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A Vore Encounter 2 - Chapter 1 :iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 21 2
Mature content
A Vore Encounter 2 - Introduction :iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 6 2
Mature content
A Vore Encounter - Ch 19.5 :iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 71 12
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 13
11:05PM PST, Thursday, 10 December
Jump City – Titans Tower
Jagged rocks, which seemed so distant from the roof, now resembled teeth that would shred Viper to ribbons.  Slamming his left palm against the weapons pod, he heard a loud *clack* as the expandable carbon-fiber wings deployed.  He then felt a wash of heat across the back of his legs, and his speed increased drastically.  Arching his head forward and straightening his posture, he pulled out of the fall and began heading for the city.  His HUD flashed the pertinent flight data across the screen;
"Bianca, the bike.  I need a vector-"
"On it baby.  Adjust your – uh oh."  Something had caught her attention.  
"What?" Asked Viper impatiently.  
"Bandits.  Six o'clock." Viper checked his HUD; it minimized the flight data and br
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 15 16
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 12
10:36PM PST, Thursday, 10 December
Jump City – Airspace Outside Titans Tower
The T-Ship breached the surface of the Bay in an explosion of torrential white water.  Almost immediately, the twin turbo hydro-jets switched over to jet propulsion, the turbines sucking in air with fervor.  With full afterburners applied, the T-Ship shot into the black sky at nearly 500 feet a second.  Approaching near supersonic speed, Robin throttled back and banked the ship out of the climb.  
"Radar is active, but I can't see him," said Raven.  Her scope showed nothing in range of the T-Ship.  
"It's a stealth, we won't be able to," replied Cyborg.  
"Not with radar, but there is a way.  Cyborg, switch your eye over to infrared.  Raven, adjust the radar to scan at a longer wavelength at this altitude.  Anything you pick up should be Slade," said Robin into his mic.  
"Got it," rep
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 12 4
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 11
10:23PM PST, Thursday, 10 December
Jump City – Pier 43
The massive 747-400 seemed to be almost floating as it extended its landing gear, leveling out of a banking turn, now on final approach.  The roar from the four massive turbine engines grew with a steady resonance until they were almost deafening as the airliner passed overhead.  It continued to decelerate before it disappeared behind the light-speckled buildings of the Jump City skyline, and the airport beyond.  
That level of noise was, in part, why Viper had chosen to stage from this location.  The level of ambient noise, combined with the fact that this section of the docks was abandoned, made it easy for him to slip in undetected.  Parking the ZX-12R along the road running parallel to the shoreline, he had scaled the perimeter fence with ease and made his way to the pier.  Walking along the large, concrete structure, the jet now out of earshot, the onl
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 16 5
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 10
6:17AM PST, Thursday, 10 December
Jump City – Titans Tower
Raven levitated out of her room and down the hallway.  Her daily ritual of a cold shower, mediation and getting dressed now behind her, she looked forward to the final phase of her routine; herbal tea.  A hot cup of that stuff, what BB liked to call plant juice, was usually the capstone to her day.  After breakfast, it seemed, the day would gradually decline or drop off a sheer cliff.  Either way, she knew that so long as her tea was there to help her start her day, at least it would start on a good note.  
As the doors to the living room parted, Raven could see things were not as they should be.  The normal morning quiet had been replaced by a cacophony of radio traffic, static laced voices being broadcast over airwaves at different frequencies.  Various wave patters were displayed on the screen, at the center of which was a map.  Ov
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 13 2
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 9
2:17AM PST, Thursday, 10 December
Jump City – South Police District, 3rd Shift, Zone 4, Section 2, Patrol Car 9-Lima-67
The night shift started at 10:00PM, though once the bars and clubs closed for the evening the workload would decrease exponentially.  Officers Josh Radford and John Tobin had been working this section of town for the last several months.  They knew most the ins and outs, all the back alleys and hold up buildings.  The two of them were consummate professionals, always at the ready and taking their roles as lawmen seriously.  
Tonight was then, surely, an exception.  While returning to their patrol car after walking a brief foot beat, they got jumped.  The last thing that either officer saw as a skull-like face mask with a blood red x through the left eye.  The assailant, a student of martial arts, seemed to drop out of thin air.  It happened so fast that neither officer was
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 15 8
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 8
11:49PM PST, Wednesday, 9 December
Jump City – Abandoned Alameda Naval Air Station
The amount of darkness in the hanger was copious.  The small swaths of light provided by the overhead fluorescents gave all the equipment a sterile, cold look.  Even Bianca, her face illuminated from the LCD monitor in front of her, appeared as though the life had been sucked out of her.  Her skin seemed pale and the thin obsidian material that covered her supple breasts appeared a dark blue.  She often worked with her shirt off, MP3 headphones in her ears and a bag of chewy candies on her desk.  It helped put her at ease, cleared her mind of distractions.  
She needed a clear mind for this particular task.  She had been diligently working since the F-35 heist last night.  Initially, when Viper had told her what exactly was entailed in the second theft on the drive back to Jump City, she was convinced that i
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 10 1
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 7
8:05PM PST, Tuesday, 8 December
California – Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar
The MPs on the tarmac had trained all their weapons on the taxiing F-35 as it traversed down the flight line toward the end of the main runway.  Confronted by three vehicle-mounted .50 caliber machine guns, however, the pilot wisely stopped the aircraft.  The gun-equipped Humvees and two MP squad cars established a perimeter around the jet, aiming their weapons at the cockpit as they awaited instructions.  They soon realized that instructions would come too late.
The VTOL jet engine began to emit a high-pitched whine as the RPMs climbed higher.  The thrust vectoring nozzle pointed downwards, the under-wing thrusters opened and the panels behind the cockpit parted to reveal the lift fan, allowing for the intake of fresh air to feed the massive turbofan engine.  The MPs heard the air raid siren go off, but it was soon replaced by the thun
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 10 4
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 6
7:13PM PST, Tuesday, 8 December
California – Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar
Traffic was light as the black Pontiac G6 approached the guard shack on the east side of MCAS Miramar.  Three Marines in digital woodland camouflage uniforms carried M4 carbines, slung over shoulder or at low carry while drop-leg holsters cradled M9 Beretta pistols.  On the left shoulder of each Marine was a black pauldron with the letters "MP" in white letters.  Each man filled out his uniform to a tee; biceps with the circumference of a normal persons head, rock hard physique and chiseled jaw lines.  All in all, if need be, these Devil Dogs would shoot first and ask questions later. Viper was not even slightly nervous as he stopped next to the guard shack.  The largest of the three sentries on watch approached the car.
"ID, sir?"  He asked with a deep, hard voice.  Viper nodded and handed the sentry his Common Acces
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 16 7
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 5
9:31AM PST, Sunday, 6 December
Jump City – Titans Tower
The Titans had gathered in the living room, as they always did.  Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven all sat in their respective positions on the sofa.  Robin faced them stoic as always, arms across his chest, face like a rock.  He had slept for three hours, not nearly enough, yet he knew there would be no rest for the weary.  
"You all know why you're here," he began.  Beast Boy immediately piqued up.
"You finally found the remote?  Sweet!"  The little green changelings' face erupted in a wild smile that conveyed his happiness at the discovery of the most essential piece of equipment in his life.  The other Titans, Raven in particular, rolled their eyes.
"Beast Boy…I do not believe that the discovery of the television remote control would warrant our presence at this gathering."  Said Starfire with a prominently
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 15 8
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 4
5:54AM PST, Sunday, 6 December
Jump City – Titans Tower
Robin strained his eyes as he fixated onto the computer screen in the main room of Titans Tower.  The detectives from JCPD had sent Robin a digital copy of the surveillance footage from the museum.  Unfortunately, the breaker panel Red X tripped to kill the detection lasers also cut power to the cameras; except the one in the southeast corner of the room, which happened to be on a separate panel.  The image was grainy at best but Robin could make out Red X as he entered the room, approached the jewel case, removed the Crimson Sapphire of Burma and then suddenly drop to the floor.  His hands immediately let go of the precious stone and grasped his leg, the same leg from which the two barbs had been removed.  On the left side of the screen, Robin could barely discern a helmeted black clad figure, reaching down to retrieve the gem after it slid across the floor. &
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 21 4
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 3
3:45AM PST, Sunday, 6 December
Jump City – Angel of Mercy Hospital
The constant beep of an EKG grew louder as Red X lazily opened his eyes.  What he saw both surprised and alarmed him.  To his left, a grey curtain covered a window in the corner; to his right was a fabric partition, obviously to keep him hidden from the other person in the adjacent bed.  Directly in front of his bed was a small table with a black box sitting on it.  Above the table was a TV whose prime was obviously back in 1982, the large dial knobs dating it.  The most surprising thing, and not in a good way, was that someone was sitting in the chair directly to his right.  As his vision cleared and the silhouette came into view, X felt his eyebrows rise up onto his forehead.  Of all the people he did not want to see, he would have to be the first on the list.
Robin looked upon the stirring thief with a thousand yard s
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 24 5
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 2
11:09PM PST, Saturday, 5 December
Jump City - Outside abandoned Alameda Naval Air Station
The road leading back to the decrepit base was smooth, a paradox to the rusted and corroded buildings and hangers strewn about the concrete landscape.  There were no streetlights along this stretch of asphalt and even less traffic.  The area was bathed in darkness, a haven for anyone or anything that wished to remain invisible from prying eyes.  
The jet black motorcycle flying down the road blended perfectly into the night, its presence only indicated by the bright swath of its headlamps and burning tail light.  The sound it made was a subdued buzz as it traversed down the road at 80 miles per hour, the exhaust note virtually inaudible from more than a quarter mile away.  The rider, also clad entirely in black, now clicked down on the shift lever and let off the throttle, the steady hum of the engine now whining as it spun down. 
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 28 10
TT: Nights of Venom - Ch 1
10:00PM PST, Saturday, 5 December
Jump City – Wayne Enterprises Building
The lights of the skyscrapers resembled stars, their glow bright against the inky sky.  They reached upward like spires that stretched on for miles in each direction.  Off in the distance, the lights of the Bay Bridge could be seen blinking, the two towers of the suspended structure like monolithic sentries standing guard to the entrance of the Bay.  Tiny pinpoints of light moved across the span, some white, some red.  Those same motes of light could be seen on the streets in the distance, growing larger and splitting in two as they grew closer.  Below, vehicles turned from street to street, merging or leaving traffic as they went.  Here and there a traffic signal would change color, allowing the masses to pass or stop at its whim.  At one of these intersections a car continued through despite the light having been a solid red, a
:iconsonichdghog:SonicHdghog 91 38


