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Shadow ultra angry with Marine - my version by johndrawerX
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Fleetway | Collab by Mystery--Mist
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Fleetway sonic by Sapperdoesart
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Cosmo by chaotixbat
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Biological Abomination Scene by WifeofMephiles
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Commission - Leo The Chimera by TrishRowdy
There's an angel contemplate my fate by DyeDy
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Powder by vancecongdon
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the legend of cris the hedgehog pag. 288 by EX-star
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Mobian Kylie Dear. by Venicequeen1011
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Ask or Dare Rouge and Rangel #21 - Manic/Sonia(II) by GylmarGeniusCat
Chao with Present by FrostyHedgehog
Creamtober Day 26 by Toad900
Tails is a Girl by NHWood
Sonic's eye infection... or is it? by AldrineRowdyruff
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Tails' awkward crush by ZoryanKvit
Fan character couples
Art Trade: Willow and Slane Hug Each Other by ImmanuellaLissa
Official X Fan character couples
Shade vs Surge Sketch by Glitchnic12
Sprites, Rips
Memories by yesdaddyworm
Flash, GIF animation, videos
muscle buster! - sonic oc by ChunkyTheLunatic
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E-123 Omega (G.U.N.) (XNALara Model) by BrutalSurge402X
"Color Me" Linearts
Cassia the Junior Officer (G.U.N.) by FeReise
Free use base by SugarTC
Commission: Amy Rose's 1 Month to 9 Month Pregnant by ImmanuellaLissa
Sonic Piece Voyage 3Sonic Piece Voyage 3: Cortez' Duel! The Bite of the Black Flame Dragon! Sally has asked the crew to meet at the ship dining room. Sally: Alright. I'm sure you're all aware of why I called you all here. Sonic (Serious): Yes. What should our Crew be called? Sally: Wait, what? Sonic: We already have four members. We need to come up with a cool name. Jian: How about the Fist Pirates? Cortez: That's the most boring name I've ever heard. What about Gran Rey (Great King) Pirates? Sally: That's not what I called you all here for! All Three: Oh. Sally (Pinching her brow): I called you all here to tell you that we need to get a new ship. The one we have isn't fit to sail the sea. Sonic: What do you mean? It looks good to me. And it's sailing just fine. Sally: Sonic, we had to fix multiple leaks in this thing. And the wood is old and splintered. And sails are starting to rip and tear. This thing has been a victim of Ship Passing for years. [Ship Passing: When a ship is taken from one pirate to the next. Ships that are victims of this suffer from aging from being used so much, resulting in them breaking down] Jian: So, what will we do? Sally: Well, we are coming up on Steam-Punx. It might have some new ships we can buy. Cortez: One problem. We don't have much money left. Most of it was spent on food, water, and supplies on the last island we were on. Sally: How much do we have? Jian: 56 Notes. [Notes: The currency of the world] Sally (Sarcastic): Oh great! Sonic: Well, there is the option of Bounty Hunting. My uncle said Peace Mains often catch criminals for the reward money. Sally: Hmmm… Alright. I guess we could do that. Jian: But who will we go after? Cortez: However they are, they better not be a pushover like those Shinobi pirates. They were a waste of energy. Sally: According to my sea charts, the next Island has a few towns. One might have a Bounty Board. [Bounty Board: A bill board filled with Bounties of Criminals and Morgania Pirates] Sonic: Alright. Set a course for the next Island! (On the Island) They reach a town Bounty Board. Sonic: Okay. There's a lot of guys, but we should be careful and pick one. Cortez sees someone walk past them that catches his eye. He is a tiger Mobian with a muscular build, wearing only a black tank top, with a black and orange colored Yari on his back. He grins devilishly at the tiger. Cortez: I'll be leaving now. Don't follow me. Sally: Wait! Cortez! Where are you-?! Sonic: Leave him alone. One of the conditions he set when he joined my crew was to leave him alone when he asked. Sally: What was the other. Sonic: When he fights, he fights alone. He is just the kind of guy who likes to go solo. With Cortez, he meets the tiger at a food stall. Cortez: You. Tiger. The tiger looks at the mongoose with a lifeless expression. Tiger: What do you want? Cortez: You have one don't you? A Kuroi Hono Weapon. So do I. Fight me! Tiger: I guess I don't have a choice. Alright. Let's do this. The tiger pulls out his Yari. Cortez: Hey. Not here. Let's go to the forest. In the forest, they draw their weapons, black flame-like auras emanating from them. Tiger: I'm impressed. Not just anyone can wield a Kuroi Hono Weapon. Tell me, why do you wish to fight me? Cortez: There are only 4 Kuroi Hono Weapons in the world. It is said only a natural born warrior can wield them. And well, I love a challenge. Tiger: So, you simply wish to fight for kicks? Cortez (With a Crazed Smile): Yes! There's nothing more thrilling than battling a strong opponent! I will defeat you and the other