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The SBP Manifesto

With the HUGE influx of response I've received in less than two days time with my "Speak With Your Heart" collab, inspired by Aerobian-Angel's "Reach for the Stars" collab, an intriguing idea sprang to mind:

Over 20 years ago, a little blue hedgehog with a big attitude and even bigger heart sped across TV & arcade screens around the world. His popularity grew into a franchise of toys, books, movies, soundtracks, 5 animated series and both an American and British comic series, the American of which to date, still holds the Guinness World Record for the longest running comic series based on a video game. He's even branched out into other fields such as genetics with being named after a class of genes involved in fruit fly embryonic development as well as being the first video game character to have a featured Macy's Thanksgivings Day Parade balloon. Needless to say, he's had a major impact the world over. Today, despite his recent track record, Sonic is still loved the world over by generations young, old, new or "True Blue". Although the games of late (with a few exceptions) haven't been the greatest as in days of gamers' past, the one thing that has always remained to stand out was the music.

The first Sonic game to contain lyrics was Sonic CD's "Sonic Boom"/"You Can Do Anything" whereas the first Sonic theme song with lyrics was the ever beloved SatAM theme "Fastest Thing Alive". Since then, Sonic's music library has greatly expanded to include themes for himself as well as the various companions & even enemies he's made along the way, creating an explosive wave of new sound (hence the title) for fans to enjoy and draw new admiration and, most importantly, inspiration from, which brings me to our group manifesto:

We're taking EVERY Sonic theme song ever made with lyrics and collaborating with artists all across deviantArt, Sonic fan or not, to create a piece of work dedicated to whichever lyrical line chosen by each artist. Each collaboration will be hosted by a different artist, and can chose to submit a piece to their own self hosted collab. Our goal is to create a massive musically inspired fanart showcase through this group and open it for all to join and see. No Invitations Required!

The Sonic fandom should be fun for all, so why not open our group for others to submit and join in on what we can add to what has already brought us so much unbridled joy through both play and art. This project is a means of expression and community for music, art and Sonic fans the world over. Who am I to limit those by some arbitrary requirement. The only requirement I ask is to spread whatever fun you have here as you rally together in your admiration for the Blue Blur who's been Moving (& Grooving) With the Quickness since 1991.

Rules & Reg

All rule and guideline updates are made through the group via either the front page and/or the group's blog.

Submission Guidlines

The following are acceptable:
Original Digital drawings
Original Traditional Drawings
Original Sculpture Creations
Original Cosplay Pictures
Original Culinary Creations (Cakes, cookies, etc. but must STILL follow the original guidelines of the collab.)

The following are NOT:
Stolen work (obviously)
Fan characters (Official characters only PLEASE)
In game screen captures
Recreations of original work
Plushie creations

Why the exclusions? This collab is specifically dedicated to interpretations of song lyrics and while there are innumerable ways to interpret songs, for the sake of arguments of legitimacy to an assigned lyric, I'm playing it safe and keeping it simple and giving fans the opportunity to express themselves genuinely as both artists and Sonic fans alike.

The Sonic Boom Project Rules
:cd: All those interested need to put in a request FIRST before hosting a collab. This is to avoid confusion if there are those outside of the project whom are doing the same thing.

:cd: Those whom are hosting, need to link back to the group with the groups's icon acting as a badge within their journal's collab as well as provide us with a link so we can set a directory. This is to act as a deterrent as well as direct those whom want an update on the project.

:cd: Only songs from the playlist can be used for hosting!
If either A) All songs get taken or B) Too much time has passed on certain tracks then I will replace them with the other tracks that are also most popular.

I know you're SUPER eager to get started, but, lets keep this fair alright? Don't go and start a journal when you haven't been confirmed for a song yet. Someone may have already gotten their request in first and its only fair for them to get it.

:cd:One Song Per Host!
Do not ask if you can host another song or if you can take *insert song title here* once yours is done. This is a first come first serve basis. Once you've picked your song you stay with and maintain it. As time passes and if there are tracks still available then I'll make it available to those who've completed or are close to completing their collabs as well as to the general public, still on the same first come first serve basis. You can enter into as many collabs as you can handle but I will not have one person take on five songs but can only focus on one. This is a team effort and every ONE person makes ALL of this possible so don't think that just because you're doing just one that it's not much. You will be recognized for all of your efforts put in.

