hedgehog by SonicLink1000 White The Hedgehog :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 5 0 Sonic in Samurai(Shinkenger) by SonicLink1000 Sonic in Samurai(Shinkenger) :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 7 8 Sonic's attitude by SonicLink1000 Sonic's attitude :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 4 0 Lex's Pyrus(second attributie) by SonicLink1000 Lex's Pyrus(second attributie) :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 5 2 My shuirken by SonicLink1000 My shuirken :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 1 0 Tuanilna's new look by SonicLink1000 Tuanilna's new look :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 5 0 Amethyest in SR(Sonic Resurgence) by SonicLink1000 Amethyest in SR(Sonic Resurgence) :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 11 2 Mr.S reference sheet by SonicLink1000 Mr.S reference sheet :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 1 0 Tails as a girl by SonicLink1000 Tails as a girl :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 5 4 My dark form by SonicLink1000 My dark form :iconsoniclink1000:SonicLink1000 2 0
GGO footballers or fan


(Collab) My Hero  for xMaX-ArtSx by JoshStudios (Collab) My Hero for xMaX-ArtSx :iconjoshstudios:JoshStudios 14 59 Mr. S Completed by SonicTheHedgehogSeve Mr. S Completed :iconsonicthehedgehogseve:SonicTheHedgehogSeve 2 14 Day 14 - Gender Swapped by RedFire199-S Day 14 - Gender Swapped :iconredfire199-s:RedFire199-S 24 6 Day 14: Genderswapped by Sonicgirlfriend65 Day 14: Genderswapped :iconsonicgirlfriend65:Sonicgirlfriend65 14 17 Request: Sonica meets Sonya by RedFlareTomboy Request: Sonica meets Sonya :iconredflaretomboy:RedFlareTomboy 3 11 Day 14: Gender Swapped by RedFlareTomboy Day 14: Gender Swapped :iconredflaretomboy:RedFlareTomboy 8 3
Gender Bender Sonic!
On Planet Mobius, the original Sonic characters are now gender swapped. Females are males and males are females. Sonic The Hedgehog is now Sonya The Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower is now Miley “Taila” Prower, Knuckles The Echidna is now Knucklelina The Echidna, Amy Rose is now Andy Rose, Cream The Rabbit is now Crame The Rabbit, Shadow The Hedgehog is now Sharla The Hedgehog, Rouge The Bat is now Raven The Bat, Silver The Hedgehog is now Silvana The Hedgehog, Blaze The Cat is now Blake The Cat, and Tikal The Echidna is now Trevor The Echidna. It was bright afternoon, and Sonya was waiting on the sidewalk, waiting for Taila.
Sonya: (Thinking) What’s so important that Taila needs to show me?
Then, Taila came flying in, and landed on her feet with a box in her hand.
Taila: Hi, Sonya! I brought you a little something.
Sonya: What is it, Taila? It’s isn’t my birthday.
Taila: I know, but I’m giving this for a friend. Come on, open it.
She opene
:iconredflaretomboy:RedFlareTomboy 3 2
Gender Bender Sonic characters
Sonya The Hedgehog (Female Sonic The Hedgehog)
Miley "Taila" Prower (Female Miles "Tails" Prower)
Knucklelina The Echidna (Female Knuckles The Echidna)
Andy Rose (Male Amy Rose)
Crame The Rabbit (Male Cream The Rabbit)
Sharla The Hedgehog (Female Shadow The Hedgehog)
Raven The Bat (Male Rouge The Bat)
Silvana The Hedgehog (Female Silver The Hedgehog)
Blake The Cat (Male Blaze The Cat)
Trevor The Echidna (Male Tikal The Echidna)
Berta The Cat (Female Big The Cat)
Martin The Raccoon (Male Marine The Raccoon)
Espia The Chameleon (Female Espio The Chameleon)
Charmia Bee (Female Charmy Bee)
Valorie The Crocodile (Female Vector The Crocodile)
Victor The Rabbit (Male Vanilla The Rabbit)
Dr. Eggwoman (Female Dr. Eggman)
Scournia The Hedgehog (Female Scourge The Hedgehog)
Soner The Hedgehog (Male Sonia The Hedgehog)
Martha The Hedgehog (Female Manic The Hedgehog)
Sammy Acorn (Male Sally Acorn)
Arnold The Hedgehog (Male Aleena the Hedgehog)
Frasier The Fox (Male Fiona The Fox)
:iconredflaretomboy:RedFlareTomboy 3 1



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STD(AKA Tuan The Hedgehog)
Artist | Student | Varied
I a talentest preson who have manys stoies that who I am


Star The Hedgehog
Relationship:Sonic,Shadow,Silver & Tuan(me(as brothers))
Friends:all heroes
Enemies:all villains
if you guys want me do Sonic in PR(power rangers) with SS(super sentai)name on Gacha Studio
White The Hedgehog
Related:Amy Joan(younger sisters)
Friends:Sonic team
Enemies:All sega related
Bakugan:Aquos Preyas 2

Sonic's attitude
The fastest thing alive Ventus attitude this for all fans Boys/Girls
I may explain why Sonic co op Anywhere in the universe
Sonic:can you explain what you're doing in this photo?
Me:that not me
Sonic:that not you*push it close I shock I just did*
hey guys just you that it Tails is was Luigi he doing nothing's Hangout) mine Sonic Resurgence)…

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