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Welcome Freaks!!

SonicFreaks-United is the place for those of us who seem to have an unhealthy obsession with that speedy blue hedgehog. We welcome those young and old, purebreds or hybrids; either it be the regular cast or a gang of your own; fan art or fan fiction...

Step right in... Sonic Fans Rejoice!! :dummy:
We understand ourselves you know ;p!

:bulletblue: Our purpose here is…

-To come together with the fandom we all know and love;
-Meet people who share our interests;
-Promote your art; whether it’s drawing or literature;
-View art from other artists;
-Grow and learn to improve and polish our skills;
-Chat or RP with fellow members;
-Stay on track with the Sonic stuff;

And most importantly,
Have fun!! :dummy:

:bulletyellow: Behind every safe community, there is a set of rules. So please respect and follow them.

:bulletred: How to Join

It’s easy! Don't be afraid! Click that big shiny button that says "Join Group” and you’ll instantly join us as a member!

:bulletpink: Submission Rules and Folder Descriptions

<>Read our rules and folder descriptions here!</a> Usually our rules and folder description post is also displayed to the right of this widget. ----->

Submissions that don't follow our rules can and will get rejected, so don't ignore our rules! The rules post also describes how we handle people who don't follow the rules repeatedly, so keep that in mind! Feel free to ask us if you're confused about if we'll accept your deviations!