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Eliie and N's beach fun
On a beach somewhere in the world, people run about, play in the sea and bask in the sunlight, it's a wonderful day out and people are taking the opportunity to enjoy it. Two such people where two friends Ellie and N, the girls decided to make a trip down to the beach and spend the day in the sun, Ellie had some secret intentions to try and get as much food and snacks into N's belly as she could so she could listen to it and snuggle against it later in the day, but for now the ladies walked down to the beach, Ellie had decided to walk from their car in her bikini with her towel wrapped round her waist and N sporting a much more modest loose fitting crop top and shorts, she felt more comfortable that way. The girls made it to the beach and N stretched her arms above her head causing Ellie's gaze to quickly fall straight down to her almost flat belly, "Mmmm ahh, that was a nice walk, doesn't look too busy here either so we'll be able to find a nice place to relax pretty easily" N said, c
:iconnnn4462:nnn4462 81 22
Ellie sits at home alone, drawing up her latest fantasy involving big gurlgy bellies she dreams to be inside of when she gets a notification appear on her screen, she opens it to find a message from her friend N, "Hey cutie, I've just spent the night eating everything I can find in this place and now I've got a killer stomachache, think you can come over and work your magic? ;)" Ellie blushes at the thought of seeing her swallowing the mass of food, her belly growling, the mass of food entering her gaping maw, the large bulge descending down her ravenous gullet...
She's snapped from her fantasy by another notification, a video this time, she hits play to see N holding her phone up to her face with a clearly distended and stuffed belly peaking up from the bottom of the frame, "Hey sweetie urp me and all this belly will be sitting here URRRP just waiting for a little cutie to come and rub it, can't wait to see you" With a wink and a quiet fart she blushes at the sudden gas
:iconnnn4462:nnn4462 95 66
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Greetings, fellow deviant-ites. A lot has happened since my last update almost...2 years ago...again. :/ I admit it, I really suck. I'm sorry about that.

