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Dreamcast 2 Box

Meet the Sega Dreamcast 2!

This my vision of the long awaited and heavily acclaimed return of Sega back in the home console business! This is going to coincide with a Dreamcast website I'm developing (look at my last deviation)... Just to let you guys know what my vision is for this thing of beauty, here are the specs:

Dimensions: 10'' wide x 2 1/2'' thick x 10 1/2'' long
Bluray drive, DVD ROM
Plays Saturn, Dreamcast & Dreamcast 2 games
4 USB 2.0 ports
SD Card Reader slot (for importing pictures, music, etc)
Touch sensitive power button
Wifi enabled
Free Membership to SEGA NET

In the box:
- Dreamcast 2 Console (with 250 GB HDD)
- (1) HDMI cable
- Power cable
- (1) Controller
- (1) VMU 2
- Manual

Dreamcast 2 enables FREE online gaming with a SEGA NET account. You can create your own avatars with SEGATARS and host mini-games such as, racing, puzzles, quiz, and fighting.

VMU2 is a touch screen enabled media player. The cheapest has 4 GB of memory in it to hold mini-game data, trophy / acheivement / profile information, music and pictures. It's technically a really cheap iPod used to connect to your Dreamcast controller.

First wave of consoles retail for about $199.

And again, this is all fake.... it's just to tickle the fancy ;-) Website coming soon!
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Dreamcast 2

Sega could collaborate with Apple when making the Dreamcast 2. As a result, our iOS devices would have the ability to attach to attach to controllers that are designed for them. With this, we will have not only iTunes, but also but also the App Store on it. You could also download songs from the video games onto your phone with in-game money purchase. For example, if you want to download “Live and Learn” from Sonic Adventure 2, you will need 100-500 rings.

For launch titles, they could release Shenmue 3 and a couple of remakes. I suggest that they do Nights: into Dream and a Sonic Adventure trilogy, which would featured Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Heroes. It could also give you some games exclusively from arcades such as Time Crises. They could also feature Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games.
interesting concept
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SEGA, make  this happen!:D
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I'm making a Sega Naomi console that is backwards-compatible, a new SEGAnet, and for style, the orange "o" in Naomi will glow when on.

AdrenalineRush1996's avatar
That needs to happen in the near future. The Dreamcast is one of the greatest video game consoles of all time, shame it had a short production lifespan due to the PS2 becoming a bestseller.
Night-Watch-Man's avatar
I want to believe !!
superdupertails's avatar
i wish they would make this
dragonboyjet's avatar
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spdy4's avatar
I'd be cryiing tears of Joy to hear one of my fav Gaming companies is coming back ot the console market.

If they did I'd Probably shout. "SEEEEGAAAAAA!!" like in the days of the Genesis
TaraKaboom's avatar
i dont think sega will make another console. only a couple of years ago they announced "the sega ring-edge" or something and it was never released. same with the sega neptune. sega has a history of bad consoles and the games have never been too appealing except for sonic the hedgehog. so even if they do release the dreamcast 2, it will probably be living in the shadow of the big 3, just like the original dreamcast
dbzfan900's avatar
alex kidd was awsome and sega and nintendo are better than microsoft by far xbox 360 stinks!no offense my opinion
dreamcast and gamecube rule
i wish there were more awsome systems like gamecube and dreamcast i have a wii but i dont like it but i play it
my ps2 is old but awsome
my sega genesis is epic
my gameboy advanced sp is the boy
my 3ds rocks
and my wii
he is fine by me
TaraKaboom's avatar
same here, i hate the ps3 and xbox360. nothing can really beat nintendo. i do like sega but they've never been appealing to me. i just like the sonic games and streets of rage and that's kind of it. nintendo is awesome.
gamecube and dreamcast were and are awsome.
snes is amazing.
nes is awesome.
n64 is amazing
genesis is good, but i prefer snes
don't like the 3ds, i think it's just a gimmick nintendo are using to compete with stuff like the ps vita.
wii is cool.
my favourite is probably snes :)
dbzfan900's avatar
i have a gamecube,2 gba sp,a ps2 which is better than ps3 by far,psp,3ds,wii,genesis
im getting a sega saturn
TaraKaboom's avatar
awesome, i really want an snes and n64, i'd rather play on them rather than the wii virtual console
dbzfan900's avatar
awsome but n64's are kinda rare but i see them all the time
TaraKaboom's avatar
not rare, it's just kinda hard to find a good one
dbzfan900's avatar
yeah where i live everybody owns one
parryo's avatar
What's button I'm looking for...'Favourite' that's it! Awesome job, SEGA is well overdue for a console return!
Vexthehedgehog's avatar
That would be soooooooooooooooooooo awesome if it was real!!
piratebunny101's avatar
wait, the DreamCast 2 wouldn't have freaking controller ports! everything is wireless now a days!

this is funny and fake
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