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Sonic's Sleepytime Tales Pt. 32
It was a nice, quiet and starry night in Mobius, and on this quiet night in the home of the heroic brothers, Sonic and Tails was getting themselves ready for bed after a fun day they had with their friends, the brothers and their friends went to a circus together and all had an amazing time as they got to spend time with their great friends.
The brothers got into their room, dressed in their white nightgown pajamas, red nightcaps and their shoes, socks and gloves off as they entered their bedroom as the stretched afterward as they then sat on their bed, "Ah, nice to be back home in comfy pj's", Sonic said as Tails nodded, "It sure is big brother, and it was great to be with our friends today, we had a really fun day", Tails said as Sonic smiled, "We sure did little bro, but it's even better to be with my best friend and little bro, in which I'm glad that he always be in my side no matter what", Sonic said as he placed his arm around him as Tails smiled, "Likewise with you Sonic", Tails
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Sonic's Sleepytime Tales Pt. 31
It was a cool and quiet night in Mobius, and on this peaceful night in the home of the heroic brothers, Sonic and Tails was getting themselves comfy after a good yet long day as they spent the day with Knuckles and had a peaceful day together, not any trouble happened as it was all just a peaceful day.
The two brothers entered the living and sat on the couch, wearing their red nightcaps and slippers on their feet with their gloves and socks off as they placed their arms behind their heads and both sighed happily, "It's great to be back home, isn't it little bro?", Sonic asked as Tails nodded, "It sure is big brother, even though I enjoyed spending time with Knuckles, it's great to be in our humble abode", Tails replied as Sonic smiled, "You got that right little bro", Sonic said as they sighed happily again as they relaxed, then Sonic grabbed a blanket off the couch and placed it on themselves as their legs was covered except their feet, "Y'know little bro?", Sonic said as Tails looked
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Racing Game Tier List by SonicAndTailsfan64 Racing Game Tier List :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 5 36 Fighting Game Tier List by SonicAndTailsfan64 Fighting Game Tier List :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 5 18
Snoopy and Brian Ch. 30
It was a nice and sunny afternoon in the home where the two dogs lived, and on this day, Snoopy was getting his bags packed as he decides to spend the weekend with Jasper next door as he wore a pink tank top that Jasper gave him long ago, it came to be as Jerry and Mordecai was away to see Jerry's nephew Nibbles for the weekend and Woodstock was seeing his family for the weekend, Snoopy thought he would spend time with his next door neighbor while Brian decides to spend the weekend, enjoying peace and quiet, while Snoopy was packing his stuff for the weekend, a knock was heard as Brian came in with a smile, "Hey little buddy, got everything ready?", Brian asked as Snoopy looked and smiled, "Almost, just a few more things and then I'll be ready", Snoopy replied as after a few seconds, he then finished packing for the weekend as he and Brian sat on Snoopy's bed, "Are you sure you'll be alright by yourself Brian, you're always welcome to join in", Snoopy wondered as Brian patted his shoul
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Snoopy and Brian Ch. 29
It was a cool and beautiful evening in the home of the two dogs lives, and on this sunsetting evening, Snoopy, Brian, Jerry and Woodstock was downstairs as they was about to have themselves a movie night as Brian was making a big bowl of popcorn for everyone to share with each a glass of milk while everyone else was getting the couch ready for themselves and had their selection of movies to watch as Brian then came with a big bowl of popcorn and glasses of milk for everyone as he put them all on the table with Snoopy's help as Brian smiled and gently patted Snoopy's head, "Is everyone ready for our movie night?", Brian asked as everyone happily nodded and cheered as Brian chuckled as they all sat on the couch as Snoopy sat closely next to Brian, Jerry sitting on Brian's lap and Woodstock on Snoopy's arm as they then began their movie night, they each had their own selection of movies to choose from, Brian chose a drama movie, Snoopy chose a a classic comedy, Jerry chose an animated mov
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Sonic's Sleepytime Tales Pt. 30
It was a nice and sunny day in Mobius, and on this warm sunny day in the home of the heroic brothers, Sonic and Tails was in their room and was getting themselves comfy after days of hard work, they recently had day after day of fighting off Eggman and his robots, but eventually, they had won yet again as they now needed some time off and needed to be comfy for once.
