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Sonic - Knowbians: The Art of War (Chapter 7)The Art of WarChapter 7 “Quick question” Zonic asked. “Why can’t you just use the teleporter to bring ‘Maurice’ back?”The Zone cops had brought the Knowbians back to Outpost One. Not wasting anytime, the Knowbians quickly began work upon the teleport station that had sent Maurice hurtling to goodness knows where. The Zone cops themselves could do little but watch as Miles, Belle and Antonius beavered away, trying to make sense of the data they were reading.Belle was the closest to Zonic and his squad, so she answered his question.“Well… we had hoped to do so, but there’s a snag.”“A snag?”Belle rubbed the back of her neck, her hair tickling her arm as she did so.“We’ve been able to locate a rough multiversal position. We know which dimension he’s in, we’ve even been able to narrow down which planet he’s on… But we can’t teleport him back.”“Okay” Zonic nodded, faking his understanding. “So… why not?”“Not really sure.” Belle replied honestly. “That’s what we’ve been trying to figure out.”Nicolette materialized in the room, which caused a few of the Zone Cops to jump a little. Zonic raised a hand to calm them down.“Nicolette,” Miles addressed the A.I. “What you got for us?”Nicolette willed a second hologram into being. It showed a sad looking planet, its colours a mixture of brown and dull green.“It seems this world may have some kind of field interfering with our transporter. I am unable to get a clear lock on Maurice’s location.”“But Maurice got in? How come he could get in, but can’t get out?” “The surge sent Maurice to a random location. The safety system ensured that he landed in an environment he could exist in. In this case, it was a planet capable of supporting life. The teleporter did not need to be overly precise as to where it put him down.”“Ah, I see.” Miles nodded understandingly.“Care to share for us lower life forms?” Zonic asked. The way he asked the question made Miles feel uncomfortable… they hadn’t been talking down to them, had they?“The field Is light enough to allow a teleport in to a wide area. Say… a continent. The teleporter would be able to deposit someone at random anywhere on that continent. However, the field is strong enough that we can’t focus on one specific item.”“So, you could teleport him there, but you can’t teleport him back.”“That’s the short way to say it, yes.” Miles agreed. “The only way to get Maurice back is to go there ourselves and retrieve him.”For a few minutes, the group discussed what they would do next. It was decided that Miles, Sarah, Antonius, Zonic and some of his men would board the Limitless and head directly to wherever it was Maurice was located. Belle would remain behind to operate the teleport if it somehow did manage to lock onto Maurice, or if there was an emergency. A couple of cops remained with her to monitor the situation, in case the Knowbians wanted to double cross them. The rest of Zonics troop would follow the Limitless in their own ship.Within a few minutes, The Limitless detached itself from Outpost One. It slowly drifted as safe distance away from the station as the docking bay sealed itself up. After waiting to make sure the Zone Cop ship was ready to follow behind, it began the process of opening a dimensional slipstream.From the engines on the left and right hand side, two round protrusions extended, and they kept doing so until they made contact with each other. These protrusions, combined with the ones permanently connecting the ships three main engines, together formed a ring at the rear of the ship. From this ring, a light blue energy was emitted. It shot into the space ahead of the limitless.The energy converged and crackled, and soon there was formed before them a portal to multidimensional space. Slowly at first, the Limitless began to move towards it, gradually picking up speed. With a “Whooomph” it entered the portal, with the Zone Cop ship following behind.They were on their way, at last. On their way to save their friend.***Night had fallen on the plain where Maurice and his companions were situated. General Miles had recovered some rations from Captain Pearson’s fighter, and they had been sharing a meal whilst they waited to see if anyone else answered the call. Nobody did.While they were passing the time, the three of them had been talking. Miles explained what had happened at HQ, and what he knew of Maurice. Alpha explained what happened during the air battle. It turned out that he got separated from the main fight when one of the Anarchists fighters wound up on his tail. This pilot was unusually skilled, and it took Alpha a long time to finally get him off his tail. By the time he had and returned to the scene of the fight, it was too late. All his squad had been wiped out, and the PRC HQ was toast. His fighter had taken damage, and he didn’t dare risk a landing until he found somewhere safe to go. He found Miles signal and the rest is common knowledge.The rest of the time, Maurice had been telling them about himself and his people. At first, the two soldiers weren’t too keen, but an hour in and they were completely entranced by Maurice’s stories of his home world.“This Knowbius…” Alpha said, eyes wide like a child, “It sounds amazing.”