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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 12:  
“The Truth Comes Out”  
September 17th, 2014…1:33pm
We got back to the hotel after getting a bite to eat with Pierre, he reminded us that    
we shouldn’t stay out too long after the wine tour tomorrow as Cassandra will be picking us up after 3ish to bring us to the salon to get our hair and make up done. I was looking forward to it.  
We were pretty tired so we went straight to our rooms just to relax for awhile until around dinner time. I felt pretty tired my self and thought I should go close my eyes for a bit. I went to go change into my other set of pjs for the time being, just something more comfortable.
I quickly went to the bathroom and took out my hair clip with was starting to hurt the back of my head a little, it felt good once I toke it out, to let my hair breathe a little before putting it back up into a bun again.
I then went back into the room, closed the curtains to give me some darkness, and then went under
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Animal Colouring #6  by SonicGirl96 Animal Colouring #6 :iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 2 0
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 11:      
“How The Lonely Vampire Prince Came To Be”
Part 3 of 3      
5 nights later…
July 28th, 1416…9:15pm
These past few nights have just been, well, really difficult. Both my parents have been going to see my grandmother to keep her company now that it’s her in the castle there, but it’s even harder when both of them are going back and forth just to see her. So they thought it’d be best if she came to stay with us for a little bit, and I was fine with that. She needed all the support that she can get right now.
Me on the other hand, this was more difficult for me to deal with, I was struggling more than the others sometimes. When you lose someone so close to you, it sucks big time, and you can’t really do anything about it, but move forward and continue their legacy through out time.
And that’s exactly what I was going to do.
I was sitting on the window seat of my bedroom,
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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 11:      
“Death of a King”
Part 2 of 3    
June 20th, 1416…9:20pm
An elder greyish male blue hedgehog was standing outside his backyard in his pyjamas just getting some fresh air, clearing his mind.
“Jules are you alright, my dear?” A dark blue/grey elderly female hedgehog coming up to his side.
“Mhm?” He cleared his throat, putting his arm around his wife. “Oh, yes, my love, just a little tickle in the throat is all.”
Aleena sighed, as she looked up at the clear night sky above them, and the sound of crickets around them being heard in the background.
“I can’t believe that in a few days, our grandson will be celebrating his 16th birthday, time flies doesn’t it?”
“Ah! It sure does. It seems like yesterday that I was helping Jules II help Sonic take his first steps. Oh those were the days.” I can remember the day that he was born. Best day for all of us,
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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 11:  
“Royal Tour”
Part 1 of 3
Septembern 17th, 2014…10:25am  
Today’s finally the day. The day where I’ll get the answers to everything. Well hopefully everything.
We were going to the place where the answers will be bestowed upon us.
‘Avalon Castle’
The place that used to be a former king’s castle which now belongs to ‘you know who’, aka his ‘undead’ grandson who mysteriously wanders the streets of Paris at night looking for who knows what.  
But today will finally be it.
I was in the bathroom quickly brushing out my hair. Since it was going to be a nice day, I decided to leave it down, but pinning it back with my black/multicoloured hair clip so it still hangs freely. I just hope it doesn’t get windy later, cause I find it real annoying when all my hair blows in my face.
To match, I decided to wear my black strapless maxi dress with a white flower pattern in the middle since Adeline
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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 10:
“Fun at the Park”
September 16th, 2014…9:55am
This had to be the most exciting day of my life. I’ve been wanting to go to this place for so, so long. All my entire life I’ve wanted to go but couldn’t but, today, today’s finally the day I get to go.
It’s not the one I originally wanted to go to since the one with the same name lies in California, but it’s close enough.
“Oh my god! I’m like so excited for this!” Adeline said, slightly jumping up and down, eager to get inside.
“Me too girl!” My stomach was twisting with excitement.
The park was about to open, we were at the side of the main gates, waiting for Vanessa and Alice, who went to the ticket booths to purchase passes for the day.
In the distance I can see the enchanted castle, sitting in the middle of the centre of the whole park itself, attracting people to look at its beauty.
I wonder what its like inside? Ju
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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 9:
“Spa Day”
September 15th, 2014…9:43am
I felt really excited this morning as today was the first day of one of our many planned activities.
We were going to spend at least a full day at the spa. Now that I was looking forward too. 
I just want to hurry up and go for that nice full body massage already! 
I haven’t gone for one in so long! After a year like this, I could so definitely use one! Especially since that this is one of the many birthday presents from Vanessa. I really have to thank her after today.
But right now, I want to digest some of this breakfast we had. We were in the same restaurant we in just a few days ago. But we all got something light this time as we already made lunch plans in one of spas restaurants around 1pm.
We were all getting full body massages and mani-pedis, so that should at least take a couple of hours to do so before hand.
Our appointments weren’t until 10am so instead of going back to our rooms to chil
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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 8:
"An Interview with a Vampire"
Part 3 of 3
Sonic felt a little tense and unsure, whether to tell them how old he is. But he had to answer it one way or another.
He sighed, wary of what their reactions might be. They’ll freak out no matter he tells them.
“If I tell you, can you not try to freak out as much.”
I looked around at everyone, they nodded, approving with him. “We’ll try our best.”
He tried relaxing a little before giving them his answer.
All of us had bewildered and dumbstruck stunned looks on our faces.
Cassandra almost did a spit take on her tea but managed to hold it back.
“Ehe, I-I’m sorry, y-you’re old?!”
While Aurora in the meantime almost choked on her tea when it went down the wrong way.
“T…that’s impossible!”
“Yeah! I agree with her on this one! There’s no way you can still be at that age!” Cassandra said back
“Ehe, well am I, so be it
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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 8
"An Interview with a Vampire"
Part 2 of 3
September 11th, 2014…12:16am
“Well, what to do now?”
I closed the front door behind me, I let this mysterious rumoured being into my house. I know that he’s…well not normal or mortal as I should say and I know this isn’t a good idea either but, what else am I suppose to do?
Just then I got a slight buzz in my head.
“What the…?”  
I then turned to look at him.
“Did you do that?” I asked.
“Did what?”
“I just got the strangest buzz in my head, and it’s not the normal kind of buzz after when you’ve had a few drinks.”
I crossed my arms, looking sternly at him. “Don’t lie to me, I know I felt it coming from you, there’s no one else in this room besides us so you must’ve done something to me.”
Sonic gave a heavy sigh. He knew he couldn’t lie to this man, he already knew pretty mu
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The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 8:
“A Deal’s a Deal”
Part 1 of 3
September 15th, 2014…10:05am
It was a clear sunny morning, I was in the kitchen, sipping on some coffee while watching the morning news when I saw Cassandra come in the room, walking in her satin grey robe. She looked well-rested.
“Bonjour mon amour, I trusted you slept well?” I asked, passing a cup of coffee to her”
“Yes I did dear, thank you”
She looked at the t.v.
“Anything?” She said.
“So far, nothing, which is a good thing”
Cassandra can tell he was still worried.
“Look dear, I’m worried just as much as you are but everything will work out just fine”
“Yes, I know but I’m just..scared”
“Kristina will be fine”
“I’m not talking about her”
Cassandra already knew who he was talking about.
“Wait, your more worried about him?”
“Well, in terms of possibly accidentally exposing himself, the
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Mandala #4 by SonicGirl96 Mandala #4 :iconsonicgirl96:SonicGirl96 4 10
The Lonely Vampire Prince
Chapter 7:
“Typical Sunday Afternoon"
September 14, 2014, 9:25am
My eyes fluttered opened to the little sunlight coming from the window.
“Ugh” I turned back around on the other side to avoid it.
I was pretty tired from the past couple days, we were out all day and night Friday and Saturday, which was yesterday, we decided to go to the beach, for the afternoon since it was a nice day but also pretty hot. We were all dying of heat and tired by the time we left. We just toke it easy last night an ordered room service for dinner and did our own thing afterwards.
I still am very tired, though I did have to use the bathroom but I didn’t want to get out of bed so I just stayed there. I decided to check my phone quickly if there was anything there. My Mom sent me a message on WhatsApp:
“Hi booboo, just wanted to see how it’s going? I came home early from work, have a huge migraine and feeling nauseous, I’m gonna go rest for a little bit, text me when y
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Chapter 12:  

