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The Lonely Vampire Prince :iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 17:
“Saying Goodbye”
September 24th, 2014…8:30pm
I was in my hotel room, getting ready for what was possibly my last night here, and possibly my last time being mortal…
After they leave, then everything will be different…All week I have been thinking of what was going to happen once the girls leave. I sighed and sat on the bed.
What’ll happen when we get to the castle? Will he turn me once we get there? Just thinking about it is already scaring me…the other part is, once that happens then, my life will be changed, forever. But, I honestly don’t care what happens to me, all that matters is that I’ll be spending the rest of it with the love of my life, my soul mate…with him. That’ll be the thing that will keep me going, from being depressed like him, to being  more strong and fierce. He’ll be my guide, my light, my happiness…
But besides that, other questions have popped up into my mind like what
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 10 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 16:
“Decision time”
September 19th, 2014…10:14am
Vanessa and I were outside the hall. I texted her this morning saying that I needed to talk to her asap, so we meet outside our rooms.
“A-Are you sure about this?” Vanessa was uncertain on this as I told her about my dream last night.
“What other choice do I have? What else am I gonna do?” This was the hardest decision I ever had to make, it was a dumb one, but on the other hand, I was keeping a promise of my own…
Vanessa was at the same time lost and confused, but deep down she knew that this was the only way, and that her best friend, deep down herself was doing the right thing…
“Well…guess now would be a good time to tell the girls, but I don’t know how were gonna do it”
“We already know…”
We turned to see both Adeline and Alice standing behind us. Our eyes widened
“H..How’d you even know?” Vanessa said. “We
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 15:
“A Vampire’s Worst Fear/Nightmare”
Date and Place Unknown…
“What the?”
I found myself yet in another strange place, I swear these dreams are getting more and more strange every time. I looked around at my surroundings.
Mhm…big open hallway, grand staircase in the middle, big chandelier hanging above, giving off some light, two side entrances leading to who knows where, along with 2 wall lanterns lit up along the open side hallways.
This place is giving some weird vibes, familiar ones to be precise.

My eyes slightly widened.
“I, know what this place is!”
“Indeed you do”
I got startled by a voice in front of me. I looked to see where the voice came from,
A brown and white eagle owl with yellow eyes was sitting in the middle of the stairs.
“Hello Kristina, it’s nice to finally meet you”
I raise an eye brow in confusion. I was slightly dumbstruck. I don’t know what was weirder, tha
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 14:
“A Night out with a Vampire”
September 18, 2014…10:55pm  
Sonic and I were just outside the building, we snuck off around the building so nobody would see us. Since no one was around, we decided to take our masks off.
“Whew! Finally I can take this thing off” He said, rubbing his irritated eyes. “Your telling me” I said, taking mines off as well, luckily I wasn’t wearing any eye make up.
He then asked where he wanted to talk, I told him somewhere quiet, where there was really nobody around, just for his sake so no one can notice him.
“Mhm, I know of a place we could go”
Startling me, he scooped me into his arms. “You better hold on tight for this” He then started running in the other direction.
Sonic came to sudden stop and gently put me down, which I then felt everything around me spinning. He helped me steady my balance before the dizziness went away.
“You weren’t kidding when you
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 1 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 13:
“The Big 18”
Part 2 of 2
September 18th, 2014…6:57pm
We came just in time, everyone was already sitting down, so were the others. Some people were looking at us but only for a brief second, seeming interested on us. Even Sonic noticed this.
’So far so good’ No one’s getting the suspicions about him, he put a thought into his head before to remind himself that as long as he keeps the mask on, then everything should work out perfectly. Unless the room gets very dark at some point then he’ll take it off, also to give his eyes a break.
He walked me over to my seat, where the other girls were sitting at. The girls then noticed, especially Adeline and Alice who perked up when they saw us. Good thing Adeline and Alice didn’t know who he was, but, eventually they’ll know.