“Yeah…” Miles agreed. “A world without war… it sounds too good to be true.”“With all that’s been happening lately,” Maurice thought aloud “I’m almost beginning to think it might be.”Miles had removed his Generals uniform, and was now sporting a simple grey undershirt along with his military trousers. He felt with the Elimination of his army, there was no need for his fancy attire. To be honest, he wasn’t the biggest fan of it anyway. And with it off, he felt he was on a level field with his associates. He shook himself from his daydreams of a faraway world, so peaceful, and focused himself on the here and now. He looked at the antennae, still letting off its soft, beeping signal.“Nobody else is coming, are they?” He sighed despondently. “Maybe there is nobody else to come?”“Or maybe they are too frightened?” Alpha offered.Whilst the two wallowed in self pity, Maurice lay on his back, watching the sky. As always, the Drones where flying by overhead. Some stayed and watched them, whilst others just passed by. In the distance, high above, Maurice could see the lights coming from the space station. He had a lot on his mind. So many unanswered questions about this world. It finally occurred to him that whilst the others were now at a bit of a loss as to what to do, now was as good a time to ask as any.“I say fellah’s” he said in an attempt to be casual. “As we seem to be at a loose end while we wait, could one of you perhaps tell me what that space station is for?”The two soldiers turned to him, confused.“Space station?”“Yes, the space station. Can you tell me who owns it? Which army does it belong to? What do they use it for?”The two soldiers turned to each other, before turning to Maurice again.“What in the world are you on about?” Miles exclaimed.Maurice sat up, himself now confused.“I’m sorry?” he asked politely.“What do you mean, Space station?” Alpha said, perplexed.“You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?” Maurice realised. His two companions shook their heads in unison. “Well well…” Maurice pondered. “This is an interesting development." He then guided their attention to the object floating high above them. Small lights emitted from the station in an attempt to counteract the night. “Up there… do you see that?”Miles and Alpha followed the rough direction of his hand, gazing upwards to whatever it was he was pointing at. Simultaneously they gasped in shock, as if for the first time noticing the metal behemoth that had been constantly hanging miles above their head.“What… wha… how?” Alpha stammered.“How… how did I not notice that before?” Miles exclaimed softly.“You two really haven’t seen that before?” Maurice wondered, observing the two with fascination.“Well… no… wait…” Miles stopped to think. “Yeah… I have seen it before. But it just… I don’t know… It never clicked with me what it was, or that it was even there!”“Yeah!” Alpha agreed. “It’s just something that’s always been there… like a part of the scenery. But it never stood out to us before!”“Fascinating…” Maurice put a hand to his nose, deep in thought. “I wonder if it has anything to do with the drones.”Once again, Miles and Alpha stared at him blankly.“Drones?” They said in chorus.Maurice snapped out from the thought he was in.“You don’t know about them either?” this surprised him even more. “You know, the round things that are always floating above our heads. Look!” He pointed to one a couple of meters from them that had been watching their conversation with keen focus. “There’s one right now.”They once again followed his finger, squinting their eyes trying to see what he was pointing at.“I don’t see anything.” Miles said blankly.“I don’t either.” Alpha concurred.“Hmm.” Maurice studied their reactions intently. “You really can’t see them, can you?”Maurice got to his feet, trying to decide what to do. Eventually he summoned up his courage, and after squatting down, he used his powerful legs to leap directly at the unsuspecting drone. He latched onto the small metal device, clinging on with all his might.The drone let out a little squeal and tried to shake Maurice from its face. Maurice wouldn’t budge. He grit his teeth and continued to cling on. The drone took off to the sky, zigzagging through the air in a desperate attempt to shake off the hedgehog.Below them, General Miles and Captain Alpha watched in amazed bewilderment as, to them, it looked as if Maurice was flying randomly through the sky clinging onto nothing at all.Maurice was still holding tight, but he was beginning to tire. What’s worse he felt himself begin to cramp. He rapidly ran through all the options he could think of what to do. With a huge effort he pulled himself up to a position where he could sit atop the panicking drone.