“The Truth Comes Out”  

September 17th, 2014…1:33pm

We got back to the hotel after getting a bite to eat with Pierre, he reminded us that    
we shouldn’t stay out too long after the wine tour tomorrow as Cassandra will be picking us up after 3ish to bring us to the salon to get our hair and make up done. I was looking forward to it.  

We were pretty tired so we went straight to our rooms just to relax for awhile until around dinner time. I felt pretty tired my self and thought I should go close my eyes for a bit. I went to go change into my other set of pjs for the time being, just something more comfortable.

I quickly went to the bathroom and took out my hair clip with was starting to hurt the back of my head a little, it felt good once I toke it out, to let my hair breathe a little before putting it back up into a bun again.

I then went back into the room, closed the curtains to give me some darkness, and then went under the covers of the bed.

I laid there for what seemed like forever, but my mind was filled with what happened today, what I witnessed. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Its all starting to make sense now. From the ballroom, to the painting, to the ‘figure’ in the window…

Everything from the dream, was real, like those rooms, and if they were real, then that means…

It all points to one thing…

It really is Jules’ grandson…


The Lonely Vampire Prince...

Is he actually real?…

No that can’t be true…

…But what if I saw and witnessed back at the castle, at the window, and getting those familiar vibes, then I’m not hallucinating, it really was him.

But even if I’m right, nobody would believe if I told them. ’This trip is honestly becoming more f***ked up every time.’

I sighed. ‘You know what, maybe some shut eye would help with this, I am slightly tired anyway, and so is my body.’

I went to the bed, got under the covers and soon enough, I fell into a deep sleep.


I found myself touching something smooth but slightly rough. It felt cold too. I looked to where it was…

The side of my face was resting against something slightly rough. I got up slightly and rubbed off whatever dirt or residue that was on me.

I then looked at where I was…

It was a smooth grey gravel ground.

‘Oh no wonder I have dirt on me’

I got up and rubbed of the rest of the dirt and residue off my body. ‘There’

I looked around at the scenery around me. ’Now then, where was I? Oh yeah, where the f*** did I end up this time?’ I heard the sound of birds chirping in the distance. The air smelt like nothing, the sun was out, it felt slightly warm and somewhat breezy.

Just where am I exactly?

I then saw what was in front of me.

An average sized blue and white castle, that looked oddly familiar.

‘Huh, this place looks strangely familiar.’ I raised my eyebrows.

I took a few steps forward and looked at it more closely. ‘Mhm, now that I’m seeing it awfully looks a lot like…’

Just then, a couple of people came from the front of the place. I was in a bit of a panic but for some odd reason, they didn’t notice me. Phew. I couldn’t make out who they were though, but as they got closer, they looked familiar, very familiar…

Two hedgehogs, a blue elderly one followed by another blue one, but he was much younger, almost in his late teens probably.

‘Wait! Isn’t that?…no it couldn’t be’ But judging the similarities, the clothes and that their both hedgehogs…I knew exactly who I was looking at.  

Jules walked out the front doors of the castle, Sonic following behind him. Once they walked out far enough, they then turned around to see the castle in full view.

Jules spread his arms to show him what he meant.

“My present to you is this…” 

Sonic, raising his eyebrow in slight confusion, stood there for a moment before coming to realization. 

“Y..your home, really?” He stuttered a little bit.

“You know that I’m not going to be here one day right?” 


“Well, once I’m not here anymore, there’ll be no one here to take care of this place, no one to rule or take charge of it. That’s why I’m giving it too you today. Once your old enough, this place will be your’s to keep and rule yourself.”

“Y..You mean that this is going be mine one day?” He balled his hand into a fist and dragged his arm inward.  

“This is the best birthday ever! Thank you grandfather” 

Jules smiled at his grandson.

“Anything for my grandson. Now let’s head back inside for some cake, it’s your favourite.”

“Alright!” He dashed back inside the castle.

Jules gave a small sad frown. 

‘I can’t tell him what my condition is, not now, especially not today, it’ll crush him.’

He sighed heavily. 

“When the time’s right he’ll understand"

Jules then walked back into his home.

‘Oh, my god…so, this was Sonic’s other birthday present?’ I can’t believe Jules would give him such a thing! But it does make sense that he wouldn’t be here one day and leave the castle unattended. That was very generous of him to do that…

But sadly, in the end, Sonic got his wish, but got turned into a terrifying twist. Instead of being a ruler himself and taking after his grandfathers legacy, he instead got turned into something even more horrible, something even more depressing then his grandfathers’ death…

Just when I said that, something at the bottom of my eyes spotted something in front of me. I looked up to see what it was…


Just standing a few feet away was Sonic, this time wearing a red cape, but had his back facing towards me.

“I could’ve had everything Kristina…the perfect home, the perfect lover, the perfect life…it was right in the palm of my hands. But because of that bloodsucker that bit me, it took everything from me…everything.”

Tears were pouring from his eyes…making his eyes slightly glossy.

When he meant everything, that included Amy too…his crush, his love, his supposed to be future partner…but that never happened…he didn’t get what he wanted.

“You, were just so happy that day, weren’t you?”