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Patches by SailingScum
This Machine by TheCRINGELQRD
Palette Practice - Sonic by BlazeTBW
REMAKE - Silver Telekinesis Flame by JustASonicFan
SnowBoarding Sonic (Junio style Practice) by DistantDylan2391
Sonic The hedgehog (Fanart) by DistantDylan2391
Prelude To Ascent - Prologue Page 26 by ChibiKittyIra
Prelude To Ascent - Prologue Page 25 by ChibiKittyIra
Our Admins Art
SRGS: G.U.N. Poster by SAJ-Man
SRGS: Black Arms Eclipse Poster by SAJ-Man
Chaos 2 Contest - Happy Halloween! by SAJ-Man
Sonic Villain October Contest 2020!! *CLOSED*FINAL EDIT: 12/21/20: The contest is officially over! I want to thank everyone who participated and everyone who could get their entries in on time! The winners of 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Place will be announced on January 1st, so be sure to look for a journal from me then! There certainly was a lot of talent and creativity on display this year, I would honestly say this was the best year yet! So once again, to everyone who could participate, thank you for making this year's contest a success! And to all who couldn't quite make it for whatever reasons, it's okay. There's always next year! ;D====================================Heya everybody! I've been waiting a long time for this time of year to come around again and it's finally here! ^v^ Yes, it's (nearly) October! Meaning, it's time for the annual Sonic Villain October Contest!   That special time of year where everyone comes together and draws a Sonic villain the previous year's winner picked out! The villain this year is none other than CHAOS 2!! (Not Chaos 0, not Perfect Chaos, Chaos 2. Don't worry I have reference images to help you guys out C: ) ,EDIT 11/4/20: Correction! The game canon had the Purple (right hand) and Gray (left hand) Chaos Emeralds. The Purple emerald just looked red because Chaos's model was weird and changed the color of the emeralds after it absorbed them. Even the Gray emerald looked blue after it absorbed it. So honestly, just use whatever Chaos Emerald combination you want! I certainly did XDDDEDIT 10/31/20: For participants who are wondering, the game canon Chaos 2 has the Red (right hand) and Gray (left hand) Chaos Emeralds, while the Sonic X Chaos 2 has the Red (left hand) and Yellow (right hand) Chaos Emeralds. Either combination is fine, I just went with Red and Gray because I like the game canon more. Like I said, you've got some wiggle room with this XDRules & Guidelines#1) You have to draw the chosen villain. The chosen villain is Chaos 2. Please do not draw any another villain for this contest. #2) The villain of the contest MUST be drawn/modeled/animated/cosplayed?/whatevered in the pic. This can be a different presentation of the character (anthro, chibi, chao, redesigns, etc.), but it has to be clear that the character in your pic is the chosen villain. #3) Comment/note/tell me somehow that you plan on participating BEFORE making an entry (this is just easier for me  ) #4) Please. Spread. The. Word. Tell your friends, your watchers, your groups about this contest. The more the merrier! All are welcome! Send me a link/screenshot of you spreading the word to your watchers or your groups, please and thank you C: #5) Gore, suggestive themes, strong language, it's all fair game. Just don't... don't post porn, you guys. Come on X'DDDDD #6) You don't have to watch me/favorite this journal/favorite anything from me or any of the admins, I'm not trying to trick people into watching me. You don't even have to be a member of this group to participate! I just want to provide a fun event for Sonic fans to participate in and show their skills. That's all ^v^ #7) When you're ready to upload your art piece, simply mention me, @SAJ-Man in the description so I can know immediately when you upload it! THE 1ST PLACE PRIZE THIS YEAR AROUND IS 1500 POINTS!! AND THE CONTEST OFFICIALLY ENDS DECEMBER 20TH! SO YOU'VE GOT PLENTY OF TIME TO DO AN AMAZING PIECE!! (I just call it the October Contest because it starts in October XD) The 2nd and 3rd place winners will get line art/sketch commissions from me! if you even want them idk, maybe you won't XDDDI'll announce the winners on January 1st, so come on back here New Years Day to see if you won, okay? ;D And that's all, expect updates during the coming months! Thank you and good luck to all the contestants in advance, I hope everybody has fun again this year! I can't wait to see some good stuff from you guys! Good luck to everyone in advance...
Official Game Character Art
Amy Rose-Anonymous Commission by ThePenVsTheSword
Being a Ranger by 1HardDan1
Dat Guy by Tri-Chiy
Sonic Colors Ultimate covers - by jonnisalazar
Fan Character Art
G: Eric Anime by Tails1998
At Your Service by RexTheTRexHog
My Sonic OCs!! by piink-rose
evelyn: summer outfit by kohkytus
Game Character with Fan Character Art
Father and daughter by x20abi20x
Caught ya! by SilhouetteRobotnik
Commission: One on One by Flipsy529
Happy (Belated) Birthday Mike Pollock! by CreamsFriend
CLOSED - Original Character Art
Let's explore galaxies! by ColorfuLoad
Redesign:Me Collab Meme #5 by BlazeTBW
[PC] Anastasia, Holly and Marcel by LeslieElena19
Darron Chalid -New Ref- by Lauretta-Chan
CLOSED - Official Character Art
Sweet like honey by PumpkinHillPie
Day 46 - 16.03.17 by Nennai
Join The Resistance! by HumbleTrickster
Bat Girl by BombStaticz
Customization - Stamps, Icons, Wallpapers, Skins
Sonic Wallpaper by DarlanSpace
Fursona 5 by thekingdog
[Animation] Icon 11-01 by Electrisa
.: Aurora Icon :. by pyuumilk
SonAmyShad by GothicSnowflake
Sonic Heroes 2 - Rose - page 52 by Missplayer30
COM - Clone Cyborg Tails by Missplayer30
SONIC and TAILS Crystal Hazard - Teaser #1 by EVOHeaven
Fan Fiction
Julie Su's relaxing Knuckles massage (by James M) by cvgwjames
[OPEN]  Sonic Adopts 1 by LuSaGaFus
Animation - Sally SatAM Intro by Pesky-Pincushion
Commissions and other Sonic selfpromotion
YCH 5: OPEN by NejiShadowAdopts
Shading study/test by XAnime-SonicArtistX
Sonic Zones
Mushroom Hill Zone by Joelchan
London Olympics 2012 by SupaSilver