“Sorry about this old chap.” He said, releasing one hand and raising it above his head. “I hate to do this. But I am technically a rebel, so I supposed this fits the description.” With that brilliantly written dialogue said, he brought his hand down on to the drone with all his might. It shook, reeling from the blow. Maurice, disappointed in himself but feeling he had little choice, hit the drone again. He hit it several more times, the drones resistance getting weaker and more sporadic. Eventually it gave out, and began to drop.Quickly, Maurice pushed himself away from the Drone in a effort to make a safe landing. He tumbled head over heels when he hit the ground, his coat getting a fine coat of dust and grass clippings for his efforts. The drone hit the ground with a thump, causing Miles and Alpha to jump in surprise.Maurice shook himself to his senses, getting to his feet and dusting off his coat. He walked over to where the drone had landed. The other two were already there, marvelling at the dent that had mysteriously appeared in the ground. “There really is something there, isn’t there?” Miles said in amazement.“Indeed.” Maurice agreed, adjusting his glasses. “And you really can’t see it?”“Nope.” Alpha replied, bending down, trying in vain to catch a glimpse of the mysteriously invisible object.“Hmm.” Maurice pulled out his analyser and began to scan the device. He gestured to his companions. “Go ahead, give it a touch. It’s harmless.”Gingerly Miles put his hand to the divot in the ground. Before he reached it, it bumped into the, to him, invisible drone. Alpha slowly did the same. In wonder, the two of them rubbed their hands along the devices surface, trying to gauge its size.“Interesting” Maurice announced. “There’s still some power in these drones. It seems to be powering some sort of field that makes itself invisible to people with specific DNA.”“Eh?” Alpha responded, confused.“Okay, so there’s this energy field on this drone.” Maurice explained. “Its specifically designed so that people with certain DNA patterns are unable to see it. I’m reading thousands of patterns in here. Yours are in there as well. But because I’m new here, and not from your world, I can still see them.”“So, we’ve had spies in our midst the entire time?” Miles exclaimed, mind reeling from the news. “Any move we’ve made, the enemy knows about? We’ve had no secrets at all? Who do these drones belong to?”“I’m not sure the Royalists or the Anarchists can see this either…” Maurice pondered. “How long has this second war been going for?”“About… 6 months? A few more? You seem to lose sense of time during a war.”“I thought so.” Maurice stood up from where he was kneeling to examine the drone. “This drone has been in service for at least five years. I’d think it’d be highly unlikely your opponents would have knowledge of these.”Miles and Alpha just stared at each other. Their perception of their world was gradually starting to fall apart… and they didn’t know how to feel about it. Maurice looked up. There were still several drones watching them. They didn’t seem to be angry about their fallen comrade. They just continued to watch the trio with an intense focus.“But” Miles asked, trying to process everything that he’d just learnt “If they aren’t from our enemies, then who do they belong to?”“That, is the question.” Maurice took a minute to think, looking up at the space station. The others followed his gaze.“Something very wrong is happening on this world. I’m not sure what, but I don’t like it. And if I may hazard a guess, I’d wager it all has to do with that space station.”Miles and Alpha both stared for a while, deep in thought. There was a lot of that happening this evening. Eventually, Miles spoke up.“Well…” he said slowly, “If that’s the case, then we should probably go there.”“To the station?” Alpha asked for clarity. Miles indicated his agreement.“My thoughts precisely” Maurice agreed. He turned his attention to Alpha’s fighter. “Captain, can your fighter get us there?”Alpha shook his head.“Not without some serious work in the shop,” he explained. “Right now, I don’t think I could get it airborne without some spare parts.”“Well,” Miles thought aloud, “What if we could steal a fighter. Say from the royalists?”“Yeah, they should be powerful enough to get us up there. But there’s still the matter of reaching their capital.”“You said if we had some spares, you could get your fighter flying again?” Maurice asked. “Would it be able to get us to the capital?”“Sure.” Alpha nodded. “Got any spares on you?”Maurice looked the craft up and down. “I doubt I have enough to patch this up…”“But I think I know a place that might.” Miles spoke up. The other two gave him their attention.“Where?” Maurice asked, excitedly. Miles pointed over a nearby ridge. Maurice remembered seeing some sort of ruins in that direction during daylight hours.“The Shadow Kingdom capital.” Miles announced. “King Shadows capital city during the first war.”“I’d gathered that from the name.” Maurice acknowledged.“When we formed the PRC,” Miles continued, “We set up not far from the ruins of the Shadow Kingdom. Partially because it served as a reminder of what we used to fight against, and partly because we could use their abandoned equipment in our own army. There’s bound to be something still there we can use!”Maurice checked with Alpha if that was the case, to which he signalled his agreement.“Splendid!” Maurice said happily, clapping his hands together. “Well then lads, shall we?”Together, the trio gathered whatever supplies they had at hand, and once they were prepared, began making their way to the cities ruins. The situation had become even more mysterious…But now, Maurice felt they were making progress towards solving it.