“Very…it was honestly the best day of my life”

For odd some reason, I wanted to go hug him, but I didn’t know if it was a good idea.  But I know for a fact that my mind and heart were telling me to go to him. So I did.

I slowly walked towards him…

Just when I was about to hug him from behind, he turned around fully.


He…doesn’t look the same the first time I saw him. No claws, no fangs, and his eyes…

Instead of the golden yellow colour I saw, they were now a shiny emerald green.

Sonic, looked like himself here…he looked, mortal. Living, breathing, and still very handsome as ever. But why here though? Can he somehow control his own dreams?

“I know these are only dreams, but this is the only place where I can be and feel at peace, be normal again. These feel so real, and I wish I could just go back to being in that life again…have you ever had dreams that felt so life like that you wish they were real too?”

I nodded as tears wounded up in my eyes. I couldn’t help it really, hearing stuff like this, especially from someone like Sonic…its just to hard to hold back the tears.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you cry too”

My head was down while I rubbed my eyes. “I-It’s fine really, it’s just I get very emotional for almost everything, guess I didn’t tell you that yet huh? Just seeing others like this, makes me feel the same way…but hearing this from you…it feels real to me…but tell me, just how am I suppose to believe that your actually real or not?”

I then felt a hand go on my left cheek, rubbing away the tears from my eye.

“You tell me…”

I put my hand where his was touching and squeezed it lightly…

His hand felt warm, strong and masculine despite that he’s wearing gloves over his hands. I guess that’s his signature look, it suited him well.

I then looked into his eyes fully, his eyes were still brightly shining with now dry tears staining down his eyes, like an actual green emerald itself. They were quite mesmerizing to look at, not realizing that they were putting me in a deep trance.

“I’m sorry for driving you crazy like this, with me popping up almost everywhere, but, every time I see you, I can’t help it really, I just get so excited when I see your face. Your so beautiful and innocent. Like she was…”

Thoughts of Amy then flooded his head again, tears almost coming down again.

“I am truly sorry for what you went through Sonic, and still are, really I am” I said

“I know you are”

“And you know what, after everything that’s been going on, I think I’m starting to believe that you are actually real”

“You know what else feels real, this…”

Giving me no time to react, he immediately pressed his lips against mine. This time taking me by surprise. But, I simply didn’t care anymore at this point, I returned it back. The kiss was unexpected but softly planted.

Tears were still streaming down my face as the kiss got more intense. It lasted more then 5 seconds before pulling back for some air.

We looked at each other for a moment until out foreheads touched.

“Your right, that did feel real…”  


Everything around me was starting to become blurry once more. “Looks like my time’s up almost up.” I said.

“It is”

“Before I go, I just want to say this. Whether that your real or not, I do enjoy these encounters with you, a lot”  

“Oh, I know that you do, and don’t worry, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me very soon, starting tomorrow, where I’ll explain everything…”

“Wait! What do you mean tomorrow?”

Just then something started pulling me back…pulling me away from Sonic…I was starting to wake up. I was trying to reach out to him but I was already too far to reach within his grasp, it was already too late, my mind went blank and soon enough I woke up completely.

I shifted then sat up.

‘What the hell just happened?’ I rubbed my eyes, noticing the tears that had fallen down on my face.

‘This is new…I’ve never cried in my sleep before.’


I went to go grab my book that was in my backpack on the couch. I looked at it for a moment until flipping to the page/chapter where I left my bookmark at.

I then looked at the title:

‘Sonic Maurice the Hedgehog’

Oh right, that’s, where I Ieft off last…But, still there’s no way that he could be…

I turned the page and noticed a picture of him.

“What the?” 

It was a little similar to the one back in the castle’s throne room, he was sitting crossed legged somewhere in the picture.

I looked at it more closely, only for me to realize…

I closed the book between my fingers.

“No, no, no, I must be tripping out right now."

My heart was beating a little fast. I took a huge breath and opened the book to the page again. I looked at the picture again… 
This has to be my imagination talking, there’s no way that…he’s…

Thoughts suddenly came to mind…

The dreams, the golden eyes in the ally way, the shadow peeking through my window, the huge painting at the castle, the ‘figure’ at the window at the castle, this book…


I looked up with my eyes widened. 


Vanessa was in her room on her bed, reading her book when she heard the door knocking. 

“Ugh, it was just getting good!” In her head.

She set a bookmark inside the book page, left the book and went to go answer the door.

“Hey, what’s up?” 

“Uh, do you have a few minutes? I need to talk to you about something” I asked.


She moved aside for me to come in. Her room was exactly the same as mine, well she did get 4 rooms like this so same thing.

I went to go sit at the end of the bed while she closed the door behind her. She came and sat next to me.

“So, what did you want to talk about?” She asked.

I took a heavy breath.

“Well, your probably not gonna believe me if I tell you but I’ll just say it anyway-”

“Hey, before you say anything, just remember that no matter what you say, even its crazy, then I’ll believe you no matter, I’m your best friend, I’m always here for you, remember that.”

I smiled genuinely.

“Well, this last week has been really great, but I’ve been getting weird feelings around me everyday.”

“Weird, how?”

“Like, every time we were out, I just got the feeling that someone was watching me from a distance, and I’ve been having these weird about this mysterious blue hedgehog and well I don’t know how to say this but…I’m starting to think that these rumours are true…”

Vanessa started to feel guilty but tried not to show it. She kept it casual and listened.

“You said, about the hedgehog from the dreams but what else makes you think that?”

“The night we got here, when we went to McDonalds, I stopped to tie my shoe, this black cat came out, I was playing with it, after a minute, it went into the ally way next to me then I saw a pair of golden eyes staring back at me, I then heard a voice in my head saying ‘We met again stranger’, it was like calling to me in some way so I went closer to it but then you guys called and I had to leave then.” 

Vanessa had a look of slight worry and guilt, but just nodded for now. 

“When I was about to go to bed that night, I saw a shadow at the window, I went to go look but nothing was there. Same thing at the castle today, before we went in, I saw this figure at one of the castle’s front windows, and it was looking back at me with worry and regret, like it was trying to tell me something and I heard the whole voice in my head thing again, this time saying ‘Nice to see that you came today, I’m glad.’ And before we went inside the castle I looked at the same window again where it was, but nothing was there, even when we left the place today, nothing was there still. When we were inside the throne room, the painting we saw of Sonic, I kept having this feeling that we were being watched somehow. Every part of that place we were in, every room we went to, I got the exact same feeling. A..and now, I just saw a similar picture of him in this book I’m reading.”

Vanessa glanced at it for a moment before saying anything.  

*Pfft* “I’m sure your just exaggerating.”