Skyfire GenerationThis is a sequel to my game Sonic Skyfire. It features the next generation of Freedom Fighters who are fighting new villains to save Mobius.About the GameMore than one villain or conflict to complete. Some challenges can only be completed by a certain character while others can be done by anyone. A game of exploration and adventure.Story IntroductionThe main three characters are Snowy, Tattle, and Cyberhog. Snowy Whitefox is the granddaughter of Tails. She, her cousin Tattle the Fox, and friend Cyberhog are marooned in a distant land. Their sky-ship crashed into forest ruins full of wind they would name Gale Den.The strange land is crawling with Robotnik’s old experimental machines. But something more sinister is about. The ghost of Knuckles appears to reveal the first Chaos Crystal and to inform them of the Element, a species with group consciousness that feeds off of chaos energy. They will need the 7 Crystals to destroy this threat. Meanwhile the Hunters under Metal Sonic are searching for their crashed ship to finish them off. And the Wolf Pack under an elderly Lupe Wolf (along with other Freedom Fighters) are searching to rescue them.Character AppearanceThe level of realism is similar to Final Fantasy or Zootopia; some realism without entering the uncanny valley. Proportions and style are somewhere between classic and modern. This means that I keep the round torso, sharper features, and longer limbs (longer than classic). Younger characters like Snowy Whitefox are less lanky but not too stubby.Zone AppearanceDespite the realism it should never be discolored or gritty. There should be a wide variety of creative settings for events to take place.Playing the ZonesGale Den is the main hub of the game. As a new part of the story takes you to a Zone it becomes open on the map. You can explore Zones to discover hidden passages, items, and unlockables. Missions become more difficult through the game. Missions involve a kind of guerrilla warfare, speed runs, exploring, adventure, and boss battles. Gale Den is an open world and each Zone is its own open world. From Gale Den you can choose a Zone on NICOLE 3’s holographic map (third generation computer) and then you will instantly go to the starting point of that Zone. Things I won’t Include-Zones similar to the classics, especially Green Hill.-Useless characters-Cheesy comedy-Slow characters-Exposition dumpsGimmick Objects- Broken Loop: A loop de loop that is more difficult to complete- Collapsing Corkscrew: Breaks down as you run through it- Rings: Determine the strength of your shield. Stamina determines how many rings you can hold.- Monitor: Can contain rings, give your shield a special resistance (Wind shield, Sun shield, Ice shield...), or operate a door or platform- Springpole: Jumping pole from Advance 2- Floating Platform- Spring: Red or yellow from the classics- Zip line- Rope: climb or swing depending on the rope- Ramp: For making jumps on roads and trailsJoggingAt normal speed your character can only jog (picking up greater speed is separate). This is so that you won’t dash off a cliff when traversing the platforming areas. Platforming areas are more gymnastic.DriveUsing the drive trigger you can pick up incredible speed. Depending on your momentum and the angle you jump at you should be able to run up or along the wall. You should also be able to jump back off of a wall just by jumping at it and jumping again when on it. Driving areas are more like a racetrack or dirt-bike course.Character BiosPara-Chaos: A mysterious creature that escaped from the shattered Master Crystal. While the creature known as Chaos resembles water, this being resembles fire. Para-Chaos is part of the Element.Quartz: Crystal beings who are a part of the Element, a species with group consciousness that feeds off of chaos energy.Hunter Robot: The boss bad guys in each of the first Zones. They follow the commands of Metal Sonic.Metal Sonic: A powerful and intelligent Hunter who is searching for the Freedom Fighters to destroy them.Dr. Robotnik: The long dead tyrannical overlord of the fallen Robotropolis empire. Many of his creations remain.Knuckles the Echidna: Previous guardian of the Master Emerald. His ghost appears to our heroes to guide them along the way.Silver the Hedgehog: Retired hero whose time traveling experience has given him perspective on the future. He left a message for our heroes in NICOLE 3.Lupe Wolf: Alpha of the Wolf Pack. Now very old.Snowy Whitefox: A white and blue arctic fox who is also Tails granddaughter.Tattle the Fox: A red and gold fox who is Snow’s younger cousin.Cyberhog: A cyborg with armor. Snow’s friend.Luminous Firefly: A Freedom Fighter who survived the crash and is later rescued.Orion the Snow Leopard: A member of the Wolf Pack who helps to save Snow and her friends.Common Abilities-Speed-Spin attack or roundhouse kick-Climb-Wall Run-Vault-Shield: You always have a shield that is invisible unless you’re hit. When your shield is damaged you loose some rings until your shield and rings are gone. If your shield is lost you die.-Stamina: How strong your character is. Determines how many rings you can hold and how strong your special ability will beSpecial AbilitiesThese powers use stamina, so how much stamina you have determines how strong the ability is.-Flight: Flies up, like a giant leap to reach high places.-Dash: to “teleport” if there is no obstacle in the way (think The Flash appearing in one place and then another). Dashing is useful to avoid impact at the last second.-Time Dilation: Ability to momentarily slow down time in the space around you, acting as a sort of speed-resistance against attacks.-NICOLE 3: Scan the area for computer systems and hack the system.-Cryo-kinesis: use ice and cold to influence the natural elements. For example; turn lava into stone, blow out a fire, make a bridge of ice, freeze enemies in a blizzard, freeze water so you can skate over it…-Fireworks: Blind enemies and do some damage-Silence: Don’t be noticed by enemies until you are closePlayable Characters Special AbilitiesYou can choose any of the unlocked characters to play as. Sometimes you complete missions on your own and sometimes with others (computer characters).Snowy Whitefox: Cryo-kinesisTattle the Fox: Dash, Time DilationCyberhog: Flight, NICOLE 3Luminous Firefly: FireworksOrion the Snow Leopard: Silence,,,,,
3D Models
Sonic with 06 Shoes by Sssmokin-3D
Robotnik cosplay 1 by TakeruDavis
Happy Halloween by roga14
Merch and Fancrafts
Movie Sonic The Hedgehog figure by Sssmokin-3D
Alternate Universe Art
22. Miles: Eggman's Right Hand Man - Betrayal by DoctorDetectiveMike
Ghost Buster by Dan-Habiki
SatAM, AoStH, Sonic Underground
Hula Chicken Fight by Eli-J-Brony
Sonic X, Sonic Boom, Sonic Movie
Day 6 - Boom by Missplayer30
Archie, IDW, STC
Dr. Starline Bookmark by InkArtWriter

