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Hey everyone! Hope all is well.

Just a friendly reminder that I will be leaving for vacation as of tomorrow so I will not be active on DeviantArt this week.

I have been quite busy lately with life and other things but don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about TLVP, I’m still writing chapter 8. So don’t freak out.

Also I’ve mentioned this before but these chapters can take quite sometime to finish so when they’re done, they’re done then I’ll post them.

That’s it for now guys! I will see u all very soon. Take care of yourselves!
Hey everyone, so I've finally finished writing the descriptions of my first few stories. I already know which story I'm going to be starting off with first but if there's any specific one you want me to do then write it down in the comments below.

Here they are:

Nightmare In Hell:
While shopping for a new video game to play, Kristina comes across one Titled: "Sonic World” seeming interested, she buys it, but once she starts to play it though, all seems normal at first but she’ll soon start to realize that this game isn’t what it seemed to be…it’s something even weirder, creepier and scarier than any other typical normal video game… it’s something that the “creator” wants from HER…soon enough, she’ll realize that this isn’t something she's dreaming of, it’s something even worse than a nightmare... A Nightmare in Hell! Will Kristina ever escape this living gruesome and cruel world of this “creator" or will she be stuck being “his” little boy toy for eternity?

Sonic & I:
It’s Kristina’s final year of high school and she has so much she wants to do and accomplish. Join more sports teams, earn more awards, make the honour roll, graduate, apply to her dream college. But there is thing one thing on her list that she wants to hopefully accomplish before the year ends…finding true love. After getting dumped by her first ever crush/lover, Kristina is determined to find her next new crush/lover. Will she ever find her true and only lover once and for all? Will “he” or “the one" come into her life permanently and stay with her forever? Or will she fail at finding someone who will love her for who she is and be single the rest of her life? Being the strong, beautiful and smart girl that she is, Kristina will do whatever it takes to find her forever soulmate and to make this year, the best last year she’s ever had.

Sonic In The Human World:
Kristina and her boyfriend Tyler, are very excited as they plan to move to the tropical and oasis city known as Seaside Hill, California to start their new lives together as a couple. All goes well upon their arrival until they hear about a mysterious being roaming around the city, they say that he’s one of the most legendary, popular and famous creatures to ever roam this city, they say they that he can run fast…very fast…so fast that you can’t even see him, only a blur can be seen…this creature can run at the speed of sound. He’s known as the Blue Blur, the Fastest Thing Alive…He’s a hero at heart and will do whatever it takes to save the people he cares about…He is known as Sonic the Hedgehog. Curious and excited as they already are, considering they’re huge fans of the famous Hedgehog themselves, Kristina and Tyler decide to find out about Sonic themselves! Will they ever get to find and meet their favourite video game character/hero? What will they learn about him? Their lives are about to change.

The Lonely Vampire Prince:
While on vacation with some friends, a beautiful, young and smart 18-year-old girl, Kristina, hears about a beautiful and royal castle on the outskirts of the city that is opening up for a public tour, so she and her friends all decide to go. All goes very well on the tour, until she’s hears about the owner of the castle: This royal palace belonged to a young prince named Sonic who moved in to the castle after a horrendous attack that happened to him shortly after his 16th birthday. Only to find out that this creature that attacked the young prince turned out to be none other than a vampire itself. After the attack, he fled his kingdom and found this place and has lived here on his own ever since. People say that he'll only come out at night in search of the one thing he wants more than anything…for someone to love and be with him for the rest of his immortal life. Saddened and horrified by this story, Kristina decides to set and find out more about this vampire prince herself. Will she ever find him? Will she fulfill his wish of loving him and not being all alone anymore, even if it means becoming a vampire herself? That’s a chance Kristina is willing to sacrifice.

What do you guys think? I'm very excited about writing them, can't wait. I'll have to see how school goes first, hopefully it won't be hell  for me.

That's all for now everyone. :)

Have a very good night and see u soon :sleepy:

P.S. I'm going to be mostly in these stories since I'm going to be writing them.
Hey everyone, I would like to apologize for not posting any stories yet, yes I said I had a few ideas for what kind of stories I wanted to write but these past couple of years have been hell for me. Why? U know the usuals got in the way, yes school, finishing and graduating from High School, and trying to decide for what college I wanted to go to. College for me was good and bad for me this past year: I did run into major issues at the end of the school this year though (long story) and with me going back to college this year again, its going to be hectic for me (Bad) but I met lots of new people, made new friends, learned a lot of new things plus I lived on campus for the first time and I loved it alot (Good). Also because of personal and life issues with family and my own life itself got in the way, my great-aunt passed away this past May, and being in a major depression and suffering a broken heart for the first time in my life for almost 6 months because of someone I used to like(my first ever love), that was my most major struggle I had to ever deal with but all is good for me so far. I've also been doing my own things as well, I have recently this year discovered Adult Colouring Books which I'm absolutely enjoying and loving since I love to colour, exercise classes, etc. Anyway, I've said enough, I have some very exciting news! 

I have now finally decided what stories I'm going to be writing, I've confirmed the titles of the stories I'm going to be writing. I'll list them down for all of u to see:

  • Sonic and I
  • Sonic in the Human World
  • The Lonely Vampire Prince
  • Nightmare in Hell

I'll be giving them brief descriptions as soon as possible. I already have some ideas of what, when and where they're going to be about and taking place. I can't wait to start writing them. I just pray to God that school this semester won't be so busy for me so that I can have time to write these stories. 

All right then, that's all I have to say for now, I'll update asap on the descriptions for the stories. Again I apologize for not updating or uploading in a couple of years. I will start on these stories when I can. :D 

Have a good night everyone and see you soon. :sleep:        
Maybe I'll try writing some stories soon. I've got a couple ideas but I don't want to do anything right now. For now I'm just going to chill for a little while.