“I don’t know V, maybe I am, maybe it’s my imagination just talking or I don’t know anymore to be honest but these things keep happening for some reason, I don’t know why or how, but, whatever they are, I think Sonic’s trying to tell me something but I don’t know what, it’s confusing. He’s real V, I just know it.”

Vanessa started to feel her stomach twist. The guilt came back and didn’t go away no matter what she was hearing.   

I wasn’t hearing anything from her, I looked up at her. She had her hands on her stomach.

“V, you alright? Say something?!” I was worried for a second that she didn’t believe me but she just sat there looking at the ground. 

The guilt was coming too quickly, she couldn’t hold it any longer.

“T..that’s because he is.”

My eyes widened. “What?!” I wasn’t expecting her to believe me that quickly but if she’s saying what I think she’s saying, then it’s true.

“Kris, there’s something I’ve been keeping from you and the girls for a while..and I think its time that I told you.”

“…Vanessa, what’s going on?” Then I realized something…

”Y-you’ve seen him too, haven’t you?”

“I haven’t just seen him Kris…I’ve meet him.”


1 hour later…3:33pm

Within the past hour, I was literally in shock the whole time as Vanessa was explaining to me on how she knew Sonic, and when they encountered.

Long story short, she came across Sonic on a school trip 2 years ago before coming home for the holidays and accidentally came across this room where she wasn’t suppose to go too. That’s where Sonic caught her, and was slightly ticked but knew it was an accident. But really, the secret that she promised Sonic, was to not tell any one about it, and by that, she meant not to tell any one that he’s actually real. Or else, he’d be exposed and done for, and it’d be all her fault

And she’s been keeping that secret for the past couple years.

“Well, at least it’s good enough to know that I’m not the only one that knows about this, and not to mention the fact that it’s been driving me nuts lately” I said.

“I can tell, you’ve been acting weird for a little bit anyway. And its because of Sonic, I know…”

My eyes shifted towards her. “…What how do you-“

“Remember the other day at the spa when I told you about that one dream I had where I encountered this mysterious black cloaked figure?”

I put my face in my hands. “I’m not even gonna ask who it was that you saw”

“Look Kris, he told me specifically not to tell anyone, and I didn’t. But telling you this, its alright…”

“And how’s it alright exactly?”

“Because he told me last night, in my dream”


“He’s known you long enough to know that your trustworthy and won’t say anything about this, including keeping that book of his safe.”

I looked at the book that was in my hands, I then hugged it tight to my chest. “So, he really is real then…”

Vanessa felt bad for telling her this, but saying this out loud to someone who she can trust and keep this secret to herself, made both of them feel better and let some air out of their chest.

“Now I know what he meant by ‘tomorrow’”

“Wait, what do you mean tomorrow?” Vanessa asked.

“Ever since the flight, before we even got here, I’ve been having these weird dreams where I’ve been encountering Sonic a lot, and just now not too long ago, I had a dream where I saw him and Jules. He was presenting his castle to Sonic as his birthday present, he looked so happy that day but only to see that it was when Jules was still sick at the time and didn’t want to tell him. Then I saw Sonic, who looked, well, normal…so normal”

Vanessa worried at this, ever since she noticed her acting all weird, she knew something was up…but she kinda figured it was coming from Sonic.

“He was just so sad, the tears coming from his eyes, all that anger inside of him, I can tell by all of that just how lonely he really is…”

“Well, that’s a lot to take in, what he went through was traumatizing, I get it, but that still didn’t answer my question, what did you mean by ‘tomorrow’?

“Oh right that, uh, well before I woke up, he said: ‘you’ll be seeing a lot more of me very soon, starting tomorrow, where I’ll explain everything…’ ”

I didn’t mention him kissing me suddenly, so I kept it to myself so that she wouldn’t mock me about it.

“Wait, tomorrow…is your birthday…I guess he just wants to prove everything to you that he’s real and not just an illusion that come into dreams.

“You think so?”

“What other reason would there be?”

“Well, I did mention in one of the dreams to him that I was coming here for my birthday, but how does he know what day it is?”

“…Wait, you don’t suppose your folks know about this do you?” I asked questionably.

“Why would they know about this? There’s no way that Sonic would’ve just
followed one of them, expose himself and ask them just like that, it couldn’t have been that easy. But, to be fair, they’re the only people here that know when your birthday is, so…”

“The only other possible way he did it, was somehow convince them without them exposing him completely…”

Vanessa was thinking, then came out with a possible answer. “Well, according to this possible info we have, I think it took a lot more then convincing for them to tell him, most likely it was a deal.”

“You think so?”

“Think about it, its both not only your birthday tomorrow but your party as well. And  that tomorrow will most likely be his only chance that he’ll get to see you, and explain on whats been going on.”

“Your right.”

Vanessa reassured me, put her arm around me. “Look, tomorrow’s gonna be a big day for you, and I don’t want you worrying too much about it, so let’s just keep this between us for the time being, we’ll tell the girls when the time’s right.”

“Ok” I said getting up, making my way back to my room. “And one more thing…”

Vanessa looked at me.

“Thanks for believing me. With everything going on, its nice to know that I’m not the only one going through this bull****, I don’t what’d I do without you.”

She smiled softly, accepting the compliment from her best friend.

“You know you can count on me for anything, right? So for now, think about all that nice tasty wine were gonna have tomorrow”

“Oh ho, you bet I will”

She followed behind me, escorting me out the door. Once I left she closed her door behind me, feeling guilty but relieved.

‘Sorry, but I had to tell her, I was getting worried about her, and so were you, I hope you can understand…’



I was back in my room sitting on my bed, but I wasn’t tired anymore, instead of going back to sleep, I decided to finish off what was in this book with out it framing me out.

“Well, let’s see what you have to offer Sonic…”



About half hour had past, and from the looks if it, it wasn’t even dinner time yet, and got the book done fast.

The chapter on Sonic was just explaining his birth, and his life from then on. I can already tell, that he had such a perfect life…until the incident.

But that wasn’t the only thing, the last chapter ‘Final Days’, didn’t have anything on it, no writing, nothing, it was completely blank.

…A thought came along

I get it now, why Jules gave him this book, not to only read it but to finish it off for him.

To finish off his story…
The Lonely Vampire Prince
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Sonic Character (c) SEGA & Sonic Team
Animal Colouring #6
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Chapter 11:      

“How The Lonely Vampire Prince Came To Be”

Part 3 of 3      


5 nights later…

July 28th, 1416…9:15pm

These past few nights have just been, well, really difficult. Both my parents have been going to see my grandmother to keep her company now that it’s her in the castle there, but it’s even harder when both of them are going back and forth just to see her. So they thought it’d be best if she came to stay with us for a little bit, and I was fine with that. She needed all the support that she can get right now.

