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Zoey's Team (OC Profile) by sonicdash759 Zoey's Team (OC Profile) :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0
Cooking up a Sweet Storm - Pt. 3
Nicole fell backwards, defeated. "We don't have any fire types..."
"You sure about that?"
The girls turned to AISaNMA who tossed a Heavy Ball towards them. "Springlock knows Fire Punch and Fire Fang." she winked.
River's eyes suddenly went blank. "...Uh, Aqua knows Scald...doesn't she?"
Nicole gave her friend a somewhat annoyed stare. "And wind up with our creation all soggy? And I don't think tea is very impressive either..." she explained.
"I wasn't thinking tea!" River gave her friend a hard stare. "Have you ever heard of a double boiler? You put a bowl with chocolate on top of a pot with boiling water to melt the chocolate! Our Vaporeon can basically do the same thing." She then turned to AISaNMA. "But these guys will be a big help!" She turned to the announcer, pointing to AISaNMA. "She's with us too!"
"Ah! That's great, but if you do that you'll have to compete as teams!" He smiled at River. "And if you do'll be one person short, I'm afraid."
The happy look vanished fr
:iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0
Cooking up a Sweet Storm - Pt. 2
River instantly leaped up off the couch, Gyro's Pokeball in hand.
Kairi was instantly up as well, holding Typhoon's ball.
"Someone playin' peek-a-boo with the curtains? They're in for a bruising!" She made it to the front door in two strides and threw it open. "You've had it creep!" She threw Typhoon's ball and the huge Feraligatr appeared. "Clobber 'em, Typhie!"
But to their surprise, AISaNMA stood on the porch, an uneasy expression on her face. "Uh!"
Caroline realized the huge water type was going to attack and without even thinking, threw herself in between her friend and the attacker, taking the hit. "PIKA!!"
Nicole gasped. "Guys!! Hold it!! It's just AISaNMA!!"
Kairi froze. "Huh?!"
Luckily Typhoon had recognized them and not launched into a massive Hydro Pump.
River ran to the open door. "I thought you left with Todd and your engineer. What happened?"
"Finished repairs but I got caught in this storm. My waterproofing coat isn't dry yet and this was the closest shelter. We're sorry
:iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0
Cooking up a Sweet Storm - Pt. 1
"...Ok now just shape this part...then smooth it out...carefully add some windows...And that's how you make a sand castle! It's pretty, isn't sweetie?"
Dewdrop cheered and happily clapped as she gazed upon Nicole's impressive structure of sand. [Yay for Momma!!]
Nicole giggled, blushing a bit. "And now you get to be it's princess, little one!"
Aqua chuckled. [Just don't let her drool on the throne...]
"...Nyaaah...I want...zzz...zzz...cotton candy...and...zzz...zzz...a snow cone...zzz...zzz...and fried noodles..."
Vappy turned her head to look at her trainer, lying on a beach towel under the umbrella behind them, shaking her head. "Poooor."
A bubble rose and fell from the snoozing trainer's nose as she snored and sleep-talked at the same time.
Nicole felt a sweatdrop run down her forehead as she turned to the sleeping girl. "I wonder if even as she sleeps, she has an automatic timer for food..." she chuckled.
Aqua just sighed.
"...zzz...zzz...pancakes...zzz...zzz...and watermelon..."
:iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0
Trent's Team (OC Profile) by sonicdash759 Trent's Team (OC Profile) :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 6 0 AISaNMA's Team by sonicdash759 AISaNMA's Team :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 6 3 Happy Birthday! by sonicdash759 Happy Birthday! :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 1
'Happy Birthday!'
“Ok River. We’re almost there! No peeking!”
Nicole tried her best to hold back a few giggles as she led her blindfolded friend through the woods on the outskirts of Asperita City. A soft breeze blew through the trees causing a few summer leaves to fall to the ground.
Aqua and Vappy, of course, followed the girls to make sure nothing tried to jump out at them and ruin the surprise.
River was starting to get a little impatient and suspicious. “How much farther? Feels like we’ve been at this for hours, Nicole,” she said.
“I promise it won’t be much longer now. Just keep following my voice,” the brown haired girl instructed.
After a minute, Nicole finally took the blindfold off, still smiling with joy. “Alright we’re here aaaaannnd…”
The sudden sounds and sights of party poppers, confetti, air horns, noisemakers, and the like broke the calm of the forest.
Not too
:iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 1
Request - Standing up for...the blur...? by sonicdash759 Request - Standing up for...the blur...? :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 10 1
Mature content
The Storyteller's Revenge: Pt. 5 :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0
Mature content
The Storyteller's Revenge: Pt. 4 :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0
Mature content
The Storyteller's Revenge - Pt. 3 :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0
Gmod Randomness - Underwater World by sonicdash759 Gmod Randomness - Underwater World :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 0 0 Gmod Randomness - Double Trouble by sonicdash759 Gmod Randomness - Double Trouble :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0 Gmod Randomness - Open Your Heart by sonicdash759 Gmod Randomness - Open Your Heart :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 1 0 Gmod Randomness - Evolution! by sonicdash759 Gmod Randomness - Evolution! :iconsonicdash759:sonicdash759 0 0
You've got art