The brothers was getting themselves comfy in their room as they took off their shoes, socks and gloves off as they put their white nightgown pajamas and red nightcap on as Sonic closed the bedroom curtains as it was dark as they then stretched while they headed to their bed, "Ah, at last, peace and quiet", Sonic said as Tails nodded while they sat on their bed, "And it's a perfect time, to stay in bed with our pajamas and cap on", Tails said as Sonic nodded as they both got nestled into their bed as they then scratched under their arms afterward, "Perfect day in bed", Sonic and Tails both said as they then sighed happily,
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Sonic's Sleepytime Tales Pt. 29
It was a nice, peaceful and quiet night in Mobius, and on this quiet night in a forest, Sonic and Tails was both in the forest as they was camping out for the night, after the recent adventures they had, the brothers decided a day of camping in the great outdoors is what they needed.
The brothers was sitting near the campfire as they only had slippers on their feet with their gloves off in the tent and their shoes and socks near the tent as they roasted some s'mores while they felt relaxed as they enjoyed the fresh air as they both sighed happily, "Ah, this is wonderful little bro, the two of us spending the night in the great outdoors", Sonic said as Tails nodded with a smile, "It sure is big brother, I'm glad we got to camp out together", Tails said as Sonic smiled as he gently patted his little brothers back, "Me too little bro, you and I so needed a day to enjoy some fresh air" Sonic said as they then finished making their s'mores as they then ate them, once they did, they patted t
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Sonic's Sleepytime Tales Pt. 28
It was a dark, starry and quiet night in Mobius, and on this cool and quiet night in the home of the heroic brothers, Sonic and Tails was heading to the kitchen late at night after a tiring day they both had, the two had agreed to watch over a pair of infant twins as a family was away for the weekend as it was a way of paying a debt after saving them a while ago, however it was not easy for them, even though the parents had left instructions for them both, it was still a bit of a hassle for them both, so much it brought them both to the point of exhaustion.
The brothers had entered the kitchen, both wore their red nightcaps with red slippers on their feet and their socks and gloves off as they had dark circles under their eyes and both was very tired as they both stretched and yawned, "Oh boy am I pooped...", Sonic said sleepily while he and Tails yawned, "Me too Sonic, them twins wore us both out...", Tails said sleepily as Sonic nodded, "You got that right little bro, you and I are g
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Snoopy and Brian Ch. 28
It was a nice, cool and sunny day in the neighborhood that the two doggie friends lived, and on this fantastic day in the house of Snoopy and Brian, everyone was enjoying some peace and quiet, Jerry and Woodstock was in Snoopy's room as they played some games, while Snoopy and Brian themselves was sitting on Brian's armchair and are both taking a nap as they was asleep and snoring with Brian snoring loudly while Snoopy sat on Brian's lap and cuddled on Brian's tummy while Brian wore his red robe for comfort, while back upstairs, Jerry had won a game of Trouble as he jumped up and down on Snoopy's bed as Woodstock smiled as he and Jerry giggled, "What game do you wanna play next Woodstock?", Jerry asked as Woodstock thought of what game to play next, then they both heard a truck coming in the neighborhood, "Is that a moving truck?", Jerry wondered as he and Woodstock saw it stopping on a house next door to them, "I didn't know someone was moving in the neighborhood", Jerry said as Woods
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Brian's Mercedes by SonicAndTailsfan64 Brian's Mercedes :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 4 0 Don't Mess With Me by SonicAndTailsfan64 Don't Mess With Me :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 4 0 Super Formula In Action by SonicAndTailsfan64 Super Formula In Action :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 7 2 Generation Race by SonicAndTailsfan64 Generation Race :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 3 0 Return Of The Contache by SonicAndTailsfan64 Return Of The Contache :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 3 0 Open Wheel Racer's by SonicAndTailsfan64 Open Wheel Racer's :iconsonicandtailsfan64:SonicAndTailsfan64 4 0
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This is it, the final Family Guy episode of the season, and all hopes of it being a good one are indeed at an all time low, after the review of this episode, I will reveal the overall season rating of this season, go over it's high points, low points and flaws, but with that out of the way, let us get into the season finale episode, this week got a.....................................................1/10

