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Breath of the Wild

 Fan art for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Man words don't come close to how excited I am for this game. Been waiting years!!La la la la 

So in honor of it's release on March 3rd, I decided to draw Zelda!
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Hello my baby, hello my honey gal hsjksklkal

"How old is Zelda?"           Age:16

"You finna die baby!"
*FBI proceeds to bust down the door, break through the window, and hoho down the chimney to arrest me*
Nic Pic!
Not just the best game of the year, not the best Zelda game ever, not the best open-world game ever, but one of the best games of ALL TIME!
:heart: :iconnintendoplz: :iconlegendofzeldaplz:
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Oh my, she looks beautiful!
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Picture was stolen by a group on Facebook named Legend of Zelda: Nice Link hub.
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Thanks for letting me know, but I was unsure where to find it
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It should be in their picture gallery.
I found it…

Did you give the group permission to use it?:?
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Oh my.. well no I never gave them permission lol. Didn't even know the page existed. They could have at least mentioned my page.
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They are apparently art thieves.
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Well considering it's on FB, not sure if anything can be done sadly lol.
Thank you so much for the heads up though!
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Glad to be of assistance 
         SSBB Zelda 
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An amazing job doing this! It's because your amazing^^ Nice work!
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Not enough liger
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Cute pic of Zelda.
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Yay! More adorable artwork from Sonicbluespeed! And it features the pretty Breath of the Wild Zelda. Lovely work.
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Haha thank you! Yeah totally love BotW's design for Zelda, total cutie!
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Cute! Love the sunset!
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Thanks! Yeah I tried to capture the specific moment from the trailer!
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