Me on the other hand, this was more difficult for me to deal with, I was struggling more than the others sometimes. When you lose someone so close to you, it sucks big time, and you can’t really do anything about it, but move forward and continue their legacy through out time.

And that’s exactly what I was going to do.

I was sitting on the window seat of my bedroom, looking at the night sky outside, the stars shining bright as ever, including the moon.

‘I hope your somewhere safe, wherever you are’ Sonic lowered his head with dropped ears and sighed.

He then pulled out a note from his back. It was from Amy, a pink hedgehog girl from the village who he had been good friends with since 5 years of age. She had a bright and kind personality, and was there for Sonic no matter what. But, unfortunately, she was away at the moment and didn’t remember when she was coming back.

I looked at the piece of paper in my hand. Mhm, maybe she wrote it in here. She gave it to me at the funeral a few days ago as she did she was leaving for a little bit. Maybes now the time to open it.

I opened it fully, then read it.

‘Dear Sonic, I’m so sorry I couldn’t stay long and be there for you at the funeral, I had to leave to visit some family elsewhere, so I’m writing this to let you know that I won’t be gone long, I’ll be returning sometime on the 28th, let’s meet up at Luminous Lake, at let’s say, 9:30, I’ll be there waiting’

- Amy

I lightly smiled. ‘Well at least I have someone like her in my life to make things brighter for me’

I got up and walked to where the grandfather clock was sitting at. I looked to see it was around 9:20pm. I should get going, good thing the lake isn’t that far from here.

I went over to the window and opened it up. A slight breeze came sweeping in the room, it felt cool. I look out in front of me, the ground beneath me wasn’t that high up from where I was standing.

“Well, good thing I was born to be adventurous” I climbed up the ledge and closed the window behind me slowly before jumping off the ledge. I quietly made my way towards the lake without  being noticed by the guards outside the front doors. I looked back at the castle for a moment.

‘I feel like one of those people that just sneaks out, breaks their curfew, just so they can go out and be the naughty kid that they are, and doesn’t want to listen to the rules. Well good thing I was raised to be a good boy.’

I sighed. ‘I hate sneaking out like this really, but I’ve been cooped up in that castle for a few days now, not wanting to come out, plus I want to see Amy and spend some time with her, at least for a little bit.’ I turned back around and walked over towards the lake.

I reached the lake, but no sign of Amy yet. ‘I’ll give her a few minutes’

I sat down in front of the water.

Looking at it a night is peaceful, and the sounds of loons can be heard in the distance. The water was clear, making small gentle waves crash to the ground, and twinkling in the moon light. I usually come here just to get away from things, some peace and quiet.

Over the past couple years, Amy and I both started to like each other a little bit, were both growing up and becoming more mature, and at this time around, I think now would be the time to talk about it.

I then looked at my reflection in the water, staring back at me. I have so many emotions bottled up inside of me that it’s hard to tell how exactly how I feel right now. Maybe Amy feels the same way like I do…

If she does, then, I could possibly tell her tonight how I feel…

Just then, a screaming in the distance interrupted his thoughts. This made Sonic’s ears perk up and alarmed.

“Wait, that scream, I know it!”

It was coming from the left side of the forest. I ran off fast as I could towards where the screaming was coming from.

“S-Someone help me! Anybody!”

Sonic recognized the voice immediately and ran faster towards where it was coming from.

He came to an immediate halt when he came an small opening of the forest. His eyes widened at the scene in front of him.

Amy was on ground backing up as someone in a black cloak was in front of her.

“G-get away from me you nasty creature!”

“Oh, but why? Your blood smells delicious from here, I can already taste it” The creature said licking its lips in delight.

Sonic clenched his fists in anger, but was confused for moment. Why does this person want her blood? What kind of person eats blood for food?

He then thought for a moment. He then remembered his folks telling him about all these mythical creatures years ago at a young age, and to stay away from them if they looked anything suspicious or acted ’weird’ in any case. Could this be one of them he heard about?


He snapped out of his thoughts and forgot that ’Thing’ was in front of Amy ready to ‘eat’ her blood any moment.

‘I gotta thing of something, quick!’ There was nothing around to help Sonic right now, but he couldn’t just stand and let his love get attacked by that creature.

An idea suddenly popped into his head, and according to him, it was one of those ‘crazy but  just might work ideas’ or in his case, a really stupid one. But knowing this was the only option, he simply had no other choice…

…It was the only way to save her.

‘I’m…so sorry’  

The creature’s red eyes glowed and bared its fangs, ready to feast on Amy. ’You’ll be dry when I’m done with you.

With faith…

“Get away from her!”

Sonic rushed forward and jumped in front of the creature right before it even pounced on her, pushing it out of the way, out of her reach.

Amy was about to accept her fate when she didn’t feel anything coming. She noticed this and was relieved but when she looked beside her…she was in utter shock when she now saw who the creature was fighting against.

Sonic was fighting off the creature above him.

“My my, aren’t you a brave one saving the love of your life, how sweet. But it won’t be as sweet as your blood.” The creature smelled his blood and licked its lips once more.

“Don’t you even dare touch him, you freak!” Amy yelled, ready to attack it herself.

“A-Amy! Don’t worry about me, just go get help!”


“Just go!”

Amy hesitated, struggling off tears but nodded, she ran as fast as she could towards the village.

“Heh! Looks like it’s just you and me, bloodsucker!” Sonic said, trying to pry the creature off him.

“Heheh, let’s see how quickly you can dodge this!” It was about to bite Sonic when he suddenly kicked it off him, knocking it ti the ground.

Sonic quickly got up. “Ha! Not so tough now! Huh?” HIs victory lasted for a few seconds until it came back, slamming him forcefully into the nearest tree, taking him by surprise.

“That’s where your wrong hedgehog”

Sonic weakly got up. “I-I know what you are, what your capable of”

“Oh, so you have heard of us, trust me were capable of a lot of things…including this…”

The vampire rushed towards him, pinning him to the tree.

Sonic tried to get away…

But it was too late.

By the time Amy reached the village, a mob of knight guards were out scattered in the village on their horses, so were the royals.

She approached them. “What’s going on?”

“Oh Amy, thank goodness your here. We noticed that Sonic wasn’t in his room back at the castle” Jules said.

“He must’ve snuck out, have you seen him by any chance?” Bernadette asked.

She was about to answer when an agonizing scream echoed from the forest.

Everyone perked up, so did their ears.

“Sonic!” Bernadette shouted. “Where is he Amy?”

“He wasn’t too far from Luminous Lake, I’ll show you the way”

Bernadette nodded, and patted the back of her saddle for Amy to climb on.

“Just go down straight!”

“Men! This way!” Jules shouted.

