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If you would like to see some drawings of a fan girl, doing absolute fail stories, parodies, and etc, click below.

I'm aware that my ideas are silly but it's all in good fun. :aww:

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Devious Journal Entry
apparently a Certain Someone is going around asking people who have my stuff to give it to them
im just gonna say that if you have anything of mine and you give it to this person (or anyone really) without my consent, i will blacklist you. you wont get a chance to get anything new that i make in the future, in any way. 
thats all i wanted to say. now im gonna go back to my day off before i work again
:iconrazrrjunko:razrRjunko 1 10
Devious Journal Entry
thats it. im done. ive had it.
anything that was still for download is getting deleted today.
i ask some very simple things of my original models. don't take their parts.
and yet people still do it anyway. no regard for my own rules or my feelings on the matter.
un. fucking. believable
really? you're insulting me now?
fucking incredible.
:iconrazrrjunko:razrRjunko 2 28
Devious Journal Entry
i really dont wanna have to write this but apparently i do since nobody seems to be reading my descriptions.
i posted about this on my tumblr but i'm not sure anyone saw that so let me reiterate.
when my descriptions say "no downloads", it means "no downloads".
it does NOT mean "note me and explain how youre such a nice and trustworthy person so i should give my deleted work to you"
it does NOT mean "convince me".
it does NOT mean "ask me anyway because you might be the exception even though youre a stranger and i dont know you"
stop asking me for things i've said no to.
"i'm sure its not that bad" is probably what someone out there is thinking, so i'd like you to take a look at this post:
when you think you should ask me (or anyone else whose downloads are removed, for that matter) for something when it's not distributed, i want to know what that thought process is.
is it because you believe you're nice and trustworthy and that i should
:iconrazrrjunko:razrRjunko 9 5
if your username starts with a J, i have you blocked, and you're here on my profile to screenshot comments my friends have made or take anything i've said in journals completely out of fucking context and also not fucking READ the goddamn things so you can stir up some drama: piss off.
i know you're stalking me. it's creepy. your obsession is fucking weird and creepy. get a hobby. preferrably not MMD, not because anyone wants you to leave, but because it's clearly not making you happy. you do nothing but stir shit up and you're constantly angry and stalking people you don't like. that's not healthy. if a hobby doesn't make you happy, it's not worth having it.
get into herb gardening. learn how to bake. start drawing. take a sewing or a painting class. try some yoga. subscribe to blue apron or something and start learning how to cook. volunteer. donate to charities.
do SOMETHING with your fucking life other than stalking people half your age and then lying about public information.
:iconrazrrjunko:razrRjunko 1 1
Tda ponytail hair edit ::download:: (request) by Ariestellar Tda ponytail hair edit ::download:: (request) :iconariestellar:Ariestellar 637 25 Tda hair edit ::download:: by Ariestellar Tda hair edit ::download:: :iconariestellar:Ariestellar 933 48 Tda Face Edit Attempt !! (Download!!) by Ariestellar Tda Face Edit Attempt !! (Download!!) :iconariestellar:Ariestellar 283 20 Queen of the Night by HoshichoM Queen of the Night :iconhoshichom:HoshichoM 323 35 mmd victorian hair pack, again + p2u dl by ciella-lune mmd victorian hair pack, again + p2u dl :iconciella-lune:ciella-lune 28 0 mmd victorian hair pack + p2u dl by ciella-lune mmd victorian hair pack + p2u dl :iconciella-lune:ciella-lune 38 2 [MMD P2U] Mid-Summer Stars Dress by Supurreme [MMD P2U] Mid-Summer Stars Dress :iconsupurreme:Supurreme 294 6 [ mmd dl ] eye accessory ! by aeriiie [ mmd dl ] eye accessory ! :iconaeriiie:aeriiie 353 7 [ MMD ] Abnormal / shape / Weird Halo Pack DL by Mea-Scinta [ MMD ] Abnormal / shape / Weird Halo Pack DL :iconmea-scinta:Mea-Scinta 404 16 [ MMD ] Branchy Antlers Dl by Mea-Scinta [ MMD ] Branchy Antlers Dl :iconmea-scinta:Mea-Scinta 456 25
-- About rules
You CAN:
- Show your work;
- Use for R-18; fetishes and yuri (ONLY CM3D2 MODELS):
You CAN'T:
- Claim at yours;
- Redistribute;
- Sell;
- Take parts & textures;
- Edit (only fix);
- Use at your OC/other characters;
- Credit TDA/YYB/KISS/SOUR/CHAM/etc (depends on the type of model) and detheye;
You CAN:
- Show your work;
- Edit and change textures;
You CAN'T:
- Claim at yours;
- Redistribute (and as outfits; allowed only on finished models);
- Sell;
- Credit TDA/YYB/KISS/SOUR/CHAM/etc (depends on the creator) and detheye;
You CAN:
- Show your work;
- Edit and change textures;
You CAN'T:
- Claim at yours;
- Redistribute (allowed only on finished models);
- Sell;
- Credit TDA/YYB/KIS
:icondetheye:detheye 6 0
..::Deep Sea::.. by AyaneFoxey ..::Deep Sea::.. :iconayanefoxey:AyaneFoxey 137 12
My favorites are very special to me. I fav these pictures because they give me so much inspiration and ideas. Hopefully you'll feel the same when you look through them here. Just...don't steal the art, okay? Thank you.