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Hello everybody! Co-Founder SAJ-Man here! I want to apologize for all of the expired submissions you've been getting as of late. I was without internet unexpectedly for several days and have only now gotten back online. So things should go back to normal from now on, it was just a random unavoidable thing, you know how life is.
So please just resubmit the expired submissions to the correct folders and I'll pass them through, to make up for the time I was offline. Apologize once again. Hope you're all doing well and I'll be seeing you again soon! Later! :D
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Oh shoot, I will have to check on that join group button.
But yes, you have been sent an invite C:
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Thank you, and have a wonderful day!
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Great question! As a new member (a member who has been in the group less than 6 months), you have a choice between the New Members Only folder or any folder that fits your specific submission.
So it's up to you to decide where you want to put it, because either folder is acceptable for your fanfiction! C:
Thank you for asking this question, I hope you have a wonderful day as well ^v^
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MollyKetty Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey... Uh... Sorry to do this, but I'm leaving this group! Nothing personal, I just feel that my art and characters are no longer acceptable here! I'm only trying to popularize my art and OCs! That's it!

There's NOTHING wrong with submitting art of a naked female Sonic OC as long as they're not showing any genitalia! People do that with their male OCs all the time, but it's not okay for female OCs?! This is unfair beyond words!

Oh, and P.S.: Sally Acorn was naked in the first season of the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series, wearing only boots! And to quote a certain popular freelance comic/Sonic fan artist: Gloves, boots and a hairbow equals NOT NUDE!!!
SAJ-Man Featured By Owner Edited Jul 29, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
Well, sorry to see you go. However, if you had clarified your position on this in a note conversation, I would have understood. If you felt this strongly you could have just talked to me about it, made your case, and I definitely would have allowed your art in. Because I'm human and I make mistakes, I didn't notice that your character had clothes on. (Honestly, I just saw fully exposed breasts and jumped the gun. Sorry about that)

So I understand your point of view and I am willing to right this wrong, but now instead of you benefiting from voicing your stance, you can't benefit at all. If that's fine for you, then so be it. But since this is publicly accessible to anyone perusing the group's page, I want to let everyone else reading know this:

I send a note every single time I reject a deviation, this is on purpose so that if there are any discrepancies, misunderstandings, or mistakes on my part, we can reach a resolution 1-on-1 and keep things private. I do not wish to drag others into issues that only concern one or two people. It's just not prudent. So feel free to respond to any note with any questions, comments, or concerns and I'll be willing to hear you out. Communication is key. Just wanted to clarify that for everybody else.

There are several other groups that are automatic with their gallery submissions, SonicCharactersGroupSpaceTimeRealm, & All-SONIC-stuff are just a few that come to mind. Perhaps you'll find them more suitable, MollyKelly. I wish you all the best ^^
AliceLuvsMirai Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello!:wave: could u please tell me what folder group pictures involving both game and satam characters belongs in?:aww:
SAJ-Man Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
The Crossover Folder sounds like a perfect fit! Crossover is for a cross of different continuities within the series (i.e. Boom + AoStH. Not Classic + Modern as they are both under the "Games" continuity) and for a cross of different series with the Sonic series (i.e. Sonic + Dragon Ball Z)

Thank you for asking! If you have any other questions, you can always refer to the journal on gallery folder submissions
Drawloverlala Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sorry!! i accidentally declined a pic of mine you wanted to put in your gallery! ^^; hehe
 so you can submit it again if you want
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If you want to submit something to our gallery, then join. Please don't clutter up the comments with deviations. Thank you ^^
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