They quickly made their way down

Amy held onto Bernadette tightly with fear gripping her. ’Hang in there Sonic…’


Sonic was struggling for his life as the creature was sucking the blood from his neck. He was struggling to fight it off, but was becoming weaker by the moment.

Just before coming unconscious, heard the sound of galloping coming towards from the other way.

“There!” Amy pointed.

The others had arrived to see the young royal being devoured by that ‘thing’.

Bernadette was horrified at was happening to her son. “Don’t worry dear, I’m coming!”

She quickly got off her horse about to head for Sonic but Jules stopped her before she can go further.

“Dear, you can’t!”


“I’m sure whatever that thing is, we can stop it together. Men! Prepare to-“

“Wait! I have some things that might kill it!” Amy said. They turned to look at her quizzically.

From her back she pulled out two things, a jar containing ‘holy’ water, and a thick long stick like thing, from the looks of it, it appeared to be a stake.

“Amy, where’d you get those?” Jules asked.

“I always carry things like this with me if I suspect any danger around. Now would be the time to use them!” She said, giving Jules the jar of holy water, while she gave Bernadette the stake.

“You really came through Amy, thank you.” He said.

She nodded.

“Dear, listen to me, I’m going to lure that thing away from Sonic, on my command, stab the stake through its body, understand?! He said making his way to the vampire, who was still sucking on Sonic’s neck.

She nodded and waited for the command. “Be careful dear!” Amy decided to stay close to the
army of knights just to be safe. A look of worry spread all over her. ‘Oh Sonic…

Sonic on the other hand was becoming paler and weaker by the second. But it suddenly stopped when a shrieking cry came from the vampire. Jules had sprayed some water on the vampire, making it howl with pain, this however caused it to stop feasting on Sonic.

“H-how dare you!” The vampire turned around with anger, steam coming off its body front the holy water. It was about to go for Jules…

“Now Bernadette!” The vampire was confused for a moment until something pierced through its chest from behind, making it shrill in pain. It noticed a stake right through its heart. It then fell to the ground, where it disintegrated into dust.

Everyone was relieved, but not quite relieved.

Jules, Amy and the guards were by Sonic, who was still pretty much alive, but still very weak. “Oh my dear boy!” Frightened, Bernadette came rushing to her son’s side, dropping to her knees, hugging him tight. “Thank goodness we came just time!” Then she smelled something very unpleasant coming from him, almost ‘metallic’ like. She then stood up, and widened her eyes at what it was. Everyone around them had the same expression.

Sonic had two holes formed on the side of his neck, dripping with a little bit of blood.

Everyone was almost petrified at this. “N-No, this can’t be happening!” Amy said, in utter shock.

Jules went by her side to comfort her. “I-I’m sorry Amy, at least we now know what that creature was. But from the looks of it, it doesn’t look good from here.”

Since they knew what this creature was now, they now knew what the outcome would be…


Sonic, who later on had regained some of his strength back, had told his folks later afterwards why he snuck out, He knew it wasn’t just to see Amy, but he couldn’t sleep and was cooped up inside for the past 5 days. They did understood that he’s been having a difficult time processing Jules death, so they weren’t all that mad, just the part where he snuck out is all. Amy did explain to them too that she was out of town and was arriving later tonight, and thought it would be the best time to see him.

And now that Sonic has been bitten by that vampire, it would only get worse from here. Sonic, not having any choice, decided that it would be best for him to leave this village, get away from there so that he would cause no harm to anyone, including his loved ones, especially Amy.

The others were hesitant and skeptical on the idea, but finding a cure for it would be impossible to find, or there just wasn’t a cure at all. Knowing this wasn’t going to be easy on them…

Finally, at the end, they agreed on it.

Later that night…

Sonic was about to leave his only place where it would’ve brought him happiness, but knowing what would become of him, looks like he won’t be getting a happy ending after all, especially with Amy, the love of his life.

His folks, friends, and even some of the people of the village, have packed some things for him to take with him, including something that’ll help him with his ‘nourishment’.

But where was he going to go?

He knew of one place…a place where it would bring him happy memories, and to keep him safe and sound. He then said goodbye to everyone he knew, then fled quickly as possible. Everyone watched in sadness as the young prince, now a runaway/soon to be vampire, as he disappeared down the road.
I was running a lot more faster than usual, could this be a side effect from that bite I got?

Mhm? Well, I do know for a fact that vampires do have super speed, so that kinda makes sense.

Sonic came to a halt at his destination. He then looked up at the place.

‘I haven’t been here since his death…where I witnessed it in front of my own eyes. But I know it will keep me safe for the time being. Perhaps the rest of my life.’

A sudden throbbing in my head started when I started making my way inside the place.

I then started swaying a little once I got inside, almost making me fall.

“I, don’t feel so good…”

It was then I realized, I got here in just the nick of time. And it’s a good thing I left as soon as possible, cause the timing came for me at just the right moment, as a sudden surge of excruciating pain come rushing through me. I fell to my knees and grabbed my head. “N-No!” 

Sonic felt a strange but devastating sensation inside of him. It was the venom coming from the bite, flowing through his body, now starting to take full effect.

He couldn’t really fight it, as the pain started to become worse, and was yowling in pain. He now dropped to the floor, his body convulsing. All Sonic could do at this very moment was suffer, and let the pain take over.

The venom spread through out inside of him, shutting down all the organs inside his body, including his heart and brain (well some of his brain). His two front slightly pointed teeth, now being pulled into very sharp and pointy fangs. The fingers on his hands now becoming claws, and lastly, his eye colour kept shifting until they were no longer emerald green…now turning a glowing blood red.

With flashes of images flooding his head, mostly memories or things he’s seen, his mind finally went blank...

It was over, he no longer felt the pain. The pain was finally over. But knowing what he just went through…


Sonic quickly went to go find a mirror. He ran upstairs, went straight to his grandparents bedroom and found one. He dropped to his knees. When he looked at himself, he was in complete and utter disbelief, and shock, before his reflection disappeared in front of him, no longer seeing how he looked.  

He didn’t want to accept the fact that he was no longer mortal, but now seeing what has become of him, he had to accept this fate from now on, and now knowing the fact that he now has to drink…blood, and only blood from now on.

Sonic clenched his hands into fists, he was down right frustrated and upset. He did it for a good cause, for someone he cared about so deeply. But thinking about it he had to do it, there was really no other way.

‘This is just great! First my grandfather dies and now this?! Things couldn’t possibly get any worse…oh wait a second, they already did!’

Sonic put his hands in his face as tears struck his face as he now had to face his now immortal life, and what lies ahead of it…


“Now, over the past 5 centuries, Sonic learned to control his vampirism, but because of that though, he became very depressed about it. Not only because of that, but the ones he loved back at home would pass on, and no longer be here on this planet, especially Amy. He would forever then be lonely…” Bianca said, finishing up.

