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Hello! I'm a animation storyboard artist as well as freelance illustrator. I love creating art and stories! Check out my website for more artwork, information and to view my Linked In contact. Thanks!

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Heya, ya still around?
Are you still active?
<3 Miss you!!!
Hey there!! I'm a cap student too, I was in the class after yours actually, right now I'm in second year. :3 (Oh and Im sitting in the desk you used to sit in-creepy i know that, right?) (you left behind you eveelutions poster- its still hanging there XD)

Your art is so colourful and fun and its so amazing you landed your first job out of school at DHX on ponies!!  I would love to work on a great show like MLP, how exactly did you get your first job? Did you know you wanted to work for DHX and went out to try and get hired? Or was it pure luck that people contacted you and were like "Hey wanna work on season 4 of MLP?" 

As gradshow is coming up soon, any insight you could give me would be very appreciated :)