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Helvetica flux

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Die Neue Haas Grotesk.
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wow, nice typo in here!
cheers! :D
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Phheeeww, this is really awesome! I especially love the gushing lines.
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yeah' its my fav part too' bit of crazy shiz' glad you like it mate
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Awesome, hey you know where i can get the Helvetica font, I just saw the documentary and am inspired to make some Typography with it now XD
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cheers mate' not sure where it can be downloaded free' most font sites supply it though' be sure to get helvetica bold and black though'
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How do you create the lines for this? I mean the streaks? is it all vectors?

Sorry for question bombardment, I just love typography!
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yeah mate, just go nuts with your pen tool and make some nice vectors ;-)
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I've tried a few methods to achieve something similar to alberto seveso's "muscle lines" :


The blob tool in CS4 works well, but your lines come out much nicer than mine :P i must be missing something.

Love your work, keep it up
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yeah, thats some pretty good art, just take your time mate, pen tool can do anything ;- cheers
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Helvetica rules!
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Yeah! nice one mate :D
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cheers man, glad you like it
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weee very nice :floating:
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Awesome work!!!:D nice colors!!!
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thanks man, im still unsure about the colour and it has a few different variants, but glad you like it
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damn slick work!
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nice one, cheers
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