Coloratura Animation - Nice House AJ! by TheRealDJTHED Coloratura Animation - Nice House AJ! :icontherealdjthed:TheRealDJTHED 2,333 157
Mature content
'A Fork in the Friendship' - Part Two :iconnitron2097:Nitron2097 1 1
Project 8: Fluttershy by Fuzon-S Project 8: Fluttershy :iconfuzon-s:Fuzon-S 29 0 Misty and Mega Gyarados by HarlequinWaffles Misty and Mega Gyarados :iconharlequinwaffles:HarlequinWaffles 292 19 Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon) by Miss0lesya Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon) :iconmiss0lesya:Miss0lesya 77 10 Sailor Jupiter by FlyingPrincess Sailor Jupiter :iconflyingprincess:FlyingPrincess 60 4 Day 5 - Mask by CherryBwk Day 5 - Mask :iconcherrybwk:CherryBwk 79 6 Usagi Tsukino - School Life! by FrancesRey Usagi Tsukino - School Life! :iconfrancesrey:FrancesRey 56 5 Commission: Maria's Team by BluuKiss Commission: Maria's Team :iconbluukiss:BluuKiss 23 3
COM - A Mermaid's Mistake
“Can we get in the water, already?” Momo said. “I’m getting homesick.”
The young girl’s feet kicked at the surface of the ocean, scooping up splashes with her bright orange fins. Her wetsuit was a similar shade, the fabric shining under the light of the tropical sun. She looked down into the lapping waves, following a nearby school of fish as they darted about.
“Almost,” Flora replied, her hands bouncing across the straps and hoses of Momo’s tank. “I just need to make sure you’re good to go.”
“I already checked my gear, though.” Momo pulled her mask down over her eyes, demonstrating that the seal was tight. “Can’t you take my word on it for once?”
Flora put on her trademark stern frown. “How many times have you said that only for something to go wrong?”
“That was different.” Momo pouted. “I’m sixteen now. I’m basically a grown-up. You don
:iconglimmeringdepths:GlimmeringDepths 9 10
Apnea Girl Versus Girl 30 by wave-lens Apnea Girl Versus Girl 30 :iconwave-lens:wave-lens 28 4 Fakemon: Desert Ralts + Evolutions by Xelku9 Fakemon: Desert Ralts + Evolutions :iconxelku9:Xelku9 300 67 Drawing Fakemon by AdrianoL-Drawings Drawing Fakemon :iconadrianol-drawings:AdrianoL-Drawings 43 4 Seapony Hope Mustang by Pilot231 Seapony Hope Mustang :iconpilot231:Pilot231 2 0 Summer by INowISeeI Summer :iconinowiseei:INowISeeI 1,776 111 Commission: Trent's Team by BluuKiss Commission: Trent's Team :iconbluukiss:BluuKiss 36 9
These are so awesome!