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I have returned after a thousand years + updates

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 1, 2018, 3:38 PM

I also have accounts on

If I find you shady, make me uncomfortable or have a link to a fucking porn site, YOU WILL BE BLOCKED

So uh...hi

I'm sorry for being so inactive but life's been hectic along with animation taking over my life;;;

If anything, I'm more active on my MMD twitter account and Discord (do not ask for my Discord).

Anyway, I would get alerts from my phone about notifications from here and have gotten a couple of comments and notes asking me about what either happened to YSTH, post up the next page of Let it Go, and just pestering in general.

Guys...pestering me is only gonna make me less motivated to do things for I am only one person and can't do everything all at once. The thing is, while I still love Animaniacs to pieces, but I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and currently focusing on my FNAF x Madoka AU and MMD, which is 3D in general. I've been doing Animaniacs related things for several years and just wanted to try something different, so anything Animaniacs related, will be happening less. That being said, I will still be helping out my friend FaithFirefly with the Animanics x Frozen AU and honestly feel bad for dumping it on you, my dude;;; 

However, for YSTH...well, two folks will be happy/boast about this when I say:

It is cancelled

Sorry but as the years went by and got to learn better about stories and character development, I realized that YSTH is a fucking mess. There is no steady plot, the fan characters I made were poorly developed and was just a straight up cluster fuck. I love crossovers but I also gotta realize my limits. As for the main focus character, I know a certain someone would say how I made him and his siblings 'evil emo killers', listen, I have watched Animaniacs a bunch of times to study their personalities so that they can slowly go from OC to OOC because trauma changes people. I hate being treated as if I'm stupid and don't appreciate being 'corrected' about things I already know. But the story's cancelled so that doesn't really matters anymore, rejoice, woo...

I am incredibly sorry for those who joined that contest a while back and never received their prizes;; there is no excuse for never getting to them and feel terrible for wasting everyone's time. Hell, I just feel bad for having folks hyped up for a story that has been on hiatus for several, several years, but I gotta think for myself for once. It was very very hard for me to come to this decision and still fear the outcome yet I've just lost interest in it and want to work on other stuff, particularly ones that are smaller crossovers like Puella Magi Frances Magica and the Animaniacs x Frozen AU, both that are only two fandoms together.

All I ask is for you to please do not beg me or bother me to bring YSTH back or wonder why I have taken some of the pics down. My mind is made up. If you merely watched me for it, unwatch me now. It's not coming back.

If you continue to bug me, guilt me, or bother me about it, I will resort to blocking, which I don't want to do. Do not make me resort to that, please.

I will mostly be focusing on Frances Magica and Animaniacs x Frozen au, both that will have angst, feels, and family bonds. So if you're mostly looking for that, then stay tuned, even if I take forever to post things.

Like I stated earlier, I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and doing something different for a while. I'm still doing 2D, but it'll probably be not as much since MMD, or 3D in general, is something new and want to try it for a bit. To those who have watched me for my MMD stuff:

My stuff will not be for download. Ever. Do not ask, guilt trip, or pester me for them. Again, I will resort to blocking if you do. Don't make me resort to that.