two, and become known as the world's strongest swordsman! Tiger: A battle junkie. I won't lose to you. Come. Cortez runs with a crazy look, and swings his sword with great force, but the tiger blocks it with his Yari's shaft. He then spins it to knock away Cortez, and then thrusts the Yari at the mongoose, who dodges the attack. Cortez leaps back, and his sword generates a black flame aura! Cortez: Barra Negra (Black Slash)! He fires a flying slash of black flames, and the tiger merely swings his Yari to extinguish it. Tiger: Such a simple attack will not work against me. Cortez: Desollado Salvaje (Wild Flay)! Cortez charges forward, and releases a series of slices and slashes, while the tiger blocks and parry's them, keeping up with Cortez' incredible speed! Tiger: My turn. The tiger punches Cortez with all his might, knocking the mongoose into a nearby tree. Cortez feels blood trickle down from his nose. He catches some in his hand, and stares at it. Tiger: I will admit you are strong, but no matter what, I will always be stronger than you. Cortez looks up, with a maniacal grin as his eyes glow. Cortez: Now I'm even more excited! Tiger (Thinking): Those eyes… He must have an ability that increases his physical prowess, but at the cost of his rationality. Cortez: Tornado negro (Black Tornado)! Cortez swings his sword, creating a tornado made of black flames! The Tiger thrusts his Yari, creating a hole in the tornado, causing it to dissipate. The tiger sees Cortez running towards him through the remains of the fire tornado! Tiger (Thinking): The tornado was just a diversion! The Tiger trusts his Yari, and Cortez blocks the attack with his hand, causing the spear to go through it! Cortez swings his sword downward, and it slices into the Tigers shoulder, but the wild cat tightens his muscles to stop the blade before it slices his arm off. As the glow fades from Cortez' eyes, The two fighters stare at each other, not moving and blood trickles from their injuries. Tiger: I thought you lost your ability to think clearly. Cortez: I did. So before I activated my Battle Maniac ability, I gave myself the commands needed to land a hit on you. The tiger jumps back, removing the Yari from Cortez' hand, and the blade from his shoulder. Tiger: What is your name? Cortez: Cortez the Vagabond! Tiger: Cortez the Vagabond. Out of respect for your strength, I will defeat you with my strongest technique. Cortez grins and his eyes glow once more. Cortez: Ultimate Technique: Asesino de Demonios (Demon Slayer)! Cortez unleashes a devastating dashing slash that he initiates from a high stance, with enough power to carve a deep impression that burns the ground as he runs forward! Tiger: Ultimate Technique: Fang of the Black Flame Dragon! The Tiger's Yari creates a black flame that grows and takes the shape of a large eastern dragon, and he swings his Yari, sending the dragon towards Cortez! The Dragon opens its mouth and swallows Cortez, and continues to fly through the forest, before stopping and exploding, turning various trees into ash. The tiger walks and sees a large crater where the Dragon exploded, and in the center is an injured Cortez, using his blade as a crutch to stand. Tiger: Cortez the Vagabond. You are truly a strong warrior, but you still have a long way to go. My name is Won. When you defeat all the remaining Kuroi Hono Weapon, I will fight you again. He leaves the Mongoose and the forest. Later, Cortez wakes up in the ship, his injuries patched up. He sees the other crew members with him. Cortez: What am I doing here? Sally: Well, after we finished our bounty Hunting, no thanks to you, we saw an explosion and found you in a crater, with multiple bone fractures, sprains, bleeding wounds, and 2nd degree burns. How you are alive is a mystery. And while we have enough to at least repair this ship, we had to buy medical supplies to make sure you recover properly. It cost a lot. I'm not sure what you did, but you're sure as hell not doing it again. Cortez: Hmmm…. Sally: That's all you have to say? Jian: Forget it. When she's not fighting, he's the strong silent type. Sally and Jian leave, while Sonic looks at Cortez. Sonic: So, you found one of the Kuroi Hono guys? Cortez: Yes. I lost, but I don't care. The challenge just makes me more excited. Sonic: Cool. But take it easy for now alright. Your body needs to recover. Cortez: I'll be back to 100% in a week. Sonic chuckles as he leaves Cortez. The mongoose looks at the hand he was stabbed and grins maniacally. Cortez: Wait for me Won. I'll catch up to you soon. (To be continued)...
Yaoi, Yuri fanfiction
(Sonic Halloween 2021) - Bart and Espio by DoctorStrangeSoldier
Aviator Cat Adopt OPEN by RestfulLamb
Sonic stamp by SonGokuSSJgodssj
Commission For Simulacruaa - Logo by DL-95
Amy Rose human (My first draw in digital tablet) by Najla-Jacinta
Dr. Robotnik Sigma Male Grindset by Urgatzon
Demotivation Posters
(Doritoverse) Sonzor wedding meme by Dorito-Queen-Celeste
Artisan Crafts and Plushies
Sonamy Pot by GothNebula
My Wii U cake (back) by 4ATOMIC4
Photomanipulation and Screenshots
Lucia suit samus (EDIT) by r-02zetatheharrier
Anything Other
2021 Summary of Art - DL-95 by DL-95
COLLAB HAPPY 2022! by GylmarGeniusCat
Overflow. Drop here if other folders are ful
Francis Melbourne [ARW] by AsteriskDatBoi


