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Crossover wish-list meme

Another meme coming from WOLFBLADE111, this time showing the 5 crossovers you would like to see, in this case, I've included my 5 most liked franchises and add a different protagonist.

Marvel Vs Star Wars: Heroes: Iron Man and Luke Skywalker. Villains: Thanos and Sheev Palpatine.
Plot: Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet causes a massive distortion in the space-time continuum, fusing with a galaxy far far away. Impressed with this new power, Emperor Palpatine forges an alliance with him to conquer the new fused universe. Only The Avengers and the Rebel Alliance's combined power can end this new threat.

Nintendo X Shonen Jump: Heroes: Mario and Goku. Villain: Master Core
Plot: Master Core, wishing to consume all of existence into one big swarm, summons the strongest smashers and warriors to a dimensional realm controlled by Master Core. Can Mario and Goku stop Master Core before all of existence becomes nothing more but a big swarm?

Uncharted & Indiana Jones: Heroes: Nathan Drake and Indiana Jones. Villains: Zoran Lazarevic and Rene Belloq
Plot: Nate hears of the tale of the legendary jewels of King John, a collection of precious items which belonged to King John of England back in the 13th century, which were lost in a bay called The Wash. Feeling determined to bring those treasures back to the surface, Nate, with the help of Indiana Jones the archaeologist and his friends start the quest to find these lost jewels and gain the reward. However, all will change when a plot between war criminal Zoran Lazarevic and rival archaeologist Rene Belloq is uncovered which may endanger the world itself.

Samurai Warriors X Sengoku Basara: Heroes: Yukimura Sanada and Date Masamune.  Villain: Oda Nobunaga.
Plot: Oda Nobunaga returns from hell once again, this time, he wishes to destroy not only the world but also every dimension that exists. One particular dimension he sought to destroy was one similar to his world, but it was more calm and relaxed, so he uses his new powers to transport the dimension to his so he can destroy two worlds at the same time. Its up to the combined forces of these worlds, led by Date Masamune and Yukimura Sanada to stop Nobunaga's madness.

Soul Calibur V Dynasty Warriors: Heroes: Patroklos Alexander and Zhao Yun. Villains: Nightmare and Orochi.
Plot: It's basically an alternate version of the Warriors Orochi plot,instead of just the Sengoku period, it's also the rest of the medieval world, so it's up to Zhao Yun, Cao Pi, Sun Ce and Patroklos Alexander to stop the serpent king Orochi and Nightmare.

Hope you like this!

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Who made this meme and can i use it?
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Nice, I choose Marvel
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Also, which one do you like?
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Your welcome and all of them (lol). :D
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