Less than 2 weeks ago I moved from my home state of Florida to Sweden. Yes, in the middle of winter I elected to move to one what is possibly one of the coldest places on Earth. Getting engaged to the woman of your dreams will make you do crazy things sometimes. So, knowing what was coming several months in advance, I took care of things like getting a residence permit so I could legally live and work in Sweden, sell off a lot of things to include my car and two of the three motorcycles, continue working at two jobs to save money, list a ton of cheap, useless stuff on eBay and still be able to function normally. Also in mid-2014 I broke if off with the now ex-girlfriend who was quite a downer and emotional vampire. She was the real main thrust of my hiatus from writing. I met my current fiance purely by chance and as it happens she's a writer too. See? Good things come to those who wait.

Speaking of waiting, you all have waited long enough. Moving to this new nation, on a new continent, with no job lined up and extremely limited income giving me what I can to survive, I have all the time in the world to get back to writing.

Fan Fiction:

Teen Titans - Nights of Venom: this is the most complete out of everything in the draft book, I just need to put it to keystrokes. This will be first.

TRON: Nothing. All of it was scrapped.

Sonic SatAM: Outline completed.

Halo, ODST: Scrapped for now.

Original Stories:

"Trinity": Initial story is mapped out, beginning to write alternate history timeline

Vore Stories:

AVE 2: Initially story has been started, first few chapters in rough draft version. Story arc is completed in outline form. The commissioner, the individual who commissioned me for AVE, not been in contact with me for over a year. As of right now, this project is dead.

Belly Buddies: This was taken up after AVE 2 was shelved. Outline and initial story are drafted but is slow to be transcribed. I have been paid for what  has been done thus far but the individual who commissioned me has not requested any further updates or expansions, nor has any money been paid to make this a reality.

I know that a lot of my views here on dA have been the result of the vore stories and associated art that corresponds with them. If there are any of you who would want to "crowd source" these projects, I am open to the idea. I would post what ideas I had for AVE 2 and see what you, the fans, think. Belly Buddies, since it is already written out, would be fleshed out as is but I would not be opposed to posting the outline here to get inputs. Again, I'm focusing on the Teen Titans story as it's closest to completion and it has been sitting out there for the longest period of time. As for commissions, I am uncertain if I will take them from now on. These past two experiences have left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not sure if I want to deal with the headache again.

Thank you all for your viewership and readership. I am pleased that you like the work.

Keep your eyes peeled.

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