Yep, my attentions it was indeed correct, it starts with Carol visiting the family as she is having a rough time after the passing of Mayor Adam West, (may he rest in peace), Brian then has an idea to rename the high school after Adam as the principal agrees as they indeed rename the high school from James Woods High to Adam West High, Carol thanks Brian for doing such deed as she mentions that he could be mayor, after much thought, Brian agrees to run for mayor as all was going smoothly, that was until after Quagmire heard the news about this as he then runs against him for Mayor, then he makes it hard for Brian as he then gets on a rental bus that Quagmire has he tells him off and wants to fight him, but then, the bus driver gets knocked out as the bus then falls off a mountain and lands on a branch as Quagmire was badly injured, after a bit, Brian then tries to get to safety as the bus then falls as he and Quagmire then manage to get up the mountain, afterwards, everything is back to normal.....and Quagmire f*cked up the ending there as it ends with a tribute to Adam West.

My thoughts on this, well it was exactly what I feared, it was a simple case of either Stewie or Quagmire ruining everything, this was no exception, first off, I thought Brian would be great as mayor, he would at least follow West's legacy, he'd be a perfect job for that, and i thought the tributes they did for Adam West was really touching, except for Peter being there, it was real pointless there, now to the ones that ruined the episode, first, the family, how dare they even give a sh*t to support Brian running for mayor, what a bunch of assholes!, they STILL have learned NOTHING since last season, i swear they're becoming a pain in my ass right now, then there's Quagmire, as many of you know, i hate him with a passion the same way i hate Stewie, i really have no idea why he has to be that way towards Brian since season 8, Glenn was ONCE likable beforehand, but now, he's an unlikable asshole/f*ckwad/son of a b*tch who has no heart nor soul to his f*cking name and i wouldn't place my vote on him as mayor even for a million dollars, i would rather see Johnson win an 8th title then to vote for him, i'd rather sell my soul and burn in hell then to vote for him, i would rather watch the calamity known as the Charlotte Roval again then to vote for him, and here's a better question, why the f*ck is Quagmire still ALIVE?!, i still think he needs to be killed off, cause honestly, he's nothing to me know, all he is now is a complete waste of time, and i'd be happier if he died RIGHT NOW!, cause i'd be glad to hire a mercenary to kill him, and i MUST thank him for ruining the episode and for ruining the end of the episode, i hope next season, he gets abused A LOT, cause he and Stewie are LONG overdue for a f*cking beatdown!!, other things i found annoying is them talking smack to Sean Hennity and Principal Shepard...again why is he still principal again???, but other then that, a lousy done episode filled with Brian abuse yet again, and Brian abuse needs to stop....and i'm just gonna say this right now, this was without any shadow of a doubt, one of the WORST season ending episodes, ever made, thanks to Brian abuse, and yes i know i defend Brian a lot, but i really don't give a f*ck, he's the reason why i watch the show, and i hate it when he gets abused and when the haters talk sh*t about him!, if i was the writers, i'd hang my head in shame!

And now it's time to reveal the overall season rating for this season, before we get to that, here are past season ratings from the past:

S1: 10/10, S2: 10/10, S3: 9/10, S4: 5/10, S5: 6/10, S6: 1/10, S7: 4/10, S8: 2/10, S9: 1/10, S10: 5.5/10, S11: 2/10, S12: 0/10, S13: 2/10, S14: 1/10, S15: 5/10, S16: 1/10 and for S17..................................1/10

Youtube GIF

Yep, i had to, hear me out ok, now don't get me wrong, there was great episodes here, and they're was some funny scenes here and there, but there was some episodes that was terrible, like the one bashing on Donald Trump, that was a low blow and this episode for example, and i gave this season a fair chance, it looked so good, it was ONCE a winner, but thanks to bad episodes in the second half and also, unneeded delays, this season would've been a lot better, and speaking of unneeded delays, i've once again counted the weeks there was unneeded delays, last season there was 9.............there was 10 this season, so they made it WORSE!!!, not for the better, they had all the time in the world, all summer to make this episodes, and yet they still make unneeded delays, why is that a problem?, simple, had they not done so, they'd be more episodes in the making this season and we wouldn't have had one of the worst season ending episodes ever made on here and last season, they waste so much potential and waste the episodes til next season, some of which i'd like to see, but now i can't cause they was pushed back til next season!, i really don't give a crap about American Dad, idk why it still exists, and i don't give a crap about The Orville, if i wanted to watch a space show, i'd watch dadgum Star Trek, (preferably Next Gen.), if anything, i could PERSONALLY go over there to their HQ, tell each of them off and have them make better episodes and have little to no delays, cause this is getting ridiculous right now, writers, get your heads in the game and make the episodes better, even if i have to make them myself!