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Gem Hedgehog Sonic Adopt .:CLOSED:. PAYPAL by CinnaT
Blaze Stamp by VictoryRina
Papaya blink by Cometbird
My, What A Happy Day by ImmanuellaLissa
Portal master meme by mlpfan212
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Sonic Boom Haunted Mansion Mystery Chapter 3Sonic Boom Haunted Mansion Mystery: ***Chapter 3; The Most Mysterious & Spookiest Letters In The World Amy sat on the sofa in the living room of her house, sipping tea from her cup with a gold ring symbol on it. She’d just gotten out of the shower and was wearing a pink bathrobe; her hair was still damp and wet after that warm shower and Amy was still drying off.Her communicator wrist device lay on the table next to her fish tank, yet Amy still wore her gold bracelets and white gloves. The hammer wielding heroine sighed happily as she set down her cup of tea, she smelled nice and fresh after such a decent shower, still gorgeous as ever.Even as Amy’s mind thought of how everything had felt so at peace recently, she thought of what Sonic and Knuckles were up to and hoped they weren’t doing anything extremely stupid. Tails was busy in his workshop and Sticks was in the woods being, well, herself as usual. Everything in and around the house was quiet, nothing made a sound, no knocks on the door, no communicators buzzing or phones ringing. Nothing made a sound except for the fan running, squirrels chittered as they climbed trees and birds chirped happily.Breathing the fresh tropical breeze coming through the open window, Amy sighed happily as she sat back on the smooth, purple sofa, propping her smooth, bare feet upon the wooden table. With Eggman and the other villains out there not stirring up trouble currently, she could rest easy. Heck, Amy had been wanting a break from the hero thing for a long time now. She’d been working hard every week, maybe a bit too hard. Long breaks were very rare, but Amy was glad she could have some peace for a bit longer before Eggman or the other bad guys attacked again. Knock knock knock knock! Amy sat up and put on some slippers before getting to her feet, curious as to who was knocking on the door, who was visiting her and why? Was Sticks in the mood for tea? Could Eggman have come for a game of Fuzzy Puppies or was Sonic paying her a visit? Amy made her way to the door as the knocker knocked again, she slowly opened the door and looked outside to find Leroy the Turtle standing there with an envelope in his hand and a look of confusion on his face. “A letter for Amy Rose.” He said, “And I have a question?” “Whats the question, Leroy?” Amy asked as she took the letter. “My question is: What have you been doing the past few months?” “Nothing much besides the usual Eggman fight, I’ve been attending seminars, hanging out with my friends, eating at Meh Burger, going to the spa and taking care of my hammer. Whats the matter, did something come up without me knowing?” “Er, well, its complicated. If you read the letter, you’ll understand.” Amy looked at the pink envelope in her hand, noting that it was addressed to her of course, and looked at the address of the sender: Ms. Bygone Beauty Queen Committee. This puzzled her, without any second thoughts, the pink hedgehog opened the envelope and brought out the letter. “Dear Amy Rose the Hedgehog,” The letter read, “We are pleased to congratulate you for you are the lucky number one contestant in our annual beauty contest. Your prize is a lovely mansion located in the woods not far from your residence. “We also inform you the mansion will be where we will host the contest award ceremony and you will receive a Pink Ribbon for prevailing as number one. Thank you for participating and congratulations once again, Ms. Bygone. Signed, the Beauty Contest Committee President.” “WHAT?” Amy shouted, eyes widening as she finished reading the letter, “I DIDN’T PARTICIPATE IN A BEAUTY CONTEST? What the heck is going on here?” She looked at Leroy, “Is this spam mail, there must be some mistake?”“I’ve no idea.” Leroy replied, “Whatever is going on here is a mystery. So, you never participated in a beauty contest a month ago or a few months ago? Yet you just received a letter saying you’re the luckiest contestant in the contest. I shall leave you be to think this over.”With that, Leroy was gone and Amy shut the door as she looked at the letter again and flipped it over to find the directions leading her to the mansion she’d earned. “Hmm.” She scratched her chin, “I need to call the others and tell them about this. I’m a bit weirded out already.”Cleaning up her tea and looking at herself in the mirror to examine her gorgeous visage, Amy headed to her room, changed out of her robes into fresh clothes (specifically the red dress with yellow buttons, purple sports tape and leggings and her shoes) before grabbing her communicator.She attempted to contact Sonic and Knuckles but got no response. Next, she tried Tails, hoping he was still at his workshop. “Hey, Tails. Are you there?” Amy asked.