He offered to sit me down but told him I can handle it from there. He smirked, then went off to sit above.
Intrigued and Impressed, Pierre, with a microphone i
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 1 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 13:
“The Big 18”
Part 1 of 2
September 18th, 2014…10:05am
Today’s final the day I’ve been waiting for…
The day where where I transition from a teenager to a young adult…
I’m finally 18 years old. I could believe it. I have finally reached adulthood, and no longer considered myself as a kid anymore. At this age, I know that it’s time to be more independent and make wise choices.
But I have lots of time for that, right now, I just want to enjoy today as much as possible. Despite everything that’s been going on lately, I am extremely anxious about tonight. There’s only going to be 30 people there, which I don’t find its much, but that’s not what’s making me nervous…
I sighed. ‘If he really is going to be there, then all of this nonsense, and what Vanessa and I talked about yesterday, is actually true, and will be answered once and for all.’
But for now, I want today to b
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
Mandala Colouring #4  by SonicGirl96 Mandala Colouring #4 :iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 1 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 12:  
“The Truth Comes Out”  
September 17th, 2014…1:33pm
We got back to the hotel after getting a bite to eat with Pierre, he reminded us that we shouldn’t stay out too long after the wine tour tomorrow as Cassandra will be picking us up after 3ish to bring us to the salon to get our hair and make up done. I was looking forward to it.
We were pretty tired so we went straight to our rooms just to relax for awhile until around dinner time. I felt pretty tired my self and thought I should go close my eyes for a bit. I went to go change into my other set of pjs for the time being, just something more comfortable.
I quickly went to the bathroom and took out my hair clip with was starting to hurt the back of my head a little, it felt good once I toke it out, to let my hair breathe a little before putting it back up into a bun again.
I then went back into the room, closed the curtains to give me some darkness, and then went under the covers of the be
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
Animal Colouring #6  by SonicGirl96 Animal Colouring #6 :iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 2 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 11:      
“How The Lonely Vampire Prince Came To Be”
Part 3 of 3      
5 nights later…
July 28th, 1416…9:15pm
These past few nights have just been, well, really difficult. Both my parents have been going to see my grandmother to keep her company now that it’s her in the castle there, but it’s even harder when both of them are going back and forth just to see her. So they thought it’d be best if she came to stay with us for a little bit, and I was fine with that. She needed all the support that she can get right now.
Me on the other hand, this was more difficult for me to deal with, I was struggling more than the others sometimes. When you lose someone so close to you, it sucks big time, and you can’t really do anything about it, but move forward and continue their legacy through out time.
And that’s exactly what I was going to do.
I was sitting on the window seat of my bedroom,
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 11:      
“Death of a King”
Part 2 of 3    
June 20th, 1416…9:20pm
An elder greyish male blue hedgehog was standing outside his backyard in his pyjamas just getting some fresh air, clearing his mind.
“Jules are you alright, my dear?” A dark blue/grey elderly female hedgehog coming up to his side.
“Mhm?” He cleared his throat, putting his arm around his wife. “Oh, yes, my love, just a little tickle in the throat is all.”
Aleena sighed, as she looked up at the clear night sky above them, and the sound of crickets around them being heard in the background.
“I can’t believe that in a few days, our grandson will be celebrating his 16th birthday, time flies doesn’t it?”
“Ah! It sure does. It seems like yesterday that I was helping Jules II help Sonic take his first steps. Oh those were the days.” I can remember the day that he was born. Best day for all of us,
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 11:  
“Royal Tour”
Part 1 of 3
Septembern 17th, 2014…10:25am  
Today’s finally the day. The day where I’ll get the answers to everything. Well hopefully everything.
We were going to the place where the answers will be bestowed upon us.
‘Avalon Castle’
The place that used to be a former king’s castle which now belongs to ‘you know who’, aka his ‘undead’ grandson who mysteriously wanders the streets of Paris at night looking for who knows what.  
But today will finally be it.