All the writers do, most of the time, is this right here!!!:Twerk GIF, not giving a slightest bit of a f*ck to their fans right now!!!

You know, when i first watched Family Guy back in 1999, i was 7 years old, and at first, i thought it was a ripoff of The Simpsons, cause at that time, i grew up watching The Simpsons when i was younger, that and King Of The Hill, but later on, i did begin to like the show, like shown in the overall season ratings, i preferred the first 3 seasons cause everything was likable, (except for Stewie of course), and i found it hard to believe it got cancelled after season 3, then season 4 came out and it was shown that from season 4 and just wasn't the same, sure season 4 had the most episodes in a season, which was 30, 30 episodes in a single season, if don't count the Untold Story movie, there was 27, that's a lot of episodes, a feat to this very day, no other season could ever reach to, Brian now is the only reason i watch the show, and i hated when they abused him and such, sometimes i have nightmares of him getting killed, that's how much he means to me in that show, when i started doing reviews on Facebook, i didn't take it seriously and never did what i do now, i enjoy what i do, it was thanks to 4 people that inspired me to become a reviewer, Doug Walker, James Rolfe, Phelan Porteous and Gene Shalit, i enjoy watching their reviews, and i wanted to become a reviewer as well, so since joining DA in 2012, i wanted to share my thoughts on here so by season 13 or 14, i decided to post the reviews here, and i continue to do so, getting back to FG, there was one thing i never think of giving a season rating, giving it a 0/10, that's when season 12 came in and they're bullsh*t way of a ratings maker by killing off Brian for just 2 dadgum episodes!, i never forgotten that moment as it was eached in my head for the longest time, since then, i've began to lose interest in the show, and i know what many of you may ask me this, "Why still watch it and why still review it?", simple, like i mentioned it before, Brian is the only reason now why i watch the show, just like how Snoopy is the reason why i love Peanuts, or Sub-Zero's the reason I love Mortal Kombat, or even Yoshi's the reason i play Mario games, can FG be offensive, of course, can it get annoying, of course, can it be mean spirited, (especially towards Brian), of course, but i still stick by the show somehow, but if they want me to continue to stand by with the show, they need to make episodes better and not make unneeded delays, and i hope they see this and learn from this, cause i really do like this show, but i'm not liking it right now cause of the direction it's been going from the past few years, and honestly, i think a change is in order, and i hope it comes soon, cause they need to change for the better, not for the worst...............

Alright guys, that's the last review of the season, thank you so very much for seeing this misery i had to put up with and i thank you all for reading these reviews, it means a lot to me, hopefully next season will be better, cause if it won't be, it might be my last season i'll ever see, cause it needs a lot of things to be worked on, so for that, i'll end the review here, thanks for reading and i'll be back to reviewing more next season!

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The All-star race was a lackluster, it's like they can't even challenge for the lead at the last stage of the end, that and they don't even know how to keep the damn car off the wall or the other cars around them....and don't know how to get the damn car in the apron fully when a tire is about to fall apart!

Maybe happy for Larson, but i'm not happy for Ganassi, maybe he could use that money to get his Xfinity team back going so he can get Ross Chastain in the 42 car like he promise......but knowing that guy, ain't gonna happen..........and yes, i have not forgiven Chip Ganassi, probably won't for a very long time
Got 2 things to say as i totally forgot to mention these as i had so much going on lately

1. I'm sad to see The Big Bang Theory come to an end, it really feels like i was just getting into the show, then it just came to an end, for one, i was proud of both Amy and Sheldon to win the Noble Peace Prize award for their theory, and to see Sheldon to make such wonderful speech about his friends and family like that it was just too touching, to to me, the season finale of Young Sheldon was way too emotional for me, as i did get a bit emotional at the end, when i hear Wallace Shawn's character say, "If I don't win the Noble Peace Prize, I hope Sheldon does", I almost lost it, and i said, "Well, he just made you proud buddy", that was some hard stuff to sit through.

2. I wanna pay respects to little Grumpy Cat as i heard the news about it, i hope Grumpy Cat is in heaven right now, maybe it'll see my little Bruce up there and my other pups a miss so much...

3. well, they did it, PBS actually did it....