Despite the state he’s in now, or could be, he had made himself one goal, and one goal only…no matter how long it would take him to accomplish it…to find someone who would love him for the creature that he is, and so that he wouldn’t be so lonely anymore…

“Omg! That’s just so sad and horrible” Adeline said, covering her mouth. “I can’t even imagine what he must’ve went through…”

“I feel you girl” Alice put a hand to her shoulder.

I put my head in shame. ‘As crazy as this sounds…I honestly feel really sorry about him too. That he gotten his life taken from him in moments…’

“So how did these rumours even start in the first place?” Vanessa asked.

“Well it started in the 1900’s and continued on…as modern society and its people were changing over the time, they would be seeing a blue blur or mysterious figure appear out on the streets at night. They didn’t know what for, but almost right away, they immediately guessed that it was rumoured to be Jules I’s long lost grandson who became immortal. Nobody fully saw him physically, and see if it was him for sure but since they really couldn’t make it out, they then decided  to give this mysterious being a name for the time being…”

“And that would be?…” Adeline asked.

“Since his backstory is easy to know, it actually didn’t take long to come up with a name for him…”

“So, what is it then?” Alice asked.

“They came up with a name that would surely be remembered always…The Lonely Vampire Prince”

“That’s, an interesting name to be honest” Alice said.

“And it suits him well and his situation” Adeline said.

“Cause he’s a prince, who’s a vampire, and that he’s been lonely for so long?” I asked


“She’s not joking really so” Vanessa said.

“Yeah I know”

Just then…*stomachs rumbling*

Bianca looked at her watch. 12:25pm “Heh, well looks I’ve taken up a lot of time then?”

“Well, we did have a light breakfast this morning so” Alice said.

“Are they any places to eat around?” Adeline said.

“Uh, can’t say I’m not really sure, but whatever you find will sure satisfy you” Bianca said.

“Yeah, what she said” I said, my stomach starting to hurt from the hunger.

“Well, anyways I should be getting something myself, my next tour will be starting soon. Hope you ladies enjoyed the lovely tour today”

“Well, I certainly did!” Adeline said, thinking back to the painting of Sonic on how cute he looked.

“Me too. Not to mention that little story…” Alice said.

“Yes it is quite tragic. But even if he is actually real, then I hope he finds what he’s looking for…” Bianca said. “Well, gotta head back, enjoy the rest of your day!” She then headed back towards the castle entrance.

“Thanks again!” Vanessa almost shouting so Bianca could hear. She then turned to the girls.

“Well with today being quite the journey, I’d say we all deserve a good meal, don’t you think?”

A bunch of nods were and “yeahs” were said.

“Well then, Uncle’s already here so let’s get going shall we?” We got up from the ground, dusting off what ever dirt or grass was on our outfits. We then headed for the car, when I stopped to quickly turn around for a moment.

Nothing was at the window this time. Funny, I was actually kinda expecting to see ‘Sonic’ pop up one last time before saying good bye.

I sighed. If it is him, then why’s it always when he somehow sees me whenever I’m around? Well, he is reportedly to be immortal and sometimes people like that could have special abilities, or powers even…Maybe that’s how he’s catching/watching me…most likely in my dreams though, since I did actually encounter him, not knowing it was him, and his name until now. But I don’t know 100% yet, I should keep looking…maybe that book will help me out.

Another sudden thought came to attention…



If his goal is to find someone to love him back and not be lonely anymore, then…It makes sense now…

Could I be the ‘one’ that he’s looking for?

There’s absolute no way…I don’t even know for sure that he’s…

I don’t know. I shook it off, and hurried for the car.

From the window above, Sonic, with his cloak hood up, shielding himself this time, watched as the girl got into the vehicle and disappeared into the distance. A small smile formed onto his face. But a look of worry came onto him as she probably already knows about him by now, not to mention that he has his book, the one his grandfather gave him.

‘I’m just forcing myself to show her what I am, maybe I am getting too eager about this…”

He sighed. ‘She’s been through enough already, I’ll give her a break, just until tomorrow night that is….As for my book…as long as she keeps it in a safe place, something tells me I can trust her well with it.
The Lonely Vampire Prince
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Here's Part 3 of Chapter 11!



All characters belong to me.
Sonic Character (c) SEGA & Sonic Team
Chapter 11:      

“Death of a King”

Part 2 of 3    

June 20th, 1416…9:20pm


An elder greyish male blue hedgehog was standing outside his backyard in his pyjamas just getting some fresh air, clearing his mind.

“Jules are you alright, my dear?” A dark blue/grey elderly female hedgehog coming up to his side.

“Mhm?” He cleared his throat, putting his arm around his wife. “Oh, yes, my love, just a little tickle in the throat is all.”

Aleena sighed, as she looked up at the clear night sky above them, and the sound of crickets around them being heard in the background.

“I can’t believe that in a few days, our grandson will be celebrating his 16th birthday, time flies doesn’t it?”

“Ah! It sure does. It seems like yesterday that I was helping Jules II help Sonic take his first steps. Oh those were the days.” I can remember the day that he was born. Best day for all of us, especially me. I needed someone to look after and take over my place, and decided it would be best to give it to him.

Jules sighed. “I just hope I can make his day worth it, without making a fuss of my condition, I feel like it gets worse each day.”

“Well, try not to not think about it so much, we don’t how much time is left.”

“Yes, your right. I’m trying to stay positive not just for us, but for Sonic too. His birthday is coming shortly and would like to make it the best one he has so far.”

“Well I’m sure that the gifts you have for him will make him happy” Aleena said as they both started to walk back in the castle

“Very happy indeed”


3 days later…June 23rd, 1416…1:15pm

“Jules! Are you coming? They should be here soon” Aleena was at the outside the front for the arrival of the other royal family.

Jules came out with a small chalice cup with steam coming out of it. “Relax dear, I’m here now.”

“Oh good, Sebastian got you your tea ready”

“Don’t worry, I told him to save you some for later, and its your favourite.”

“Oh dear, you know me so well”

The sound of galloping came closer from the left side of them. A golden/brown carriage just approaching them.

A young male greyish/blue hedgehog resembling a little like Jules came out first, followed by a navy blue hedgehog woman, who the other Jules helped her come out by lending out his hand to her, she grabbed it and took her time coming out front the carriage.

“Thank you as always my love” Bernadette said to her husband.

“Anytime dear. Let’s get a move on Sonic!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming, just give me a minute”

“Alright, alright, don’t be long though”

“I won’t”

Jules II and Bernadette walked up to greet the elderly royals, they exchanged greetings and hellos.

“Ah, Jules it’s good to see you as always my dear son, and of course Bernadette my lovely daughter in law” Elder Jules said.