I was in the bathroom quickly brushing out my hair. Since it was going to be a nice day, I decided to leave it down, but pinning it back with my black/multicoloured hair clip so it still hangs freely. I just hope it doesn’t get windy later, cause I find it real annoying when all my hair blows in my face.
To match, I decided to wear my black strapless maxi dress with a white flower pattern in the middle since Adeline
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 10:
“Fun at the Park”
September 16th, 2014…9:55am
This had to be the most exciting day of my life. I’ve been wanting to go to this place for so, so long. All my entire life I’ve wanted to go but couldn’t but, today, today’s finally the day I get to go.
It’s not the one I originally wanted to go to since the one with the same name lies in California, but it’s close enough.
“Oh my god! I’m like so excited for this!” Adeline said, slightly jumping up and down, eager to get inside.
“Me too girl!” My stomach was twisting with excitement.
The park was about to open, we were at the side of the main gates, waiting for Vanessa and Alice, who went to the ticket booths to purchase passes for the day.
In the distance I can see the enchanted castle, sitting in the middle of the centre of the whole park itself, attracting people to look at its beauty.
I wonder what its like inside? Ju
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 0 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 9:
“Spa Day”
September 15th, 2014…9:43am
I felt really excited this morning as today was the first day of one of our many planned activities.
We were going to spend at least a full day at the spa. Now that I was looking forward too. 
I just want to hurry up and go for that nice full body massage already! 
I haven’t gone for one in so long! After a year like this, I could so definitely use one! Especially since that this is one of the many birthday presents from Vanessa. I really have to thank her after today.
But right now, I want to digest some of this breakfast we had. We were in the same restaurant we in just a few days ago. But we all got something light this time as we already made lunch plans in one of spas restaurants around 1pm.
We were all getting full body massages and mani-pedis, so that should at least take a couple of hours to do so before hand.
Our appointments weren’t until 10am so instead of going back to our rooms to chil
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 1 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 8:
"An Interview with a Vampire"
Part 3 of 3
Sonic felt a little tense and unsure, whether to tell them how old he is. But he had to answer it one way or another.
He sighed, wary of what their reactions might be. They’ll freak out no matter he tells them.
“If I tell you, can you not try to freak out as much.”
I looked around at everyone, they nodded, approving with him. “We’ll try our best.”
He tried relaxing a little before giving them his answer.
All of us had bewildered and dumbstruck stunned looks on our faces.
Cassandra almost did a spit take on her tea but managed to hold it back.
“Ehe, I-I’m sorry, y-you’re old?!”
While Aurora in the meantime almost choked on her tea when it went down the wrong way.
“T…that’s impossible!”
“Yeah! I agree with her on this one! There’s no way you can still be at that age!” Cassandra said back
“Ehe, well am I, so be it
:iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 1 0


Cats by FleetingEmber Cats :iconfleetingember:FleetingEmber 2,810 102 Sonic the Hedgehog :~Sonic SFM~: by CharCharRose131 Sonic the Hedgehog :~Sonic SFM~: :iconcharcharrose131:CharCharRose131 163 15
A Valentine to Remember Sonamy
It was the 14th of February 2011. Which means its was valentines day! The day were all the couples get together for a romantic night or a walk in the park.
Amy rose, a young, pink hedgehog with pink quills and green eyes that could stop anyone in their tracks just to look at them, sighed dreamily as she looked at the calender. She had circled 14th febbruary in big red and pink hearts. Amy grabbed a pen and put i cross through the box. Amy squeled in excitement. If you haven't already guessed, valentines Day was her favourite day of the whole year! Amy still couldn't belive what was going to happen later this evening. Sonic is preparing a romantic dinner for her at his house! Amy remembered the day he asked her to come round as if it was only ten minutes ago.
Amy happily skipped down the dirt path in the park. She loved the Spring time because of all the beautiful flowers that were blooming. Amy sighed 'I'm turning into Cream!' Amy thought playfully. Amy saw a blue blur spee
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