Despite there no longer being any deadlines, these rules still apply. I've given it a great deal of thought and I've liked how I've set up the initial project, but I no longer need to hound or harrass hosts or contributors to get their work in by a specific deadline. I just want to be able to see this project through to it's fruition, and I hope we can all see that happen together. Now, with all that said:

Let's Do It To It! :w00t:


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*ginerly steps around cobwebs, stirring dust in her wake. Uprights the podium, picks up the megaphone and sets it to a lower setting and speak into what seems to be an empty void*

Hey everyone. I hope life has been treating you all very well in the past two years. Whether you know this or not, I do in fact have a life outside of deviantArt and it had taken quite a turbulent turn these past couple of years, what with school work, family, moving out, new job, new degree goals, ect. So it's left me with little time not only for my interests and such, but also for this group I've started. For that I am deeply, truly sorry. I've lost sight of what was important to me and this was a huge undertaking that I did care greatly about...

And, for the record, I still do.

I want nothing more than to see this project through for all generations both old and new, so rather than hurry people along and harrass them with deadlines, I'd like to propose a new undertaking of the group. With that said

*cranks the volume on megaphone*

As of today, May 24, 2014, The SonicBoom Project is now an OPEN group!

*rips off cob webs and flings open even window to clear out the group of old and ring in the new*

What does this mean? Simply put, this group has garnered a great deal of fan art and I think its about time it be shared. I'd rather not let anyone's hard work go unnoticed due to club inactivity or my own negligence. So, rather than subject others to scrutiny, lets open the flood gates for all Sonic fans, but this time, there's gonna be a major change to the regime. Check the manifesto for that whenever you get a chance. This a a huge shift in how things are gonna be run around here, but I believe that it'll be change for the better for all Sonic fans.
More Journal Entries

Hosted Collabs

Entry Key:
Song Open for Hosting
Host Confirmed w/journal
Assigned Collab Full
Assigned Collab Completed</b>

The first list will go by game title then the songs associated with said game as close to the chronological order as I can possibly get it! XD

Sonic CD (1993)
~You Can Do Anything -Hosted by artmagedtom…
~Sonic Boom (Extended Version)-Hosted by YaoiLover16…
~Cosmic Eternity -Hosted by PreStalnic…

Sonic 3D Blast (November 1996)
~You're My Hero -Hosted by chibi-jen-hen…

Sonic R (October 1997)
~Super Sonic Racing -Hosted by Sonicemma…
~Can You Feel the Sunshine
~Living in the City -Hosted by theOrangeSunflower…
~Back in Time -Hosted Poison-The-Umbreon poison-the-umbreon.deviantart.…
~Work it Out -Hosted by chickenoverlord…
~Diamond in the Sky -Hosted by KattyKimmi14…
~You're My Number One -Hosted by Death-Cannon…</u>

Sonic Adventure (December 1998)
~It Doesn't Matter -Hosted by KezART…
~Believe in Myself - Hosted by DrakoGlyph…
~Unknown from M.E
~My Sweet Passion -Hosted by DelDraws19…
~Lazy Dayz-Living in Paradise -Hosted by Twinny-the-Cat…
~Open Your Heart -Hosted by Cornelious-Raidon cornelious-raidon.deviantart.c…

Sonic Adventure 2 (June 2001)
~It Doesn't Matter
~Escape from the City -Hosted by hay-lin10101…
~Believe in Myself -Hosted by LostTalent100…
~Unknown from ME -Hosted by knucklessilverlove knucklessilverlove.deviantart.…
~Fly in the Freedom -Hosted by BatCrAcKeRs…
~Throw it All Away -Hosted by Miss-Riza…
~E.G.G.M.A.N -Hosted by tortaviso…
~Supporting Me...for Biolizard -Hosted by PikaPlatinum…
~Live & Learn

