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Sonic Spinball was my very first Sega Genesis game, and has a special place in my nostalgia. I knew I wanted to make a Sonic Spinball inspired shadowbox, but it took some time to work up to it. I decided to make a complete pinball table in stead of a summary or just part of a table. I selected the "right" table from level 1: Toxic Cave. The digital version of the shadow box was developed using Affinity Designer. This Illustrator alternative, is great for separating each element into a scene.

Digital version:

Sonic Spinball - Digital version

Shadow box version:

Sonic Spinball Shadowbox
00 Background

Individual elements for Sonic Spinball sprites/backgrounds are not readily available online. I ended up taking sprite composites into my favorite pixel editor Pixen ( where I manually separated the foreground stage, background stage, and individual elements. The background was built up and expanded in Pixen to built up into a full background element for printing:

01 Parts

Each stage element was printed, cut out, backed with board/foam-core, and outlined to remove white edges.

This specific shadow box is four layers of foam core thick. This separates the foreground and mid-ground elements from the background. The toxic pool at the base of the stage is slanted down to extend from the background to the full foreground.

02 Background Assembly

03 Foreground Assembly

Background, mid, and foreground element assembly completed. Ready for the sprites and details!

Rings, markers, baniks, and logo added!

Custom frame and final build:

IMG 0106 copy
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