I've witnessed how bad the MMDC is getting and I'm honestly disgusted by the amount of spoiled entitled brats who won't take 'no' for an answer, don't read the descriptions, nor refuse to respect the creators' rules. They're putting stronger passwords and/or taking downloads down for a reason folks. I know I'm not innocent from all this for I know I've done some of this in the past but I'm owning up to it and trying my best not to make those mistakes again. So please respect content creators' wishes, whether we created the model or just edited one (ex. used TDA and placed items on 'em), we still put our heart and soul into putting them together.

The only people who are allowed to ask for models for me are friends that I super duper trust, and that's pretty hard since I have severe trust issues.

Do not ask to become my friend for that is not how friendships works and will automatically make me not trust you.

I will be creating a list of folks who are allowed to ask.

For watchers who are not interested in my MMD work, unwatch me now as well.
Life + health

I don't know if this is necessary but a lot has been happening in real life lately. Just trying to balance animation projects here, private classes, and my health is exhausting but doing my best to teach myself to be more flexible. My schedule is kinda messy at the moment since the classes will fully start on Sept. 10th, Wednesday and Friday from 10 AM to 3 PM and don't know what exactly I'll be doing yet.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have a companion that comes from the regional center from 10:30 AM to 2:30 PM to help me get out of the house more and help me become independent. So if you ever see updates about me going to the movies, cooking, or any other outdoor activity, that's why. Something I don't think I've told folks is that I'm actually agoraphobic; I'm scared to leave the complex area by myself (I'm okay to leave the house as long as I'm within the complex area. Anything beyond that, no.) so I have a companion come over to help me out and try to conquer that fear along with helping me learn about being independent.

Maybe that was unnecessary info but, idk, I felt I should say it.

I'm also trying to deal with health issues since I always seem to get one after another. Currently, I have recently discovered I have Hiatal hernia, which isn't fatal, just a condition in which part of the stomach pushes up through the diaphragm muscle and it's apparently common? So I'm just trying to get by and not stress out as much (ha, ha, that's funny). PSA; try to stump stress and anxiety now for it not only hurts you mentally, it will hurt you physically, along with giving you grey strands of hair. I've gotten a couple, and I hate it cause I'm 26 years old.


I'm not sure if anyone ever did see this but to those of you who have commissioned me, I feel absolutely terrible for not being able to finish them and should've said this a LONG time ago so please, if you want a refund, not me ASAP. I hate feeling like I cheated you out for money and honestly feel like I'm not up for commissions, at least until I get better with deadlines.

Okay as a start of the new year, I'm going to sit down and start working on these puppies. I AM SO SORRY FOR TAKING SO LONG AND WILL WORK ON THEM AS MUCH AS I CAN! I'm so terrible at this :iconorzplz:
...I have no idea if I'm doing this right, but I have all the details that were given within these requests written down so I don't need to worry about that :phew:
:iconcommissionsopen: :iconrequestfriendsonly: :iconcollabsfriendsonly:
Gareth (FTA)
Super Gareth Sketch Progress:   :iconsailorphantom:
Group picture of Lou, Lotte, and Erik together: Sketch in progress:iconnayrman:
Kingdom Hearts thumbnail:
Sketched model sheet of his A! OC, Brandon
 Rule 63 of himself and Icefox:

This one has been eating me up for a long time and finally pushing anxiety to say this.

Again, I am super duper sorry for all the trouble and thank you all for reading and understanding


Manda (Sasfan15)

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  • Playing: MMD
  • Eating: hot dog
  • Drinking: coca cola


Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hiiiiii! My name's Amanda but you can call me Manda, or SaSfan15. Whatever you prefer. Just don't call me Mandy XD;;

I'm a girl that's trying to accomplish her goals in life by taking one step at a time. Being one with ADHD and other challenges may be difficult at times but with patience and help, I know I'll get their some day!

I love art of any kind (except stolen art) and am easily amused. So be prepared to get a lot of favs if I ever come to your page (though I do try not to spam fav an entire gallery) :XD:

I've also been known to kill your childhood so if you value your precious memories of them and prefer to keep it that way, I suggest you TURN BACK NOW!!!


Other then that enjoy the weird but fun randomness! 8D

(Randomness includes moments of ADHD, fangirlism, crazy-ass-crossovers, pairings that probably won't make sense, and more~)

This page may contain images that are not suitable for younger vieweres. Viewer discretion is advised.

Don't forget to check my other sites~

My Fanfiction Account


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I'm scared for my life now. Please, ignore me if you don't want to be bothered by this.
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