Sonic Heroes (December 2003)
~Sonic Heroes -Hosted by Junka-speed…
~We Can -Hosted by Amalika…
~This Machine KatMaz…
~Follow Me -Hosted by happyfudge…
~Team Chaotix -Hosted by TheKKM…
~What I'm Made Of -Hosted by OdysseyWestra…

Shadow the Hedgehog (November 2005)
~I Am...All of Me -Hosted by Novastarspeed…
~Almost Dead -Hosted by DawnHedgehog…
~Waking Up -Hosted by CheesecakeRemix…
~The Chosen One -Hosted by AkaneDoku…
~All Hail Shadow -Hosted by missyuna…
~Never Turn Back -Hosted by SoloOokami…

Sonic Rush (November 2005)
~A New Day - Hosted by Manakei1…
~Raisin' Me Up -Hosted by TheUniverseTraveler universetraveler121.deviantart…

Sonic Riders (February 2006)
~Sonic Speed Riders -Hosted by SpinkellaSapphire spinkellasapphire.deviantart.c…
~Catch Me If You Can - Hosted by Mitzy-Chan…

Sonic the Hedgehog(2006) (November 2006)
~His World -Hosted by ArticaArtes…
~Dreams of an Absolution -Hosted by SilentRain12…
~My Destiny -Hosted by corundumspirit…
~Sweet Dreams (Remix) -Hosted by MamaJebbun…
~Dreams of an Absolution (LB vs JS Remix)-Hosted by BluC

Sonic & the Secret Rings (February 2007)
~Seven Rings In Hand -Hosted by WhiteRaven4
~Worth a Chance -Hosted by celebitimetraveler36 celebitimetraveler36.deviantar…

Sonic Rush Adventure (September 2007)
~A New Venture -Hosted by MegaPhantaze…

Sonic Rivals 2 (November 2007)
~Race to Win -Hosted by shAdZAsilHouEtTeZ shadzasilhouettez.deviantart.c…

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity (January 2008)
~Un-Gravitify -Hosted by XDestinyRoseX…
~Catch Me If You Can -Hosted by CaitSylph…

Sonic Unleashed (November 2008)
~Endless Possibility -Hosted by dreamcastmod…
~Dear My Friend -Hosted by AuFigirl…

Sonic & the Black Knight (March 2009)
~Knight of the Wind -Hosted by sonicfan8671…
~Fight the Knight -Hosted by SilverishStar…
~Through the Fire -Hosted by Knouge4Evah…
~With Me Starzway…
~Live Life -Hosted by mfm50…
~Seven Rings in Hand (Fairy Tales in Trance) -Hosted by WhiteRaven4…

Sonic & Sega All Star Racing
~So Much More -Hosted by Furgemancs…

Sonic Free Riders (November 2010)
~Free -Hosted by Angisaur…

Sonic Colors (November 2010)
~Reach for the Stars -Hosted by…
~Speak With Your Heart -Hosted by WikiDreamer…

Now, this second list is specifically for the animated aspects of Sonic. This will include the intro for SatAM, the intros & outros for Sonic X and some of the better songs from Sonic Underground

Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM)
~Fastest Thing Alive -Hosted by gij4m3s…

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie
~Look-A-Like -Hosted by richalvrezfano12…

Sonic Underground
~Sonic Underground (Intro) -Hosted by katie-the-fox…
~Someday -Hosted by sheenathehedgehog sheenathehedgehog.deviantart.c…
~We Are Sonic Underground (Eygption version) -Hosted by VocalDawn…
~Fun in the Sun -Hosted by LeniProduction…

Sonic X
~Gotta Go Fast -Hosted by tiger200188…
~Mi-Ra-I -Hosted by advidauthor…


As a little side bar, I decided to add in the themes from past Summer of Sonic conventions done by Bentely Jones as well as the theme from the Sonic in Sydney Live Stage Show


Summer of Sonic
~His World (Blue World Prelude Mix) -Hosted by TaiVixey…
~They Call Me Sonic (SoS 09 LB Remix)
~What Are We Waiting For?

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