Day Dreaming Derpy v1.0 is COMPLETE!!!

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I’m glad to announce that Day Dreaming Derpy is now COMPLETE and available for download at!

After a year of juggling life, work, and responsibility- Day Dreaming Derpy is now complete and ready to be shared with the world.

I hope you enjoy what I have created.

==========TO PLAY, JUST DOWNLOAD THE NEW .ZIP FILE============ 






The following is v1.0 completed version of Day Dreaming Derpy.
If you find any glitches or bugs, feel free to let me know!

Thank you for letting me share this with you all!

© 2018 - 2021 sonicboy112
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I want to thank you again for having Octavia be aromantic. Aromantic characters are even harder to find than asexual characters, so it's nice to see some representation.
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That was pretty great, thanks for creating and sharing it!
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That was really fantastic! The old-school JRPG gameplay was very nostalgic. The uniform mechanic was creative, and fit in well with the theme of having many jobs. Loved all the little references to fandom stuff too.
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I loved this! Wonderful work. I'll echo the comment that I liked having Smarty Pants as a party member instead of an inventory item. Though she did make the boss fights much easier, and it meant that when the CMCs all join, it pushed Scootaloo out of the party, but I'm not one who really enjoys boss fights that much anyway. I do have one question. In the final sequence of fights where we see ghost versions of Derpy in all her work uniforms, a couple are wearing night guard uniforms. Is that one that you can get in the game? If so, I never found it, though I certainly could have overlooked it if it's something easy to miss, like where you get the Shadowbolts stamp.

This was really fun and really sweet. Thank you for making it!
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I believe thats all the uniforms in the game, there isnt one for the night guard though
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everything is working so far but there is seems to be no music in my game
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Maybe check your settings with F1, if that doesnt work, I also put up a new patch v1.1
You could still use your old save with that
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ahh the f1 worked thanks but is the patch important? do I have to download it to avoid bugs?
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Not sure what the issue is for your game, but maybe using a fresh version of the game would help with the audio.
The patch just fixes something at the end of the game, so its not so necessary
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no problem with my game I was just wondering where the music went that's all :D
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So you got the music working?
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yup yup all thanks to you :3
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Overall, the game is solid. The stories added since the Scootaloo update feel solid and are appropriately poignant. The revisions made on past quests also improve the game. I like what you've done with the marketplace as well; the division between vendor's product give each a distinct personality (although I would personally further distinguish Carrot Top and Applejack). The finale was both surprising and satisfying. Overall, this the strongest story-driven game I've seen come from the fandom.

Now, onto bug reports! 
In the intro fight, if you fail the Tardis fight by switching Uniforms and faint as Muffins, you will be revived as Mail-mare but your profile will appear to be Muffins.
Holding shift, and the left or right arrow key while going through a door makes your friends move under you (instead of staggering), which can lead to layering errors like this if you walk as far left as possible before moving up the stairs.

Diamond Tiara is always at the Post Office, even though before Derpy enters the dream she should be hiding at Apple Bloom's place.
Dialogue for Dinky in Trixie's dream: "and swipe some candy..." not "as swipe some candy"
Sonic Rainboom doesn't stun the user
Friend sprites load before the background, meaning they are temporarily in the Dreamworld travel map.
Merchant "goodbye" dialogue reverts back to the "hello" dialogue before the menu disappears.
Smarty pants doesn't stick around as a permanent companion the first time through, had to run through a second time. A lot of dialogue is also repeated in the second run through... Which results in there being 2 Smarty Pants the third time through the cut-scene.
Mare-do-well's name is not present in the victory text after battles.
No speech portraits for some characters, including (but not limited to) Mayor Mare and Zap throughout the game.
Red/violet pixels surrounding Diamond Tiara's statue.
Derpy doesn't maintain left/right orientation when moving only up/down. Pointing Derpy left, then moving her up or down (without holding left) switches her orientation to facing right.
The Smarty Pants sprite has a mouth before Derpy sews it on (tested on the third run-through of that cut-scene).

You got layering working for the brown fences, but then didn't apply that to the signpost, fountain, or the white fences near the Ponytunes. You might solve this layering issue by making the fountain/posts character sprites instead of part of the background. (I assume that's what you did.) Doing so would also (probably) allow you to let Derpy walk on the marked tiles.

Would be nice if the music were a little quieter, or there was a volume control.
No separate attack animation for damaged bosses statue vs undamaged bosses. This looks especially strange for Diamond Tiara's statue, but it impacts other bosses as well (Vinyl Scratch). 
The menu is difficult to navigate. It would be nice if the Skills and Uniforms tabs were combined, as they are very closely related. It would also be nice if we could switch between ponies within a menu tab (for example, skills). E.g., put friends and stats on the same level of the menu hierarchy.

Menu Tab
        Stats Display

Menu Tab
    Friend1 | Stats Display
    Friend2 |
    Friend3 |

The option to "run" is never mentioned in the game and never available for use, and therefore ought to be removed.
The game ought to explicitly mention that attacks can be canceled by pressing "X", instead of just saying that "X" can be used to cancel things.

Phew. That took a while.
Also, have I ever mentioned how sad it is that Derpy doesn't actually have a bed proper, and sleeps on the couch?
11/10, great game. +fav 
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I just finished it, that was AWESOME! :D
The writing is really well made I think, I had a lot of fun but also a bit of feels, just when I didn't expect it.
I was expecting a small game with just some random cute things here and there, but it takes around 7 hours to finish it, and you always feel entertained, it's not repetitive (except if you're trying to level up before a boss, but you almost don't need it)

And oh god there's references EVERYWHERE I love it.

(I think I'm missing an uniform, gotta play a bit more I guess)
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I might have found a glitch in the game? After completing the game, I decided to go back through the dream doors. When I got to the end Celestia's, it started the cutscene after you beat her and then Smarty Pants follows you around, even after you wake up.

And then this happens
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Ohh, that’s unexpected
Not sure what triggers that, but i’ll look into it
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Well, the cutscene does say, "Smarty Pants will always be with you"... I think.
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She does get added to your inventory as an item, but I’ll look into that
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Aww, I thought it was a nice touch having a companion that could travel through the Dreamscape with you. I'd actually prefer that to relying on a souped-up Discord Derpy do defeat the Tantabus, as it's more consistent with the game's motif of helping others. Well, that and I optimize my fighting style for fighting with companions.
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I used both for the final fight. An inexplicable living doll seemed an appropriate companion for the Princess of Chaos. :D
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This game is so cool! Thank you so much!
You have a small grammar error/typo in the dialogue when Derpy meets Applebloom in Dreamland. Derpy says, "I'm you're mailmare." Error by SoaringJe   And it should be your*.
Haven't seen any other errors, but I was supposed to be sleeping 2 hours ago. Your game is a bit addictive. I love it.
Thanks :D
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