Bernadette blushed at the comment. “Oh Jules, your too kind as always, and I see that your doing a little better than before.”

“Eh, well I have my good and bad days but I’d say I’m doing slightly better overall” He said.

“Well, I’m glad your maintaining and watching your health Father, considering that you only had a few months to live according to the doctor.”

Jules sighed. “Yes, well, let’s not mention this right now as it is a special day today and don’t want to bring this up in conversation.” He said.

Jules II slightly bowed. “Yes, of course, father”

“Speaking of which, where is that dashing grandson of ours?” Aleena asked, wondering what was keeping Sonic a little bit behind.

Everyone felt the same way, especially the young royals.

Meanwhile in the carriage, Sonic was quickly fixing himself in the small mirror that was there.

‘Alright Sonic, you’ve got this, today’s the day your finally becoming a man, your no longer a child, time to get serious and have fun out there today.’


“He said he’d be a minute, I know he’s probably a little nervous for today but he shouldn’t be this long” Bernadette getting a little antsy.

“Give him another minute to prep himself, he does want to make a good day out of today” Jules II said.

Just then, Sonic emerged from the carriage. As soon as he stepped out, a bee came flying by, buzzing around him.

He started making swatting gestures at it. “Ugh! Get away from me you little freak!” He started dashing back and forth but still no prevail as it was still there flying every time he moved.

“Ugh! Oh c’mon!”

“Ahem” Sonic stopped for a brief moment to notice his king of a grandfather approach him.

“Sonic, remember what I said what to when the bees are being like that?”

Sonic sighed and stopped, he stood still. Shortly after, the bee slowly flew away into another direction.

“Oh thank god” Sonic said, relieved. “Why do these things even exist exactly?”

“Well my dear boy, put it this way, they are very annoying creatures yes, but with out them, we would not survive, they are the ones that pollinate certain things on this planet, they’re  responsible for giving us the food and resources that we have today, they’re the ones that keep this planet alive.”

“Yeah I get it now”

Jules pulled something from his back, it was a small white present box with red ribbon tied around along with a red bow on top, he then gave it to Sonic.

“Here, will this make you feel better?” He asked.

A smile lit up Sonic’s face with the the small box in his hands.

“Huh, well would you look at that, I feel better already.”

They then walked back over to the other royals who were waiting for them. “Happy Birthday Sonic, we have a lot planned today and I guarantee it that your going to love it.”

“Oh definitely”

In the present time…

“Wow looks like Sonic was really happy that day” Alice said.

“He was indeed, but that’s what they say usually, all you need is the company of friends and family for those occasions to cherish the memories really” Bianca said.

“I wonder what he got that day? I’m sure he must’ve gotten a lot” Adeline asked.

“Oh he did, indeed, one of them being a book his grandfather gave to him”

My heart suddenly skipped a beat when I heard. I turned to Vanessa who was giving me that ‘I know what she’s talking about’ look.

‘Wait so, the book I got at the book store and own now was actually Sonic’s?’

‘I don’t believe this’

“But unfortunately…”

I looked back at Bianca who continued on with the story. ‘I wanna hear more of this’

“Tragedy struck just days after…”

July 23rd, 1416…sometime in the afternoon

Jules was laying in his bed, looking a little pale and weak than usual. Aleena was there sitting by her husband along with Jules II and Bernadette around them with the village’s doctor examining him.

“How’s he looking Thomas?” Jules II asked, getting concerned.

Thomas was examining his heart with his stethoscope, and by the looks of it, it didn’t look great.  

He sighed with sorrow. “I-I’m afraid he doesn’t have that much time my lord, his heart is very weak at the moment. Those remedies that I recommended would’ve lasted him for a good while.”

Jules II went up to him and put a hand on his shoulder for re-encouragement.

“Don’t worry Thomas, you’ve done well in aiding him this past couple months, and that he’s managed to come this far.” Jules looked at his father with a fallen look.

“Well, o-one of us is gonna have to get Sonic for this, he has to say last his words to him, and probably say his goodbyes to him too.” Bernadette said, looking down, knowing Sonic’s not going to be happy about this. “I’ll go get him”

She turned to leave the room but to see Sonic already standing there.

“Sonic, we told you specifically to wait out side the room until we called you to come in” Knowing her son, that he gets impatient quickly and that he doesn’t like to wait long.

“I, couldn’t wait any longer and the tension was getting to me, your not the only one who’s concerned here.”

She hesitated, knowing he did have a point, and was going to tell him eventually. She sighed.

“Bernadette…” Jules came up to her and put his arm around her.

“Let’s just give him some space since he’s here now.”

She nodded.

“Sonic, would you like to see him? I’m sure he’d like that.”

He nodded then went past by him to where his now dying grandfather laid.

Aleena who was there beside him, moved over so Sonic can see his grandfather and spend whatever time was left of him.

Sonic, now looking at him, seeing as how pale and weak he looks, it hurt him a lot, seeing him  in this state.

Jules slowly looked towards his grandson, who was showing a concerned but confused look.

“Sonic, I didn’t want to tell you this because I knew it would trouble you so we kept it hidden, I didn’t want you to worry.”

Sonic was somewhat bothered, and troublesome with this but understood what he was saying.

“It started off with a little cold but got much worse later on, I thought I would turn out a lot better, I guess not.”

Jules put a hand on Sonic’s shoulder, he did the same.

“Just promise me that you’ll look after this place for me? I trust you”

Sonic smiled sadly. “Of course I will”

“Your going to be a great ruler one day, I just know it.”

Sonic watched tearfully as his eyes shut slowly as Jules took his last breath.

Tears wounded up in his eyes. The man he admired and looked up to his whole life, was gone.

He turned his head. “I…I think need some air” He made a quick run out the door, tears still staining his eyes, making it hard to see a little. He couldn’t bare with it any longer.

Aleena, Bernadette, and Jules II saw this, and honestly just made them look regretful and guilty. Aleena was about to go after him, but Jules II stopped her with his arm out.

“Just, leave him be Mother, give him his space”

She hesitated but nodded. Looking back towards her now deceased husband, she couldn’t handle the pain like the others, including Sonic.
A week has gone by since Jules, today was the most painful/hardest part of it, his funeral.

Everyone in village including the royals were there. Everyone had paid their respects and gave condolences. It was the end of the ceremony and people were putting roses onto the wooden brown casket that held the late King.

Sonic, heavy with grief, was the last one there, his friends and family just meters away from him, giving him some space to say his final goodbye.

He was in front of the casket, holding the rose in his hand.

“I will do my best to protect this place, this village and its people, I promise.”
The Lonely Vampire Prince
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Anyways enjoy this continuation of Chapter 11!



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