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Okay, so
F i R $ T i 3 Z  ! ! :happybounce:

Bullet; Blue SHMX Series+R3B00T Bullet; Pink 

As per my previous journal, the reboot of the series begins with Ep. 8. Possibly even revamp the logo Giggle 
Anyways, as of the last episode of SHMX (most likely 10, possibly 11), the name'll change. I'm contemplating using a sort of 'bridge' name during the first episode or two, as it'd act as a kind of prologue for the second part of the series — or rather, the new series, which is essentially a continuation reboot of the first one. Even if you're not all caught up on my SHMX animations... eh... I'd say just watch SHMX 7 onwards. 1 ~ 6 really don't have much story in 'em, just do it if you're up for it or wanna see how I've improved.
(Oh, crud, almost forgot episode 5! Yeah, since I'm basically gonna be making part 2 after SHMX 7, that'd be worth a watch too, at least for the animation itself if not story.)
Like I said, there's basically zilch in terms of plot as far as episodes 1 ~ 6 go but Ep. 5 has a teeny bit of foreshadowing Dancing dummy  and Ep. 6 leads right into Ep 7. (Although the SFX got pretty f***ed up in that one, it's only like 2 or 3 minutes long.)

Anywho, I'll be uploading the logo (and new title!) for the second series once I've finished the last episode of SHMX, but for now I'm going to continue referring to it as 'Sonic Chaos Dimensions X' (SCDX) as below:
That 'Chaos Dimensions' is too smexy for me not to re-use the damn thing.
Plus I put too much time into those letters! Well only like 3 hours but still!!

But yeah, that part of the name stays. That's all I'll say for now. :meow:

Here's my previous journal for more info on that series reboot I mentioned.


Bullet; Green  SHMX//SCDX Comic Bullet; Yellow 

Thinking I'm gonna restart the comic for my sprite series. This time actually putting some effort into the darn thing ^^;
It'll probably have some minor changes or additions that the animations themselves wouldn't have — that is, up until SHMX Ep. 8, where everything would line up. 

Think of it as, the comic would show what everything would look like if I remade and remastered every episode from 1 to 4. Episodes 5 ~ 6 would have very minor changes, maybe just some added dialogue... possibly some easter eggs... lil' foreshadowing here... a bit of symbolism over there... :lol: 


Bullet; Orange Gotten back into drawing  Bullet; Purple    

I know right? FINALLY!!
I'll be taking a request or two but I'm not doing anything too major — not for free for course.
Ya my commissions are up an' open, just send me a note if you want something. And if you haven't got any :points: or just don't use 'em, I'd be more than happy to do an Art Trade!!
I'm just working on adding examples for each type. ^^;

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