I..............i have no comment, no comment at all...
Going to upload 2 chapters of Snoopy and Brian, would've been posted earlier in the week, but due to writers block and some people distracting me outside DA, it's been quite difficult, i promise you'll love these two chapters
Tonight will be the season finale of Family Guy, this will also be the last review of the's gonna the longest review ever made, be forewarned
I've had it with this jerkwad....


he's lying about me having a damn fetish when clearly i DON'T!
Hope you all have a great Mother's day today, give your mother a lot of love today
Me after watching Avengers: Infinity war

Me after watching Avengers: End Game

I really hate when people like :iconwolfiekangaroo7072: bash on my idea's, what is it they WANT me to do, gay sh*t like sonadow or sonails, or some weird sh*t like inflation or vore?!

And this is why i hate Muslims, especially the ones that harms innocents!!!!
I really wished people stop bashing on my idea's, it does hurt sometimes when someone hates the idea's i give out....

I'm just gonna say this, i see nothing wrong with this movie, yes Sonic himself has been through changes before, but i never found that being a problem, it still has Sonic's attitude, and Jim Carrey looks alright as Eggman, everything looks alright with this movie, i WILL watch this movie, even i have to walk miles to get to the theater, even pay for my own movie ticket, i will watch this movie!
I forgot to mention this, but the siren is gonna ring tonight in Dawsonville, cause Chase Elliot won a wild yet exciting race at Talladega!!!!
I have a very strong feeling that the season finale of Family Guy in a couple weeks is gonna suck BIG time.....
I just watched the story mode cutscenes for MK11, i dare not spoil those that would want to experience this wonderfully and perfectly done story mode for yourselves, but be warned, you will be angry, be sad and maybe shed a tear at this
I'm would like to ask you guys a favor, and this is not a bad one this time, i promise you that.

Since i have cover art for my Sonic Boom Epilogue series and my Sonic's Sleepytime Tales series, my other three fanfic series do not have a cover, so to anyone out there, could any of you please do a cover for these three fanfic series?

I won't mind to pay with points if the price is right
guys, you might wanna avoid :iconsoftscales:

he falsely claimed that i was "12 years old" and threatened to report me due to that false claim
My thoughts and prayers goes to everyone in France, Notre Dame is one of the the country's finest landmarks, and it's sad to see it burned down, i hope this is not a terrorist attack, may god bless everyone in France and pray that everyone there be safe during this unfortunate event
I know i've asked you guys for this so many times and i'm sorry if it annoys you, but i'm really needing prayers here, tomorrow my area is under enhanced risk for severe storms, after all the good things that have happened to me last month, a severe thunderstorm or tornado threat is the least i need, and to make things worse for me is that there's another severe weather threat next week, and my area is affected yet again!!!

idk what i did to deserve this treatment, but i'm really hoping and praying that no severe weather happens in my area, i can take rain, but severe weather is something i really hate, cause it can give me a panic attack, and i have no way to calm myself down

so please, please pray for me, i really don't want any storms in the near future to be severe, especially after a great miracle God given me last month....
just watched the Bahrain GP, very disappointed at the finish, it was not because of Hamilton winning, (don't hate that guy), not because of a Mercedes 1-2 finish, not because of Leclerc having mechanical problems, not because of Vettel messing up, but how it finished with the pace car, the two cars was well out of harms way, they could've finished under green, especially with 3 laps left, F1, you need to not do that again

Will you watch the Sonic Movie in November? 

85 deviants said Yes
38 deviants said No


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255 / 100
I'd like some points, i'll love you guys so much if you could please give me some, if you don't i understand

The points helps me with commissions i'd like to request :)

:thumb447332555: Pweez give meh points by yoshiyoshi700

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Shout from the art realms! I gave your character an official name and he is featured in my channel art! His name is 64.
Mon May 20, 2019, 12:33 PM
Thank you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sat Apr 20, 2019, 8:15 PM
hello i like forza motorsport
Sat Oct 21, 2017, 1:25 PM
Hoi! I'm a Ellen Angel! I want to show you Wlots Of Wov. 😻😇❤️
Fri Jun 2, 2017, 10:50 AM
Wed May 31, 2017, 2:08 PM
Hiiii! Thank you for the favoring my art!
Tue May 23, 2017, 9:10 PM
Tue May 16, 2017, 1:11 PM
Tails forever!
Sat Apr 22, 2017, 4:35 PM
Wed Apr 12, 2017, 5:43 AM
Homophobic jerk.
Sun Mar 26, 2017, 7:57 AM
Wed Mar 22, 2017, 3:26 PM


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