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Group Rules and Features

:bulletred:General Rules:bulletred:
:bulletblue: To join just press that button up there, no need to ask. Feel free to watch the group too.
:bulletblue: No flaming of the group/Members, it will result in your ban.
:bulletblue: Do not submit rip offs/recolors/stolen art from others. "Recolors" also mean recolored characters, such as a red Sonic, green Amy, white Shadow etc.
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:bulletblue: No self-advertising posts and spam please (chain letters are spam). Don't beg for points.
:bulletblue: Don't thank for letting you join the group or accepting your arts. All this is automatically approved, I don't have anything to do with this.

:bulletred:Submitting Art:bulletred:
:bulletblue: Your picture must be Sonic-related.
:bulletblue: Do not resubmit works that were deleted/denied from this group.
:bulletblue: Everything must be submitted to the appropriate folders.
Just a heads up, Maria the HEDGEHOG is a fan character. A human Maria is SEGA's.
:bulletblue: Anything mature (nudity, gore, anything too sexual, with too much swearing, etc) must have warnings/restrictions put on it, otherwise it will be deleted from this group and reported.
:bulletblue: Your art must have at least some effort put into it. If it's a traditional work, it must be properly scanned.

:bulletgreen: Time to put Sonic and friends on a tiny canvas and mess with pixels! How well can you work in such a limited space? Show us!
Event will last from Oct. 15th to Oct. 28th. Join our Discord server to participate!
:bulletblue: :bulletblue:

Your submissions will be compiled into a big collage and featured in Sonic-Club DA group and retweeted on Sonic-Club twitter.

Even if you don't have time for this event right now, there will be plenty of events after this one. The event schedule is in the server :thumbsup:

It's a very friendly and active art-focused server, with many interesting people to meet and things to participate in. We have a roleplay section, Pokemon and trivia bots. We have many veterans of the Sonic fan base among our ranks as well. Some of your friends could already be there!

The server isn't overcrowded, so you always have the opportunity to start a conversation. Don't be shy to join and drop a message, you will surely make some friends. :heart:

There has recently been an extensive server update. We now have a gaming section and we host Drawpiles. Also an art appreciation section, for any art! Who knows, maybe some of your art has already been linked there ;P

The roleplay section is looking for participants. If you have a storyline in mind, a separate channel will be created for you and anyone interested in your story to play in!
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