“Oh hi, Amy.” Tails replied casually, “What’s going on? I was just doing a computer game while on my break from fixing up U.T. I also just received a letter from Sonic and Knuckles saying they’re at a mansion party and want me to come join them.”“So, you received one too?” Amy quipped, “Well, listen, something nuts just happened. I just got a letter saying I’m the lucky contestant of the ‘annual beauty contest’ and the prize is a mansion.”“Whoa…” Tails exclaimed, “You were in a beauty contest and came out on top against the odds and got yourself a big mansion? That’s awesome!”“No, Tails. You don’t understand, I never participated in one. Besides, Perci’s the one who’s well known for her beauty here on the island while I’m seen as just a pretty face.”“Wow, something strange must be going on.” Tails commented.“Yeah, I totally agree with you, Tails.”“Why don’t you call up Sticks and ask her if she knows what’s going on?”Thanking the two tailed fox for the suggestion, Amy hung up and was just about to contact Sticks on her communicator when her telephone rang wildly. Huh, must be her. The hammer wielding heroine assumed and picked up the phone, “Hullo, Amy Rose’s House.”“Hey, Amy.” Sticks’ voice came on the other end, “How’ve you been? Hopefully the Illuminati haven’t come to your house and tried to stuff you in the pod people factory yet, if you had any illuminati encounters, be sure to let good old Sticks know.” “I’m fine, Sticks. By the way, I just got a letter saying something about me being in a beauty contest and that the mansion is the grand prize due to the fact I apparently came out on top. What do you think? By the way, Tails got a letter from Sonic and Knux saying to join them at a party.”“You got one?!” Sticks asked with a gasp, “That’s a coincidence, I also just received a letter saying I’m a lucky beauty contestant and that the prize is a mansion and that I’m to be present for a huge ceremony that will be held at the mansion where I will receive some kind of beauty medal.”“Whoa!” Amy proclaimed, “That exactly sounds like what my letter said, the funny thing about it is that I NEVER participated in ANY beauty contest. Could this be spam? Is somebody playing a prank on me? Or is there something fishy going in?”“I can smell somethin’ fishy when I smell somethin’ fishy from a mile away. Also, I don’t care about some stinkin’ beauty contest. Never in a million years would I EVER take part in one nor would I care if I prevailed, this all smells like a crazy evil government plot.”“Here’s an idea, Sticks.” Amy suggested, “Why don’t we go investigate what's going on?”“Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, I was gonna look into what's going on anyway.”“I’ll call up Tails and ask if he’s interested.”“We sure can trust our brave two tailed buddy, right?”“Of course, we’ve always trusted him, he’s our friend.”Amy contacted Tails, asking him if he was thinking about going to the mansion. When the two tailed fox said he was, especially since he received a note from Sonic and Knuckles asking him to join them at a party, Amy said that she was thinking about it too.“Of course you and Sticks are gonna go, Amy.” Tails laughed, “Besides, you earned the mansion and you’re gonna get special recognition for your beauty apparently. I dunno what the fuss is about, but I will say just as I said b...” “HOW MANY TIMES DO I MUST SAY IT?” Amy shouted angrily, “I NEVER PARTICIPATED IN A CONTEST! AND NEITHER DO I WANT A MANSION, I ALREADY HAVE A HOUSE AND I’M NOT MOVING OUT ANYTIME SOON!”“Why don’t we get something to eat at Meh Burger before we look into what this is all about?”“Great idea, thanks, Tails. Sorry I yelled at you.”
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Not exactly perfect... by PrincessRoseMcMitten


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ok Look For The LOWER Case 'L' And You Will Be Kissed Tomorrow:LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLlLLL LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Now Look For The Q And Your Wish Will Come True! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Now Look For The 'N' This Is Really Hard! ......MM...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.........................................................M M..............................NMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM find TheMistake:ABCDEFGHIJKLNMOPQRSTU VWXYZ Now Wish For SomethingYouReallyWant AfterTheCountdown! 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Now Close your eyes AndMake A Wish! ****** *** *** ****** *** ****** Now paste this To 9 Peoples wall And Your Wish Will come true!you have 19Minutes! Or What YouWished For Will Be The Opposite
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1 - I solved the riddles pretty quickly, in my first try.
2 - Trying to convince others to copy paste stupid things can crash the dA server, just kidding! xD
3 - This is just your stupid superstitious rubbish, people's wish will come true if they do their best. Or as an optimist, I wish everyone's dreams come true as always, so there's no need for you to post foolishly like this lolol.
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I want to join the group
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