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Hey everyone!  Great news!

FOUR FREEDOM ISSUE 1 was such a HUGE hit, that work has begun recently to begin pre-production on ISSUE 2!  To help ensure that the comic book is made and published, a BRAND NEW KICKSTARTER has been created to help raise funds for it's budget!


ISSUE 2 plans to be bigger and better in every way from it's previous issue.  Lots of new faces and returning old faces join the cast of FOUR FREEDOM ISSUE 2!  

Please stop by and check out the KICKSTARTER page and follow, like, and share the FOUR FREEDOM media websites to stay in touch with the latest and greatest FOUR FREEDOM comic book series info!

Thank you so much for your support!  Thank you for making ISSUE 1 such a great success!  Here's to ISSUE 2... and 3... and 4... and 5...



~The Sandman
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Hey everyone,

After successfully finishing my PAPERCUT 2 series earlier this year with the release of PAPERCUT 2 Issue 3 "Rosemary's Baby" I have started a NEW comic series... "FOUR FREEDOM"

check this out!


I'm currently raising funds to help publish this amazing first issue!  A link to the active KICKSTARTER can be found here:


Please help make this new comic book a reality!  Thanks in advance for your support!  For all new info relating to my work and series, please check out my websites!

He's to a great new year of 2017, with a new comic book in the works!  

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!
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The PAPERCUT 2 Issue KICKSTARTER was a HUGE success!  Over $1,048 dollars was raised for the Issue 3 print run from backers all over the world!  Thank you for that support, it means alot to me!  Pretty much all backers rewards have been mailed out at this time and I'm currently booking several comic con and book signing events for the year, regarding PAPERCUT 2 issue 3.  So besure to check out my PAPERCUT 2 website for all of my local appearances and book signings relating to my NEW comic book.


PAPERCUT 2 Official Website

More videos have been released to my YOUTUBE channel, relating to the PC2 KICKSTARTER and other projects.  So check that out.

Also, I've been booked as a featured guest at this years Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY.  It's a artist/writers creative summit hosting other local and national artists/writers.  Featuring many workshops, book signings, events, panels and many other creative arts activities.  So come check it out if you can, and look me up, it should be a really awesome event!

Imaginarium Convention Featured Guest Bryan Sanders

Thats all for now, UNTIL NEXT UPDATE!
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Less then 10 days remain for the PAPERCUT 2, Issue 3 "Rosemary's Baby" Comic Book KICKSTARTER!

PAPERCUT 2 Issue 3 "Rosemary's Baby" comic book KICKSTARTER!

We have already SMASHED through our first goal and have reached our first "STRETCH GOAL"!!

Lots of NEW updates have been done to the original comic book campaign and NEW backer rewards have been released as well!  I just got back from a local comic book store's comic creator "meet and greet" event!  Updates and photos from that event are posted in the above KICKSTARTER link!  

If you haven't already, check out my KICKSTARTER link and grab your Issue 3 comic book today!

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The latest comic book that I have been working on, PAPERCUT 2 Issue 3 "Rosemary's Baby" is completely finished and ready to be published!  I have worked pretty much 24/7 on it for 4 months straight and have spent almost $2,000 for it's budget.  To get it ready for printing, I have created a "KICKSTARTER" campaign to help me with printing costs and to give people a chance to buy the comic if they want to.  Check it out!

PAPERCUT 2 Issue 3, "Rosemary's Baby" KICKSTARTER page!

Lots of local hollywood stars and comic talent appear in Issue 3.  A colorist from the Cartoon Network colored several promotional posters for the comic.  Actors who have been in both The Walking Dead, Jurassic World, Nashville, Escape Plan... and other movie productions appear in my comic book!

"...This particular comic revolves around a young woman who is 8 months pregnant, “ROSIE”, and her fiancé “CHUCK”. Rosie recollects on past, current, and future events involving herself and others. But Chuck is hiding a dark secret which could threaten the lives of their family, and he will stop at nothing to keep Rosie safe from harm..."

Issue 3 ends the series I started back in 2005.  Issue 3 ties in all of the previous PAPERCUT 2 films and comic books into one LAST EPIC story.  This PC2 finale is 11 years in the making! Besure to check it out if you can!  Thanks in advance for supporting locally produced comic books and artists.  For more info...  Check out these websites as well!

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Beware the ides of March!

My Feature Film, "PAPERCUT 2" is finished.  The new website is up and the trailer online.

Check it out:

The actual premiere is coming soon!  Currently locking down venues and dates for the movie.

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It's about time I dusted off my old DA account.  I'm getting ready to revamp my art skills and publish a new art website.  Thought I would update and show off what I have been working on or had worked on recently over the years.

I've come a long way in my art and skill, I'm currently working on several commissions and will be starting a new comic book series soon.

Going to be shooting a feature film in Chicago in the spring, I haven't been up there since I was on the Transformers 3 thats cool.

I have been working on my own feature film, in which it will see a release date and trailer keep an eye out for that.

I'm also designing and helping produce a new line of action figures for a feature film i'm working on...and they look awesome!

So far so good, 2013 is off to a great start and I can't wait to see what lays in store for me.

All the best!

The Sandman
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