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"HALLOWE'EN HOUSE PARTY -shaking it up in the house- ver."

300+ layers and hours that turned into days working on this. It's a entry for a Hallowe'en contest. This image has given me so many heart attacks and tears but it's over and done with now.

texture on Adrena-Lynn's yukata is from vbrush.

ALL characters (c) Bob & Mark
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This is so creative! It feel's to me like a "where's waldo?" kinda thing or something that could have actually been in an old KP kids activity book lol. This must have took so long to do! But its really awesome :) 
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I love this piece because everytime I look at it I find something different to capture my attention. It's simply stunning. <3
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hahahahahah Gill's dressed like a bunny!! XD.. to lul ron into a false sense of security probably
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I'm sitting here stunned.
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Boohyah this is my fav for now!
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Oh wow... you can definitely tell that took forever and a day, excellent job!
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I love Monique's (spelling) costume and the little vampire Rufus.
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Every other day I look at this picture and marvel at how awesome and meticulous it is. MARVEL.

...Is Ron a one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater? ...Well I guess that wouldn't make sense 'cuz he has two eyes, but the purple-ness and the horned-ness is there! :D
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I think that Halloween is so cool!!!
Pretty neat pic. Among those I see: Felix as the Grim Reaper, Adrena-Lynn as a geisha girl and...Dr. Drakkenula. (Don't tell me I was the only person thinking that.)

Also, nice job on Tara. She looks like she's having fun.
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Words fail me. The layers, the individual expressions, .... wow!

However, I will say that my favorite part is Monique. She is a character that really isn't given as much exposure fanart (and fanfiction) - wise as she deserves. And your Mon is escpecially cute!
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Very, very impressive. Even if it uses "only" 300 layers ...
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I meant to comment on this sooner but well, this week has been rough for me. e_e; Anyhoooow, now that I have free time I can comment on this. <3 Just OMG SE, this is impressive work. I'm usually not one for busy pictures but it looks SO GOOD for this. Like a collage. And what's really neat is that Shego and Drakken are standing out from the other characters. Much darker and less colorful. So your attention is kinda drawn to them as well as to Kim and Ron since you see "more of them" as opposed to the other characters. OBVIOUSLY Monique is hard to miss but that's a given. ;3 She kinda looks like a "sticker". I love the black and purple outline. And Rufus is adorable with that Dracula/Vampire costume! He has the teeth for it that's for sure! The costumes are all so lovely. <3 ESPECIALLY what Kim is wearing. omg the dress. Fantastic design! It's beautiful and it suits her. All the other characters are unique and well drawn as well. I think the concept you used is original. And it's easy to tell that you spent a lot of time into this. And it's well worth it. <3 Great idea to use MUTED colors for the BG. Otherwise Monique wouldn't stand out as well and the concept wouldn't be as nice. And again, I'm not sure if this what intentional or not but making the "bad guys" darker is also a great touch. So yeeees, fantastic job SE. <3

:heart: :heart:
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Very nice collage. I'm particularly fond of Tara.
JohnnyS86's avatar
Awesome artwork, SE! I love it! *favs*
angelicbunny's avatar
omfg 300+ layers? my computer wouldn't be able to run with that many in one document... and it would also probably kill my comuter... well anywho i like it
sonicelectronic's avatar
things were definately going slow around the end of working on that picture. Or, the middle too...

Hehe, but thank-you for the comment~:heart:
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You have such an incredible style. D:

All the little details really make this piece. That's the Konnichiwa face on the bag of candy, for sure. xD
Monique really stands out against the monotone background.
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i like the style and details of this, you can tell a lot of effort had gone into this :nod:
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awesome pic, SE!! Love the Shake it Up sneakily hidden in there <3 I also really love Monique's outfit <33 good luck on the contest!
sonicelectronic's avatar
Duuuude 0_0 You totally win the internet for noticing 'Shake It Up'! I didn't think anyone would and it they did 'see' it, they wouldn't know what it was xD You have made me very happy.

& thank-you for the comments:heart::heart:~!!
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Haha I noticed too. In the name and the CD player...
Fist thing I noticed when I saw the name I thought...Kumi.
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