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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Hello. I'm just some random artist from Idaho who's here to fill the empty void in his life ;P I specialize in art tracings, collab roleplays, pixel art, and...other stuff I can't remember at the moment :D




Clean Language Stamp by surfersquid Yes you may draw my characters (Stamp) by Aviseya OCs are OCs Stamp by ReikoChan My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 Minds of Their Own Stamp by Purplefire40 OC appreciation stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Know Before You Judge by LordPendragonOfCaria Open-Mindedness by LordPendragonOfCaria Be Kind Stamp by Southrobin I Like Being Myself by mylastel :thumb337533421: Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae Open Roleplays by Enjoumou computer stamp by Kataang-furuba The Log-out Stamp by Busiris


Zoey's Team (OC Profile)
:iconbluukiss: for the sketch used to make this. Thank you so much :D



AGE: 9


After her older sister, Sandra, unknowingly brought back some evil ghost types to their village, Zoey was the only other survivor. All the other people and Pokémon, including the girl's family, were drained of their life forces by the hungry ghosts, forcing both Sandra and Zoey to flee into the night.

Zoey was eventually found by a hiker and his wife, immediately taken in and given a new home. But as time went on, the couple began to grow mean and abusive, finally causing Zoey to flee into the night once again. The experience unfortunately left the little girl scarred, causing her to become incredibly timid and difficult to open up to. But after wandering for what seemed like an eternity, Zoey was finally reunited with her older sibling.

Today, while Zoey doesn't have many human friends, she instead prefers to spend time with Pokémon, wild or belonging to Sandra. Unlike her sister, Zoey wasn't able to understand Pokémon first. But after months of being taught by Sandra and constant practice, she's starting to pick up rather quickly. Like every child, Zoey loves excitement and fun, easily fascinated and entertained by the world around her. This sometimes tends to get her into some trouble but Sandra and her Pokémon are always nearby. She loves to eat Pokémon berries and finds apple juice irresistible. Like Sandra, she has a love of adventure and new discoveries, always wondering what lies beyond her boundaries. And because of what happened to her family, Zoey, like her sister, hates ghost type Pokémon.

After some thinking and consideration, Sandra decided it was time to let Zoey grow up and introduce her to the world of a Pokémon Trainer. While she's still learning and getting accustomed on how to properly throw a Pokeball, Zoey knows that a world of excitement, friends, and adventures awaits her...






Known Moves: Tackle, Sand-Attack, Scratch, Gust, Charm, Growl, Peck, Mad Bird, Baby-Doll Eyes

Originally part of Stella's flock, Luca took an immediate liking to Zoey, seeing how she too was still a youngster. While the Parrage may not be considered a baby anymore, she still hates being treated as such. And still being so young, she has yet to develop her Mad Bird attack, instead resorting to a loud high-pitched screech that can leave opponents stunned and open to attack. Zoey loves spending time with her feathered friend and has come to enjoy her childish and immature nature, even if there are times when she's quick to anger.

Plans for 2018

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 27, 2017, 1:28 AM

1. Couple more RP's with my good buddy :iconnitron2097: Cause lord knows there's ALWAYS inspiration for Pokémon ;P

2. ThomasXMLP crossover: Now this is something I've wanted to brush on and really...the show itself hasn't even touched. We know Equestria has railways but is that it? Just the one passenger train? So why don't I work my crossover magic and add Thomas the Tank Engine?

3. MLP MovieXSonic: Now as I mentioned in a previous journal, I want to celebrate Sonic's 25th Anniversary (even though I'm late to the party) as well as the Mane 6's first time on the big screen. And once I get to the DVD (but now I'm considering the digital version as well which is already a thing at my Walmart), I'll get around to it.

4. :iconnitron2097: and I...we've been talking and we've got something special planned for all of you. Something none of us have ever DARED to do before. Something totally ambitious and crazy but since we both like the idea, there's no stopping it now. I can't reveal anything just yet but...let's just say...

...ALl wIll KNow ThE rEVEngE OF cREAtIoN...

  • Listening to: The Legend You Are Meant To Be
  • Reading: The Journal of the Two Sisters
  • Watching: My Little Pony: Equestria Girls 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Playing: Pokemon Moon (soon), Team Fortress 2, Gmod
  • Eating: Little Ceasars
  • Drinking: Fruit Punch



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